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Three on a couch

Hubby, Girlfriend and me having a little sleepy Saturday fun.

Just to let you know how my weekend went… Suzy called Saturday morning and wanted to come over to take me out shopping – Mike was a sleepy head from Friday night – he worked until after midnight and was still in bed at 11 am. The boys were off at the video game store at the mall by the time Suzy got here - she and I were in the den when Mike finally got out of bed… he wandered in unshaven – hair mussed up and wearing only a pair of boxers. Suzy and he hadn’t seen or spoken to each other in weeks so she jumped up and ran over to give him a hug and a kiss. She and Mike sat on the couch together across from me…

We talked about nothing in particular and sipped coffee. I was still in a tank top – no bra - pajama bottoms – no panties and Suzy was wearing a sleeveless hoodie, unzipped enough to show off her pert boobs and jean shorts that really hugged her ass… Mike was rubbing her feet as they sat on the couch and then out of the blue Suzy just stood up and pulled her top off – her nipples were erect and she looked at me and said, "let’s jump this boy instead of shopping"… I looked at Mike and knew that he was more than ready for sex as he and I hadn’t been getting very much alone time lately, he had asked me the other day how long the drought would last… I guess it was his lucky day after all. I said that the boys would be gone for at least a couple of hours so we had the house to ourselves and I had missed making love to both of them.

Suzy straddled Mike and stuck her boobs in his face. He ran his hands up and down her back and began to massage her ass through her jean shorts as he sucked at one nipple and then the other. I went over and sat next to them on the couch and ran my hands over both my lovers’ bodies. It has been a couple of months since Suzy and I had been intimate and my pussy was getting wet fast… I reached down and felt Mike’s hard-on poking through the fly of his boxers, a drop of pre-come already oozing out of the tip of his hard cock as he licked and kissed Suzy’s tits.

Her mouth was on mine and we kissed hard and hungrily – no time for tenderness or romance, this was making up for lost time sex. Suzy leaned towards me and pulled my top down enough to expose my tits – she began to squeeze and fondle the twins and roll my nipples between her fingers… that was enough to push me into fuck bunny mode – my pussy was really wet and my clit was begging for her touch… I grabbed her hand and shoved it down my pajama pants where she began to finger my wet pussy – very roughly – I told her that I wanted her to go down on me now!

We all stood up and peeled our clothes off – Mike stood there with his hard cock in his hand as Suzy pushed me back on the couch and stuck her tongue in my sopping wet pussy… the second her tongue hit my swollen clit I came! It had been so long since I had felt her amazing lips and tongue make love to me that I just exploded at her touch. It was wonderful and I growled that I wanted more - "Make me come again!"

Suzy said she wanted me to eat her pussy as well so she and I began to 69 with me on bottom… Suzy stuck her wet pussy over my face and I fingered and licked her sweetness. I felt Mike’s hands on me and knew he was on the couch between my legs with Suzy – she raised her head from eating my pussy and was sucking his dick while fingering me… that went on for a bit and then I felt Suzy’s pussy begin to contract as I fingered her deeper and tongued her clit – she was about to come too… she pushed herself up and sat up straight in order to grind her pussy harder onto my mouth – I devoured her pussy and felt her orgasm sweep over her, the juices pouring down my face and neck.

Mike was fingering my pussy while I was eating Suzy and I was getting close to coming again… Suzy climbed off my face and knelt down to kiss me and we shared her juices on our lips as Mike pushed his cock into my pussy… He pulled my legs up and started fucking me deep and slow - it was delicious.

Suzy was kissing me while Mike was slipping that hot thick cock in and out of me. His strokes were getting faster and faster and then he pushed in deep and held it there as he shot hot cum into me… I came again with him. It was so intense! I was holding him there – my legs wrapped around his waist and pulled him in as tight as I could… I could feel his cock pulse and his balls laying against my ass… as his cum began to trickle out of me and run down my ass crack. I knew that the second he pulled out of me that there would be a flood of cum on the couch cushion. I told him to grab something to catch the flood so he stuck my tank top under me as he pulled his half hard cock out… I gushed. I put my hand down to catch some of the juices and I lifted my fingers up to taste and Suzy licked my fingers with me.

Mike lay back with cum running down his cock and onto his belly and balls. Suzy said that it looked like I was enjoying myself and wanted to know if she could enjoy a little cock too. I told her to help herself – I had to pee! I stuffed my tank top between my legs and hurried to the bathroom to pee – after I was through I came back into the room to see a sight that I’ve never gotten used to completely… my best friend fucking my husband.

I stood there and watched Suzy ride his cock as Mike sat on the edge of the couch with his hands reaching up to squeeze her tits and nipples. I was instantly horny again and went over to kneel between their legs and play along. I licked her clit and sucked his balls as she fucked his cock … since he had already cum once, Mike was staying hard forever and he was nowhere near coming… Suzy’s pussy was getting tender from the pounding and she said she had to stop a while… I said I was ready to trade places with her and climbed on and sat down on my man’s hard cock – I was a little tender and started slowly myself but after a few strokes I was ready to fuck him hard.

We turned sideways on the couch and I was now facing Mike as I slammed that cock into my pussy… I could hear loud, wet slapping sounds as we fucked… Suzy started kissing my back and neck and then moved around until she was sitting on Mike’s face and we kissed and ran our hands over each other’s bodies as we rode Mike under us… me riding his cock as she ground her pussy into his mouth… Suzy and I both took turns fingering my clit until I pulled my knees up and squatted on Mike’s cock and squirmed until I came a third time…

Mike was still hard and I slipped off him – I sucked him for a minute – tasting my pussy and his cum from earlier… Mike was still tonguing Suzy while I played with his cock and balls. She came again and then laid next to him on the couch. She and I kissed and took turns giving Mike a hand job until he said he was going to cum again and then he shot his cum all over his belly and chest.

After a few minutes I went to the bathroom and got a wet washcloth and a towel and cleaned up "sticky man". Suzy and I went to my bathroom and cleaned up and then we all were worried that the boys might be home soon so we got dressed.

Mike was in sleepy mode again so Suzy and I got him back in bed and we went shopping.  We passed the boys who were still at the video game store about two hours later... I guess we had had the time for more fun after all... Maybe next weekend.

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