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Tommy, Robert and June part 5

Tommy joins the club
As a big hard cock kept plowing deep in my ass, a couple of thoughts were running through my mind. Who the hell is Karl and where is Robert?

Who ever Karl was he was fucking me even better than I remember Robert fucking me. Damn I love it.

I was being turned into a total slut for cock and pussy and not to mention cum. Three days ago I was a twenty-three year old 100% virgin in all respects, now who knows how I would be classified, a bisexual at least.

With a final hard thrust, Karl exploded deep in me filling my bowels with his thick hot cum. For the second time I have been thoroughly fucked. As his cock slowly slipped from my ass, I heard Robert say, “Very nice Tommy very nice.”

“Where have you been all this time,” I asked. “In the next room fucking Mr. McMaster hot young secretary,” Robert replied. “Who the hell is Karl,” I wanted to know.

“Tommy I want you to meet Karl. He is June’s stepfather and Frances’s hubby. By now you must have figured out that we have introduced you to our swingers club. You have met everyone but Mr. McMasters secretary and you will meet her in due time,” said Robert.

“From the time I began mentoring you at work, I have been appraising you for membership in our little club. What has happened during the last three days gave our members a chance to be a part of that appraisal and I think I can speak for everyone when I say you have done well. This has been a sort of initiation, so to speak, with more to come,” said Robert.

“If you accept membership in our club you will be expected to perform in any fashion the members see fit. Along with the obvious sexual benefits, you will be fast tracked at work for promotion. Can I say welcome to the club,” Robert continued. At first I was tongue tied, but finally managed to stammer out, “Yes.”

“Congratulations, and by the way, in addition to the regular partying here with the group, you will be expected to suck both mine and Mr. McMasters cocks at work whenever we want. And don’t be surprised if I also fuck you and Mr. McMasters sucks you off,” said Robert.

The next day I got a call from Ellen, Mr. McMasters secretary, telling me to report to Mr. McMasters office right away. When I arrived I could see why Robert had been so busy fucking Ellen last evening, she was a total knockout. Damn she was a hottie, even more gorgeous than June, if that is possible.

"Go right in, Mr. McMasters is expecting you," said Ellen with a sly wicked grin.

When I entered the office I found Mr. McMaster standing at a window, and as he turned around to face me, I saw his already hard cock pointing straight out from his trousers. Without a word being said, I crossed the room and dropped to my knees and took his cock into my mouth. I knew what was expected.

With his hands on my head, he began to fuck my mouth like a pussy. Only last night he had sucked my cock oh so good and now it was time for me to reciprocate. And reciprocate I did. Mr. McMasters started moaning as he face fucked me and I did my best to suck him as good as he had sucked me.

As his moaning increased, I could sense he was about to come. He held my head tight down on his cock as several blasts of cum hit the back of my mouth a slide down my throat. He slowly withdrew his cock from my mouth leaving drops of cum on my lips.

As I licked his cum from my lips, he said, “Robert would like to see you now.”

With saying a word, I rose from my knees and left his office and as I passed Ellen, she still had that wicked smile and was licking her lips.

When I arrived at Robert’s office, I knocked softly and then entered. Like Mr. McMasters, Robert was stand facing a window and as he turned to face me, I saw his hard cock poking out the front of his pants. Crossing the room and dropping to my knees, I wondered how long it would be before my first promotion.

The end.

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