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Threeway Love

I had known both Jake and Marksince I was little. We had grown up together and shared most important memories. We had been inseparable all through school. None of our other friendships lasted, even going through puberty and the awkwardness of feelings never changed our friendship.

Having been through everything with them it was no surprise when I found myself falling for them both. Jake was tall and skinny with blonde hair and reminded me of a skater punk even though he was friendly and caring. His eyes were hazel and green, most of time, it depended on his mood. Mark was different but equally handsome. His hair was light brown with deep blue eyes. He was shorter than Jake and had more muscle mass, more of the football player type even though he never played a day in his life.

The one thing they had in common was that they were both bisexual. They had found that out one night of truth or dare. It was my dare that caused the kiss but after they didn’t stop, we all knew. It never was a problem however. They had experimented with each other and sometimes I got to watch. I found it incredibly hot when they kissed and played with each other in front of me.

I remember one time when they had gone all the way with me there. I still get turned on thinking about the way Jake was inside of Mark and the way they moaned. I watched but never played. I had wanted to but didn’t know how to approach it.

After high school we tried to keep in touch, but college and work took over our lives. I would get a phone call every once in a while and last I heard they were living in New York sharing an apartment and bed. I missed them terribly and wished I had the money to visit. I also had always wanted to live in New York.

When I got a phone call that night I didn’t know it would be them. I had honestly never expected to see them again.

“Rebecca’s phone.” I always answered the same way, being a business owner I had to be professional.

“Wow you sound grown up.” I almost dropped the phone hearing Mark’s voice.

“Mark! It’s been forever, how are you guys?”

“Wonderful, we actually have a surprise for you.”

“Really? Is it a good surprise?” whenever one of us had a surprise the conversation was always the same.

“The best Becky, our plane is leaving in a few minutes. Guess where we’re flying to?” I squealed with delight.

“You’re coming to see me!”

“Yep, we’ll be there tomorrow around two.” I didn’t know what to say. “I have to go now Becky see you soon.” I said goodbye and hung up the phone too excited to do anything else.

My apartment was small and only one room, I didn’t need any bigger. But I wasn’t going to have them staying in a hotel so I blew up an air mattress to set in my living room. The drive to the airport seemed to take forever and when I finally saw their faces I ran to them.

“Mark! Jake!” I wrapped them in a hug and felt like I was shorter than ever.

“It’s been so long.” Jake picked me up by my waist and swung me around. I giggled like a school girl. When we got back to my car with all their baggage I felt like I was home. I always felt most at home when it was us three.

“So do you have a boyfriend?”

I smiled at Mark and shook my head. “I’ve had a few but nothing now and nothing serious.” They looked at each other and smiled, I felt left out of an inside joke.

We went back to my house and after showing them around we sat and talked over a bottle of wine and dinner. Catching up took a while but it was fun and felt like old times. Seeing them brought back old memories and feelings. The feelings of confusion and love for them both equally. When they got into bed that night I felt kind of jealous that I wasn’t with them.

The next morning I called my office and told them I was taking a personal day, I didn’t want to leave Mark and Jake, I had no clue how long they would be there.

“You look great Beck.” Jake’s breath on my neck scared me.

“Yeah right, I just got out of the shower.” He laughed and dragged me to the living room where Mark was still sleeping, his shirtless chest rising and falling. I couldn’t help but stare.

“I’m a lucky man.” I smiled at Jake.

“Do you two still do threesomes with girls?” I had known they use to but wasn’t sure if they had gone completely gay.

“Oh hell yes, it’s the best.” I sighed and begin to think about what it would be like. Both men’s long wide cocks inside me, pumping me into complete bliss.

“Beck?” Jake pulled me out of my fantasy world


“You a little cold?” he looked down at my nipples and I blushed.

“Maybe a little.”

“You hear that Mark, she’s a little cold.” I looked down at Mark, I hadn’t noticed he had woken up.

“Maybe we can warm you up.” Mark grabbed my wrist and pulled me down to him. I landed on top of him, straddling his waist. I could fell his dick pressing on my core.

“This time you won’t be allowed to just watch.” An evil smile spread over his lips before he crushed mine with them.

The kiss was rough, greedy, and when he pulled away I wanted more. He kissed me again and I felt John behind me, kissing my back and shoulders around my tank top.

“Should I take this off of you?” I pulled away from Mark’s lips to nod at Jake. He lifted the shirt over my head and both men stared at me for a few seconds. I wasn’t very big compared to some, but I knew I had great boobs. I was a D cup, perky and I loved them being sucked on.

“Better than I imagined.” I smiled at Mark. Both he and John took one and began sucking gently. It was heaven. Even better was when one of them softly bit down. I moaned at the sensation which seemed to urge them on. They got less gentle, biting and licking my nipples with enthusiasm.

