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Toy Test

A trip to the toy store is rewarding!
The Friday night beer-drinking event was a fair standing thing for me and Kevin. When he met the girl of his dreams, the utterly delightful Katrina, I figured our drinking days were numbered. To my surprise, they increased a little over time.

They tried to fix me up from time to time but nothing took. I was always on the road. I think part of my hard-drinking Friday nights was a direct result of always sleeping in hotel beds and never know what the next day might hold.

It was the drinking that led us into some rather different topics of conversation two Fridays ago. They were talking threesomes and bi-sexual concepts, and I was all buzzed so I just played along. The next day as I tried to think through the fog of a hangover, I tried to puzzle out whether it was just talk or had other meanings. I came to no conclusions, but wondered if I should look forward to Friday nights for other reasons.

That conversation alone did not put me on the path to explore my own sexuality. I had started broadening my horizons for a while. But the threesome and MMF concepts nudged me in new directions. The week after that Friday night talk, I found myself exploring porn videos showing men eating cum (theirs or others) from a woman’s pussy.

I was so turned on that night that my cock throbbed like never before and I found myself licking up my own precum and savoring its taste. It had a slightly thick texture with a salty taste. I had a huge erection but did not let myself cum. I just kept stroking lightly as I stared rather agog at a man’s tongue sliding over the cum splattered on a woman’s body.

The next night in the hotel room I basically walked in hard. I had not let myself cum the night before and now that I was thinking about fun masturbation, my cock surged just from the thought of it. I browsed some of the same cuckold stuff again, but then hit a new vein of video.

I found some videos on various porn sites that catered to something called cum eating instruction, or CEI. If my cock was hard before, now it was steel. The concept was so powerfully alluring, and the one-two punch of the creampies followed my men shooting their own cum into their mouths at the behest of a dominant woman was just too much.

My laptop was on the bed next to me. Her body was thick and juicy, with firm, big breasts and thick, white thighs I just wanted to bury my head into. Her voice was soft and smoky and she told me how to stroke, and how I was going to be her little bitch and swallow my own cum. Stroke, she demanded in her soft tone, but don’t cum! Not yet. Get that cock nice and fucking hard for me.

I did and slowly I felt the approach of the orgasm. That’s when she showed the flip up on the couch, propping my head on some pillows and arching my back up in the air. It took work but after a moment I was staring at my red, thick, throbbing cock as it strained to orgasm. My balls flopped down and in this position my mouth had to be open just to breath. She voice commanded me to stroke, harder, FASTER, HARDER!

I moaned and gasped as I stroked just as she told me to, and then when the orgasm came I moaned long and loud. And per her instructions, I kept my mouth open and eyes glued on my cock. I gasped when the eruption of semen exploded from my cock and blasted down all over my face, covering my lips and tongue and shooting into the back of my throat.

My first taste of semen was strange. It had a stronger taste than my pre-cum and was quite thick. Its taste was not terrible yet I did not love it either. I liked the taste of my precum better. But the erotic, exotic nature of the instructional session had aroused me fully and I had a very large cum. Most of it ended up on my face, which also had its differences. The cum was hot but cooled quickly, and getting it in the eye created an instant burn - the salt, I suppose.

The next two nights as I was stuck in Omaha I jerked off like that four more times. It was a rush, to look up at my cock and watch it explode into my mouth. Sucking on pre-cum was arousing and just all of this different act just aroused me completely. Or maybe it was Omaha. Hard to tell.

I got in around four from Omaha. I was tired but not so tired that I couldn’t call up Kevin and be like “What’s up, I’m thirsty.” Thankfully for me, he and Katrina had already planned on hosting us again that night.

I drove to my apartment, changed clothes and drove directly to Kevin’s. I was there by six-thirty. She had cooked us a nice meal which we ate as we started our first round of drinking.

“How was Omaha?” Kevin asked.

“Fucking boring,” I replied.

“Yeah? You up for doing something then?”

