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Three in a Bed - Part Three

Enthusiastic beginners, anxious to extend their boundaries, continue to accept guidance.
When Doug left the room, headed for the bathroom, Julie bent forward to whisper to her husband as he knelt on the bed in front of her, “How was it?”

“Great, mostly!” he responded after a moment or two of thought. He had anticipated that it would hurt a little at first, although not as much as it had, but then, he reflected wryly, Doug’s cock was the biggest he had seen. He had not expected so much discomfort in his neck towards the end either, but he felt that was probably because he had failed to anticipate Doug’s urgency in his final thrusts, and push himself away from Julie’s crotch. Even now, his hole still burned and throbbed a little, but once the initial pain of penetration had faded, he had enjoyed the rhythmic pumping of Doug’s thick cock inside him. Reaching tentatively between his buttocks, expecting to find his hole open and weeping Doug’s spunk, he was instead surprised to find that while tender and pulpy-feeling, and slick with lubricant, his hole had closed once more.

“What do you think he’ll want to do next? Julie whispered.

“I don’t know,” Roger murmured in reply, “but he seemed cool about me fucking him!”

“Do you think he can go again?” Julie asked softly. “I don’t know!” Roger said thoughtfully, remembering that on their previous encounter Doug had said that he could come three or four times in a session. Hoping that he hadn’t been boasting, Roger flashed on an image of Doug’s thick, angry-looking cock surging back and forth between the soft white globes of Julie’s buttocks, spearing up into her bowels. Feeling his heart pound with excitement, he whispered, “What if he wants your bum?”

Julie looked doubtful, “I…I don’t know,” she murmured, “I…I guess so!”

Their muted conversation broke off as Doug came back into the room, carrying the bottle with the remnants of the wine. Pouring a little into each glass, but most into his own, he settled onto the bed next to Julie and leaned back against the headboard. Taking a long sip of wine, he swirled it around his mouth before swallowing. “OK guys, what next?” he asked, “Do you still want to do me?” he directed at Roger, who swallowed before nodding. “I’m cool with that!” Doug continued, “But only if I’m up Julie at the same time!”

Roger swallowed hard, his excitement growing, “In her bum?” he queried.

Doug gave him an amused glance. “No, I’m happy with her pussy!” he responded, but turning to Julie added, “Unless you want me in your bum sweetheart?”

“No, not unless that’s what you want.” she answered, a small quaver in her voice.

“That’s settled then,” Doug said with a grin, “Roger gets my bum, and I get Julie’s sweet little pink pussy again!”

Flushing prettily, Julie asked, “What do you want me to do?”

Doug grinned again, “I’m going to rest while you two do some work!” he joked, “I want you two to suck me while I finish my wine!”

Squirming his hips lower down the bed, Doug pulled a pillow behind his back and settled back as the younger couple went to work on him with fingers and mouths. Watching a couple, preferably married, working together on his cock and balls for his selfish delight was one of Doug’s special pleasures, and he was achingly erect before he finally put his wineglass down and suggested that they move on.

Julie moved up to lie in the middle of the bed as Doug rolled over onto his knees and moved down between her legs. “OK,” Doug told Roger, “plenty of lube, and work some into me with a couple of fingers before you stick your cock in!”

“Can I go bare?” Roger asked.

Doug turned to look at him contemplatively. “I don’t usually take an unwrapped cock,” he stated, “but you two are newbies so I know you’re clean, and anyway, you let me do you bare, so OK!”

Leaning over Julie, supporting himself on one arm, he began to suckle each of her breasts in turn, as he reached between her legs to probe her moist pussy, finding and stimulating her hardening clitoris. Hands trembling with excitement and anticipation, Roger spread a generous blob of KY over his long, slim cock as he watched Doug ready his wife. He saw Doug’s hips shift as he ranged his swollen knob against her parted pussy lips and reached to guide it in. Julie moaned with pleasure, drawing her knees up and back to open herself wider to Doug as he sank into her, settling comfortably into the fork of her thighs. Flexing his hips until he had worked his cock deep into Julie, Doug took his mouth from her breasts, looking over his shoulder and nodding to indicate to Roger that it was time to proceed. With shaking hands, Roger pried Doug’s buttocks apart, squirting a blob of KY on his puckered brown hole and reaching to massage around his hole before trying to push two fingers inside. After a momentary resistance Doug’s hole yielded and Roger’s fingers slipped into the tight warm sheath of Doug’s rectum. Emulating Doug’s action in his own hole, Roger twisted and turned his fingers as he worked them in and out of Doug, feeling the elastic muscle spread and open in response to his stretching. Again, Doug looked back over his shoulder to nod at Roger.

