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Tommy, Robert and June part 4

Tommy receives it all

Looking down and seeing the grinning face of Mr. McMasters, with residue of cum smeared on his lips, may have been the biggest shock of my life. How and where he came from I do not know.

While June was kissing me, he had begun sucking my cock and caused me to have an enormous orgasm filling his mouth with cum.

My mind was in a whirl when I heard someone say, “Good show, now eat my pussy.”

The voice was not June and it was not a voice I recognized. A hairy pussy descended down over my face and made contact with my lips and I heard June say, “Eat it Tommy and enjoy.”

As I extended my tongue and began licking a pair of pussy lips, I wondered who and how many people were in the room with me. I knew June and Mr. McMasters were there, but whom did this pussy belong to? Then I felt a hand on my cock slowly stroking it.

As I continued to lick and penetrate the hairy pussy above me with my tongue, I could feel the hand stroking me bringing my cock back to life.

Was it Mr. McMasters and where is Robert while all this is going on?

I was now sucking a big and I mean big clit. It felt and tasted like a small cock. Then I felt something warm and wet sliding down over my cock. Was Mr. McMasters taking my cock in his mouth again?

No it was not a mouth. This was a very wet big and loose pussy. One like I had never experienced. I had always heard that tight pussy was the best, but as this big pussy began working up and down on my now hard cock, I knew this had to be as good as it gets.

What a situation, a hairy wet pussy glued to my mouth and a hot wet pussy exercising my cock.

Three days ago I was a total virgin, and now I had sucked cock, been sucked by both men and women, eaten pussy, was fucking my second pussy and had been fucked by Robert. I can’t explain how surreal this all is.

My thoughts continued to whirl around in my head when the pussy on my face exploded and covered my face with wet female ejaculate. This brought me back to reality and I began to buck up into the pussy on my cock. Fucking it with a frenzy until I blew my load deep into that big wet cunt.

“Well done Tommy” I heard June say as the pussies on my face and cock rolled away. “I would like you to meet Mrs. McMasters. I hope you enjoyed her sweet pussy, I know I do. And I want you to meet my mother, Frances. I think she thoroughly enjoyed you fucking her.”

Holy crap, I thought, I have just eaten the wife of the GM and Vice President of McDorff, Investments and Securities and had fucked June’s mom! What is next?

Then Frances said, “Young man you fucked me very nicely and filled my pussy with your cum, but I did not achieve an orgasm. June what would you suggest?” With a wicked looking grin June replied, “I think he should eat you to orgasm mother it would only be fair.”

With that, Frances lied down and spread her legs offering her pussy to me. I almost dove between her legs and thrust my tongue into her pussy and for the first time I tasted my own cum. I was lapping away when I felt wetness between my ass cheeks as I experienced being rimmed for the first time.

Another first, I was licking a pussy full of my own cum and getting my ass licked at the same time. It was a mind boggling and an extremely hot experience.

Then I felt some hard pressing at the entrance of my ass as I continued to taste my own cum in June’s mom’s pussy. I felt a pressure on my sphincter as the hard object began penetrating me. Once again I wondered who is that? Is it Mr. McMasters or somebody else?

Then with a hard thrust a cock deeply sunk into my rectum filling me up as I continued sucking and licking June’s mom’s cunt. The hard cock began fucking me in earnest as Frances moaned and began bucking indicating she was approaching orgasm.

Her cunt exploded on my tongue and splattered my face and lips with her female juices as my ass was taking a pounding. I licked and ate as much of the juices as I could while feeling the enormous pleasure of the cock in my ass.

I heard Frances say, “Good job young man now enjoy the fucking Karl is giving you.”

Karl, who the hell is Karl? I knew in a short while I would find out. In the mean time, I was getting the second and best fucking of my life.

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