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Who would have ever thunk it?

Married man sucks cock, gets fucked and loves it.

Who would have ever thunk it? Me a cocksucker. How in the world did it happen? Well, it is a long story.

I was not one of the big studs or superstar athletes in high school, but I manage to have a very pretty and sexy girlfriend who was much sought after by the so-called big studs and superstar athletes.

Peggy Sue Albertson was not only beautiful outside but inside as well. Later in life, as I was losing her to pancreatic cancer, I declared she was one of God’s greatest creations.

We started dating in the eleventh grade and went steady for the next fifty-four years, ten months and fourteen days.

Peggy Sue loved to make out but refused sexual intercourse until marriage. I often got to second base, but never scored until our wedding night. We got married April 23rd, 1960.

On our wedding night, I got Peggy Sue’s very tight and hot pussy that so many Marion Franklin High School studs had lusted after. She was a virgin, and once the chore of deflowering her was over. I fucked her over and over, bringing her both pain and great pleasure. Man, I was in heaven. All my cases of blue balls were faded memories and fucking Peggy Sue was pure bliss.

Peggy Sue’s pussy was rather shallow, which made the fact that I only sported a cock just under six inches a non-issue.

Although Peggy Sue had abstained from pre-marital fucking, she loved fucking and never in our long-married life did she ever refuse me, except during her menstrual cycle. At first, I was very satisfied with straight fucking and because Peggy Sue was multi-orgasmic, she loved to fuck, which made us both happy.

Over the years many men hit on Peggy Sue, but she resisted them all, drawing on her religious convictions.

But as the years rolled by, fucking had become somewhat routine and I wanted to explore beyond straight fucking. I wanted to try oral sex, but Peggy Sue refused, saying oral sex was dirty. I think it was due to her strict religious upbringing. The one time I managed to get my cock in her mouth, she tasted a drop of precum and that ended that. She even refused me performing cunnilingus on her, again saying it was dirty.

Later on, I became obsessed with wanting to fuck her up the ass. When I tried, she refused, saying she was too small back there. Oh well, there was always fucking her very tight cunt. Even after having two boys, Peggy Sue’s pussy remained very tight, and the fact she loved to fuck back, made intercourse very pleasurable.

I had a truly great fucking woman, but as a man, I wanted more; I wanted my cock sucked, I wanted to eat pussy, plus I wanted to experience fucking a very tight ass.

During my fifties, computers and the internet became common. Since I used a computer at work, the internet became second nature. And I found porn on the internet. I bought me an Apple Macintosh and soon was addicted to internet porn and hook up sites.

I found a site called Swing Life Style (SLS) and joined. Most of the people on the site were couples and were looking for other couples to swap with. I also found that many of the men and women were bisexual and often their activities involved the husbands having sex and the wives doing the same. This was an eye-opener for me, as I had never considered sex with another man.

But in an SLS chatroom, a guy said to me, “Hey a mouth is a mouth, whether it’s a man or woman, you’re going to enjoy the blow job either way.”

This was something I began to contemplate.

I also joined another site called Silver Daddies (SD) for gay and bisexual men. There, men openly offered to suck cock. I was very nervous and you could say scared of meeting any of these men. But one was a masseur (Geary) who offered great massages with a happy ending.

I screwed up all the courage I had and made an appointment with Geary on a date Peggy Sue would be out of state. One of the things that attracted to me to Geary was his insistence on cleanliness.

I arrived at Geary’s place to find he had a beautiful home very tastefully decorated with antiques. His massage room had low lights with classical music playing softly in the background. A very serene and comfortable atmosphere. Geary and I both got undressed and were nude as he gave me an absolutely great massage, including massaging my cock and ass.

When he took my cock in his mouth, he took my breath away. I soon learned what a great blow job was like. The orgasm I experienced as I blew my load in his mouth was as intense as any I had ever experience. I knew I would be back.

And I was back the very next week. As I was enjoying Geary’s awesome BJ, I began wondering what it would be like to suck a cock. But I put it out of my mind as I wrestled with the fact I was not bisexual or gay.

On my third visit to Geary, as he was preparing to suck my cock, asked, “Have you ever had a vibrating dildo used on you?”

“Uh no,” I responded.

“Would you like to try?” He asked.

I was very nervous at the thought, but responded, “Uh okay.”

Geary slowly began inserting the well-lubricated dildo in my ass. Once fully inserted he turned the vibrator on. The feeling I got from having my prostate worked over was awesome, but hard to describe. Then Geary took my rock-hard cock in his mouth and worked his magic. With the combination of the vibrator in my ass and his mouth down on my cock, I was virtually quivering on the table.

I began thrusting my cock up into his mouth as he fucked my ass with the vibrating dildo. I was fucking his mouth as he fucked my ass. I had never experienced anything like it. I don’t know how long it lasted, but when I came, he got a mouthful for sure. And I got a mind-blowing orgasm.