“Sure, what?” I asked.

“Well, it’s not boring that’s for sure…” he said as his voice trailed off.

Katrina stepped in. “We want to go to a sex toy store. Do you want to come along?” she asked.

I shrugged. “Sure, what the hell, why not!”

“Maybe you can get something,” she suggested.

I had watched some videos of men wearing cock rings and other harnesses, and cumming when in them. So the idea of grabbing some “erection enhancers” certainly seemed fun. And I did not worry about buying stuff in from of Kevin and Katrina. I thought they would understand.

Twenty minutes later we walked into one of those corporate superstores that were racks of this, that and the other thing. We stayed together, and then finally I broke away when Katrina and Kevin discussed anal toys.

I wandered over to the cock rings, and picked up a few here and there. Before long they joined me. “What are these?” Katrina asked, picking one up. “Cock rings?” she asked.

“I’ve never tried one. I bet they will result in great orgasms,” I said.

“If you never tried, how do you know?” she asked reasonably. Kevin, for his part, was content to stay quiet, smile and follow the conversation. In his hand he held some toys.

“Porn videos.”

“You watched cumshot videos of men in sex toys?” she asked and grinned quick. “You gay? Bi?” she added.

“No, not that I’m aware of,” I replied quickly. Yet I had sucked down my own cum. Did that make me gay? I didn’t know nor much cared, to be honest. It felt good; it was erotic and exotic.

“Oh, well, okay,” she said. “Wait, look at this one!” she said, and grabbed a box. It had a loop for the balls and a long, thin anal plug. “Look, your balls and ass get pleasure!” she said. “Get this one,” she practically demanded.

I looked at it. It wasn’t quite what I had in mind, but then I thought about it more. I thought it would feel sexy. So I added it to my collection. I had some cock rings of various types and sizes, that ball thing and a ball spreader thing. They had their toys and we checked out.

We got to the apartment and went inside, and put the toys on the table. We checked each other’s stuff out as we opened another round of drinks. They were consumed quickly as we talked about the pleasures that we thought we’d get from each one.

“Hey, I have an idea,” Katrina said. She spoke intensely and leaned forward to look alternating between me and Kevin.

“What’s that?” Kevin asked. It was his place to ask.

“I want to see you boys model some of these toys for me!” she grinned. “You’re not afraid, are you?” she followed up with the challenge immediately.

“No...but then I’m not your boyfriend,” I interjected.

Kevin gave me a look. “We’re good with it. If you are,” he added.

I shrugged. “Hey, why not. I always wanted to try out a cock ring!” We took off our clothes without a trace of modesty. I had wanted to see Katrina naked, and her body did not disappoint.

Kevin and I sized each other up. He was longer than me, probably by an inch, but I was thicker than him and had bigger, fuller balls. Neither of us were huge but average I guess. His cock was growing in stiffness already and it looked like it had a slight upward curve.

I opened my package of cock rings and selected the thickest. I expanded the stretchy material and slipped it around my cock and balls at the base close to my body. I released it and it tightened up immediately, and the cinch was a new, not unpleasant feeling. I got hard, and it had a thicker feel to it.

Next I slipped one around the balls of my balls only. That too tightened the sensation and I realized that it deadened the feeling in my cock. Finally, already at full erection, I slipped one around the base of my hard on. It took grew in size and firmness yet felt slightly deadened. I modeled for a bit, and then sat down but did not take things off.

I watched at Katrina and Kevin played with their toys some. Kat in particular totally loved the thin anal plug that Kevin easily slipped into her (after lubing it up). She sat down on the chair with a wicked smile on her face, and occasionally wiggled her butt around.

The whole scene was maybe the oddest sight I had ever experienced. Kat was sitting in a chair, naked. Her pert breasts and taut nipples were displayed to us openly. Kevin had a Fleshlight on the table. He, too, was naked. My cock and balls were constricted by cock rings, and I was naked. Yet we were sitting at the table talking as if we were eating a supper and being naked and stuffed with sex toys was an everyday occurrence.

