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Wanking with a friend

A friend and I wank off together watching my wife on video.
I met a guy when he was here in Ireland from New Orleans working on similar projects to mine. We got on well without being overly friendly. I could see he had similar interests and was a discreet type, most definitely not the sort to gossip or blabbermouth. Not that there was anything to blabbermouth about. The way he mentioned jacking off gave me an idea that we were of the same mind. He met Helen once and was greatly taken by her. Why not? Helen is a real beauty, though now in her forties. She still turns heads. He would occasionally mention her and I could tell she’d had an effect. That got my dick trembling. I love the thought of other guys spurting over my wife. He was in town for meetings we arranged a drink. We met in a hotel and had a few pints and sorted out what was wrong with the world. At closing time I suggested a couple more in my house, He was staying in another hotel nearby.

Helen was away for the night at a friends place about twenty five miles away. The guy and I had a few more and we talked about a holiday we’d just come back from in New Orleans. He was really interested. I said I had some photos. He wanted to see them. I really took a risk when I went to get them and slipped a couple of Helen topless in our hotel in the French Quarter. And one a little bit more than topless or should that be less. It really turned me on thinking that he might just look at Helen, not expecting what he got, and be turned on. I often fantasise with Helen about her screwing in front of me. She loves it. If it didn’t have the desired effect on him, then no harm done. I could pretend they were just innocent fun shots that I’d forgotton to take out of the packet. My heart was beating when I handed him the photos.

He glanced through them and when he reached a shot of Helen provocatively topless I held my breath. The effect was instantaneous. His eyes widened and a smile took over his face. Helen was wearing shorts and her tiny blue top was pushed up revealing her beautiful breasts. A tempting smile completed the picture.

‘She’s gorgeous,’ I think he said. His hand even shook a bit. The next photo was even sexier. Her shorts were now pulled down and her right hand was on her fanny, a single finger disappearing inside. I thought he’d come in his trousers right there. (I nearly did too.) He asked me if I had any more. I risked everything. I told him I had but I also said I had a video we shot on holiday in the west of Ireland. We’d rented a cottage in the middle of nowhere and one afternoon after a long lunch we shot a video with Helen striping off gradually and then wanking me off in the front garden of the cottage. The finale had me fucking her over the bonnet of our car.

He begged to see it. I pretended to be reluctant but I couldn’t wait for him to see it and to see what might develop. I put it on. It starts innocently enough with us fooling around, but when the tits started to appear the guy got really fidgety, crossing and uncrossing his legs. My cock suddenly was as hard as a rock too and I deliberately didn’t cross my legs. I was fascinated by the growing bulge in his trousers. He made the occasional comment that clearly suggested he was very turned on watching my wife stripped off and then me pounding in to her. He also mentioned my dick a couple of times, that hinted at something more to come. The atmosphere was steamy and highly sexual to say the least. And when I popped my load all over Helen’s arse, spunk drip, dripping off onto the grass in the garden I thought he would shoot his load too. The look on his face was perfect. Nobody had ever seen this video before and it was the most thrilling spectacle to watch another man staring at, and drooling over it.

At the end he gave a foney sigh of relief and said ‘that was really something’. And it was. As we relaxed with another beer he talked about it continuously. We were both still turned on. Then he asked me if he could borrow the movie, he liked it so much. We both knew what he meant. He was dying to wank over it. I said I didn’t want it to leave my house. I couldn’t be sure where it might go if I let it out of my sight. He appreciated my point of view but was disappointed. The sexual tension was still tangible however and I took another risk. I told him he could ‘use it’ here if he liked. He knew immediately what I meant and smiled. ‘I’ll watch it again with you. If you like. Or I’ll leave you to it.’ I said. Have to say I was shivering with excitement hoping he would say ‘stay’. He did, after considering for a moment or two. I put the video back on. I didn’t want him to change his mind.

We stared at the opening moments. This time he knew what was going to happen. When Helen started to push up her top to reveal her naked breasts I ran my hand across my cock through my trousers. He saw me and it seemed to relax him. He did the same. The room started to spin I was so turned on. When Helen slowly pushed her shorts and knickers down he started to unzip slowly. I did the same. His cock pushed out and he seemed to give out a sigh of relief. It was solid as a rock, about average size but thick and rigid. My heart nearly stopped. I pushed my hand into my trousers and pulled out my dick. We looked at each other with our throbbing cocks in our hands.

He was first to start pulling when Helen’s fingers went into her fanny.I followed him staring at his cock as he stared at the screen. The pumping got harder and faster as the action on the screen got hotter. I was watching myself fucking my wife while wanking off with another guy. I’d never been so excited. He started moaning as he pumped, losing all inhibitions. I murmured yes, yes as my pumping got fiercer. I was watching his dick, hoping to see the spunk flying. He was staring at my cock in Helen’s mouth. He said he was dying to cum. I told him to hold on. I would have loved to feel his cock but was too nervous to try. I would also love to have taken the hot throbbing dick in my mouth but I didn’t dare. Instead I watched him build up as I held myself on the brink of exploding.

He waited till the moment on the screen when my spunk shot over Helen’s ass and he couldn’t wait any more. He moaned and a first jet of spunk shot about 6 inches straight up. This was followed by a constant flow over his hand as he finished himself off. I was close behind, pulsing a splurge of goo over the carpet and then my hand. He stared at the gunk dripping off my cock. I stared at his. I wanted to lick it all up but didn’t dare to try.

Afterwards we were both a little embarrassed but not as much as you might think since we were both involved to the same extent. We talked away from the subject and got ourselves cleaned up. We had a few more drinks and he went back to his hotel. We’ve met up a couple of times since. But so far neither of us has mentioned it. We will though.

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