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Training the Triathlon Trainer (the story continues)

Having fun with my trainer and another special friend
Last time I discussed how my trainer, Danielle and her boyfriend Alex had engaged in an out of this world bisexual threesome after her triathlon. We fucked and sucked each other silly with her being double penetrated vaginally, as well as taking it in her ass and pussy. She took my ass with a nice black strap and took Alex’s tight ass too. I also fucked the shit out of Alex’s white butt with my hard black cock. Needless to say, everyone enjoyed themselves and we made plans to see each other again!

Danielle and I continued our individual training sessions with a new twist. After our workouts she would stroke my sweaty cock and balls through my gym shorts then peel her shorts to the side and stick her wet moist pussy or her ass straight down on my cock. She has done this when I'm on the bench finishing up a set of weights or on the floor after doing some sit-ups/stretching. She has demonstrated to me that she can be one of the hottest and sluttiest women on the planet when she wants, craves some hard cock.

I also gave you a little history about how I came to enjoy BI sex by first fucking transsexuals and eventually being fucked by them. To this day, I still enjoy taking hard shemale cock when it is attached to a very feminine looking TS (transsexual) with big tits, hard nipples and womanly hips. I realize this is not for everyone, but I look at it as another opportunity to pleasure myself. It allows me to suck or get fucked by some hard cock while feeling breasts and nipples. I’m also able to ram my cock into a tight shapely ass.

During the course of our conversations these days, I have mentioned to Danielle how much I have enjoyed this. When I first shared with her after coming back from a bike ride she could barely get out of her biking shorts before begging me to lube her ass and stick my cock in it. Trust me whenever a woman like Danielle with her 38 hips and suntanned butt cheeks asks you to take her ass, you don't hesitate!

Based on our conversations, I pretty much suspected that she would be up for fucking a transsexual. We've never really discussed doing a threesome with another woman, but I wouldn't be surprised if she was down for that also. It just so happened that a TS friend of mine was coming to town in a few days.

Daisy and I had been fucking each other whenever we happen to be in the same city for a few years now. Daisy has got to be one of the most feminine transsexuals I have ever fucked. She has a 38D chest, 29 inch waist with 38” hips. She is gorgeous Latina with full lips and one of the dirtiest minds you will ever find when it comes to sex. She has the type of body that expects to be fucked long hard and deep. Daisy sports about a 6 inch cock that goes rock hard when you are sucking on it and stays rock hard when you open up your ass to take it. She will go deep and hard in your A-hole.

I had a training session coming up with Danielle, so I decided to invite Daisy over to meet her. I figured the three of us could relax and see if a threesome would be in the works. Danielle and I decided to do a bike ride the next morning and Daisy wanted to join us. Danielle had no problem with that and I had an extra bike, so it all worked out well. Daisy came over the house early Saturday morning in some tight jeans and a very revealing top. We didn't say much except that both of us needed to have each other's cock in our mouths before Danielle got to my house.

I opened my robe and told Daisy to, “Suck it bitch, make it hard like I know you can."

To which she replied, "No problem daddy, but you need to work mine so I can release some of this cum into that wet mouth of yours.”

We made love to each other's cocks with our mouths. We never forget to tongue each other's ass holes and suck each other's balls and this time was no exception.

I was the first to cum announcing, “I’m cumming baby, swallow it all.”

To which she replied, “Here’s my juice.”

After relaxing for a few minutes we both realized we needed to get dressed for bike riding before Danielle arrived. We showered together and got our biking shorts on with both of our bulges tucked nicely in the shorts. I do love those biking shorts; they make a woman's ass look spectacular. In Daisy's case, she tucked her balls/cock back between her legs and put on her shorts. It’s the same thing she does when she puts on her little tight thong panties. With the tight biking top that showed off her tits and the biking shorts fitting every curve of her ass you would never know that she was sporting a great cock and balls. For sure you would not know that less than 20 min. before it had been buried deep in my throat. God, did she give me some sweet cum!

Danielle arrived at my place on time and I went out to help her unload her bike. We walked back inside to fill up water bottles and meet Daisy. Danielle looked as hot as ever and those biker shorts showed off her smooth, long, tanned legs and sexy behind.

