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Upper Middle Class Family

Upper Middle Class Family

Young man from middle class family experiences it all one night.

I am an only child and I came from an upper middle class family. My parents had many parties and when I was young they would send me to my grandparents to get me out of the way. Little did I know then what went on during those parties.

When I was eighteen and a Senior in high school, both my grandparents died. First my grandmother passed and in less than a week my grandfather.

My parents had a problem, what do to with me. They thought it would be a great idea if I started doing sleepovers with my friend Eddie. I didn’t think it was such a great idea as Eddie was always trying to get me to suck his cock. We would jack off and he would try to talk me into sucking him, something I had always resisted. But my parents insisted, as they needed my bedroom for friends that would be to drunk to drive home.

During my first sleepover with Eddie, he immediately pulled out his cock and started stroking it, saying. “Come on Donnie you know you want to suck it. I have seen how you look at it when we jack off together.”

“If you don’t stop insisting I suck your cock, I’m going home,” I said.

Then he reached over and took my hand and placed it on his hard cock. I felt his cock jerk when my hand came in contact. I wanted to remove my hand, but for some strange reason, I began stroking his cock. I could feel his cock growing harder and it was literally throbbing in my hand. Then I felt Eddie’s hand on the back of my head, pulling my head down toward his cock. Now my lips were very close to his hard cock, which had grown to its full seven inches.

Eddie pressed forward and started rubbing his cock back and forth across my lips. I slowly parted my lips and let his cock enter my mouth. First just the head and then little by little more till it hit the back of my throat, making me start to gag. Eddie withdrew most of his cock and the gagging subsided. Then he started fucking my mouth like a pussy until he had a good rhythm going. I found it not nearly as unpleasant as I had expected.

Eddie continued to fuck my mouth, moaning as he did. I was afraid his parents would hear and come to see what was going on, but with my mouth full of his cock, I could not say anything. Then Eddie moaned and said, I’m cumming.”

I tried to pull away, but he unloaded several shots of hot thick gooey cum into my mouth, as he held my head tight. I couldn’t do anything else but swallow it. So I did.

My mind was in a whirl, as I thought, oh my god, I’m a cocksucker. I had sucked a cock for the first time and swallowed my first load of cum.

Then Eddie shocked me by saying, “After I get some sleep and get recharged, I’m going to fuck you.”

He gave me a quick peck on the lips and climbed to the top bunk. As I lay there, I realized Eddie had just kissed me. A quick peck, but never the less, a kiss. It also began to sink in that he said he was going to fuck me. Not in this lifetime, I thought.

I waited till I was sure Eddie was sleeping. I quietly got out of the lower bunk and got dressed. I then slipped out of the house and began walking the five miles home.

While walking home I contemplated on what I would do when I got there. I thought I might sneak in the garage and sleep in my dad’s suburban van. When I arrived home I needed to relive myself so I decided to use the half bath off the kitchen. After leaving the bathroom I decided to peek in and see what was going on.

There were three other couples beside my parents and all were totally naked. The only couple I recognized was Frieda and Sam Ferguson. Frieda was being fucked, by someone that was definitely not Sam, and my dad had his cock stuffed in her mouth.

My mom was down eating another woman, as she was being fucked from behind. That is when I saw a portly woman with huge tits head down the hall toward my bedroom. My cock was hard as a rock and without hesitation I decided to follow her. As expected she entered my bedroom. I crept near the door, and listened as I screwed up the courage to enter. I wanted to fuck this old hag and in her drunken state, I didn’t think she would realize it was her host's son.

I entered the room with my cock in my hand and exposed for her to see. See looked at me not realizing who I was and said. “Eat my cunt!”

I had never eaten a pussy before but had often dreamed of it. I dove between her legs as she lay back on my bed. I forced my tongue between her pussy lips and for the second time that night tasted a man’s cum. Obviously, the old hag had been freshly fucked and I was now eating cum from her pussy. As I ate her pussy with the gusto of a teenager, I heard her scream, “I’m cumming.” And for the first time in my life I tasted a woman’s sweet juices, albeit mixed with a man’s cum.

I could not wait any longer. I jumped up and shoved my hard cock into her slick, lubricated pussy and fucked her like the bitch she was. I was pounding away fucking a real woman for the first time. Damn it was good. It was so good, that with her moaning, I did not hear someone enter the room. I shivered when I felt a hand on my ass and heard a man’s voice say. “I don’t know who you are boy, but that is my wife you are fucking and you are going to have to pay. You are going to pay by me fucking you.”

I had run away from Eddie’s house from the fear of Eddie fucking me. I froze with my cock deep in the old hag’s pussy. The thought of the old hag’s hubby fucking me had me shaking in fear. Then I felt his finger entering my ass with a slight twinge of pain followed by a nice feeling as he contacted my prostate. As he massaged my prostate, a warm feeling came over me and my feeling of fear began to rescind. Then I felt the head of his cock begin to rub around my asshole.

“Come on fuck me,” the old hag roared.

“Easy love, you will get fucked, just be patient,” her hubby said.

Then he pushed hard and I felt a searing pain in my ass as the head of his cock pushed past the ring of my ass. As he pushed in me, he drove my cock deeper in his wife’s cunt, and she wailed, “Oh my.”

Then as his cock totally entered my bowels, he began to fuck me bareback, and told me to try and fuck his wife in sync with him fucking me. It took a while to develop a rhythm, but after a while we were able to get in sync. Damn I loved it. Fucking the old hag was awesome and her hubby fucking me was far better than I could ever have dream of.

I don’t know who was moaning more, me, the old hag or her hubby. The old hag had several orgasms before I could feel my own orgasm building up to the point I could not hold back much longer. But before I let loose my load, her hubby plunged his cock deep, and held it, as he coated the inside of my bowels with a massive load of sperm. This threw me over the edge and I had the biggest and best orgasm of my life. We all lay still for a while as we began to slowly recuperate.

As I lay there, I began to contemplate what had just happened. I had fucked my first woman. And while doing so, her hubby had fucked me, turning me into a veritable sandwich, if you will.

His cock softened and slipped out of my ass as my cock slipped out of her pussy.

“Greta, get over here and lick and eat my cum from his ass, and while you do, I will eat his cum from your cunt,” he said.

“Yes, Alfred,” she said.

As she licked and cleaned her hubby’s cum leaking from my ass, her hubby went down on her and ate my cum from her pussy. Just like when I ate somebody else’s cum from her pussy earlier.

After they were finished with the cleaning, he said. “Young man, who are you?”

“I’m Donnie and it’s my parents party you are attending, but they are not aware I’m here. They think I’m at my friend Eddie’s house,” I said.

“Why are you here?“ He asked.

“I sucked off Eddie, and he said he was going to fuck me, so I slipped out while he was sleeping,” I said.

“Didn’t you want him to fuck you?” He asked.

“I sure didn’t think so, but now that you fucked me, I think I would probably like him to,” I responded.

“Young man I’m going to write down our names, address and telephone number so you can come visit us. Greta loves hard young cock and I truly enjoy fucking twinks. I’m sure we can have many more enjoyable sessions. Now I think you had better get back to your friend Eddie’s house, before your father catches you.”

I sneaked out of the house and walked the fives miles back to Eddie’s house, and true to his word, after he awoke, he fucked me. Little did he know, it was not my first time being fucked.

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