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Weekend Hookup, Chapter 2

Weekend Hookup, Chapter 2

Olivia had bought herself a new toy and this was the perfect chance to try it out!

Olivia did not make her wait for long before the journey resumed. When Olivia moved lower down between Jennifer’s spread legs, she raised one so that Olivia could duck under her knees and they then could rest on the older woman’s shoulders. Looking between her breasts and down her body, Jennifer saw the top of a head, covered with long platinum blonde hair, and a smiling pale face that quickly disappeared from view.

There was no doubt where it had gone, because Jennifer immediately felt Olivia’s tongue licking and softly stroking the inside of one of her thighs, and she knew Olivia was busily lapping up some of the juices that had dripped onto her leg from her leaking pussy.

After a few seconds, Jennifer felt her doing the same thing for her other leg, followed by slowly mopping up everything from her crotch. Olivia’s smiling face reappeared, glistening with the juices that she had just devoured. Jennifer reached under her body and spread apart her ass cheeks, in a silent plea to the older woman to finger-fuck her there while eating her pussy. She very much enjoyed the sensation, but was always a bit nervous about asking for the older woman to do it to her.

Olivia saw what the small pale hands were doing, and smiled to herself. She didn’t mind fingering her partner’s ass, and she knew that Jennifer would have a stronger orgasm if she did, making it more fun for both of them. So she wet her finger in her mouth and rubbed the saliva around the tight crinkled hole. She wet it a couple times to give it a little lubrication and then with one more wetting of her finger itself, she gently slipped the digit into the tight hole that awaited it.

Starting slowly she moved her finger in and out until Jennifer’s natural lubrication made the movement easier. After Olivia had been finger-fucking in and out of her hungry ass and observing how Jennifer was already thrusting back to meet the digit, she got busy doing what she had been yearning to do they left the Double Deuce.

She began by admiring the glistening pink pussy directly in front of her. Jennifer’s pussy was truly a thing of beauty too. Tightly tucked in, and shaved smooth, she looked like a girl several years younger than her tender age of twenty-eight. The skin surrounding her pussy lips was ivory white, and the labia it framed were pink, dark and swollen now with her lust.

The index finger of her right hand continued slowly plunging in and out of Jennifer’s ass, and Olivia wrapped her other arm around a soft thigh. With the fingers and thumb of that hand, she gently separated the swollen lips, and gazed wondrously into the beautiful pink source of the juices she had relished earlier. The bewitching scent of woman-perfume wafted upwards, delighting Olivia’s nostrils as she breathed it deeply into her lungs.

As much as Olivia loved the sight and aroma of a beautiful pussy such as the one awaiting her, she knew the way it tasted was even more delightful. The outer lip where Olivia started licking was even softer and smoother than the insides of Jennifer’s thighs had been, and she took her time, letting her tongue seek out all of the soft folds of her sweet pussy. From time to time Olivia raised her head to look again at the beautiful body that was hers for the evening. Already highly aroused, Jennifer was writhing on the bed, and her head was rolling back and forth on the pillow, creating a dirty blonde whirlwind with her hair.

Olivia smiled and brought her mouth back down to where she had started. After her tongue had sluiced up the fresh nectar, she started licking and toying with her pussy lips. Jennifer’s plump lips were soft and smooth as a warm satin pillow, and Olivia’s tongue pampered them. Once again, after kissing Jennifer’s mons, she looked at the young blonde’s body, and was elated to see her movements. They were even more pronounced, with her luscious breasts swaying and bouncing, her lower body writhing blissfully, and her ass fucking back to meet the finger that was going in and out. 

Olivia knew from past experience with the woman it was almost time to bring Jennifer to her climax, because she was at the apex of her arousal. When she licked at the top of her love hole, Olivia moved her mouth slightly to thrust her tongue against the small area between there and the base of Jennifer’s clit. That delightful love button was so swollen with lust it had pushed its way out from its protective hood. She helped herself to all the delicious juices that were still flowing, before engulfing the adorable pink pearl inside her mouth. Her lips formed a seal at the base, and Olivia’s tongue buffeted the engorged sides and top.

“Yes! Yes! Suck my clit!” Jennifer implored when she felt the lips and tongue starting to do just that, and she started fucking even stronger against the face between her legs. The connection with her nipples grew stronger; joy sizzled through Jennifer’s body and her head and her legs and her whole body pitched and tossed on the bed from the incredible pleasure she was feeling.