After all was done, Geary showed me the dildo, it was seven inches long. I was flabbergasted and asked, “Was that whole thing in me?”

“Sure was,” He replied.

On the long drive home, my mind was in a whirl thinking of all the things I had just experienced. Getting a blow job was awesome but getting fucked at the same time with a vibrating dildo was indescribable. And I was now thinking the unthinkable, I was wondering what it would be like to suck a cock.

I had begun chatting with a married man (Ernie) on SD and admitted I was thinking about sucking cock. He began pressing me for a meet saying he would teach me to suck cock. He wanted to suck me and he wanted me to suck him. I told him he would be my first and he told me I would not be the first guy he taught to suck cock.

After several chat sessions, I agreed to meet him. We met in a parking lot and I followed him to a remote construction site where a very large house was under construction. The builder had gone bankrupt so the construction was on hiatus until a new builder could be found.

He took me up to the third level and spread some towels in what would become a large bathroom. We both got undressed. He had a short but very thick cock. My cock was longer but not nearly as thick. We both were cut.

He dropped down and said, “I’m going to suck your cock for a while and then I want you to repeat what I do to you on me.”

Down he went and took my cock in hand drawing it to his lips. He slowly sucked in the head of my cock sending thrills through my body. He inched my cock in his mouth until he had my whole cock inserted and the began bobbing up and down sucking as he did. Soon I was about to cum and he sensed that and withdrew from my cock.

“Now do that to me,” He said.

I repeated as best I could. I was amazed how much I liked his cock in my mouth. He filled my mouth with his thick cock, and since it was not long I was able to take the entire length in. As I sucked him, he gasped and withdrew his cock.

“Damn, you do that well, I almost came. Are you sure this is the first time you have sucked cock?” He asked.

“Yes, I’m sure,” I replied.

“Let’s get down on the towels in a sixty-nine position,” He said.

We did as he said, and we were soon sucking one another. I was enjoying sucking him so much I did not realize the effect he was having on me. Without warning, I blew my load in his mouth. I stopped long enough to savor my orgasm, and as he continued to milk my cock, I started sucking him again. It was not long before I received my first load.

At first, I gagged some, but swallowed as fast as I could. I continued to milk his cock and realized that cum was not all that unpleasant. In fact, I kind of liked it. I had just sucked my first cock.

Ernie and I met at the house several more times and repeated our mutual cock sucking, but alas construction was restarted on the house and we lost our meeting place.

I did visit Ernie’s house on several occasions when his wife was away and he taught me to be an accomplished cocksucker and I became addicted to cum.

In the next few years, I met new people on SD and had some good and some not so good cocksucking experiences. But one turned out to be my best ever experience. I met a Navy Doctor that was on a temporary assignment at Camp Lejeune Marine Base in Jacksonville, NC. He was younger than me at forty-three. He stood six-foot-three, had a seven and half-inch-thick cut cock, and boy, was he handsome. And he wanted to fuck me. He always kept his gay activities far away from the Navy and Marines.

Because I had had such an enjoyable experience when Geary fucked me with the vibrating dildo, I agreed to meet the Doctor in a motel in Smithfield, NC.

When we met, the Doctor sucked me off, and I sucked him off. After a period of recovery, I sucked him hard again. He put a condom on and covered it with lubricate before gently entering my virgin ass. Once he was fully inserted he began picking up the pace. I had no problem accepting his entire cock and the massage my prostate was receiving was simply awesome.

Soon he was pounding my ass and damn I was loving it. I don’t know how long he fucked me but it could have lasted forever as far as I was concerned, but alas he finally plunged as deep as he could and held, as he emptied his balls into the condom. I was truly fucked by a real cock for the first time and I loved it.

I ended up meeting the Doctor in that same motel three times and he fucked me four times. Twice, the last time we met when he told me he was being shipped out. Damn, to this very day I miss the Doctor and his big cock.

Although I had begun an active man sex routine, I never lost my desire to fuck Peggy Sue. The coup de grace came when she was sixty-eight. I had started having some ED issues and spent a lot of time fingering her pussy to bring her to orgasm. I took advantage of her having a very good orgasm and went down on her.

At first, she started to protest, but when I started sucking her clit, her protests melted. I sucked that clit like a little cock until she came on my lips and face. After that, she never protested when I wanted to perform cunnilingus on her. Although she wouldn't admit it, she secretly wished she had let me do it years earlier. Although I performed oral sex on her, she still refused to suck my cock, but that was okay, I had men to suck me, and men probably suck cock better than women anyway.

I lost my much beloved Peggy Sue, March 8th, 2015.

Since I now have severe ED, I no longer look for pussy. These days I mostly suck cock and bottom. I do, however, dream of fucking Peggy Sue. And sweet dreams they are.

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