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Three in a Bed - Part Two

Adventurous couple expand their horizons with practised lover,
Part Two

Roger was the first to move, needing to take a piss. Easing himself from the bed, he padded naked to the bathroom, lifted the lid of the pan and with a small sigh of relief released a hot stream into the bowl. As he pissed, he reflected on how events had progressed. Julie was obviously enjoying their first threesome: he had watched his wife fucked, had tasted cock, swallowed a load of spunk, been sucked by another man, and so far he had thoroughly enjoyed all of these new experiences. He mused about what might take place next: would he get to fuck Doug, would Doug want to fuck him? The thought of that big cock in his relatively virgin ass scared yet excited him. Finishing his piss, he washed his hands and headed silently back to the bedroom, taking the wine glasses from the coffee table as he passed through the lounge.

He paused as he reached the bedroom door to look down at the couple sprawled on the bed, both lying with eyes closed in positions of post-coital relaxation. One of Julie’s arms covered her eyes, while her legs lay parted obscenely wide, showing the pink inner lips of her pussy, her inner thighs still glistening with the juices of their torrid lovemaking. Doug lay beside her, one hand mounding the firm breast nearest to him, his fingers gently teasing the still-swollen nipple. His cock, now soft yet still bloated-looking and thick, lay curved on his thigh. Having seen it hard and in action, looking for all the world like a slender arm pumping back and forth in Julie’s pussy, Roger speculated where Doug might want to use it next. Would he want Julie’s ass, which up to now had only ever experienced Roger’s much thinner member, or, and he gave a small shudder of mixed excitement and trepidation, would he want Roger’s ass. He and Julie had talked of his curiosity to explore a sexual encounter with another man, and had agreed that the situation that they had arranged tonight offered security and stimulation for both of them, but looking again at the size of Doug’s cock, Roger wondered if perhaps he could go through with their plan to its natural conclusion. Then, remembering Doug’s assurance that any one of them could call a stop at any point, he moved on into the bedroom, kneeling on the bed next to his wife, suggesting that they freshen up with a sip or two of wine. Doug and Julie pulled themselves into sitting positions to accept their glasses. Dropping her arm in Doug’s lap, Julie groped for his cock. As her slender fingers caressed its length, Roger was fascinated to watch as with even this mild stimulation Doug’s organ rapidly filled with blood, swelling and lengthening to full erection in a series of pulsing jerks.

Doug looked up from watching Julie’s hand on his cock to meet Roger’s gaze. “All right, my friend,” he asked softly “what would you like now?”

Flushing slightly, his cock beginning to stir despite his confusion, Roger stammered, “Um, well, that’s up to you, but I would like to fuck you, if that’s all right, and for you to fuck me.”

“Well, if it’s up to me, how about I do you first, and then you can have me?” Doug asked. When after a pause Roger slowly nodded his agreement, Doug quickly took charge. “OK, do you have any lube, because if you haven’t, I have?” In response, Roger reached into the bedside cabinet and passed a tube of KY to Doug. “Stay where you are Julie, but put a pillow under your hips to lift you up a bit” Doug directed, “and Roger, I want you to kneel between her legs and eat her out. Is this your first time?” he queried. Roger nodded again. “OK, I’ll take it easy. Just concentrate on giving Julie a good time while I get you ready!”

Julie raised her hips to slide a pillow under them, and Roger obediently knelt between her parted thighs and lowered his head to cover her pussy with his mouth, drawing her swollen nether lips into his open mouth as his tongue sought her swollen clitoris. He felt a hand tug his buttocks apart, a cold wetness on his ass, then the blunt tip of a finger probed the iris of puckered skin shielding his rectum and wormed past the tight ring of his sphincter into the sheath of his bowel, quickly sliding easily and painlessly back and forth in his ass. Continuing to lick and suck on Julie’s weeping pussy, he felt the finger in his ass partially withdraw, and then a second fingertip was probing his ass next to the first. He gasped into Julie’s wet crotch at a sudden, small burst of pain in his ass as it was stretched by the intrusion of the second finger, but the pain quickly passed and he felt only a sensation of fullness and dilation as the two fingers slowly pumped in and out, twisting and turning as they did so.

Again, the two fingers almost withdrew and Roger felt a third finger tip worming into his opening, and again, there was a sudden burst of pain as the third finger gained entry, pushing into him alongside the other two. This time Doug took longer to work his fingers into Roger, but he was soon pumping them back and forth steadily, twisting them about as he slowly opened Roger’s ass. Doug slowly worked his fingers ever deeper until Roger could feel the other man’s knuckles pushing hard between his buttocks, then he suddenly stopped, his fingers deep in Roger’s ass and bent forward to murmur in his ear. “Do you want me to wear a condom, or go bareback?” he asked softly.

Roger lifted his face from Julie’s pussy. “Um, will you come inside me if you go bare?” he asked.

“If that’s what you want.” Doug replied softly.

“Uh, I think I’d like to feel that.” Roger answered. “OK, your call!” said Doug, straightening up.