I told her as she walked in front of me, "You have got a dick loving booty that always looks like it should have a cock buried in it."

“ Yes, you know I like that phatt black cock of yours buried way up in my ass,” she said laughingly, “This ass is built for some BBC (big black cock) fucking."

I kept thinking to myself as we walked up the driveway that she had no idea what was in store for her if she ended up in bed with Daisy and I. That ass better be ready for some Latina shemale dick and some black cock. I knew that she was looking forward to going down on some female pussy, but I don't think she imagined that she would be fulfilling her transsexual fantasy. Her XMAS present was going to come early and it was going to cum in a big way!

When we walked through the door I could see Danielle was very pleased with what she saw. It was also pretty obvious that Daisy was attracted to Danielle. As for me, I was in seventh heaven because I knew that this was going to be one hot, sweaty encounter that would leave me completely drained.

Daisy immediately gave Danielle a hug while saying, “He has told me so much about you, so I am really looking forward to our time today.”

“It has been a while since I had a good “ride,” giving me a sly grin that I know Danielle picked up on.

Danielle responded with, “It’s been just the two of us lately, so someone joining us for a ride is very welcome; I do like some variety!”

A sly grin passed between the two of them and all I could do was chuckle. These two girls were definitely trying to seduce each other and fortunately for me I would be the beneficiary of watching the seduction. This was going to be a great Saturday morning and would rival the Sunday morning/afternoon when Danielle, her boyfriend and I got together.

(You can read that in my story, “From a Triathlon to A Biathlon Three Way (Part 1 and 2)).

We took off riding on a beautiful sunshiny day, with the temperature about 75. We would switch places in terms of who was in the lead. I often had a spectacular view of two great asses that my cock had been pleasured by. Thank God for the tight biking shorts, since my cock was rock hard thinking about those tight behinds encased in the black stretchy Lycra biking shorts! After about an hour and a half of riding we stopped at a grassy spot to eat some energy bars and hydrate. At this point the two girls were getting along very well. They were beginning to casually touch each other when a comment or joke was made.

I stood up facing them and announced, “Time to get going, if we expect to finish this ride in a reasonable amount of time.”

Both their eyes were riveted on my crotch and a look of lust came over them as they turned to each other and said in unison, “Yes, let’s get busy and finish this up, so we can relax a little back at the house.”

All I could do was nod and say, “Yes, you are so right.”

We picked up the pace as we sped home and finished up with what amounted to a 26 mile ride. No one was really winded and all three of us had a nice little sheen of sweat on our arms and legs. Both the girls had unzipped their tops a little, so I could see the beads of sweat on their cleavage. Danielle is not very busty, while Daisy sports a 38D chest. I personally think they unzipped to give each other a peak at what was to come along with providing me with a little visual treat.

We decided to take showers in order to freshen up. Danielle was familiar with the layout of the house, so she immediately headed to the guest bedroom, while Daisy joined me in my bedroom.

The first thing out of Daisy’s mouth was, “I want that sexy bitch and I know she wants me.”

“Have you told her that I am packing something, you know, 'special' "

“No” I said, “but she knows I enjoy transsexuals and when I first told her she mentioned her desire to eventually get with one.”

I smiled as I said, “I think you will be just fine and I am positive she will be overjoyed at finally living out her fantasy, trust me on this one.”

Daisy and I quickly jumped in the shower, embraced each other and began exchanging a deep passionate kiss. We felt each other's cocks rub against each other. She grabbed her cock and mine and started stroking them together, making each of them instantly hard.

“Slow down baby, I do not want to come just yet," I said.

She replied, “I know, but you know, I can't help myself, I always want to get it hard and have it spill that man juice for me."

We managed to back away from each other and climb out of the shower. She dried off and put on some black sheer thong panties, my black Steelers jersey and some black high heel fuck me pumps. Just then we heard Danielle call from down the hall.

“I forgot my shampoo can I borrow yours?”

Daisy looked at me and smiled as we both answered Danielle in unison, “Of course.”

Danielle replied, “I’ll be there in a second."

I told Daisy, “You do realize that this is Danielle's way of starting the ball rolling, so I hope you're ready to have her work on that delicious dick of yours.”