As Roger withdrew his fingers from Doug’s hole, Doug drew his knees up a little, raising his arse. Hands shaking with excitement, Roger tugged Doug’s muscular buttocks apart with both hands, lowering himself over him until his knob was pressed against the other man’s hole. He pushed forward; his knob lodged firmly in the puckered concave of Doug’s arse, but as he applied more pressure, his knob suddenly slipped away from its target, sliding up the crack of Doug’s buttocks. Raising his hips, he repositioned his knob, this time using a thumb to hold it in place as Doug had done with him. This time as he pressed forward his knob lodged more securely against Doug’s hole, the muscular ring suddenly yielded and Roger felt an exquisite dragging resistance on his cock as he slowly slid into the willing arse of his wife’s fucker.

It had been a long time since Doug had last had anything pushed up his back passage, but the sensations of prickling distension, fullness and the slight burning friction of Roger’s slim prick pumping in his arse was well remembered. Pinned to Julie by the weight of Roger’s body, Doug recalled the excitement he had experienced the first time he had another man, and waited several minutes to allow Roger to enjoy the novelty of the experience before he turned to ask if he could try something.

Roger paused in mid-stroke, allowing Doug to lift himself from Julie and use his hips to push Roger back, until only his knob was lodged in the warm, wet clasp of Julie’s pussy. Telling Roger to let him do the work, he thrust back into Julie, pulling his arse back down Roger’s shaft, and then forcing Roger’s cock back into his hole as he withdrew from Julie once more. Slowly building to a steady rhythm, once he was confident that Roger could hold his position, Doug dropped back onto his elbows, bending his head to suckle on Julie’s taut nipples as his shuttling hips drove his cock into her pussy, effectively fucking himself on Roger’s cock at the same time.

For long minutes, the only noises to be heard were the moist sucking of pumping cocks in wet flesh, the clap of damp skin colliding, muffled gasps, and the heaving of the mattress as it absorbed the impacts of the conjoined bodies writhing on its surface.

Roger was to first to lose control. Grabbing Doug by the hips he began to ram into him, riding him as he forced him down onto Julie, panting hoarsely as he felt the spunk rising from his balls, and crying out as his back arched, his hot spunk spewing from his cock deep into the quivering arse beneath him before he slumped over Doug’s back. Braced on his elbows over Julie, trying to shield her from the weight above her, Doug waited until the slowly shrinking cock in his arse slipped from his rectum and Roger rolled off him.

Getting up on his knees and grabbing Julie’s legs, he lifted them over his shoulders, rearing up over her as her hips rose from the bed. Bent almost double beneath Doug, his massive cock filled her as she had never been filled before as he lunged into her, his blunt, swollen knob surging up to her cervix. He reached between them to frig her swollen clitoris as his pounding cock punished the stretched, clinging walls of her vagina.

Lying beside the fornicating pair, Roger watched in fascination as Doug rose high above Julie’s bent body, his angry-looking cock spearing vertically over and over down into her stretched pussy in powerful thrusts as he fucked her. Listening to the wet squelching accompanying the thrusting of Doug’s thick shaft into his wife’s wet core, Roger enjoyed a close and intimate view of the action, clearly seeing the long, smooth-shaved creases of Julie’s pussy bulging obscenely around Doug’s bloated cock, her pink and puffy-looking labia clinging to his glistening shaft with each withdrawal, then flattening with each thrust back into her until the tight, heavy sac of his balls slapped wetly against the back of her thighs.

