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Weekend Hookup, Chapter 1

Weekend Hookup, Chapter 1

Olivia came to the Double Deuce looking for a good time. And Jennifer would be happy to provide it!

It was Saturday night and like so many others, Olivia was bored and looking for a good time. She walked into The Double Deuce Club - aptly named because it was on 22nd Ave., to see what might be happening at her favorite bar. She was a regular at the Double Deuce and knew most of the other regular patrons. It was a pretty friendly place catering to the working class. The "Double D” as it was called, was primarily a ladies bar, although there was always a few guys there looking to score.

Olivia walked into the bar and Ruthie, the bartender, called out from behind the bar, “Hi Olivia! How’s it going tonight?” she said in her loud, boisterous manner. Olivia made her way carefully through the dimly lit bar until she got to the bar and found an empty stool.

“Not too bad, I guess, Ruthie… just bored and looking for something to do,” Olivia said.

“Well, why don’t I pour you a drink and that’ll give you something to do!” Ruthie said with a big friendly grin.

“True enough. Okay, I’ll have a strawberry margarita,” Olivia said. She didn’t particularly come there to drink, although a couple would loosen her up - she always got hornier when she drank. Tonight her desires were something much more carnal than liquor; she was there looking for sex with one of the women who hopefully would be available that night.

About the time that Ruthie finished Olivia’s margarita, Billy walked out from the back room behind the bar. Billy was a big guy about six foot four inches tall and around two sixty-five. He was the one you’d call if there was trouble in the bar. He watched over and protected the girls and being an ex-boxer, Billy wasn’t afraid to mix it up with anyone. All the girls liked him - because he was gay, he was the one guy there they didn’t have to worry about!

“Hi Billy,” Olivia said. “How are you doing tonight?”

“Fine Olivia,” Billy said. He was a man of few words and not much of a conversationalist. But he was goodhearted and a good worker, so Ruthie kept him around.

By the time Ruthie had finished making her margarita, Olivia’s eyes had adjusted enough to the dim light that she was able to look around at the bars occupants. She smiled when she saw her friend, Jennifer coming out of the ladies room.

Jennifer was her good friend and a woman with whom she had previously very much enjoyed sharing her bed. The young woman was pretty, with dirty-blonde shoulder-length hair, and a voluptuous body. She was shorter than Olivia and seven years her junior, so Olivia looked after her as sort of a big sister. She had a pleasant personality and was fun in bed, enjoying the same kind of things as Olivia liked to do with a partner. Even better, she seemed to be there by herself.

“Hi Jennifer! I was hoping I would bump into someone here tonight!” Olivia said.

“Hi Livia, What brings you to the Double D tonight?” Jennifer asked.

“Well, Mike is off on another sales trip and I didn’t want to spend another Saturday night staring at the damn TV! Life’s too short, you know!” Olivia said.

“I hear that. Well I’m glad you showed up too. The pickings are kinda light around here tonight and this girl needs some company!” Jennifer said.

Olivia knew that her friend was a lesbian, more specifically a femme - one of several attractive young women with submissive personalities who came to the Double D looking for a chance to hook up with other lesbians. Some of them fancied older or more aggressive women - the dykes. But those types were often too tough and intimidating for Jennifer. She wasn’t into hard, aggressive, dominating sex; she preferred the soft, loving, tender stuff.

While Olivia wasn’t a true lesbian, she was bisexual and the two had spent the night in rapturous sapphic lovemaking a couple times before when Mike was gone on one of his sales trips. Olivia felt that sleeping with a woman wasn’t really cheating on her husband, she just wanted someone to keep her company while he was gone.

“Why don’t we get ourselves a table where we can be more comfortable and talk?” Olivia suggested.

“Fine with me, these bar stools always make my legs go to sleep!” she said. The two girls found a quiet corner table where they could talk without shouting over the jukebox and where they could start off with a little innocent petting and caressing.

“So, how are ya tonight?” Olivia said.

“I’m fine, Livia, thanks. How about you?”

“Can’t complain,” Olivia said. They were already well enough acquainted and fond enough of each other that they could forego any kind of introductions. Furthermore, either of them knew what the other was there for. 

Eventually, they both knew they would be going to Olivia’s apartment for sex, but they could take their time and enjoy a little playful making out before leaving. Olivia made the first move, her hands moving to Jennifer’s thigh and softly stroking it as they talked.

Jennifer had worn a short mini-dress with a deep V front to show off her tits. It was her favorite color purple, and fit her very snug, showing off her shapely form. Olivia, in contrast, wore a flirty yellow spaghetti-strap cocktail dress, with a form-fitting top and a frilly lower that swished happily when she walked. 

