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When The Wife Watched

The Senior cocksucker with ED brought his wife
I posted on CL for older guys with ED to get together and play. Several responded, but were too shy to actually get together. They sure did want to know about it though. This one guy, in his 60's responded that even though he could not get hard anymore, he did enjoy sucking cock. He and his wife had not had sex for some time, and she apparently didn't mind his BI side.

I had mentioned that I often used a penile injection, when I want a dependable, long lasting hard on. I feel much more confident when I am playing with another, man or woman.

Anyway, after the usual preliminaries, he arrived at my door to suck me off.

As I let him in, I noticed someone in his car.

"Oh! That's my wife! We're going out to dinner later."

"Have her come in, She can sit here in my living room, or she can come in and watch. She might enjoy seeing what is going to happen to you."

He went out to his car and talked for a few minutes. Then, they both came up the walkway to my door. She was a very attractive well dressed lady. We greeted each other and she took a seat on my sofa, saying "You boys go have some fun. I'll just watch TV.

I led him to my room, leaving the door ajar.

I had just showered and put on my robe, which I did not close as I answered the door. Standing right next to me, he could not miss my 6" cock standing at attention.

He reached for my cock asking "May I?"

"Of course! We might as well get right into it. Right?" I answered.

"My god! That is the hardest cock I've touched in years. And I suck a lot of cock!"

"Want me to show you how to get yours this hard?"

"Are you kidding? The pills don't work for me -- What can you do?"

"It won't hurt and it works fast -- you just need a little 'stimulation'."

I dropped my robe and turned to face him, as he again dropped to his knees and proceeded to start sucking my cock.

I pulled him back to my bed, and laying back, I reached to my end table and found my autoinjector.

I let him enjoy my cock for a while, and as he started sucking my balls into his mouth, I pushed him back and asked him to disrobe.

He stood up and took off his shirt and dropped his pants, lowering his shorts to reveal a well trimmed 4" flaccid cock and balls. His short pubic hair was as gray as his head, his soft cock clean, cut and looked very inviting to me.

I motioned for him to approach my face as I reclined on my stacked pillows, and I gently pulled his penis to my eager mouth.

I softly slurped his dick, deliberately making all the noise I could as I slobbered my saliva all over his dick and balls.

He had to grab my headboard to steady himself as I increased my suction on his beautiful, swelling cock.

Although he did not get very hard, he was most definitely aroused.

After a few minutes, I pulled away from his cock and leaned to get up, pushing him onto my bed. Standing over him, I placed the autoinjector at the upper side of his cock and gave him a shot. I placed the injector back on my table and bent forward, taking his cock into my mouth and resumed sucking him.

In only two minutes, he started to moan as his cock was hardening and really swelling. His cock head turned from pink to deep red as he became engorged and his cock began to very pleasantly ache from being stretched back to his normal full size.

I stopped sucking!

He reached down and grabbed his now full size 7" hard cock, smiling at me, stroking himself.

I climbed onto the bed and again, offered him my cock as I pushed his hand away and leaned forward to his cock. We started a most wonderful mutual sucking for several minutes. He began to very aggressively suck me, bringing me very close several times.

We stopped a couple of times and sat up, resting our mouths, stroking each others cock. Then, we would both resume sucking, until we could no longer prolong the inevitable -- we both erupted at the same time, savoring the wonderful taste and feeling of drawing another man's cum from his cock. We both laid there, breathing heavily, but not willing to stop drawing out the warm man fluid.

Finally, I looked up and saw his wife standing four feet from us.

"Hi! Glad you could join us!" I snapped.

"Honey! Have you been there long?" he asked.

"You boys invited me, but I waited until I heard you moaning. I wanted to see what was making you moan that loud"

"Wasn't he great?" I asked her.

"You guys were amazing! I'm still surprised with his erection. He still has it! You both are still hard!"

"Our cocks will stay hard for another hour, even after we've cum. I can often cum twice. Really!" I told them.

He had started stroking his still hard cock as we talked and I asked him if he wanted to cum again. He sheepishly smiled at me, then at his wife.

I stood up with my cock sticking straight at his wife and offered for them to use my bed, but, she immediately mentioned that they were going out to dinner and she did not want to get messed up.

I turned to him, sitting on my the edge and asked if he was done, or if he wanted to do some more.

He stood up, reached for my cock and said "I really don't want to let my cock go down. I want to cum again!"

"How do you want to do it?" I asked.

Looking at his wife with a smile, he pleaded "I would really like to fuck!"

"Well, do me! I clean myself when I shower." I suggested turning to get some lube.

I looked at her and said "Would you mind? Would you please watch him fuck me? It would be such a turn on. You could even help if you want."

I went to the bed and rubbed my ass with some lube and spread a large towel out and laid on my back, raising my legs and reaching for his arms, so he could do me missionary. My still hard cock was starting to throb with anticipation, he lifted my legs to his shoulders. He moved his cock to mine and as our eyes made contact, we both smiled as I guided his cock to my waiting hole.

His wife stepped to the head of my bed near my shoulder to get a good view of his cock slowly sliding into me. I gasped as his cock easily entered my relaxed colon. The wife put her hand on his shoulder and leaned in to give him a gentle kiss, as to encourage our fucking.

Both of his hands were on my headboard to support him as he deeply penetrated me.

I was breathing deeply, actually panting with his strokes, enjoying his passion and the wonderful sensation of his hard cock inside me, filling me.

I looked over at her as she was now kneeling on the bed near to my right arm, still engaged in kissing him.

I lifted my hand and gently cupped her left breast through her cloths, squeezing it as his pumping increased. I gripped his cock with my ass muscles as hard as I could, bringing more moans from him.

With my hand holding her breast, her left hand dropped down to my cock and tightly gripped it.

They stopped their kiss, and she dropped her head to my cock, taking it deeply into her mouth as her husband watched.

I knew from his banging at my prostate that my cock was covered with my cum and I was really getting close to another orgasm.

His pace picked up as he pulled his cock all the way out and rammed it deep into me, almost forcing her off my pulsating cock.

Knowing he was close to cumming deep into me, I relaxed and let her take my cum. I moved my hand from her breast and pulled her head down, forcing her to take my cum.

He gave one final push, holding his cock deep in me and erupted with a loud groan, with his head thrown back, his cum spurting into me time and again.

We all just held our positions, catching our breath.

His wife slowly raised her mouth from my cock, some of my cum dribbling from her lips as she turned to her husbands and engaged in another kiss, swirling my juice in their mouths.

I slid my legs from his shoulders, as they both stood back, his cum leaking from my ass.

We all looked at each other and smiled, as we gathered and wiped ourselves.

He got dressed, as she helped me straighten up the bed.

Still nude, I offered them a syringe of my med's to use as they readied to go.

He thanked me and once again took my still erect cock in his hand, dropped to his knees and actually kissed my dick head.

I grabbed my robe and put in on as we went to the front door. As I opened it, she turned to me as kissed me on my cheek, then leaned down, right in the open doorway and took my entire cock in her mouth, sucked it once, and said "Thanks! I really enjoyed that!" as they walked away.

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