“I have got to taste that pussy of yours Beck.” Mark started to pull down my pants with John still suckling my boob. Once my pants were all the way off I felt Mark’s fingers on the lips of my freshly shaven pussy.

“Wow you’re beautiful.” John stopped sucking to look down at where Mark’s hands were.

“You’re right, she’s absolutely beautiful. I need to taste her.” Jake tried to push Mark out of the way and got pushed back.

“Boy’s there’s enough to share.” I laughed at them fighting over me.

Jake crawled up me to kiss me lips for the first time. His kiss was softer than Mark’s and filled with lust and passion. Our tongues danced together as mark kissed his way down my thigh. I was moaning but the sound was swallowed by the kiss Jake and I shared.

I felt Mark blow on my sex and wiggled under Jake.

“Just relax, he can do amazing things with that mouth of his.” I couldn’t relax, I was on edge already, I felt like any touch could make me cum.

When Mark finally put his tongue on my core I almost screamed with pleasure. Jake had been right, he certainly knew what he was doing.

“Mark I’m gonna cum!” Jake pulled away from my lips and went to work on my boobs again. Mark’s tongue swirled around my clit faster before plunging into me. The orgasm was bigger than any one I’ve ever had. I felt it through my whole body and Mark didn’t stop licking and sucking at me.

“Wow, you’re great.” I smiled at Mark and saw Jake kiss his neck. The two men shared a kiss, my juices still on Mark’s lips.

“Mmm ,I have got to taste that first hand.” I laughed at Jake’s comment. He just smiled before lowering his mouth to me. I didn’t know how he would be after Mark but he surprised me by pushing two fingers inside my sex.

“Oh my god!” I didn’t care if the neighbors could hear me; I couldn’t hold back my screams.

Jake worked his fingers finding my g-spot every time. When he added his tongue to my clit, it sent me over the edge. The second orgasm was bigger than the first, I could feel my toes curling and Jake never stopped.

When I finally came down from the high they were kissing and touching. The tents in their boxers very clear.

“I’m sad, you guys still have clothes on.” I pouted and crossed my arms over my chest in a playful manner.

“Oh sorry.” Mark stood and pulled his down, kicking them off to the side. Jake followed suit. Sitting on my knees I grabbed both men’s cock and began moving. The moans I got from each made me smile, their heads were back with their eyes closed. I could get use to this. Both of them were well endowed and I wanted them inside me together.

“Slow down baby, I don’t want to cum yet.” I slowed my movement slightly until I felt Jake’s hand on mine.

“How bout we get to the main event?” he winked at me then looked to Mark.

“Top or bottom?” Mark shrugged.

“I know how much you like back door, so you get top this time.” I like the way he said this time, it implied there would be more.

Mark laid on his back, drawing me on top of him again.

“You ever done this before?”

“Not with two people, and never in the ass.” I looked back and Jake.

“Well if you want me to stop I will.” I nodded and climbed onto Mark’s dick.

“Oh god Beck!” I couldn’t hold back my moan either had his cock filled me more than I ever had been. With my hand on his chest I began to ride him, each time felt like he reached new places.

“Lean forward.” He grabbed my arms and stopped me from moving.

“If this hurts too much just let me know.” I felt Jake’s fingers at my back entrance. The first push felt uncomfortable and new, but when he began to move up to his first knuckle I couldn’t hold back a moan. The new feeling was amazing joined with Mark still inside me. After a few strokes, he put another finger in followed by a third.

“You are so ready baby.” He pulled his fingers out of me and I felt the head of his dick instead.

“Just relax, it will be uncomfortable at first, but I promise it will be worth it.” When he first started to push I felt the pain he was talking about, I felt like I was being ripped in two. But after he got the head in it felt better, slowly he pushed inside me until he was balls deep. The feeling was exquisite. When he started to move I screamed out with pleasure.

“Just relax and let us do the work.” I nodded against Mark’s shoulder. The boys began to move and got into a rhythm, one would go in as the other pulled out.

“Can you feel each other?’ I asked between moans and screams.

“Oh yeah. It feels amazing.” John said.

I felt another orgasm coming and knew they could feel it too.

“Hold it in just a little longer so we can cum together.” Mark was moaning in my ear and John was leaving scratches on my back.

“Oh god guys!” I knew I couldn’t hold it in much longer, I felt like I was going to explode already.

“Cum Beck!” I didn’t know which of the guys had said it but I let go and screamed. I felt them let go together and fill both my holes with their seed.

We collapsed in a pile, all spent and tired. We fell asleep together, and woke up a couple hours later.

“I love you, both of you.” I whispered. I was in between them, cuddled in a sandwich.

“We love you too. That’s why we came here.” Mark said to me. I looked up into both their faces.

“Move to New York with us. We love you and want you with us.” I smiled and nodded. I knew this would work out no matter what. We had been though everything, and now we would go through more.

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