Olivia’s fingers traced a trail over the blonde’s body, excited by the soft, feminine curves. Jennifer enjoyed the proprietary caresses of her partner’s hands, and she snuggled up closer, spreading her legs a bit as she moved closer. The two ladies leaned into each other for a passionate kiss and Olivia’s hand moved further up Jennifer’s thigh.

As her hand reached the hem of Jennifer’s very short dress, Jennifer moaned into her mouth their tongues twisting and dancing playfully in each other’s mouth’s. Olivia’s hand moved further underneath Jennifer’s short dress until she reached the point where she should have felt panties. However, there were none and a moment later she realized her “date” was going commando! What’s more, she was dripping wet!

That was enough for Olivia. “Come with me,” she said. Olivia got up and took Jennifer by the hand, leading her quickly into the ladies room. After quickly checking under the stall doors to make sure they were alone, she took the younger woman to the counter. “Hop up here,” Olivia said. There was an urgency in her voice that made Jennifer eager as well and she did as Olivia bade, hopping up on the counter and gasping as the cold counter top contacted her bare ass.

Olivia pushed her back gently until she leaned against the mirror and then she hiked up the young woman’s short dress, exposing the naked dripping pussy that her fingers had discovered moments ago. Without asking for permission or waiting for an answer Olivia knelt on the floor in front of the young woman and spread her legs wide. Licking her lips, greedily, she shoved her face deep in Jennifer’s steaming crotch and began licking and lapping furiously.

“Ohh FUUCK!!” Jennifer cried out as Olivia buried her tongue deep in Jennifer’s sweet bald pussy. One of the things Olivia liked most about this girl was that she made eating her so wonderful - her smooth, slick pussy, her sweet, syrupy juices, and her moaning and writhing as she ate her always made Olivia so excited and horny. Jennifer was one of Olivia’s favorite female playmates and now she was going to fully enjoy this tender young pussy.

Jennifer wasn’t complaining any either. As Olivia probed and wriggled her tongue inside the woman’s pussy, Jennifer moaned and groaned her pleasure, holding Olivia’s face firmly in her crotch and running her fingers through the older woman’s long, platinum-blonde hair. Jennifer raised her legs up, hooking the heels of her CFM sandals in the sink basins on either side of her and offering a better angle for Olivia to get at her. She used the faucet spouts of the two sinks to hang onto as Olivia sent her rocketing off into heaven with her talented and eager tongue.

With Jennifer moaning and squirming on the counter, Olivia knew that she was nearing the first of many orgasms they would share before the night was over. However, the cold counter top of a bar ladies room wasn’t the best place for sex play - it wasn’t very comfortable for either of them and they risked getting caught. So not wanting to leave her girlfriend needy, Olivia wanted to bring her to orgasm quickly and then take her home where they could enjoy each other more comfortably and thoroughly.

So as she continued tonguing Jennifer’s drooling slit, she reached around and using her thumb, she massaged the woman’s hard throbbing clit, sending lightning bolts up her body.

“OhmyGOD!” Jennifer cried out, getting closer and closer to an explosive orgasm. She reached into the V front of her dress and grabbed her tit, pinching and tugging on her nipple as she tried to push herself over the edge. Then to give her that last nudge to the top of Orgasm Mountain, Olivia shoved two fingers of her other hand under her tongue and deep into Jennifer’s sensitive pussy.

“OH, FUUCKKKMEEE!!” she screamed out as she came, her pussy bursting as she poured her sweet woman-honey out in a flood onto the counter. Fortunately for them, the design of the counter allowed her overflow to run into the sinks and not onto the floor so the juices that Olivia couldn’t lap up fast enough didn’t make a mess on the restroom floor. Olivia tried not to let any of the sweet stuff go to waste, however Jennifer was known to be very generous with her juices and even a squirter when she got really aroused.

Olivia would put her to the test once they got to her place and were free to let their passions go. But for now, she helped the panting, quivering woman off the counter top and helped her to stand until she was steady enough to leave. Jennifer straightened up her clothes and checked herself in the mirror. She looked a bit more disheveled than she did going into the ladies room, but not so much that anyone at the bar would notice.

The lovers went back to their table. There was more cuddling and some more necking as they drank, but finally they finished their drinks. Since Olivia had come to the bar knowing she was probably going to be doing some drinking, she wisely chose to come in a cab so when the two women were ready to leave, Ruthie called them a cab. When it arrived, Olivia directed the driver to take them both to her house and she gave him the address.

During the cab ride the two women exchanged furtive glances and held hands but kept their public expressions of passion under wraps. They knew that not everyone shared their open-mindedness and the trip wasn’t very long. They could wait until they were safely in Olivia’s apartment and would not be disturbed.

Once in the cab they could talk easier since they didn’t have all the background noise. “So how long is Mike going to be gone this trip?” Jennifer asked.