Then there was the tension. Obviously we were building towards something. But as the third wheel I had no control over the situation. If Kevin and Katrina wanted to invite me into their exclusive club, I would be enjoying some pleasurable situations. Our talk centered on sex and I was very included there, but would I be included in the physical?

I was content at one point to just listen to Kevin and Katrina banter back and forth. She was explaining how the plug in her ass felt, and Kevin was leaning in. The thought hit me at that point that I wanted to check out his package. I wanted to see if his cock was still hard. There was a need to see it, an overwhelming one. My mind drifted away from their conversation as I thought about checking out his cock. Finally, I tried to lean over slowly as I just had to get a look.

“Like what you see, Carson?” Katrina startled me. She caught me checking out Kevin’s package, and her words made me jump. She asked the question sharply.

I felt the heat expand on my cheeks as I looked up to see that delighted sparkle in her eye. She was leaning forward and obviously expected an answer. At least she did not mention my blush! I shrugged. “Sure, I guess. It’s his package,” I added.

“How does it stack up to you then?”

“He’s longer but thinner.”

“You think?” she asked, and scooted her chair backwards. “Stand up, both of you, and come over her,” she said pointing as she turned her chair, and indicated that we should stand in front of her.

I traded a look with Kevin and when I saw him smiling lustily, I rose from my chair and walked over. We stood next to each other, our arms not quite brushing one another. We were both pretty physically fit and so in my opinion Kat had a nice view of flat stomachs and sizable packages.

I moaned when she suddenly wrapped her fingers around my cock and began to stroke it. She had done the same with Kevin and he, like me, had made noise. “Well, we have to get them hard for me to check!” she told us in a matter-of-fact tone. After maybe a minute of gentle, dry stroking of our cocks, she was satisfied that they were both hard.

“Well, the cock ring is making this a little tougher to decide,” Kat said slowly, “but I think overall that you’re right Carson,” she agreed. “Kev’s longer and you’re thicker.”

She chose that moment to wiggle her butt. Her focus shifted entirely to me. “Hey, that ball holder/butt plug. Where is it?” she demanded.

I turned my body to look back at the table. When I did my hips turned naturally, and my erection brushed up against Kevin’s naked hip. Innocent or not, I noted it but then grabbed the toy and turned back around.

“Give it to me,” Kat demanded as she held her hand out palm up. I slapped the box into her hand, and she greedily opened it up. She took out the plaint, black toy and held it up, gazing at it. “Oh wow,” she admired. Her eyes slid up to my face. “I want to see you wearing this!” she said.

Then her grin turned positively wicked. “And I’m going to put it on you!” she declared. She stood up and hesitated, wiggling her butt once more. She pushed between me and Kevin and grabbed the large bottle of lube that they’d purchased. She then stood back up and looked at me.

“Couch,” she ordered me. She walked over and stood there hands on hips, waiting impatiently for us to move and obey. I traded another look with Kevin. I saw lust. I took stock of my own thoughts and body as I did as I had been told. Lust coursed through my blood. My heart raced and pounded with excitement of the unknown and a deep, needy arousal. My cock was fully flagged now and bouncing with my steps. I wondered what was going to happen and knew that I didn't much care.

She pointed. “On your knees, chest to the back of the couch, Car,” she ordered. “Kevin, you do it, too,” she added. We got onto the couch, our knees sinking down into the soft cushions. “Spread your legs further apart,” she told us, and we bounced around on the couch re-arranging ourselves to her content.

“No no, I want to see your legs touching.” She took my ankle and pulled it closer to Kevin, and then she took his and put it over top of mine. “Don’t let him get away Kevin,” she told her boyfriend.

“Get away?” I asked. “Where would I go?”

“Just saying,” she said from behind me. I heard the amusement in her voice.

“Look at those asses and assholes and cocks and balls,” she breathed quietly. “Oh man,” she moaned as the sight must have overwhelmed her momentarily.

