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Weekly Darts and More.....

After the game, the fun begins

   My buddy and I have one night a week, where we get together to hang out. We throw some darts or horseshoes, do a few shots, smoke some weed, and watch some porn.  He gets a night out away from the wife, and I get some company, as I live alone.
   We've been friends since high school, but a few years back, we took our friendship to a different level, and started sucking each other's cocks when we get together. We're not in love, nor are we attracted to men, but we both feel that "helping the other one out" isn't a bad thing.  As a matter of fact, I rather enjoy it.
    So, as usual, we're playing darts, and I'm getting my butt whooped. I have my moments, but I'm not as good as he is. On the TV, there is a video of two girls doing one guy. After 5 games we get tired of it, and sit down to watch the video for awhile. While we watch the video, we smoke some more weed, and do a couple more shots, and continue catching up on our lives since the last time we got together.
    After awhile he looks up the ceiling fan and points, saying "mind if I shut that off?"
"Not at all" I answer.
    He pulls the chain on the light, and turns his hat backwards, and drops to his knees in front of me. I unbuckle my pants and pull them down to the floor. Leaning forward, he grabs my cock and starts stroking it, bringing it to life. He licks the head of my cock briefly, and then takes me into his mouth, slowly, expertly, deep throating me and then pulling back. Removing his mouth, he licks his way down to my balls and softly sucks them into his mouth, one at a time. He licks my shaft from my balls to the head, and then circles it several times, before deep throating me again. He continues this technique for a while, before wrapping his hand around my cock and stroking it, while bobbing up and down on my cock. His speed increasing, as he feels my cock getting harder, and he knows I'm about to cum.
    I can feel the pressure building in my balls, and let out a gasp as I start to cum. He swallows the first blast, then deep throats me, and holds me in the back of his throat, as my cock pumps, shot after shot of cum. He slide back to the head of my cock, and sucks it hard, sending waves of pleasure through me, while he gets the remaining cum out of me. Even though he knows there's no more left, he continues to bob up and down on my cock with renewed fervor. The sensation is intense, and almost unbearable, and finally I have to tell him to stop.
    I pull up my pants and sit back on the couch. Time to relax for a minute, so we both smoke a cigarettes. The movie is still going, so we watch the next couple of scenes, until I've rested properly. I tell him to move over to the recliner and take off his pants, and he complies. Now it was my turn. I can't wait to take him into my mouth, so I quickly drop to my knees and engulf his cock in one swift motion.
    Now, you might think that the main reason for sucking him off, is to make him feel good, while giving him some relief. Or there's the fact that he just blew me, so its only fair to return the favor. Both reasons are valid. But my main reason is, I can't wait for him to cum in my mouth. The taste of his cum is something I look forward too, so I'm gonna make this fast.
    I deep throat him and hold him there for as long as I can, then pull back. I push him into my mouth again, continuing this method over and over, feeling  his cock grow harder and harder. His breathing becomes more rapid. I pull back to his head and then suck in hard as I take him all the way down my throat. He moans in approval. I speed this motion up, taking him in faster and faster, each time using a sucking motion.
    The pleasure is too much for him to hold-back any longer, and he lets out a groan as he explodes in my mouth. I taste his cum, and swallow it greedily. Then I deep throat him, feeling his cock swell each time he spews into my throat. The sensations is wonderful. I back up so I can taste the rest of what he has left, and savor its sweet flavor. I continue milking him dry, and deep throat him a few times more, making sure I've cleaned up all of his cum, off of his now softening cock, before stopping.
    We both move back to our respective seats, and collapse into them. I light up another cigarette, and relax, enjoying the taste of the menthol mixed with the taste of his cum, still in my mouth.
    I glance over at him and say "Thanks, I needed that" He laughs and says "Your welcome."

    I can't wait until the next "game".

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