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Work Buddies: The Taste Test

A work buddy and his wife help me discover new pleasures......
Steve and I had know each other for eight years and had worked together for the last two. One afternoon we quit work early and went out drinking. The talk turn to sex and I told him about one time at a swing party when I had watched my now ex-wife get fucked by three guys in a row and how it was the hottest thing I had ever seen. He told me how arousing he thought it would be to watch his wife, Jenni, get fucked by another guy. The more we drank the more we talked openly about sex thoughts. He told me Jenni always thought I was kind of sexy and I told him I thought she was real sexy and I would gladly hit that anytime. Eventually we had drank too much to drive, but not enough to stop the party so he called Jenni to come get us so we could go get something to eat. While we waited and had another drink, he kept dropping hints that if we played it right, Jenni might be talked into fucking both of us that night. I just put that down as the alcohol talking.

Shortly, she shows up and she has a drink with us then we head to another bar that had food and pool tables. We eat and have another drink or two. Steve makes sure Jenni and I have some time alone to by getting himself into a pool tournament. Jenni is easy going and cool and she openly talks about sex with me, Steve comes by and drops the story about my ex and the party. Jenni takes that info and runs with it into another conversation about our sexual desires and fantasies. Long story short, the three of us are soon heading to a hotel for sex.

At the hotel, Steve waste no time and quickly starts kissing Jenni and she is more than ready. We both strip her clothes off as we caress and kiss up and down her body. Steve moves Jenni onto the bed once she is naked. I quickly spread her legs and work my way up to her already dripping pussy. Steve kneels at her head as she sucks his cock. After a few minutes Steve switches places with me. She sucks my cock so good I have to make her stop or I will cum too quick. Jenni tells us she is ready to be fucked , so Steve moves over and I get between her legs. I lift one of her legs as Steve lifts the other so he can watch as I slide my cock in. Her pussy is so hot and wet it practically sucks my cock in…Steve is watching all of this intently. I go slow at first because I don't want to cum too quick, but after a couple of minutes I have to stop and pull out.

As I pull out, Jenni rolls over on the bed and gets on her hands and knees. Steve quickly gets behind her and starts fucking her hard and fast. He really hammers her from behind and she is loving it. I don't know how he can fuck that hard and fast without blowing his load. Jenni is now in total slut mode, talking a stream of nasty, sexy talk that I had never heard a woman use. Steve was also chiming in with his nasty talk. He finally pulls out of her pussy and quickly gets around and feeds her his slippery cock which she hungrily takes all the way into her mouth. I take that opportunity to start fucking her from behind, but I am quickly on the edge of cumming and let them know how close I am!

Jenni tells me she wants me to cum in her mouth, so Steve and I switch places quickly and the second my cock is in her mouth I lose it and start filling her mouth with my spunk. That sets Steve off and he really roars as he slams his cock in deep and explodes in her pussy. That causes Jenni to push me back as her arms go out and her shoulders and head go flat on the bed with just her ass sticking up, impaled on Steve's cock. Of course, she is now in the throes of her own orgasm, and she cums hard as Steve gives her a couple more deep strokes. They stay in that sexy pose for a few more moments as they both calm down and when Steve pulls out, Jenni's body flops flat and Steve lays down on the bed next to Jenni. I thought, it doesn't get any better than that. I was wrong.

After a little rest and some re-hydration, Jenni slowly begins to stroke our cocks and announces it is her turn to direct the action. She has Steve and I lay on our backs next to each other as she starts sucking us both, going back and forth between us. She then has Steve turn around with his head toward the end of the bed and she straddles his head so he can eat her pussy while she leans over to suck my cock. After a little while of me enjoying her oral skills she climbs on top of me and straddles my thighs.

As she leans forward I feel Steve grab my hard cock and slip it into her wet pussy. Jenni knows by my smile and approving moan that I don't have any problems with that either. Steve is still laying next to me with his groin up by my shoulder, but now his head is laying on my upper leg as he watches my cock pumping in and out of Jenni's wet pussy. I can feel him touching my balls and her ass from time to time as we do a bump and grind thing, and I really like that sensation of being touched there while fucking.

Steve's hard cock is up by my shoulder and Jenni is rubbing and stroking it while we fuck. Steve rolls up on his side so she can lean over and suck him while she rocks up and down on me. She then takes her mouth off his cock and leans back to me and gives me a light kiss. I kiss her back, hard and with tongue so she knows that I like what she is doing. She goes back to his cock for a couple of sucks then back to french kiss me. She repeats that a couple time and it is so hot and exciting to both of us that we quickly go into hyper drive and we explode into body shaking orgasms together. She quickly recovers and lifts herself off of me and goes right into a 69 position with Steve.

Like most guys who have just cum, my sexual interest drops off sharply, but as I watch her suck Steve's cock from about a foot away, I can feel that sexual energy snapping back. I roll to my side and move even closer as her mouth slides up and down his cock and her hand does this rolling counter stroke. She looks at me as she slowly slides her mouth up and off his cock. She then reaches out and pulls my head toward her and kisses me. Jenni then pulls me closer and, between clenched teeth, tells me that she can feel Steve eating the cum out of her pussy and that he is going to make her cum again soon. Then as she leans back over Steve's cock, she pulls me my face right next to his cock and tells me she wants me to taste his cock.

For a moment, I hesitate, but in one simple motion she pulls my head down and feeds his cock into my mouth. It felt so natural and exciting that I started sucking like I knew exactly what to do. She started stroking his cock as she guided my head with her other hand. All the while, whispering in my ear what a hot sight it was to see his cock in my mouth while he was eating my cum from her pussy. I was so caught up in the moment it took me a few seconds to realize that Steve had started to buck his hips and moaning real loud. Suddenly Jenni pushed me back and his cock slipped out of my mouth and she quickly wrapped her lips around the head of it.

Steve's legs started to immediately shake and twitch under me and his hips came off the bed as Jenni held the tip of his cock firmly in her mouth. His cock throbbed and jerked as each rope of cum flowed up and into Jenni's mouth. As he shot his cum into her mouth she was looking directly at me, my head resting on his shaking thigh, not 6" from where her lips held the head of his erupting cock. When his cock quit jerking, she slowly sucked up and down on it a couple of times to get the last drops, then let if fall from her mouth. She then leaned over to me and gave me a lingering kiss. It was the most erotic sexual high I had ever felt. I remember thinking later that I got a small taste of his cum when she kissed me, but she really had swallowed most of it and she probably made sure I didn't get overwhelmed since it was my first taste. I am sure she knew at that point there would be more cum for me to taste!

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