Julie’s gasps, accompanying each of Doug’s thrusts, began to grow in intensity, rapidly becoming short gasping moans, then rising in volume and duration until they became one long, ululating shriek, as with her back writhing and her doubled-over hips jerking up to meet Doug’s powerful thrusts, she screeched out her ecstasy.

As Julie’s excited response to Doug’s vigorous fucking increased, he began to ram even faster and more vigorously, punctuating his thrusts with gasps and short, crude statements of pleasure; “Beautiful bitch!” “Lovely tight cunt, made for me to fuck!” and as Julie screamed out her pleasure he gasped “Take it, take it!” his hips hammering the stretched globes of her buttocks until with a series of coughing grunts he ground his hips against hers, his body shuddering as his balls emptied yet another load of spunk into the convulsing clasp of her pussy.

Doug jerked his slowly softening cock from Julie’s pussy, letting her legs slip from his shoulders to lie splayed wide on either side of him. Pushing himself away from her he gave Roger a small grin and a wink before climbing tiredly from the bed to walk somewhat unsteadily to the bathroom. Still lying next to Julie, his tired cock nonetheless semi-erect from the spectacle he had witnessed, Roger caught a brief draft of the tangy odour of heated lovemaking as Doug moved away. Turning to look between his wife’s casually parted thighs, Roger could see beyond the inflamed flesh of her still-open pussy up into the deep shadow from where a trickle of Doug’s oily spunk oozed to run down into the crack of her arse. Raising his gaze her saw her breasts, flushed and with a sheen of perspiration, heaving as she fought to control her breath, an arm flung over her eyes as if to block the light.

Aroused at having watched his wife used so roughly, Roger was considering moving between Julie’s legs, to cram his semi-erect tool into the gaping cranny that had so recently accommodated Doug’s massive organ. He dismissed the thought, however, when he heard the shower turn off, and a moment later Doug came back into the bedroom toweling his wet hair, his slack cock hanging limply, swaying from side to side as he approached the bed. Moving around the bed to where Roger lay, Doug reached to grasp his cock in one hand and wave it in an open invitation. Rolling over and swinging his legs off the bed, Roger sat up and leaned forward to draw Doug’s limp cock into his mouth.

The sensation of a hot, wet mouth working on his limp cock, slowly teasing it to hardness, was one that Doug cherished, especially after a long and vigorous session when his overworked cock was slow to respond, prolonging the pleasurable feelings. Looking down past Roger’s head as it moved rhythmically on his slowly expanding cock, enjoying the sensation of the tongue caressing his swelling knob, Doug gazed at Julie, now lying peacefully though exhausted, an arm across her eyes, and legs still spread obscenely wide, her breathing now slow and measured. As his cock slowly grew in length and girth Doug reached to put a hand on Roger’s head, stilling his movements. “Easy tiger! Save it till next time!” he urged, easing his cock from the wet suction of the other man’s mouth.

Hearing Doug’s voice Julie rolled onto her side, taking her arm from her eyes just in time to see Doug’s almost-erect cock slip from her husband’s lips. Her voice tempered with disbelief she asked “Are you going to do it again?”

“Not tonight, sweetheart,” Doug responded, smiling, “I have to go. But I can always come back if I’m invited!” he added with a question in his voice as he picked his shirt up from the dresser.

“Of course!” both Roger and Julie blurted simultaneously, “When?” Roger added.

“Same time next week?” Doug questioned. Roger and Julie looked at one another, and then both nodded. ”O.K.,” Doug confirmed as he pulled his trousers up, “I’ll give you a call early next week to confirm.”

The weekend seemed to drag for Roger, impatient to hear Doug confirm their next meeting. In the days following Doug’s previous visit, the couple had enjoyed some frantic and vigorous sex sessions, aroused at reliving their experiences with their new friend. Roger and Julie had joined in sucking Doug’s cock for his selfish pleasure. Roger had fucked his first man, and had in turn been fucked for the first time. Finally, he had watched in a state of fascinated awe and arousal as Doug had “power fucked” Julie next to him on their bed. They had subsequently titillated one another by recounting their individual perceptions of the experiences, and by speculating on what might occur when Doug next joined them.
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