“Well he said it’s roughly twenty one hundred miles from Dallas to Phoenix round trip. He said he can only drive ten hours a day by law so it’s going to take him three and a half days to make the trip. He said he should be home Monday sometime. I’m just glad he only makes these long trips every couple months - normally he only drives around Texas - to Houston, San Antonio and maybe Amarillo. These interstate trips are hard on both of us. The drive is tough on him and being alone is tough on me. The last time he had a long haul, he went all the way to Pittsburgh! He was gone for almost 5 days that trip!” Olivia said.

“Well, I’m glad I was available tonight then. I’ll help you pass some of the time this weekend!” she giggled.

“I’m glad too. Not only does the house get awful lonely, but so does she!” Olivia said, pointing to her pussy.

“Well, I can take care of both those problems,” Jennifer said, covertly reaching over and putting her hand on the inside of Olivia’s thigh and caressing it softly. Olivia felt the fiery trail Jennifer’s small hands left on her flesh and it was all she could do to hold back from ravaging the young girl right there in the cab.

“God, I am so horny right now… I could just eat you up!” Olivia whispered to her galpal.

“You can have all you want when we get to your place,” Jennifer said with a coy smile.

The cab ride seemed to last an eternity for Olivia - even though it was only about twenty minutes, she never felt her apartment was so far from the Double D! However once they finally did arrive and they made their way up to Olivia’s third floor apartment, any semblance of prim and proper ladylike behavior was left outside the apartment door.

Once they were in Olivia’s apartment and she had locked the door, the two women became wanton, lust-driven beasts, kicking their shoes off, and coming together in a passionate, sensual embrace. Olivia and Jennifer kissed each other warmly, mouths open and locked together while their tongues explored the others mouth. Olivia had enjoyed Jennifer’s young, firm tits on their previous liaisons and she really wanted to fondle the succulent globes with her hands again.

While their mouths remained pressed together, Olivia reached around and deftly unzipped Jennifer’s tight dress, pulling it off her shoulders and pulling it down in front. Olivia reached up and unhooked the front clasp of her bra, pulling the two side apart to expose Jennifer’s firm proud 32C tits, capped with perfect already hard nipples standing up eagerly waiting to be licked and sucked. Olivia moved her hands up to gently hold the twin treasures the bra had been supporting.

“Mmmm, God, I really love your tits baby,” she murmured as her thumbs found her nipples stiff and hard in anticipation of what the women would be doing momentarily.

“They really love you too. See how hard my nipples are already,” Jennifer said, thrusting out her amazing tits for Olivia to delight in. As was her way, Jennifer let the older woman take the initiative and stood in front of her and reveled in her ministrations.

Wanting to get her mouth in on the fun, Olivia cupped the lovely breasts in her hands and bent down to lick the nipples, which grew harder under her avid attentions. As she moved her tongue from one tender bud to the other, she could actually feel the individual ridges that made up the hardness, as well as the pebbly texture of Jennifer’s areolae.

While one hand continued holding the breast she was licking, Olivia’s other hand slid down the young woman’s body to grab and caress Jennifer’s ass under what was left of the dress she was wearing. The groping, caressing and kissing they were starting to do had been fun when in the ladies room of the bar, but it was infinitely better now in the privacy of Olivia’s apartment.

The aggressiveness of Olivia’s advances were such that she slowly backed Jennifer up against the wall. Jennifer gasped slightly when she hit the wall with her back. But when Olivia stepped forward and pressed herself against the half naked woman, Jennifer wrapped her arms around Olivia’s neck and didn’t seem to mind being pinned against the wall so much!

Jennifer was so thrilled by the sensations Olivia was giving her that when Olivia’s mouth moved to Jennifer’s other gorgeous breast, she silently offered her help. Wriggling out of the rest of her dress, she was now fully nude. She reached up and held her own breasts up to the pleasuring tongue, leaving both of Olivia’s hands free to wander where they wanted. Her hands roamed all over Jennifer’s upper body, moving slowly down finally ending up slipping some fingers between her legs to find her wet once again.

The spark that had been ignited when the two women saw each other in the bar and had been fanned into a flame in the bathroom had blossomed into hot, consuming fire now that they were alone in Olivia’s apartment. Both women were reacting to what they were doing to and for each other; their breathing had grown hard fast and both moaned and sighed happily as their arousal grew.

The more fondling, stroking and licking that went on, the more eager they were to do what they had come there for. But standing there, just inside the front door, was not the place for amorous adventure. While Olivia’s apartment was the perfect place for a night of passionate lady-love, the bedroom was much more suited for it than where they were at the moment. 

“Let’s move this into the bedroom, shall we?” Olivia suggested as she straightened up, tossed back her long, blonde hair and placed her hand on her friend’s bare back to guide her where they both wanted to go. Actually, Jennifer didn’t need much guiding having been to Olivia’s apartment a few times before. And she certainly didn’t need any coaxing to head to the soft comforting bed there. She enjoyed Olivia’s California King-size bed and sharing it with Olivia was even better.

