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What Are Friends For

Emma only wanted a quick picture, but what are friends for.

It had started as an almost innocent email, a bit of harmless fun. An online friend had emailed Emma and asked her to send him a horny picture, providing her with an example. It was a simple request, and one where the result was not expected to transpire.

After a short phone call, Emma was on the bed discussing the request with her friend, Sarah.

“You want me to what?” asked Sarah.

“Take a picture of me, topless, with my hand down my knickers, like this,” Emma replied showing Sarah the picture that was sent to her.

“You serious?”

“Yes, I am,” said Emma nodding her head, an argumentative pout forming on her lips.

“Does your husband know about this?”

Emma just looked at Sarah rapidly blinking through her puppy dog eyes. Sarah shook her head from side to side.

“I won’t do it,” she said, finally.

“Please…Please…Pretty please…”

“Is this for some pervert you’ve met online?”

Emma perked up, now she was getting somewhere. She nodded, enthusiastically.


“An old pervert, I’m guessing.”

Once more Emma nodded enthusiastically.


Sarah looked straight ahead, her head shaking, she couldn’t believe what Emma was asking of her. Eventually, she looked at Emma and sighed. “How many?”

“Just a few,” said Emma.

Emma felt excited. She took the picture from Sarah and stripped out of her jeans, and although her top and matching knickers were a different colour, she had tried to match the somewhat limited clothes to what she had in her wardrobe. Emma walked over to the bed leaving Sarah to follow her with camera in hand.

Emma jumped on the bed and assumed the pose. She pulled the top up over her breasts and placed her finger on her lips. Her other hand disappeared down her knickers as if masturbating herself.

Sarah stood over Emma, still shaking her head from side to side; not believing that she was actually doing this. Sarah raised the camera and looked at the image on the back screen.

Click. Sarah took the first picture, followed by another and then another.

Both women looked at the images on the camera.

“They’re just great,” said Emma.

Sarah disagreed. “No, they’re too staged. Look at the woman in that picture. Why don’t you actually feel the part rather than stage it. It will give a much better result.”

Emma looked at Sarah, her mouth slightly open in disbelief. “What? You mean masturbate.”


“In front of you?”

“Yes, if you want a decent picture that is.”

Emma resumed the pose. Her hand snaked down into her knickers one more time.

She made a cautious glance in Sarah’s direction and then closed her eyes and slid her fingers up and down over her moistened sex. Her hand was bunching up inside her knickers as she caressed herself.

“That’s better…” said Sarah.

Click. Click. Click, went the camera. “Keep it up, these are good, much better,” she told Emma, encouraging her further.

“Suck on your finger a little,” she instructed her.

“Yes, that’s even better still.”

Click. Click. Click. More images and more instructions followed. Emma’s fingers were slipping over her sex with total ease. She had become totally turned on and unaware of Sarah’s presence other than taking instructions from her.

Emma’s breasts were pulsing in tune to her heavy breathing. She wanted to change hands so that she could taste herself but she became conscious of the fact that there was no more clicking. The picture taking had stopped.

Just as she was about to open her eyes, Sarah whispered. "Em, does your hand need any help down there?"

Emma’s eyes opened widely with a stare, fixed on Sarah.

Sarah’s focus was solely on Emma’s hand; the one down her knickers. The camera was held loosely in her right hand; not even pointing in Emma’s direction anymore. Sarah’s breathing was just as heavy as Emma’s but she exercised a little more control.

Aware of Emma’s stare, Sarah looked into Emma’s eyes.

Emma locked onto them. Searching them. Wanting them to tell Emma exactly what they were thinking. Emma’s eyes wandered downwards. They came to rest on Sarah’s breasts and then on her jeans; just below the point where the undone top button joined the zip. Emma’s eyes made their way back upwards to meet Sarah’s.

Not a word was said, but Emma removed her hand from her knickers and she placed it on the bed, beside her.

“Seems I may do now,” she whispered.

Sarah looked at Emma. She swallowed hard. Her lips quivered, excitedly. Her left knee dented the bed as she rested her weight on it. The camera, transferred to her left hand and was placed on the bedside table. Her right hand extended to touch the outside of Emma’s bright blue knickers.

Sarah could feel the warmth emanate from Emma’s groin. She let her hand slide up Emma’s body and then poised her middle finger to slip under the lacy hem. As they looked at each other, Sarah’s fingers slipped into Emma’s knickers and over her moist sex. Sarah let out a long, sensual breath.

Sarah’s fingers slipped up and down a few times before she looked at what her hand was doing. As she watched her fingers slide up and down, she felt the heat and the wetness from around them and she smiled at the effect it was having on Emma.

Sarah placed her full weight on the bed and lay beside her friend, her head was close to Emma’s right breast and her other hand lay idle beneath her. Sarah looked at what her hand was doing, and before she knew it, her middle finger had curled over and she was inserting it inside Emma’s pussy.