“Now, let’s see…” she mused softly and I thought I heard the whisper of plastic sliding on plastic. Suddenly a cool and highly lubricated liquid was applied to my open asshole. It made me jerk forward out of surprise, but then I just as quickly brought my body back, realizing the sensation had felt very good.

“You like that?” Kat asked as she swirled a finger slowly around the sensitive flesh of my anus. I felt my cock throbbing hard as a first-time pleasure was experienced.

“Yeah,” I almost-moaned. “It feels really good.”

“What about this?” she asked as she pressed the tip of her finger against the slippery hole. I felt a penetration into my body for the first time and realized that I was not upset by it. It felt...good!

“Nice,” I moaned. I relaxed my ass and her finger slid in easily. My mouth parted and my eyes went half-lidded. It was a hot sensation, way better than I had ever thought it could be.

“Oh you’ll love this then,” she said and I presume that she picked up the toy. She lubed it and then I felt a pressure against my ass and then slowly I felt a little rounded nub slide inside. She kept pushing and the invader went deep until it was nestled against the cheeks of my ass. I could not stop moaning. The plug created a powerful sensation that made me want to grab my cock and stroke it as hard as I could. I held off, wondering what delights awaited me next!

Then, lubricated fingers began massaging my balls and I gasped loudly and moaned hard. “Oh my balls, what are you doing to my balls!” I whimpered pleadingly.

“Well, I don’t want to hurt you when I lock this in place,” she told me reasonably.

“Oh.” I saw out of the corner of my eye that Kevin had turned his head around to watch. He was open-eyed and grinning.

I tensed when I felt her sliding the loop over my balls. They are so sensitive to being hit that I think it is almost impossible for a woman to be allowed to handle them without some nervousness. But then the cinch was released and I felt a very tight pressure around my balls. “Holy shit!” I moaned.

“Stand up,” Kat ordered.

I did and realized that each movement made the slippery anal intruder move just enough to create waves of pleasure. I groaned complete with a half-lidded look on my face as the waves of pleasure pushed through me. I looked over at Kevin, who had turned around to watch. My cock was straining and erect enough to defeat the pull of gravity.

“You need one of these,” I told him.

“Yeah?” he grinned. “Maybe we should go back and get more stuff later!” he said.

“Oh I doubt that we are going anywhere tonight,” Kat announced. She was staring at my very thick erection, and almost idly reached out to stroke me for a moment or two. “No, we are not going anywhere. I have plans for you boys,” she told us.

Kevin turned around and sat down on the couch, spreading his legs to better show off his engorged organ. His expression was both lewd and amused. “Yeah? What kind of plans?” he challenged.

“First up!” she said with an upraised hand complete with index finger reaching out, “a truth examination!” She turned to look at me. “Sit down on the couch next to him.”

I did, and once more she arranged it so that Kevin’s leg was draped over mine. We were pressing against each other on the couch. I did not know what to do with my arm that was next to him. It was my right arm, and I’m right-handed, and I squirmed around with it. He, too, squirmed around with his left.

“Carson, your hand here,” she said reaching out to grab my wrist and place it atop Kevin’s knee. “Kev, yours on top,” she said. It was not as intimate as holding hands, but I felt dual reactions to his hand pressing down on mine. There was a shiver of excitement and a shudder of revulsion. The excitement won out.

“Now, let’s see,” she said quietly. She got down on her knees in front of Kevin. I watched as she put a large dollop of lube onto her hand, and then she reached out to grasp and stroke Kevin’s boner.

“Oh fuck that’s good!” he moaned immediately, and his hips thrust forward to better angle his body for her busy hands. It moved our legs around, I noted. He closed his eyes and tried to steady his breathing. When he tried to reach out, she slapped his hand away.

“Just me, Kev. No touching yourself!” she warned. Kevin’s hand dropped. “Yeah, scoot it under your butt. Sit on your hands, both of you!” she added, looking at me. We squirmed around again until we were sitting on our hands. Our legs were still draped. Was it me, I thought suddenly, or is Kevin’s moving back and forth just a little?