“I just love your big bed, Livvy!” Jennifer said, jumping up into it and giggling, “It’s so soft and comfortable. Mine is just a small full size bed - yours is nearly twice as big!”

“Maybe so Jenn, but it also gets twice as lonely sometimes,” Olivia said glumly.

“Well it isn’t going to be lonely tonight!” Jenn said with a big bright smile. Olivia looked up at her smiling face and couldn’t help but smile herself. Jennifer’s bubbly happy-go-lucky personality always had a way of bringing her out of her doledrums - that’s one of the things she loved about the girl.

Olivia began getting undressed herself and as she did, Jennifer watched, biting a fingernail coyly as the anticipation built. Olivia knew that Jennifer was just as eager to get the party started but as the older of the two she tried not to show how eager she was and took a little time getting undressed - even though every fiber of her being wanted to rip her clothes off and devour this pretty young thing waiting impatiently for her!

Jennifer had been looking forward to this for the last two hours, and she could feel her heart racing in eager anticipation. Olivia was one of Jennifer’s favorite playmates because she understood how Jennifer liked things. Jennifer wasn’t really the hard fucking frantic type of lover. And Olivia took her time with Jennifer and went at her pace.

This allowed Jennifer to enjoy the buildup and become all the more aroused. She appreciated that and showed her appreciation in the way she made Olivia feel in return. The two girls could mesh and thus both girls thoroughly enjoyed their time together. If Olivia needed a good, hard, animal fuck, she had other friends she could call on. But she liked Jennifer’s soft loving as well and tonight she would enjoy all that Jennifer had to give.

Jennifer was glad when Olivia turned on the soft lights and hoped she would leave them on, because she much preferred sex in a lighted room. She enjoyed watching the face of her lover and watching how they reacted to what she was doing. Olivia too enjoyed seeing the joy, passion, and ecstasy on her lover’s face. She had put soft light bulbs in the nightstand lights and between the two of them, it lit up the bedroom with a soft glow bright enough to see clearly without being harsh and glaring. It added a nice ambiance and made things very romantic. Jennifer smiled.

Jennifer lay there on the bed waiting as patiently as she could until Olivia finished undressing. Olivia didn’t make her wait too long. Once she was out of her dress and bra, she eagerly joined her partner on the bed. Crawling up the bed clad in only her panties now, which had steadily become damper during the course of the evening, the two women shared another long embrace and a passionate kiss.

Olivia trailed kisses down her partner’s face and throat until she reached her first goal, the nearest of Jennifer’s succulent tits. Cupping the delightful mound in one hand, Olivia resumed licking the erect nipples, once again reveling in their rigidity and in how they felt against her tongue. While one hand held the luscious globe, her other went to fondle squeeze and toy with the other so it wouldn’t miss out on any attention.

Jennifer began cooing in pleasure and squirming on the bed as pleasurable electrical signals raced between her nipples and her clit forming a blissful triangle of excitement, and sending currents of bliss buzzing through her body. Her back arched, thrusting her tits upward towards the devouring mouth and her head tossed from side to side as she tried to assimilate the sensations she was feeling. Jennifer grabbed at the bed sheets in an effort to hang on to her crumbling world, and sounds of pleasure filled the air.

Opening her mouth wide, Olivia took in as much of one of Jennifer’s lively globes as she could. With her lips acting as a seal on the soft flesh, she sucked, while her tongue continued to toy with the nipple and areola. Once again, she alternated her oral admonitions between the lovely twins, liking the way Jennifer was moving, as her body writhed on the bed, showing her appreciation. The sexy blonde’s coos started turning to moans of bliss, and her pussy became soaked, giving off more of their truly delightful perfume.

“Ooo, Livvy,” Jennifer moaned softly, “I love it when you do that, and you know how I love it.”

Olivia smiled inwardly at that indisputable statement of fact. Jennifer really did love to have her sensitive tits sucked and licked, and Olivia love to do it. However, there was another place, where she loved licking even more, and it was almost time to switch her attentions there. The aroma of Jennifer’s pussy juices had been tantalizing her nostrils for a long time, and Olivia wanted to revisit that heavenly place again as well.

Starting with the deep valley between the succulent twins, Olivia licked and kissed her way down the sexy body of her playmate, over her taunt flat belly, towards that ultimate goal. Olivia paused along the way to swirl her tongue into her partner’s navel, evoking a giggle and a light push on her shoulders, telling her to keep going lower. As she did, her hands caressed her soft, creamy thighs, pushing them wide apart as she approached the point where they came together. 

Olivia kissed her way to Jennifer’s mons and stopped just above her throbbing clit. Completely naked, the voluptuous young woman lay on the bed, moaning, waiting to be transported the rest of the way to ecstasy…


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