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Wan Chai encounter

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Lifelong friends for one evening and night
Traveling around the world for my work, spending endless nights in hotels, from the absolutely beautiful and impressive to low-end shitholes, I have encountered many people, men, women, couples.

One of my encounters went like this…

It had been a long and sweaty day, Hong Kong was as usual hot with a high humidity. The meetings went on and on, jetlag still bothered me no end, so I was happy to call it a day and get back to my hotel.

The hotel was a typical 4 star place, smack in the middle of Wan Chai and frequented by tourists and other businessmen “on the road” like me. One of those places you forget the name of the minute you check out.

I went up to my room, took my clothes off, and took a shower to get rid of the cities’ dust and sweat. I am a 50 year old guy, reasonably in shape for my age. I gave my dick and balls a quick shave as I do often, keeping things smooth and clean. My dick swelled slightly because of it, and I felt both tired and horny.

Wan Chai is an interesting part of town, if you like the more sleazy side of life. Full of expat bars and restaurants, as well as many girlie bars and massage parlors. Even though many of the ladies of the night are quite beautiful, and a pleasure to look at, paying for sex is not my thing. I used to, but not anymore, I prefer the chance encounters whilst travelling.

I walked down Hennesy Road and decided to have dinner in a fairly non-descript Vietnamese restaurant. The food was surprisingly good, the beer was cold and after a couple I felt a lot better, the energy had returned.

Still too early to call it a night I decided to go to one of the many expat bars in the area to have another beer and see if something interesting would turn up.

I entered Bar109 on Lockhart and found a place at the bar. I ordered another beer, half concentrated on a soccer game playing on one of the big screens behind the bar, and slowly started to relax.

After a while, a man and women entered the bar and sat beside me. They were mid 40’s and clearly a couple. They ordered drinks and clearly had a good time together. The man was sitting with his back to me, half turned on his bar stool, the woman was facing me, her legs crossed. They were talking, laughing to each other, sometimes touching hands. A nice couple, clearly focused on each other and enjoying themselves.

I finished my beer, ordered a rum and coke, still half watching the soccer game and sometimes looking at the couple next to me in the mirror behind the bar. It was a fairly slow night, not many other people in the bar, and it seemed as if there would be not many opportunities to find someone to share the night with.

Suddenly the guy made a clumsy movement with his hand and knocked over his drink in my direction. I was quick enough to rescue my phone from being drowned. The guy stood up, apologized profusely and offered me a drink to make it up. I told him there was no need, nothing happened, everything ok, no worries. He offered me his hand, said his name was Paul, and insisted to buy me a drink, if not for me, than for him to make him feel better. Not wanting to be rude, I accepted with a smile and told him next round would be on me, to make me feel better about accepting his offer. He smiled back to me and said it’s a deal. In the meantime the woman also introduced herself as Martina.

She started asking questions, small talk, like where I was from, and what I was doing in HK, the normal stuff people ask when they do not know each other. I was reluctant to get drawn into their conversation, they were clearly together and having a good time, no need for a third wheel so to speak.

However both of them seem to be genuinely interested in our little chit chat, so I relaxed and started to really participate in our communication.

Martina and Paul were in fact a couple, not married, but living together somewhere in Virginia. They were on a part business, part leisure trip through Asia and had just arrived in HK a few days ago.

Both were very nice people, we hit it off and had interesting discussion about work, life, love, politics, the lot. We ordered more drinks and had a couple of interesting hours together in the bar, however without any sexual innuendo whatsoever. Just like three lifelong friends who had just met each other.

It got late, and around midnight I decided to call it a night and told them I would be going back to my hotel, the usual bla bla, it had been a long day, meetings again tomorrow, etc. Martina told Paul she also really wanted to go to their hotel, and asked me where I was staying. Our hotels were quite close and we decided to share a cab. Their hotel was first, and when we stopped, Paul and I had the usual argument about who would pay the taxi, I insisted I would as I still had to go for another 10 minutes, Paul insisted as well, and we went back and forth, laughing as we did. Martina also thought it was funny and at a certain moment said that as a compromise I could pay the taxi, if they could offer me a last drink on the road in their hotel room. Not wanting to be a spoil sport, I agreed and we went up to their room.

Their hotel room was a bit larger than mine, with a nice view of the harbor and the other islands across the channel. Paul opened his laptop, and but on some music, whilst Martina got us another drink from the mini bar. At that stage we all had quite a bit to drink and I was starting to feel the alcohol. Combined with the soft music, the great views and the pleasant company, I started to feel horny again.

I also noticed, or I thought I did, a change in the mood of Martina and Paul. Martina sat close to me on the couch and whilst talking touched my leg a few times. Paul noticed and smiled at me, seemingly ok with Martina’s little flirts to me.

I felt a bit unsure about the whole situation, I was a little drunk, horny and could easily misread the atmosphere. I did not want to evening to end badly, so decided to take the safe way out and told them it was time to go. Martina immediately objected and started to get me another drink. She obviously did not want me to leave. I decided to go with the flow and accepted another drink from her.