She resumed stroking him. “There,” she said as she tilted her head to one side. She studied her handiwork and his turgid erection. “That will do for a moment.”

She then slid in front of me. I watched as I got the same treatment, and the sensation of her delicate and skilled hand sliding easily over my shaft made me, too, moan in delicious pleasure. I opened my eyes and watched her hand slide easily up and down, fingers pressing in and releasing to create waves of minor pleasure. She teased the head of my cock with made me squirm as a strange feeling overwhelmed me. My cock felt so thick and hard and strong, and then she took her hand away. She looked into my eyes and smiled.

Between her tantalizing hand and the anal plug that was now generating this really nice-feeling warmth, I was losing the ability to think rationally. My brain was shutting down. I was happy to feel it.

“Good.” She scooted between us to where us legs were crossed over and leaned forward. She had enough reach to grasp our cocks at the base. Instead of stroking, she just held them rather firmly.

“Now, Kevin, is this - what we’re doing right now - turning you on?”

“Yes,” he growled.

She nodded and looked at me. “What is turning you on the most?” she asked me next.

I tried to think but my arousal had begun to shut down the analytical thought processes. “I think the exotic nature of it, for me,” I said.

“Is it turning you on that Kevin is here and touching your body?” she asked me.

“Not turning me on,” I said and saw a crestfallen look pass her face but then I continued. “But it’s not really turning me off, either.”

She squeezed my cock and looked at me. “Okay that feels like the truth,” she admitted. She changed to Kevin. “Does it turn you on that Carson’s body is touching yours?” she asked him.

“Yeah,” he moaned and looked at me. I turned to look at him. Holy fuck if we did not have our own “couch moment.” I swear I swooned, wondering whether I should lean in close to kiss him. I had never had that thought before in my life but with cock rings on and things in my ass and his leg on mine...I had the thought.

“It’s turning Carson on too,” Kat laughed. Her titter broke the moment, and I broke eye contact with Kevin and returned it to Kat.

She looked at me again. “What feels better, the cock rings or the anal locker?”

I closed my eyes. What felt best? My cock throbbed, but was it the rings, the arousal or the plug in my ass. It’s effects were subtle but its insistent pressure and tiny movements never allowed me to escape a huge arousal. “The plug in my ass.”

“How does it make you feel?” Kat asked.

“Hot. Hard.” And this word popped out of my mouth without any forethought. “Submissive.”

Her eyes widened. She held me tightly at the base. “Why submissive?” she demanded. Her eyes had gotten fiery.

“Hard to explain,” I moaned as she held me. “It just does. Having this thing in my ass, I can’t get rid of it, I just have to submit to it I guess,” I said slowly, picking my words. “It’s hot though.”

“It turns you on? Does the thought of submission turn you on?”

I nodded. “Yeah,” I said through a very dry mouth. I was heading into admissions that terrified me, yet for the life of me I wanted to talk about it. “It does.”

“Did it start two weeks ago?” she asked.

“No,” I replied, “but it maybe unlocked things more.”

“What did you do about it then that this turns you on?”

The moment of truth. Do I tell? My racing heart was no longer pumping just on arousal alone. Now fear flooded my body. What if they reacted badly? Just then Kat squeezed my cock. “C’mon, tell me,” she whispered urgently. “Tell me your secrets, tell me what turns you on!”

“I want to eat cum,” I said into the hush, expectant atmosphere.

I stared at them as their expressions went through several instant changes. Surprise, maybe? Acceptance. Planning. Excitement. Need. Then a huge smile from Katrina. “Your own or Kevin’s?” she asked.

I shrugged. “I don’t care,” I admitted. I was breathing easier now that I had said it. My cock throbbed. Was it admission or physical or did I not care any more?