She replied,"Uh huh it's hard right now waiting for that kind of attention.”

I was still in my bath towel when Danielle came down the hall and knocked on the bedroom door. You can imagine the look on my face and Daisy's when we saw Danielle standing there in my white Steelers jersey in some white high heels.

“I found the jersey in the closet and I thought it would look good with my heels,” she said sheepishly licking her lips.

We both smiled as she said, “I decided I wanted to play for the team and take one for the team or in this case two from the team, so I decided to put on the jersey; I hope you don't mind."

Daisy replied, “Let's see how much of a team player you can really be since I am what we call a “special” teams player.”

Daisy and Danielle immediately embraced each other and I dropped my towel to the floor to uncover my very stiff cock. I began stroking it immediately as I watched the two of them deeply kiss each other like there was no tomorrow. I could see very clearly the nipples of both girls poking underneath the mesh of the football jerseys. What I didn't see, but should have known based on Danielle's love of it was her black strap on dangling between her legs. Of course, Daisy felt it immediately against her crotch and leg when they embraced.

“I see you have something for me," she said to Danielle.

To which Danielle replied, “Yes I figured you might enjoy it and decided I might as well be bold coming in here with it.”

“If you enjoy taking his big dick, then I know you’ll love taking mine, you sexy cunt!”

Daisy just chuckled and said, "Yes I do love a big dick and getting it from a hot woman with a strap on is good too. Let me show you how much I appreciate your boldness.”

Daisy lifted up Danielle's football jersey, dropped to her knees and began engulfing the big black strap on with her full succulent lips and mouth. By this time, I was stroking my cock and lying on the bed enjoying the sight of two hot women in lust. It also dawned on me that Danielle still did not know that Daisy was sporting what I'm sure by now was a hard 6 inch cock between her legs. Oh yeah, this was going to be tremendous fun!

Daisy almost took the entire dildo down her throat which is not unusual considering how much practice she's had on her knees sucking cock.

Danielle looked over at me with a sly grin and said, “I can tell you're enjoying this baby, her on her knees servicing my strap on."

About that time Daisy paused in her sucking and removed her football jersey, revealing those luscious tits of hers. I'm sure Daisy’s poor cock was probably screaming for release from the tight thong that ran up her luscious ass cheeks. Danielle told Daisy to lie on the bed since she wanted to lick her cunt before fucking her. Danielle's eyes were fixated on my rock hard cock, so she didn't see Daisy rise up from her knees to face me with a huge grin on her face. Nor did she see the hard six incher peeking out from the top of Daisy’s sheer thong panties.

Daisy, turned around, spread eagled herself on the bed in front of Danielle and she said,

“Yes Danielle you can fuck me, but before you do you need to service me just like I serviced you. Suck this cock you slut!”

The look on Danielle's face when she saw Daisy's thick Latina cock trapped between the sheer fabric of her panties begging to be sucked was priceless. Her eyes almost glazed over as you could see the lust and need rise up in her. One of her deepest fantasies was coming true right in front of her.

All you could hear was her saying, “Oh Daisy thank you, thank you” over and over again until her lips and tongue were on the sheer fabric covering Daisy’s hard cock.

Meanwhile, Daisy looked over at me and licked her lips indicating she was ready to have my cock buried deep in her throat. I grabbed her by the back of her head and fed my meat into her willing mouth while watching Danielle take her hard cock all the way down her throat. I knew Daisy was enjoying Danielle's attention to her cock primarily because of the way she was devouring mine. When Danielle shifted her tongues position from Daisy's cock to her ass I knew what was coming next. I could feel Daisy groaning and moaning around my cock.

Daisy said, "Danielle, I want you to put that strap on deep in my ass. I'm ready for all of it; make me feel it."

I watched Danielle set up on her knees and began putting lube on the black dildo dangling between her legs.

“Sure baby,” she said, “I want you to feel what this mother fucker feels like with me pounding your ass.”

Danielle began working the dildo in Daisy's ass and Daisy began wiggling her ass to accept it as quickly as possible.

I said to her,” Baby you don't want it to go in slow do you; you want to be long stroked hard and deep right away.”

