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Work does pay

Sex with a work mate and her husband
When I was in my early twenties I was working for a travel agency in my local high street. I was the only male and enjoyed the attention from the range of women working there. There were two girls my age and the rest were thirty plus. The person I got on best with was a woman named Jane, who knew no bounds when it came to flirting, she was 36 and married to Andy. The flirting was the usual stuff, a bit of office banter, until one day when we had to do a late shift and lock up together.

At 9pm we locked the doors and as we went out into the back office. Jane made a remark about us being alone together and me being able to have my wicked way with her. I joked that I'd love that, but I didn't think Andy would be very happy. To which Jane replied that she knew it would make him more than happy. She went on to tell me that she told Andy all about our flirting and how she'd even told him she thought of me when they had sex! Then she asked me if I liked her. I said to her that she was a great friend. She paused and said she didn't mean it in that way and just came out and asked if i'd like to fuck her!

My heart was racing, Jane was a very attractive woman, blonde hair, with beautiful 36d chest and an equally sexy arse to match. I asked if she meant in the office to which she replied that she wanted it at her house but with one condition, that her husband could watch. I was a little unsure at first, but curiosity got the better of me and I agreed. So we locked the back of the office up and walked to the car park. My house wasn't far so I used to walk, Andy always picked Jane up on her night shift so he was there to meet us.

Jane asked Andy if he had room for one more, giggling as she did. Andy replied that he had with an excited tone in his voice. Jane and I both got in the car and as Andy drove off we started to kiss. A little nervously at first as Andy adjusted his mirror to get a good view. But as we lost our inhibitions the kissing became more passionate. My hands worked their way inside Jane's top, running over her gorgeous breasts, her nipples hard from the excitement. I took each one in turn between my forefinger and thumb and gently teased them as we kissed. Jane let out a low groan as I did, her right hand feeling between my legs, rubbing my now hard cock. I fully undid Jane's top and bra, taking a moment to admire her large breasts and bullet like nipples. Then I set to work with my tongue, licking each one in turn. Bitting and flicking, sucking and licking. Every time Jane moaned it spured me on, she was now stroking my cock. I quickly looked at Andy who was also stroking himself as he drove, we gained eye contact and he smiled.

This turned me on knowing I was giving pleasure to both of them.

Still sucking on Jane's nipples I started to hitch up her skirt, running my hand up Jane's thigh until I reached her pussy. Now while at work Jane had always said she wore no underwear which I always though was a lie, turned out to be a nice truth! Her pussy was wet, my fingers slide right inside, straight away I was fingering her deeply, combining it with nipple play. I felt the car stop and was about to take a look why, but Jane begged me to carry on.

I didn't need a second invitation so I opened her legs further and started to lick her. Her hands were now inside my top, scratching my back as she arched her back to get as much tongue as she could. In the front I could hear Andy breathing heavily, and I made the assumption he must be wanking over someone pleasuring his wife.

Jane started to quiver, calling out, imploring me to make her cum. As her body convulsed, flooding my mouth with her juices, grinding my face with her pelvis, she pulled my hair as she came. Then after she had calmed down she asked if Andy could join us. I was a little put out by this as I wanted to fuck Jane hard, my cock was straining at the leash! But I have to admit, seeing Andy in the front playing with himself was a turn on, so I agreed. I thought to myself that we would never reach the house!

Andy jumped in the back. I was in between both Jane and Andy, sitting back in the seat with my cock bulging in my trousers. Jane unzipped them and took out my cock. She told me that she'd always wanted to get her hands on it, and I hadn't disapointed. With that she started to wank me off, then I saw her nod to Andy and the next thing you know Andy leans over and starts to kiss and tongue the head of my cock. I was in two minds whether to call a halt to proceeding, but it felt so good I stayed silent, apart from my slight moans!

Then Jane and Andy took it in turns to suck me off. Jane took my whole cock down whilst Andy sucked a little shallower. I twitched to cum, but both stopped until the moment had passed and Jane telling me she wanted to feel me cum inside her. With this she straddled me and guided my cock inside her. I gasped as I felt the warmth inside Jane's pussy, she started to ride me, very slowly, exhagerating every stroke. She then guided my left hand to Andy's cock and automatically I started to wank him, faster and faster as Jane increased her pace.

Andy was moaning out loud with each stroke, Jane encouraged him by telling him we both wanted to see him cum. She stopped riding me as his moans got louder, then, and to really make Andy buck, she told him to imagine us both fucking him, telling him how much she knew he wanted that. At this point he came, groaning loudly as I kept wanking him, I could feel his hot load on my hand and his cock pumping as I tightened my grip. Andy sat back to regain his composure as Jane again started to ride me. Her pelvis pumping, clenching and relaxing her pussy muscles so I could feel her tighten around my cock. Then Andy started to play with my balls, rubbing his cum on them, telling me Jane would clean me up later. I started to cum, as I did Jane held my face and told me to look her in the eyes. I gazed into her blue eyes as I filled her with cum, lifting my arse off the seat to give her all i'd got.

Jayne without a word cleaned 3 lots of cum off our cocks. I was in a state of disbelief, having set out for a normal night at work I had ended up having my first bisexual encounter and fucked a work mate...result, although we never made the house that night!

This was the start of a beautiful threesome which took me to sexual places i'd never thought id go. But that as they say is a whole new other set of stories. Hope you enjoyed :)

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