She stared at my cock. “Look how fucking hard he is, Kev!” she said. “He’s telling the truth!” she shook her head, in wonder I hoped. “Wow, that totally turns me on,” she said. She looked at me. “You’re going to have fun tonight!” she promised me.

She stood up. “Boys, with me,” she said and walked brazenly towards their bedroom. Kevin nodded his head and I followed him, our erections poking out in front of us as we walked. Eating cum meant sucking cock, I thought as I watched Kevin’s muscular ass in front of me. Was I ready for that?

“Kevin, you’ll like this part,” Kat said as she stood next to the bed. “Sit, here, butt on the edge of the bed,” she said. She watched him take his seat and look expectantly at her.

“Carson, down with me,” she said. She held my hand and brought me to my knees between Kevin’s legs. “It seems to me that if you’re going to eat cum you better know how to suck a cock. I’m going to show you and then you’re going to suck Kevin’s big, hard cock.” She stared into my eyes as she said it.

I could not help showing my excitement so I nodded. “As you wish,” I said softly.

“Hold it here at the base,” she said, and slowly wrapped her fingers around the hard base. “Open up and put it in your mouth,” she said just before opening up and plunging his erection into her mouth. She bobbed her head slowly, and I saw her purse her lips to get suction around his cock. She released him. Turned the cock to me. “Your turn.”

I opened my mouth and closed my eyes. I was just going to do it because if I thought about it, I might chicken out. So when the searing heat of his cock pressed against my lips it was a surprise in both senses. I did not know when it would touch nor that his boner would be so fucking hot! I moaned as my mouth opened and between my lips slid his hard cock. I slithered my tongue around the underside, and realized that the skin was so soft and velvety, and yet the organ itself was so hard. I felt my own cock surge as a huge muscular contraction hit my lower body.

I moaned and I guess the vibration of my voice made him feel all the better so he moaned. Then Kat’s voice was in my ear. “Close your lips around it and suck hard,” she told me. I did, and my reward was Kevin slamming his hips up and driving his cock deeply into my mouth. I gagged and had to open up and yank back roughly, coughing. I had been totally surprised by that!

“Do it again,” she ordered, and her hand went on the back of my head to push me down onto Kevin’s member. Again the heated organ slipped into my mouth. I swirled my tongue over his cock head and he groaned aloud. I heard a definite animalistic tone in that sound and knew that the pleasure was wonderful. I began bobbing my head up and down, realizing how easy it was to suck a cock.

My own throbbed as I bobbed. I gently reached my hand up and felt Kevin’s balls. They were thinner than mine and so I was very gentle. Kevin moaned and harshly warned that he was about to cum. Kat yanked me away from him immediately. I stared at his saliva-coated throbbing cock for a second or two. It’s taste was...manly. I gulped.

“Did you like it?” Kat asked me quietly. Her fingers slid around my own manhood and held me firmly.

“Yeah, I did,” I admitted.

She smiled and released me. She scrambled onto the bed and pulled Kevin up with him. She looked at me as she squatted lewdly over Kev’s erection. “I can’t wait to slip his cock cock into my pussy,” she moaned to me, maintaining eye contact the entire time. “I’m gonna make him shoot his cum in my pussy and then you are going to clean me out and make me cum again and again!” she crowed.

I stared at the scene. Kevin’s cockhead was slightly purple, very engorged and glistened from the various lubes she had used. Her pussy was shaven, labia spread wide and she dripped clear, wet fluids. She moaned as she held his cock against her wet opening. Her eyes closed and mouth parted and head tilted back. “Fuck that’s nice,” she whispered as she began sliding it back and forth. The head quickly was soaked by her natural lubricants.

She opened her eyes and winked at me, and dropped down onto his member into a kneeling position with practiced ease. Her hands immediately grabbed her boobs roughly, and his slapped over hers. Her hips rocked backwards and forwards slowly at first, but as their needs asserted control, her speed increased. Kev thrust upward with each rocking motion she made to better drive his cock into her, and he was working hard enough to make his balls slap against her ass.