Sarah gasped out loud. Emma followed her; though Emma’s was a lot louder, went on for longer but sounded just as satisfying.

Sarah removed her finger as her hand pulled upwards only to bury it a second time. Her actions were repeated over and over. Sarah could feel Emma’s chest heave upwards with every insertion. She could feel Emma’s tension building up. Every slippery touch seemed to elicit a moan or a groan from Emma’s lips.

Sarah’s eyes could not remain focused on what her hand was doing. They closed and opened with a mind of their own.  Sarah was entering a dream like state where her very soul was relying on the feedback of Emma’s body, especially the moans, to let her know when Emma would be ready to get the full treatment.

That time was coming, and fast.

Emma stroked her finger inside once more, but this time wiggled it up and down. A second finger joined it.

Emma’s gasps came in short-sharp bursts.

Without thinking, Sarah moved her head and let her mouth camp over Emma’s erect nipple. She sucked on it. Hard.

Oh! How she wanted to stop her digital manipulation, slide down the bed, and continue her onslaught orally, but by the time she would complete those moves, the moment would be lost.

Emma let out an almighty groan. It epitomised the debased and horny emotions that she was feeling. The pleasure from the two sources combined somewhere in the pit of her stomach and she clenched it forcing the energy through to her sex.

Emma started lifting her bum off the bed, but it was held fast by Sarah’s weight as she pushed her fingers deep inside; her motions becoming more and more urgent as Emma started to release her building orgasm.

Sarah sucked hard on Emma’s nipple before rolling it around with her tongue, only to clamp down and suck on it some more. Her fingers were probing ever deeper.

Sarah knew the pleasure she was giving Emma, it was a pleasure that she had given to more than a few girls in her ten years of sexual activity since she had turned eighteen. She didn’t know whether Emma knew of her bi-sexual leanings, but she had secretly hoped that this moment would arrive. And here it was. Right in front of her.

Emma’s hand came up around Sarah’s head as her other hand linked with it. The combined motion pushed Sarah’s head even harder into Emma’s breast. There was no room for manoeuvre; all Sarah could do was suck on the nipple that was now embedded between her lips. Emma groaned out loud; pushing Sarah into her body, and raising her bum off the bed. Her moans and groans coincided with every thrust of her lower body onto Sarah’s fingers. Her stomach clenched hard as she forced her orgasm out of her.

Emma’s breathing was intense, but she never stopped bucking her hips into Sarah’s fingers even though the bucking motion was slowing down. Finally, Sarah pulled her fingers out and rubbed the palm of her hand over Emma’s clit.

Emma exploded a second time. It was instantaneous and she almost pushed Sarah off the bed in an attempt to get away from her. Emma’s legs clamped shut.

Sarah had no option but to release the nipple that she was holding on to. Her hand was wrenched away from the wet pussy that she was pleasuring as Emma wriggled and bucked on the bed beside her.

Emma’s body convulsed involuntarily, in tune to the smile spreading across her friend’s face.

By the time Emma had recovered, Sarah had propped her head up, with her elbow digging into the bed. She was facing Emma, sporting the biggest grin ever.

Emma started to open her mouth to speak.

Sarah’s hand shot out and she allowed one finger to cover Emma’s lips before she could say anything. “Don’t,” she said.

Emma stopped herself. She could smell herself on Sarah’s fingers and she so desperately wanted to lick them. Before she could, Sarah raised her body upwards and moved towards Emma. She kissed her gently on the lips, and then came in for a second, more intense kiss.

It was the start.

Emma’s head was reeling from the pleasure, from the emotions, from the kiss.

It was so sexual, so erotic, so lovely and so wanted.

Emma had known about her friend’s inclinations. She had known that Sarah had, on occasion, helped herself to the fairer sex; though they had only been in each other’s company when they were both hunting for men, as Sarah would put it.

It was a revelation to Emma when Sarah suggested a helping hand, right there, right when she was supposed to be taking pictures for some pervert on the internet. In all honesty, Emma was shocked at the request, but she knew that she had been curious about Sarah and about the pleasure that two women could give each other, and when she saw the determined look of lust on Sarah’s face she knew she was going to remove her hand and offer herself up for seduction.

Emma smiled to herself. She pulled Sarah over on top of her, placing her hands on her firm ass. She squeezed it as she kissed her again.

Her pervert friend would get his picture, and a pretty good picture it would be. Sarah was right, feeling the image was much better than just taking a staged shot. Her pervert friend would also get a brief description of how the image was taken, what led up to it, and what happened during and after it.

Emma could imagine her pervert friend looking at the image, reading the words and wanking furiously onto his monitor as the sordid details were digested.

But for now, Emma turned to Sarah.

“Are you in a hurry to get home?”

Sarah shook her head.

“In that case, you’re overdressed and I have a lot to learn.”

Sarah grinned and nodded.

The night was young.


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