But as Olivia sucked and licked her clit, the pleasurable sensation grew even stronger and Jennifer’s moans and cries more urgent. The mountain of delight that had been building up inside her ever since her friend joined her in the bar, abruptly exploded into an avalanche.

“Oh my god!” she cried out joyously. “I’m cuuummminnggg!”

Jennifer’s movements became even more wild and frantic. Her thighs clamped tightly to Olivia’s head, and her arms flailed at the mattress, as more and stronger torrents of pleasure swept through her body. She rocked forward and back and from side to side on her ass, while trying to ram her pussy even more closely into the face of the woman who had brought her to such an incredible state. Olivia clung to one thigh, her other arm braced against the bed, and kept her mouth clamped tightly over Jennifer’s clit, hanging on to enjoy her friend’s cumming. She plunged her finger in and out of Jennifer’s ass, now adding a second one for even more sensation and increasing her orgasm.

“Oh! Ohmygod! OHHH!” Jennifer cried out as she climaxed. Her back arched while all her muscles spasmed, ramming her pussy against Olivia’s face for an ultimate time. After her thunderous orgasm, she totally relaxed, almost seeming to melt into the mattress below her. Her eyes were closed and a blissful smile spread across her young face.

Olivia enjoyed the boisterous climax almost as much as Jennifer did, especially when she got to lick all the fresh nectar from Jennifer’s thighs, belly, crotch and everywhere else it had spattered. Knowing they would be fucking in a few minutes, she left the juices inside the hole that had produced them, so they could perform their natural function of lubrication. After feasting on as much as she would allow herself, Olivia backed away, letting Jennifer’s legs lightly drop onto the top of the mattress.

While her house guest rested and recovered in her bed, Oliva went to the bathroom to wash her hands and then returned to the bedroom. She went to her dresser and opened the bottom drawer where she kept her collection of toys. She pulled out a strap-on she had recently got just for such an occasion. She also brought out a small fingertip vibrator. Olivia took her toys over to the bed where Jennifer lay waiting.

“Whatcha got?” Jennifer said, idly playing with her still smoldering pussy.

“I bought a new toy the other day hoping I was going to get a chance to use it this weekend!” she said, holding the strap-on up for Jennifer to see. The strap-on had a black leather harness with three straps - two went around the wearer’s waist and the third, at the bottom of the harnesses triangle front panel went between the wearer’s legs and up to wrap around the waist strap in back. Sticking out of the front of the panel was a six inch long flesh-colored dildo. On the reverse was another identical dildo meant for the wearer to enjoy.

“Oh, Livvy! That looks like fun! Let’s give it a try!” Jennifer squealed, clapping her hands excitedly.

Olivia bent over and held the harness near the floor as she prepared to step into the straps.

“Wait Livvy, let me do that! You’ve already given me two amazing orgasms - one at the bar and one just now - and it’s your turn to lay back and enjoy things,” Jennifer said. The two girls traded places with Jennifer getting out of the bed and taking the strap-on from Olivia who got into bed and got ready for some fun courtesy of her playmate.

After stepping into the harness, with one foot on either side of the center strap, Jennifer pulled it up until the head of her dildo was pressing against her pussy opening. Juices were running down her thighs from her sexual arousal, and she had no trouble easing the tip into her wet, pink hole.

“Ohhh…” Jennifer moaned as the dildo began filling her and stretching her pussy walls. She spread her legs a bit more and eased the dildo deeper into her. Jennifer closed her eyes as she felt the large shaft slipping exquisitely into her. Olivia watched, fascinated, as Jennifer engulfed the large plastic cock.

Once the first couple inches had been inserted and it could guide itself, she pulled the belt up around her waist, and pushed the dildo most of the way inside herself. A little adjusting of the front panel and she buckled the straps in place.

When Jennifer had her own dildo nestled deep in her warm tunnel and the straps were adjusted snugly, she walked over to the bed. Olivia was still lying on her back with her legs spread, watching her young lover’s every move. The smile on her face got wider and more lustful when she saw the cock that would soon be driving in and out of her pussy. Her smile remained in place while Olivia’s eyes focused on the dildo that bounced up and down as she neared the bed.

“Bring that big old cock over here, baby!” Olivia said crawling towards the edge of the bed. Jennifer came up to her and Olivia took the plastic phallus in her hand wrapping her fingers around the base and gently stroking it, jacking it as if it were a real cock. This made the end inside Jenifer move in and out and Jennifer moaned aloud as a result. Olivia took hold of the waist strap and pulled Jennifer a couple steps closer.