After a couple of minutes Martina had to go to the bathroom, before she entered she told Paul to stop the boring music, and put on one of their favorite movies on his laptop. Paul smiled at her, and obligingly did what she asked. He put on a movie, and I was surprised and not a little shocked when it turned out to be a gay hardcore movie, the type where the pizza boy walks in with a pizza and a second later he is on his knees sucking another guys cock.

Paul of course noticed my surprise, he smiled at me, and said that both he and Martina got terribly turned on by two men having sex, not just on screen, but also off screen he added. I did not know what to say, suddenly I felt very warm inside and not because of the alcohol, just plain lust. Paul mistook my expression, started to apologize and told me that if I wanted to leave, he would surely understand it. I looked him in his eyes and told him if he wanted me to stay, I would.

He stood up, walked over to me, I was still sitting on the couch, but got up as he approached me. Paul had a nice body, and was a little bit smaller than me. By the time I got up he was standing right in front of me. I bent forward slowly and gave him a kiss on his lips. He responded immediately, put his arms around me and kissed me back. Slowly at first, but we were both so horny, our mouths opened, our tongues met and were kissing hard and deep. I had a massive hard on and I could feel his as well, pushing himself to me, whilst we were kissing and our hands were exploring each other’s bodies.

Suddenly the bathroom door opened and Martina came out and saw Paul and me together in a full embrace. She laughed and said not much was needed to get us boys heated up. I stepped back from our embrace and looked at Martina, feeling a slight embarrassment. She smiled at me and came over to us and pushed us back together, at the same time joining our embrace. Martina was a petite woman, with a small body and breasts. I could still feel them well through her dress, which added a lot to my excitement. I turned my head to her and we kissed, Paul stepped back a bit so Martina and I could fully press our bodies together. Martina released herself, turned Paul and kissed him passionately. I stepped behind Paul and pushed my hard on against his nice ass. He pushed his ass back to my crotch and a soft groan escaped from my lips.

Martina caught her breath and quickly took off her clothes. She had a nice cleanly shaven pussy and nice small pert breasts. Paul and I followed suit and quickly undressed ourselves. Paul had a nice 7” cock, which stood up like a flag pole, as was mine 8” cock . We looked at each other’s dicks, smiled at each other and went to the bed.

Martina got in the middle and both Paul and I kissed her, stroke her body, her breasts her stomach and after a while our hands found each other on her very wet pussy. I caressed her wet soft hole and slowly let my finger enter her. Paul was licking her breasts and stomach. I moved my head to his and we had another long and deep kiss. Martina moaned, she arched her back, she was clearly very excited by seeing two guys kissing. I moved my head down to her pussy and started to lick her. Paul moved his body so his dick was near my face as well, and after a few licks and kisses on her wet pussy, I took his cock in my mouth and slowly moved my head up and down.

His cock tasted delicious and together with the musky taste of Martina’s pussy I felt in heaven. I alternated a few times between her pussy and his dick, when Martina softly but urgently said she was so horny she wanted to be fucked, she did not care by whom, but she wanted a dick in her cunt. Paul happily obliged and slid his cock in her pussy. I sat beside Martina and put my dick in her mouth. She flicked her tongue around my dick and started sucking the full length of my cock. I moved over a bit and started to kiss Paul who was still fucking Martina hard and fast. The sound of his dick slamming her pussy, the wonderful feeling of her warm mouth around my cock and the passionate kisses between Paul and me, it was as if we were becoming one person, the feeling was intense.

I took my cock out of Martina’s mouth and moved behind Paul. I started to lick his ass, slowly moving my way to his nice hole. Paul stopped his thrusts to let me explore his ass. I licked his man pussy making him wet and ready. He pushed back his hips a little bit opening up his ass a bit more. I pushed my dick against his hole and went inside. Paul gasped, tensed a little bit, but quickly relaxed and I could enter him fully.

I started to fuck him, holding him by his shoulders. He moved with my rhythm and continued to fuck Martina. Martina had seen the pleasure on Paul’s face when I entered him and felt both our movements, Paul fucking her, and me fucking Paul. Her breathing became louder and louder until she exploded. I felt Paul tense again, he let out a groan and came as well, filling up Martina with his cum.

I moved my hands to his hips, and as he did not move I picked up my speed and really fucked him hard and deep, until I also came, it felt as if my orgasm lasted hours, it was so intense.

I was half lying on top of Paul, exhausted and waited for my dick to soften. After a while I slipped it out of his magnificent ass, and collapsed next to them on the bed.

I found Martina’s mouth and kissed her lightly. Like me and Paul she was spend and very relaxed after her orgasm.

We continued talking a bit, slowly caressing each other, exchanging light kisses and smiles. After a while, I got out of bed, dressed and kissed them goodbye. We did not exchange phone numbers or emails, however you never know, we might meet again sometime in the future, the world is a small place after all.

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