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Tommy, Robert and June

Little did he know.
I was finally going to graduate with a degree in economics and a minor in business. I struggled through college and I do mean struggled.

I came from a poor background having been born into poverty and grew up that way. I was a bit above average in grades in school and knew the only way out of my way of life was through education. I vowed to get that education and worked my way through college, starting with a Junior College and finally finishing the last two years at the state university.

I not only struggled with work, but with school as well. I studied hard and I was going to graduate with a B average. It took me six years, but I finally made it.

Upon graduation I landed a job with a financial planning company that was going to pay me a decent salary with the opportunity for big bonuses.

For the first time in my life I was able to see light at the end of the tunnel in my struggles to escape poverty.

I knew my parents would have been proud of me. My mom passed when I was twelve after a valiant struggle with cancer and my Dad followed two years later with a massive heart attack.

I was starting my career at the age of twenty five. Most of the other guys in my office were married men and had a number of years of experience. One of them, a guy named Robert, sort of took me under his wing to mentor. Something I greatly appreciated.

Robert was in his mid forties with about twenty years of experience and was well respected in the office with his financial planning for his clients. With Roberts assistance I had been able to acquire several clients and was working diligently to help them set up investment portfolios.

I would wonder what my parents would think of their poverty stricken son working to help clients with their investments. All I could think of was the irony of it all.

Like college I was all work and no play and had little time for entertainment. Seemed like I had spent a lifetime of working and never had time for even a girlfriend. I had never been on a real date. I was a twenty five year old virgin.

One day Robert told me I had been working hard and needed a break from work and that he and his wife were having a party with some friends and that I was invited. I eagerly accepted the invitation, but later began having doubts. Robert told me not to worry that it was strictly an informal affair and I would enjoy myself.

I knocked on Robert's door and a truly gorgeous woman answered and said, “Hello I'm June Robert's wife and you must be Tommy the young man Robert has been talking so much about.”

This woman took my breath away and I struggled to respond. There was that word again struggle. I managed to get out, “Yes I'm Tommy and I want to thank you for your kind invitation.”

She responded, “Oh a handsome young man and so polite, please come in.”

I knew I had to be blushing as she led me into the main room and announced, everyone this is Tommy a young man from Robert's office. I tried nodding to those in the room but was having difficulty as Robert's wife had virtually taken my breath away. She was not only drop dead gorgeous, but the hottest woman I had ever seen up this close.

She led me through the room introducing me to the other quests. I could feel heat radiating from her hand as he directed me to the bar and asked if I wanted something to drink. As I was not accustomed to alcohol, I asked for a coke. She looked at me and smiled as if she could not believe my drink preference.

She excused her self as other quests were arriving and an older distinguishing looking lady came up to me and said, “My looks like June has a new play toy.”

I was a bit taken back by her statement and I know I must have blushed as the lady touched my shoulder and said, “If I was only ten years younger I would have a go at you myself.”

I moved away and pretended to mingle as I watched the goings on all around me. As inexperienced as I was, I knew that sex was in the air.

As I watch couples touching and some kissing. I became aware that the folks pairing off were not each other's spouses. I could feel my cock begin to twitch in my pants and I hoped that no one would notice my growing erection.

I was thinking about finding a private place where I could masturbate to get relief from the feeling in my cock and balls.

Then I felt a hand on my ass and I turned to face the older lady from before. She smiled and said, “Do you like older mature women?”

I stammered and said. “I like all women” and her hand suddenly rested on my erection.

This was a first for me that either man or woman had ever touched my cock. I felt like I was going to cum in my pants.

My thoughts were, what have I gotten into. I knew this was obviously a swingers party something I had only heard of. I had no idea that my friend Robert was into swinging or that his gorgeous wife was also a participant.

I was jolted out of my thoughts when the lady said, “Don't you want to feel my tits and ass?”

I replied, “Madam is not your husband here?”

She said, “Oh yes, and he is the Chairman of the Board of your company. He is probably somewhere fucking his secretary. Like me he enjoys younger.”

I was aghast yet very excited not knowing what to do next. Then a hand took my arm and turned me around and I saw June and she said, “Sorry Sarah but Tommy is spoken for,” and led me away.

She led me into a very fancy bedroom and reached down and for the second time that night I felt a woman's hand on my erect cock.

She dropped to her knees and removed my cock from my pants and said, “very nice” as she took my 7" cock into her mouth. I don't know who moaned louder, her or me, as she sucked on my ever hardening cock.

I was beside myself as I was receiving my first ever blowjob from a gorgeous woman who happened to be my co-worker's wife.

She looked up and said, “Don't worry you can come. You're young and I know you will have more in reserve.”

I instinctively began fucking her mouth. I was a virgin and had never fucked a pussy and here I was fucking this gorgeous woman's mouth. With a thundering orgasm I blew my entire load in her mouth.

She said. “Oh nice” and swallowed as she sucked.

She pulled off my cock and rose up and began kissing me plunging her tongue in my mouth and I could taste the pungent residue of my semen. Something I had never tasted before.

She said, “Now my turn," and began pushing me to my knees as she raised her dress.

I was very surprised to find she wore no panties. I was now looking at my first real pussy.

Oh I had seen pictures, but never the real thing. She was cleanly shaven and sporting a bald pussy.

She simply said, “Eat!”

I moved my head down toward her pussy and stuck out my tongue and began to lick her pussy lips. She moaned and grabbed my head and pulled it closer as my tongue penetrated her folds. I felt my tongue touching a little nub and new I had reached her clitoris.

She said. “Yes that's it, suck my clit like a little cock. Suck it.”

And I did and almost immediately I felt and tasted a liquid on my tongue and lips as she came.