She leaned down and took the fake cock in her mouth licking and sucking it as if it were real while her hands moved around to grab Jennifer’s ass cheeks. Olivia licked and sucked and wet the hard cock while Jennifer ran her fingers through Olivia’s long blonde hair, thoroughly enjoying the sight, if not the feeling, of getting a “blow job”!

“Mmmm, baby your cock tastes wonderful!” she said, popping it out of her mouth only long enough to say and then taking it back in for more sucking. After a bit of oral fun, Olivia’s pussy was drenched and eager to have some of that cock as well.

“Now, baby, show me what you can do with that cock! My pussy wants to feel your big, fat cock inside it!” Olivia said, half-moaning her words. She moved back into position on her back with her legs wide spread.

Jennifer climbed onto the bed and walked on her knees until she was between Olivia’s legs. The long, thick plastic cock aimed straight at her girlfriends core, and the blonde reached down using her fingers to spread her pussy lips and show Jennifer just what she wanted more than anything right then.

With one hand guiding the dildo, Jennifer leaned forward, supporting her weight on her other hand. Carefully, she pressed the end of the toy against Olivia’s wetness and moved it around to spread the lubricating fluid. With both of them ready, she gave a firm push and the mushroom-shaped head wedged between the fingers and the soft lips they were holding open.

“Yesss,” Olivia hissed as a bolt of joy shot through her body. “Oh fuck, baby, that feels so good. Now, really give it to me, Jenn.”

Her friend did give it to her, but slowly, just an inch at a time. They both wanted to take their time build their pleasure up slowly so they could fuck for a long time before they came. After the second thrust, Jennifer no longer needed to guide the toy, so she leaned forward and watched her friend, enjoying the sight of the pleasure flickering across her face. Olivia no longer needed to hold her lips apart, so she moved her hands up placing them affectionately on Jennifer’s ribs just under her armpits.

Each strong, but gentle, push Jennifer made spread the opening to Olivia’s hungry pussy farther and expanded her love channel, sending waves of bliss through the older woman’s body. They also moved the dildo that was embedded in Jennifer’s pussy as well, and the two moaned out their combined bliss. Both of the women could feel the levels of their pleasure building up inside of them, and they delighted in their increasing need. That need continued to grow with every slow stroke, until the front panel of the strap-on was pressed against Olivia’s labia.

Jennifer lowered her upper body, curling her arms under those of her partner, so the two women were lying full length, skin upon skin, their erect nipples rubbing against each other’s breasts. They lay in that position for almost a minute, feeling joy throbbing through their bodies, while Olivia’s hands caressed her partner’s sides and back and stroked as far down as her ass. Everything they were doing felt wonderful, but they both knew it was about to get even better, as Jennifer’s hips started moving away, slowly drawing the dildo from Olivia’s pussy.

With just the head remaining within Olivia’s swollen lips, Jennifer paused for a few seconds, before slowly plunging the plastic cock back into the channel that wanted it so badly. The desire to have her pussy stuffed with the thick toy was so overpowering that Olivia humped upwards to meet the thrust, shoving the cocks deeper into them both, and their bodies came together with a satisfying wet sound, accompanied by two sighs of joy.

“Oh Jenn, honey, that was soo good. Do it again. Please fuck me again,” Olivia moaned softly.

Olivia had barely gotten the words out when Jessica began drawing the dildo back. Once again, she paused briefly before driving it forward again. This time, the woman on the bottom spread her thighs more and, when she flexed her legs and fucked back, the head of the toy spread the opening to her pussy even more and penetrated a fraction of an inch deeper, giving her even more of a thrill. The next stroke was even better, as were each of the hundreds that followed.

The two women fucked each other like this for a long time, the squishing sound of the dildo accompanied by the girl’s moans, whimpers, and sighs. The dildos in each woman’s wet, slippery pussy causing their passions and need for release to become ever increasingly urgent. Their movements became more and more frantic as they neared their respective climaxes.

Jennifer’s pussy was drooling and her juices were dripping onto Olivia to run down between her legs to mix with her own and soak into the bed sheets under them both. But neither seemed to mind - their attentions were more fixed on the incredible feelings the dildos were giving them.