All she did was groan as she kept sucking my cock. Danielle pushed her dildo all the way in.

“Wiggle that ass like you mean it bitch," Danielle screamed as she started working her hips back and forth thrusting the dildo in and out of Daisy's tight shemale fuckhole.

I rearranged my position, so that Daisy had all of my cock in her mouth, while at the same time I could bend over and suck on her shemale dick. It was a pleasure to have that tool of hers in my mouth for the second time of the day. Her pussy stick is just a pleasure to wrap your lips around and take deep down into your throat. As I deep throated her Danielle would pound into her ass hard and I felt every bump of Danielle's hips up against Daisy's ass. I forgot to mention that Danielle had one of those metal butt plugs with a jewel on the end stuffed up her tan ass. The girl is such an ass lover. I knew that she was preparing herself to take it up her sweet butt cheeks before coming in the door once I spied that butt plug.

I started to feel my cum rising up in my tight balls from the sucking that Danielle was giving me. I had already cum in her mouth earlier in the day; I knew I wanted something more, something tighter and something deeper.

“Danielle, I think Daisy wants to take you now and so do I,” I said.

Daisy in turn, removed my cock from her mouth and said, “Yes bitch; it's time for you to receive both of our cocks. C has told me how much you enjoy two cocks inside your body, so you're going to show me how much of a fuck slut you can really be.”

Danielle did not say a word; she slowly pulled the strap on out of Daisy's ass and began unbuckling it from her waist. Daisy began stroking my cock and I stroked hers as we watched Danielle remove the strap on. Daisy had me lie down on my back and encouraged Danielle to climb aboard my standing at attention BBC. I'm sure it was an exciting view for Daisy to see my black cock going in and out of Danielle's moist, sweet tight cunt. It was probably even more arousing for her to see the jeweled butt plug peeking through Danielle's butt cheeks. I felt my cock bouncing up against the hard metal plug through the thin membrane separating my cock from her ass.

“Okay girlfriend, I'm taking out this butt plug and then your ass is mine,” Daisy said.

The first words since she had unbuckled her strap on were, “Please Daisy, make me your ass slave, your cock whore. Show me how I am supposed to satisfy two magnificent cocks with my body. Spank my tan ass baby, in fact C you spank one cheek and let Daisy spank the other one, make me your little white bitch, use me for your pleasure!”

Daisy and I could do nothing, but comply with her wishes. You could tell by her begging and pleading tone that she needed and wanted to satisfy us with her body in any way possible. Daisy removed the butt plug from Danielle's ass and immediately shoved her own six-inch transsexual cock up the ass of sweet, pleading Danielle. Watching the expression on Danielle's face as she took that six-inch cock up her ass was priceless. With the butt plug in her ass she had already prepared herself to take Daisy's cock with no resistance. There wasn't a look of pain and then pleasure, only pleasure. She kissed me deeply, groaned in my mouth and said,

“Thank you so much C for this, now just fuck me until I collapse!”

Daisy and I answered in unison, “It will be our pleasure."

For the rest of the afternoon, the three of us pleasured each other. I first came while we were double penetrating Danielle. Daisy first came while Danielle was riding her cowgirl with her dick in her ass. I was standing and straddling Daisy with Danielle face level with my crotch pressing my cock deep in her throat. Eventually Danielle took me with her strap on while I was 69ing with Daisy. She pounded me good and hard and Daisy worked my cock like the unbelievable cock sucker she is.

I eventually came in Daisy's sweet mouth as Danielle fucked my ass. That was my third cum of the day, so I just laid back and stroked my flaccid cock while watching Daisy put Danielle on her back and fuck her pussy until she dumped her load deep in Danielle's writhing body. Danielle's last orgasm of the day came as Daisy and I took turns licking and sucking Daisy’s cum load out of Danielle’s thoroughly fucked cunt.

The trainer had been trained to be a good transsexual and BBC cock slut. Daisy knew the next time she came to visit that she would be in a threesome with a hot suntanned triathlete who totally adored her six-inch shemale cock. I knew that I would have the pleasure of sucking cock and being fucked by a strap one or cock. I had the ultimate, a triathlete and a transsexual satisfying all of my kinky desires.

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