I couldn't believe I had just gotten sucked off and had eaten my first pussy. Oh what a night this was turning out to be.

Little did I know what was in store for me. Until now, my sum total of sexual experience had been to jack off to stories and pictures in magazines.

She rolled over and said, “It is time for you to fuck me. I want your cock deep in my pussy when you cum again.”

My cock had already harden again as she pulled me down on her and began kissing me. I could still taste the residue of my semen in her mouth, and thought the taste is not all bad. She took my cock in hand and directed it to her pussy lips and said. “Now shove that big boy in me.”

I pushed hard and felt my cock penetrate her pussy and she said, “Whoa take it easy. You're acting like its your first time,” and I replied, “It is.”

As my cock sunk deeper in her pussy she moaned and said, “Oh yeah a virgin.”

I began stroking in and out and had never experienced anything as exquisite in my life and I was glad she had sucked me off first otherwise I would have blown my load in the first five seconds.

I began fucking harder and deeper when I felt hands on my head pulling it up. It was then I felt a rush of fear, as I was staring up at Robert my friend.

You can imagine my horror when I saw Robert's face as I was fucking his wife. He smiled and then I saw his cock and what a monster it was.

It was moving toward my face inching closer till the big purple head was resting on my lips. I looked directly at him and he continued to smile and my lips parted as he inserted his cock into my mouth.

"OMG," I thought as he slowly started pumping his huge cock in and out of my mouth till I felt it hit the back of my throat. He stopped and held his cock there for a few seconds and then pressed forward pushing his cock into my throat.

All the while I kept pumping my cock in and out of his wife's pussy.

Here I was fucking my friend's wife while I was sucking his cock. This was stuff I had never even dreamed of let alone experienced before.

As Robert continued to push his cock deeper into my throat I was continuing to fuck his wife. Then Robert began fucking my throat like a very tight pussy with short but deep thrusts. I could hear him grunting and his wife moaning at the same time.

Then with a big grunt and deep thrust Robert let loose his cum which erupted into my throat. It must have been past my taste buds, as I did not taste it although I felt it going down my throat directly to my belly.

As this was going on, my orgasm began with me pumping probably the biggest load of my life into June's tight cunt. As my sperm hit her pussy she began to spasm and let loose a yell as she reached the heights of her orgasm.

Just like that all three had achieved huge orgasms. We slowly separated and relaxed on the bed and I realized we were all naked. I had not remembered getting undressed let alone anyone else.

In the throes of this glorious sex, I had experienced many things for the first time. I had received my first blowjob, ate my first pussy, fucked my first pussy, and sucked my first cock.

What a night. A night that was not yet quite over. Robert was the first to speak. He said, “Tommy I'm going to have June suck my cock hard again, as you eat your cum from her pussy, and then I'm going to fuck you."

My mind was racing a thousand miles an hour as I contemplated what he just said. Eat my own cum, and did he say he was going to fuck me?

As June pulled my head to her pussy, I was sure that was what I heard. I shuddered when I thought of Robert's huge cock in my ass.

As my tongue parted June's pussy lips and I tasted my own cum again, I wondered if my tight ass could accommodate Robert's big cock.

I thought, I will surely soon find out. After I had eaten most of my own cum, I heard Robert say, “I'm ready for some ass.”

With that I felt something cold then warm running along the crack of my ass. I realized Robert was applying lube before fucking me, lube which I sorely needed.

I then felt a finger enter my hole and lube being poured into me. After I was well oiled I felt the head of Roberts big cock at the entrance to ass. He whispered softly, “ I'll be as gentle as I can but you may experience some discomfort during initial penetration.”

Robert kept pushing and I felt the head of his cock pop in and it hurt like hell for a few seconds and then a very warm feeling. Then with very short strokes, followed by longer ones, he penetrated deeper in my ass.

Then I heard Robert say, “This ass was made for fucking. I'm balls to the wall.”

Then the real fucking began as Robert began a slow, then faster pounding of my tight ass. I was amazed how good it felt as his big cock massage my prostate.

He pounded away as I moaned and groaned. He pounded away until he suddenly pushed hard and held as his balls emptied into my bowels. I had just been fucked!

I did not orgasm from my fucking, but my cock leaked a steady stream of cum and it covered my cock and balls. Before going to sleep I heard Robert say, “I wanted to fuck you the first time I saw you in the office and I knew the way to your ass was through June's pussy.”

The last thing I remembered was June going down on me a licking my cock and balls clean.

I awoke the next morning beside Robert who was against June with his cock in her pussy. I got up and got dressed and slipped out as they continued to sleep.

As I drove home I wondered what had happened to all the other guests. I still don't know.

A few days later I was sitting in my office thinking about all that I had experienced when the phone startled me with a loud ringing.

I answered and was surprised to hear the soft voice of June. She asked me how I was doing and if I was all right?

I assured her I was. She then asked me if I remembered Mrs. Radcliffe?

At first I did not know whom she meant, then I remembered Mr. Radcliffe the Chairman of the Board.

I responded, “Yes I remember her.”

She said that Mrs. Radcliffe had inquired and demanded details of our sexual encounters.

After filling in Mrs. Radcliffe, June said that Mrs. Radcliffe expressed a desire to have her own tryst with June's new play toy.

June assured me that I would enjoy having sex with Mrs. Radcliffe, as she was a very accomplished cocksucker and enjoyed having her pussy eaten as well. She also said Mrs. Radcliffe like anal sex and that Robert always fucked her in the ass when they had sex.

I was astounded at what I was hearing. June added one more thing. “Do you remember how big her tits are?”

I confessed I didn't, and she said, “Then you are in for a big treat. Robert loves her big tits.”

My sexual education was to be continued.

Mrs. Radcliffe is another story for another time.

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