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True event pt3

It was so good i wanted more

We sat drinking and watching the porn film, all three of us sat side by side my spare hand stroking Chris’s limp cock and Branda’s stroking mine.


“Tell me more about this sex club you go to please”


“Well it is an old Victorian 3 story house with a variety of rooms, let me walk you through it” said chris


As you walk in the main entrance you enter a reception   area where one of the hostess’s greets you and hands you a towel or dressing gown and a locker key, blue keys for the couples changing room and orange ones for the single guys, the single ladies get pink keys and share with the couples.


Once through the next door you enter a Bar area that has various seating areas and booth’s at the bar there a tall stools, from here you pass a small dance floor area with a pole in the middle, towards the rear of the seating area it gets darker and one section has a sheer fancy net curtain.


You then walk through another door this is another reception style area, of this is the single guys changing room, entrance to the Jacuzzi’s and the stairs to the next floor where the couple change and other rooms.


On the 1 st floor landing turning left you walk along a corridor that has several rooms that are lockable should you require it, these are fitted with raised cushion areas on three sides, past these is a curtain on your right inside here is a one way window into the couples orgy room where anyone can watch the fun going on.


Then there is a door to a roof top terrace, sun loungers etc with a smoking corner.

Back along the same corridor to the top of the stairs it splits left and right to the left is the couples and single ladies changing room, next to this is a terraced cinema with porn films on, next to that is a larger lockable play room with another one the same next door.


Turning right at the top of the stairs is a large shower area, then the steam room.

A small corridor takes you to what is called the round room, this is because in the middle of the room is a large circular bed type cushioned area this room has a TV with again porn films on.


Outside this room is a stairway at the top is the dungeon room, speaks for itself really, it has what I call a grab box, which is a cubicle with holes cut out all over at different heights for people to reach in and touch who ever is inside it.

Along the wall are different types of shackles for wrists and ankles.


Then in another corner is a shag swing, this is basically a swing seat hanging by chains in such a way that you can get fucked in it. There is then a bed with four post’s at each corner and shackles attached, the whole room is walled with mirrors.


Back out again and up a little flight of stairs you enter another corridor rooms of this vary from group playing rooms for anyone, lockable rooms, windowed rooms, a cage room all rooms have porn films showing.

Also on this floor is a sauna.


Basically that’s it, the golden rule to remember is that a no means no, but apart from that on a Bi night anything goes.


He finished by cupping my shaven balls.


“I will have to visit there” I said


“You should come with us one night and we will introduce you to some of our friends” said Brenda still stroking my cock.


“I would love too”


I finished my drink reached behind me a placed my glass on the table as I did so Brenda licked my lips and we started to kiss each other, she pulled me on top of her and positioned me between her legs.


  “Now please fuck me”


I felt Chris’s hand reach under my balls and take my cock in his hand he rubbed me till I was stiff then he pointed my knob at his wife’s waiting pussy, with ease I entered her wetness and began to fuck her wildly I was so turned on, I had never known sexual feelings like this before.


We was still kissing our tongues swapping saliva with each other, her hands caressing my back, Chris was playing with my ass.


“Fuck my ass again chris please” I asked between kisses


I felt his weight push down on me then felt his cock push its way into me so much easier this time and far less painful, we matched our rhythm with each other so that Brenda got full benefit.


I was truly enjoying my anal experience this time with no doubt at all, after about five minutes I felt chris tensing up “Don’t hold back chris fill my ass with your sperm” I could not believe I was saying what I was.


Chris pumped away at me a little longer then I felt his cock flood me the feeling was so strange I can only describe it as a warm soothing sensation.


He pulled out and moved back.


  “Let me up I wanna try another position” said Brenda


I got off her stood at the side of the sofa as she lay on the floor lifted her legs bending in double until her feet were either side of her head.


  “Now fuck me again”


I moved to her head end and slid my cock back where it had come from and as I fucked her she fingered my ass where her husband had just shot his seed into me, I looked down at her and she alternated as she sucked his cum from her fingers, then she finger fucked me with three of her manicured fingers, this pushed me over the edge and I shot my load into her pussy my cock slipping out and the final drops of sperm landed on my carpet.


I moved and sat down, with his wife’s legs still in the air Chris knelt down and drank my sperm from his wife’s dripping cunt.


That was the end of our first meeting apart from some more chat getting to know each other and discussing the nights events.


They both showered and dressed, as I saw them to the door they both said how wonderful it had been and they really hoped I enjoyed it as they would love to meet up again soon.


Well I tell you we did meet again and I’ll write about it soon…






Please leave any comments you may have good or bad

Tim xx

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