The dildos stimulated every part of the women’s pussies, and they both knew they were getting close to cumming. Olivia was rocking from side to side on her ass as she thrust back to meet the plastic cock surging into her pussy. Her hands stroked the back and sides of Jennifer, even reaching down to tickle the crack between her ass cheeks, a caress she knew the young woman appreciated. Her partner’s movements were also more erratic, and both women were moaning in bliss with every stroke.

“Play with my boobies, Livvy,” Jennifer whispered.

Olivia knew what her partner meant. Jennifer’s wonderful tits were extremely sensitive and she had learned through prior playing with them, that the young woman got very aroused and could even cum just from having her tits played with and loved on. She smiled at the request and reached up to take one of Jennifer’s breasts in either hand, with their nipples loosely held between her index and middle fingers.

As Olivia toyed with her fleshy buds, Jennifer continued fucking her; drawing back, pulling the dildo most of the way from her partner’s pussy and, when she thrust it in again, Olivia squeezed gently on the luscious globes, while tweaking the nipples. With bolts of pleasure crackling along the familiar triangular course, Jennifer fucked her even harder to meet her.

They continued like that for a few dozen more strokes. Although it might have looked as if Olivia was pulling on her partner’s breasts, and using them as handles, she was only fondling them and rubbing the nipples between her fingers. The sweet pink nubbins were very sensitive, especially when Olivia’s caresses were combined with the dildo driving in and out of Jennifer’s pussy, raising her arousal to a new peak. Both girls wanted very badly to cum, and Olivia knew how her partner could make that happen.

“Make me cum, Jenn… Fuck my pussy hard and make me cum… please!” Olivia cried.

Jennifer was all too happy to do that too, because her own excitement had reached its apex as well, and she wanted very much to cum with her partner.

Jennifer leaned forward, almost back into the full-length, skin-on-skin position they had been using, so their two pairs of nipples would be in contact with each other. When the plastic cock was driven all the way back into her again, Olivia squealed in delight at feeling her pussy being stretched and filled and her nipples being scraped by another pair that were equally rigid. The dildo in Jennifer’s pussy did the same thing for her, and she quivered in delight, expressing her pleasure loudly.

“Ohmygod! Ohmygod! Uh!” Jennifer whimpered.

“Give it to me, baby! Fuck me harder!” Olivia begged.

The bodies of the two women moved in unison on the bed, their nipples doing the same thing for each other as the dildos did for their pussies. As Olivia humped upwards to meet the dildo that was surging into her pussy, her hips swiveled, and her legs forced her pelvis to slap against Jennifer’s as it came down.

“Yes! Yes! I’m cumming! Keep fucking me!” Olivia cried out joyously.

The woman on top did exactly that, driving the dildo into Olivia harder than ever, while her own toy kept up its steady massage. The smoldering volcano inside her erupted suddenly, and Olivia started cumming. Jennifer said nothing, except moaning even more loudly than she had, and fucked harder and faster into the pussy that wanted it so much. The two women thrashed on the bed, the one on the bottom completely giving herself over to the joy of the moment, and the other one barely able to maintain control over her own movements.

Olivia climaxed first. “AH!” she cried out ecstatically, as all her muscles clenched, and she arched her back and rammed her pussy against the woman who had just brought her to that fabulous place.

Jennifer was only seconds behind. “Oh! Oh! Oh, my god” she warbled as all the built up pleasure exploded in one giant burst of supreme joy.

After their tremendous, almost simultaneous orgasms, the two women lay in a happy pile, dildos buried to the hilt in both their pussies. Olivia detached her hands from Jennifer’s breasts and wrapped her arms around her young lover, holding her in a tender embrace. Jennifer lay her head on Olivia’s chest, her face a mask of pleasure, with eyes closed in bliss and a smile almost bisecting it. After a few seconds, Jennifer opened her eyes.

“That was great, Jenn. You really know how to make a girl cum!” Olivia said.

“I got off pretty good too, and I really love to have a girl like you cumming with me,” Jennifer returned. “I hope we’re not through for the night, though.”

“Not if you don’t want to be. You’ve got a feast between your legs, and I want to lick it off before it all soaks into the bed. But not until I rest for a few minutes.”

Jennifer smiled as she contemplated what her friends mouth would soon be doing, followed by the dildo driving in and out of the same place.

Olivia’s husband may be away on business but she didn’t mind - with Jennifer here to entertain her, it was going to be a long and extremely enjoyable weekend for both of the women!



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