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Watched by My Roommate

My roommate watches as I fuck my girl friend
My wife and I had been dating for about three months when I got a new roommate. Jason was decidedly gay, though he did a good job of covering it up. As far as roommates goes, he wasn't a bad one at all. Most weekends he was gone and didn't come back until late Sunday evening, so on those weekends that Laura and I were strapped for cash and couldn't afford a hotel off base, it was nice to know that we had some privacy in my room.

Because it was a training command, having a guest of the opposite sex in your room was extremely regulated: door must remain open, they had to be out of the room by 10pm and never were they to spend the night. It was the off month when we would end up with five weekends in the month for a pay period that would find us sneaking her into my room after hours.

Now, it wasn't all that hard really, all the other guys on my floor knew we were a couple, and the vast majority thought the strict command visitation policy on guests of the opposite sex was ridiculous.

As I said, Jason was a good roommate; he was quite, kept mostly to himself and was very respectful of our personal space in the room. Because he was in the military, he had to keep his sexual preference very secret. As a result, Jason almost never brought any of his friends up to the room, choosing rather to always meet them off base.

At first I was uncomfortable with him as a roommate, but I got over that rather quickly. He made me realize that my original prejudice against homosexuals was unfounded; they weren't perverted, sex-crazed people who would rape you while you slept. And eventually we three became good friends, though he still never introduced his boyfriend to us - in 1987 even the hint of homosexuality could get you kicked out of the military.

About two months after Jason moved into the room was one of those five-week months, so Laura and I spent the weekend in my room rather than out in a hotel. As usual, Jason took off right after the Friday afternoon PT (Physical Training) session. Laura and I met up and went out to dinner, then a movie on base because it was only two dollars at the base theater, after which we headed back to my room, making sure that no one that mattered saw us.

We enjoyed the absence of my roommate Friday and Saturday night, though honestly we still could have enjoyed each other even if he had been in the room, we'd just have to be quieter about it so it wouldn't interrupt his sleep (we'd had to do this with Laura's first roommate). Jason must have come back sometime while we were sleeping Saturday night, because he was in his bed Sunday morning.

Waking up Sunday morning with a morning woody, as many men do, Laura and I started fooling around. We hadn't actually begun to have intercourse yet when I heard a voice from the other side of the room.

"Don't you guys ever take a break?" my roommate asked.

Laura instantly pulled me close and let out a started, "Oh shit!" I looked up and there was Jason, wide awake looking over at us from his side of the room. I commented that he was back earlier than normal, and asked what might have prompted that. Jason replied that he'd had a bit of an argument with his friend, that's how he always referred to his boyfriend, and decided to leave.

All during this time that Jason and I were chatting about him coming back early Laura was kissing my chest and stroking my cock, she had recovered rather quickly from the shock of Jason in the room.

Jason apologized for interrupting and said that he would leave if we wanted to carry one. I told him he didn't have to leave; we didn't mind having someone in the room while we fucked. Then I half joked that he could join us if he wanted, not even thinking about what that would mean.

But he seemed to take me completely seriously and replied, "Nah, but if you don't mind, I'd love to watch."

Not expecting his response, I stammered for a few seconds before Laura said in a loud enough voice so that Jason could clearly hear her, "Just fuck me, Matthew. I don't care if he watches; it's not me he'd be interested in anyway." She squeezed my balls as if to emphasize that last point.

It wasn't as though we'd never fucked with guys looking on before, but normally she was the center of attention. Not to mention the fact that those same men would be the next to fuck her. But I wasn't sure about me being the center of attention. Laura obviously sensed my concern so she made it rather easy for me to decide. Wrapping her legs around my body, Laura took my head in her hands and made me look at her.

"Just look at me, and fuck me, baby." How could I say no to that?

As Laura gazed directly into my eyes, I slid my throbbing, hard cock into her wet pussy. Laura let out a long deep sigh as I slid all the way in. As I began to fuck her, Jason slid his chair to just a couple of feet away from my bed and sat down in it. Out of my peripheral vision I could see that not only was he completely naked, he also had a rock hard boner.

After my cock was complete soaked with her juices, Laura suggested that we let him see my cock sliding in and out of her. I agreed and she roll onto to her left side facing Jason, bent her right leg at the knee and pulled it back as far as it would go. With her pussy completely exposed, I straddled her left leg and slid my cock into her. As I did, Jason commented that I had a nice cock. I didn't know what to say to that, I'd never had another guy tell me I had a nice looking cock.

Laura, however, responded, "Yes he does," with a sly little grin on her face.

I kept my eyes on my beautiful future bride, knowing that if I looked away, I'd lose my hard on. As it was, I could see out of the corner of my eye that Jason was stroking his cock with fervor. I also knew that it wasn't Laura that was turning him on so much, but my cock.

Yet, I found myself getting turned on by the fact that Jason was getting off on it. Instead of being totally repulsed by the idea of a man being turned on by my cock, I was enjoying the biggest hard-on in my life. I finally came with a loud grunt and Laura actually jumped because of the force of my explosion into her.

Jason yelled out, "Oh fuck yeah!" when he realized I just filled my sexy lover with cum.

"Cum in my mouth!" Laura said when she heard that.

Still stroking his cock, but with a vice grip so that he didn't cum all over the floor, Jason got up from the chair shoved his cock into Laura's open mouth. It wasn't the first time I'd seen another man fill her mouth with cum, but something about knowing that I was his turn on made watching him dump cum down her throat even more satisfying.

After we had recovered from our various orgasms, Laura suggested we all shower and get some breakfast. It was the first time that I'd knowingly took a shower with a gay man, and it didn't bother me at all. It was a bit awkward at first, when I realized that Laura and Jason were both lathering me up, but I just let it happen. I didn't even mind when I knew that it was Jason cleaning my cock; it even turned me on a bit.

Laura leaned up and whispered in my ear, "I want to watch him suck your cock."

Even as I responded, I couldn't believe I heard myself saying, "Sure, Baby."

And so, there in the shower with water running down all of us, Jason sucked my cock for the first time and, with a little encouragement from Laura, I shot my hot load into his mouth. When Laura saw that I was about to cum, she got down on her knees next to Jason and waited for me to cum. She asked Jason to share it with her, so when I had filled his mouth, Laura and Jason kissed deeply as they shared my cum.

"Now let's go get some real food!" Laura happily exclaimed. And so we headed down to the chow hall.

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