“Oh god Kev that’s fucking deep, you fuck me now Kev, you fuck me hard!” she moaned a constant stream of the dirtiest talking I had ever heard from a woman. “Treat this slut with some cock, you fucker!” she nearly screamed. “Fuck my cunt, fuck it hard Kev make me cream all over your cock and balls!”

The pungent but intoxicating scent of her pussy flooded my nostrils. I closed my eyes and breathed deeply to get it all, to pull it in deep and lock it in memory. I opened to see that Kat was looking my way but not seeing me. Her hair was wild and wet around her head and her eyes unfocused as she concentrated only on the cock in her pussy and the feelings that the sex generated.

“Jesus,” Kat suddenly barked, but uncontrollably. I watched as the quivers struck her thighs and radiated out from there. She could not make whining sex noises because all she could was gasp wildly for oxygen. The orgasm exploded from there, and she finally gave voice to it after riding the explosive start. “Fuuucccckkkk I’m ccuummming!” she said through gritted teeth. Her fingers dug into her own breastflesh so harshly I was worried she might draw blood.

Moments later Kevin’s body went rigid as he drove a final mighty shove upward, planting his cock as deeply as it would go and allowing his own cum to erupt deeply into her waiting quim. He gasped and grunted but said nothing, just the masculine sounds of the orgasm. His was over quickly.

Katrina caught her breath, and turned to look my way. With her hand she swept stringy, sweaty hair from her face and grinned wanly at me. She nodded with her head to the other side of hte bed. “Lie down over there,” she said. “On your back!”

I did and with movements far more nimble than I had anticipated, Kat was on all fours, over me. I stared up at the up-close sight of a just-fucked and totally cummed-in pussy. It was dripping wet, gaping and exuding the most powerful scent. I saw the creamy white mixture of juices gather at the opening, and opened my mouth. I inhaled deeply through my nose, then covered her lips with mine and sucked.

She shuddered as I began sucking, my tongue dancing between her clit and sliding into her tunnel to dig out more of his cum. I could taste him and it was strong, maybe not as strong as mine, but its mixture with her juices cut the taste considerably. I barely even registered that I was sucking a man’s cum from her body; I was just eating her out and it was a delicious pussy and I loved it.

She moaned. “Fuck he’s good.” But after too few moments, she pulled away. “ more,” she gasped. “C-can’t take any more.”

I was the only one who had not cum. She whispered something to Kevin, and he moved between my legs. He lifted my hips up off of the bed, and I got it - they were together going to make me shoot my own cum into my own mouth. After he had me in position, she knelt beside me. “What do you want me to do?” she asked softly, a slight grin tracing her lips.

“Make me cum in my own mouth,” I said.

“Beg me.”

“Please, Kat, please make me cum. I need to cum so fucking bad. Please, you can bend me over and make me shoot it in my own mouth, I love cum, I’ll fucking eat it all up!” I begged.

She reached out and stroked me lightly for a moment, and then gripped and ripped. She poured on more lube and stroked me fast and hard. There was no way to hold back and after about a minute of her hard stroking, I knew that the moment had arrived.

“I’m gonna cum!” I managed to moan and opened my mouth. I stared even though my vision was blurry and wavery from the massive pleasure and then it hit with huge force. My entire body strained as my cock exploded! My constricted balls released the pent-up cum in a first blast that sent a long, ropy stream of cum that splattered down all over my lips and mouth and tongue. Around the anal plug my ass clenched hard, and it added more pleasure to the moment.

I gulped now, lost, not caring, and then another huge stream, and another. Finally, after the fourth huge stream the force was lost and my cum began dribbling out slowly. I was not done until Kat coaxed the last large drop of cum from my now-flaccid cock. She deposited it on my tongue, and I closed my mouth around her finger and sucked it off.

“Round two will be even better,” Kat promised us boys. I looked at her then Kevin, and I grinned at them.

“As for me? I can’t wait!”

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