The fingers in Roger’s ass thrust and twisted back and forth several more times, and then slowly withdrew, leaving Roger with a momentary feeling of emptiness. He felt the mattress rise and dip behind him, and then Doug’s knees were between his legs, forcing them wider apart. Doug leant over his back to murmur in his ear once more. “If it feels too big, don’t fight it, just push down on me and don’t tense up!”

Looking over her husband’s raised buttocks Julie watched as Doug carefully lubricated the full length of his cock, wiping the excess over Roger’s ass. Grasping Roger’s buttocks with both hands Doug pulled them further apart, and then ranged his broad knob at the puckered entrance before him. She watched as Doug slid a thumb down Roger’s buttock to hold his tip at Roger’s opening, and then press forward. She felt Roger flinch and heard his muffled murmur of protest. “Don’t fight it,” Doug urged, “Press down!” She could almost feel her husband willing himself to relax, and heard Doug’s grunt of approval as his knob began to slip inside her husband’s virgin ass.

Roger felt a prickling feeling as the solid knob lodged at his opening first began to push in, but as it gained a further entry the prickling rapidly grew to a painful, splitting sensation as Doug’s cock began to force a passage past his sphincter. Flinching with pain he tried to cry out in protest, but it was muffled, as his face was forced hard into the fork of Julie’s thighs by the unremitting pressure from behind him. From what seemed a distance he could hear Doug urging him to relax. As he pressed down against the intrusion in his ass he felt a sear of pain that quickly faded to a dull ache as the rim of Doug’s knob slipped past his protesting ring of muscle, leaving it to clasp the narrower neck of Doug’s shaft in an elastic grip.

Doug ceased pushing and leaned back, content now that he was securely lodged in Roger’s ass to wait until it had expanded to accommodate the invading column of flesh. The ring of acute pressure around the neck of his cock gradually eased as the muscle relaxed, and Doug pressed forward again. He glanced up to see Julie gazing in fascination as the inches of Doug’s cock slowly disappeared inside her husband, and Doug briefly wondered whether she was imagining it going into her ass, and whether Roger enjoyed the same view when he fucked her anally. Doug relaxed the pressure on Roger to allow the thicker root of his cock to ease into Roger more slowly, until his belly was pressed hard against Roger’s buttocks and he was finally buried deep in the other man’s ass. Once again, he waited for Roger to adjust to the sensation of being full of cock, bending over Roger’s back and reaching under him for his cock. Finding it slack, he began to stroke it with his lubricant-slick fingers, feeling it slowly swell and stiffen in response to his stimulation. As Roger grew to full erection Doug began to fist his cock, and within minutes was rewarded by feeling Roger push back against him. Releasing Roger’s cock he straightened, easing an inch or two of his cock back out of the elastic grasp of the muscle gripping his cock, and then pushing gradually back in, slowly repeating the motion, steadily increasing both speed and length of stroke until several inches of his cock were pumping rhythmically back and forth in Roger’s tight ass. His noisily enthusiastic gobbling of Julie’s pussy and the wriggling of his hips as Doug rode him evidenced that Roger was beginning to enjoy the experience.

Enjoying the exquisite sensations involved in breaking in a nice tight ass, Doug had to fight for control to prolong his pleasure. Looking down to watch his smooth-shaved shaft working back and forth between the buttocks beneath him, Doug was fascinated to see with each withdrawal an inch of bright red bowel appear, extending from the distended brown ring of Roger’s anus and gripping his shaft as if reluctant to release it, then disappearing back inside with each forward thrust. Julie seemed lost in sensation, eyes closed and head thrown back against the headboard as Doug’s thrusts into Roger were in turn mashing his face into her crotch with sufficient force to jolt her breasts in rhythm with her husband’s fucking.

Eventually the delicious friction of Roger’s tight ass on his cock was the undoing of Doug. Thrusting harder he began gasping, telling Roger that he was going to come, urging him to take it. Roger felt the pleasurable and rhythmic pumping of Doug’s cock in his ass quicken, bringing short, sharp spurts of pain as Doug rammed ever harder, until suddenly with a last violent thrust Doug rammed his belly hard against the other man’s buttocks, bending Roger’s neck painfully as his face was driven forcefully into Julie’s crotch. His ears covered by Julie’s thighs, Roger couldn’t hear Doug’s agonised gasps as he screwed his cock around deep in Roger’s ass. He felt the thick cock swell inside him, pulsing rhythmically in the tight clasp of his sphincter, and finally a wash of warmth as Doug jetted his hot spunk deep in Roger’s bowel.

The invading flesh in Roger’s ass began to soften, and the pressure on his neck eased as Doug leant back, allowing his slowly shrinking cock to be gradually expelled by Roger’s sphincter. As Doug’s flaccid cock finally slipped from his ass Roger pushed himself away from Julie, gasping for breath and twisting his head from side to side to ease the pain in his neck. He felt elated, despite a mild burning sensation in his rectum and a strange sense of emptiness after having been crammed with cock for so long. Julie’s eyes sought Roger’s face, wordlessly questioning him. He smiled and nodded at her, “You too?” he asked.

Smiling back, she nodded agreement, “Mmm, me too!” Roger felt Doug move off the bed and watched him as he headed towards the bathroom, his long, flaccid cock slapping his thighs wetly as he walked. Still excited, still erect, Roger wondered what might happen next.

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