True event pt 2

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was my 1st time but will not be my last

While we sat chatting in earnest and watching the porn film Brenda was rubbing my balls.

The film finished and Chris said “Do you mind if I choose the next one?”


“You carry on Chris” I replied, to busy enjoying the attention my balls and cock was getting from Brenda, my cock was beginning to rise again.


Chris changed the film on the DVD, as I watched the titles roll up the screen Brenda lowered her head and began to suck on my penis.


“Have you ever thought of trimming your pubes?” she asked me as she looked up.


“No I’ve not, sorry are you getting loose one in your mouth?”


“Nooo just wondered, because we actually find it more sensual to be without our pubes” she giggled.


“Really, does it make that much difference, I thought it was only done to stop them getting stuck between your teeth”


We all laughed.


“Well as I said before I will try anything twice”


“Good come on lead me to your bathroom and I’ll help you” Brenda said as she stood up and pulled my hand.


Going along with the whirlwind of excitement we went into my bathroom, Brenda sat me on the toilet seat that was down, and she filled the sink with warm water, taking some scissors & the shaving gel from the cupboard she knelt down in front of me, her fingers nails combing through my curly bush then laying her palm flat against me and some pubes sticking up between her fingers she began to cut them shorter.


When she had finished trimming she said she was going to shave the edges and could she shave my balls.


“Don’t worry I shave my own pussy and I shave Chris all the time”


I agreed and she lathered my whole pubic area, she warmed the blade in the water, she was very steady handed and my once thatch of pubes was now a short triangle, the feeling of her doing this had my cock hard.


“It has the same effect on Chris, but it actually makes it easier for me, less wrinkles” she laughed.


Brenda took the head of my cock in her fingers and then ran the blade of the razor down the length of my shaft, I was very nervous but she shaved me like an expert, once she had shaved my cock she began to shave my balls and the crease between my cock and the tops of my legs.


“I warn you now this will itch like made as they grow back” Brenda said laughing


“Great tell me know why don’t you”


Once she was done she rinsed of the shaving gel dried me with a towel, then without warning took my cock in her mouth then licked all over my balls and along the under side of my shaft.


“Mmm much much better” she moaned


“Actually it feels amazing” I said


“Would feel even better without pubes at all, when flesh meets flesh” she grinned


“What the heck in for a penny in for a pound, if I don’t like it they will grow back any way”


Again Brenda lathered up my remaining pubes put the razor to my skin looked at me and said “Are you sure??”




Well once I was completely bald Brenda said “well we must do a full job or it will be strange so stand up baby and bend over” I stood turned around and bent over putting my hands on the seat.


Brenda spread my ass cheeks and held them open with one hand while she lathered up my ass crack with her other, then I felt the warm blade run down my cheeks a she shaved my ass when she had finished and dried me off, Brenda tongued my butt.


I looked in the bathroom mirror, thought to myself how strange it looked it felt weird too.


We went back into the lounge where chris was pulling on his cock as if in a race, on the TV at that point was a guy getting his ass rimmed by another guy while a woman sucked his cock.


“Well what do you think of Tim’s new style?” said Brenda


Chris turned looked at me


“Fucking hell, that looks great and I guess Brenda has already given it her tongue test yes?”


“Too bloody right I have darling, had to make sure I had not missed anywhere”.


Brenda pushed my down on the sofa and again began to suck my cock to full stiffness.


I was looking over her head at the TV and found myself getting really turned on by the scene before me.


Chris came over to us knelt down and ran his tongue over my bald patch.


“Good job honey”


Brenda pulled back and said “Here now try the rest of him”


Brenda moved so chris could get a better position, as I looked down and watched his head mount my cock I could not help but think how nice this was.


Chris put his hands under my knees and raised my legs so he could suck on my balls, then he raised them higher and began to lick my butt crack. I truly was enjoying this more than I thought I would.


“How would you like to try what they are doing on screen?”   asked chris


“Ok why not” I replied


They stood me up turned me round and bent me over so that my hands were on the back of the sofa.


Brenda lay down under me and took my dangling cock in her mouth, while chris got behind me and began to tongue my sphincter.


Without a word of a lie this was so erotic and the feeling was like nothing I have ever had before.


Chris licked with the tip of his tongue and lay his tongue flat as if lapping at my forbidden fruit, I even felt him push the tip of his tongue in my ass hole, at this point I could have screamed out fuck me, but I didn’t.


I felt a pushing at my ass that was not his tongue when I realised he was pushing a finger into me, this was uncomfortable but sent waves of pleasure through me.

I spread my legs a little more so as to try and open up for him.


Brenda was still trying to siphon my seed from my balls taking my cock so deep I could feel the back of her throat.


I just gave myself to them as the pleasure was just out of this world, chris was now fingering my ass in and out and it was getting easier and easier, I felt Brenda stroke a finger over my balls and up to my ass to meet Chris’s fingers, then I felt her push this into me alongside Chris’s fingers, I now had three fingers fucking my virgin ass, I was in some degree of pain but this was lost in the tremors of excitement.


Brenda removed my cock and I heard her tell chris she thought I was ready


“Ready for what?” I asked


“I think you could take chris’s cock now” said Brenda then sank my cock back into her throat.


I was so far gone with erotic ecstasy I did not agree nor did I refuse.


Chris stood up behind me placed a hand on my hip then I felt him rubbing his cocks head around my ass before gently pushing inwards.


It was so weird but I found myself pushing back onto him so naturally, chris was very gentle indeed pushing a little then pausing then pushing some more, my ring just opened up over his tool then I felt him pop in me and knew I had the head of his cock in my bowels stretching me but from that point it just seemed more comfortable and less painful. Chris held still once in about half way, took hold of my hips with both hands then began to sink the final length of stiff shaft into me.


My back arched.


“Fuck, Fuck you feel so big your going to rip me open”


“You’re doing so well Tim I now have my whole cock buried into you, I will pull out and stop if you want me too?” said chris


“No its ok just please, please be careful” I knew he would be anyway.


Chris began to fuck me with slow easy strokes gradually making them bigger and bigger as he felt me relax I was moaning in pleasure so he knew I was ok.


Brenda was still sucking for all she was worth while massaging my shaven balls, without much warning my cock exploded in her mouth and she noisily swallowed down every drop, my body shook as my orgasmed ripped through me, I then felt chris pull his cock out of my ass and I suddenly felt so empty his cock then pushed between my legs and he felt like he was fucking my balls, Brenda raised her mouth and placed her lips to the underside of his hot hard rod, I felt chris cum his how seed on my balls, as he relaxed and moved back I turned round as Brenda pulled out from underneath me, her face was covered in his cum juice, I licked the cum from her cheeks then kissed her deeply with my tongue as we swapped the taste of cum between us.


Knackered I dropped back into the sofa, my ass was twitching, did I really just get fucked in my butt?


“How was that?” asked Brenda


“Confusing” I said “On one hand it was painful and uncomfortable but on the other hand I had the strongest orgasm ever, I can’t believe I took your whole cock Chris”


“Well believe me you did, and your tight shaven virgin ass felt great”


“Guess I won’t know for sure until we do it again” I winked


“Don’t forget I’m here boys I have holes that need to be fucked as well you know”


“Don’t worry my darling I don’t think you would ever be left out” said chris.





More to follow soon……



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