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Work Experience

Me, my senior secretary and my boss get it on.
I was new to the office. I had only started there two weeks ago having just finished uni’. Carla was the articles clerk and had worked there for about two years and I was her junior assistant. We worked for two solicitors, Peter and Mark. Both Carla and I worked behind a large, curved reception type desk and the doors to the partners’ offices were directly behind our area.

Carla and I got on great from the start. She was tall, 26 years old, slim and very pretty with short, black hair that fell only to the nape of her neck, small breasts which were usually covered with either a tight crew, or polo neck sweater. She habitually wore a tight, short skirt that, especially when she sat, revealed the most gorgeous, long, slim legs and thighs. In short, she was drop-dead beautiful. She made me feel horny every time I looked at her but in the two weeks that I had known her, she never gave any indication that she was bi’, and I was pretty sure that she was screwing Peter, the way they smiled at each other and touched when they talked, all seemed to indicate that there was something going on between them.

For anyone out there who has read my first true story, ‘An Afternoon in the Pool,’ you will know that my boyfriend John and I, together with Bobbie and Brett had a wonderful four way relationship for a couple of years. We were not two separate couples as such, we shared and loved each other equally and our relationship together was continuous sexual playground where we explored, discovered and acted out all of our erotic fantasies.

Bobbie was always the extrovert, the dominant one if you like. She would dream up all sorts of sexual scenarios and loved being the ring leader, we all loved it and the guys were like putty in her hands. As for me, I was quite happy to be subservient to anything she thought of. When it came to playing gang-bangs or pretend rape, I usually ended up being the ‘victim.’ Not that I minded, I was only too willing. I know it sounds odd to use the terms ‘gang-bang’ and ‘rape,’ I could call it an orgy but that sounds a bit bacchanalian, anyway, whatever you call it, it is beautiful when it is being done to you by people you love.

Brett and Bobbie moved on in their lives and John and I were living together at the time of this story. John was, (and still is) a teacher and I was a junior articles clerk in a solicitor’s office.

John and I loved each other very much but we both missed Bobbie and Brett. Bobbie and I exchange horny emails every now and again but they now live at the other end of the country and I live in Indonesia . Before I came here we only saw each other about once a year. A couple of years ago Bobbie spent a week with us in Darwin on her own because Brett couldn’t get leave. John thought all his birthdays had come at once as he had two girls in bed with him for a whole week. Bobbie promised to send Brett on his own the following year so I could have two gorgeous cocks to myself for a week. But that’s another story.

John and I found it a huge turn-on to lay in bed, naked, and reminisce about the things the four of us used to do when we were together. We would like nothing better than to lay together, masturbating each other slowly as we talk about those days. I can muse about how sensational it felt to feel his, or Brett’s cock slipping into me whilst it was still wet from being inside Bobbie a few seconds before, or how utterly wicked it felt to feel his, or Brett’s half limp cock slip out of me after shooting his load deep inside me, to be replaced seconds later with another hard muscled erection, penetrating me to the hilt, throbbing and pulsating as the depths of my vagina was flooded with a second gush of warm semen.

I’m so sorry. I got a little bit carried away there. I’m supposed to be telling you about Carla, but I get so fucking horny when I daydream about those days. I got to a stage, about half way through the last paragraph that I was typing with one hand, and fingering myself with the other!

One of the things that attracted me towards the job when I had my first interview was the casual air and dress of both the partners and Carla. It was not the usual stuffy, formal sort of atmosphere that you see and feel in many law practices and I soon felt at home there. I never feel real comfortable in tight skirts and I felt free to dress as I wished, which was usually a short, loose skirt, calf length boots and, like Carla, I favored light but tight fitting tops.

I enjoyed the job as soon as I started, however, I had one huge problem, I was completely obsessed with Peter. As soon as I walked into their office for my interview and saw him, my knees turned to water; he was the most beautiful, casual, laid-back guy I had ever met. He sort of lounged back in his chair with his right hand resting on his desk top twiddling a pen as he and Mark interviewed me. He was tall, about 6’ 2” had a typically bronzed Aussie’ complexion, (I later found out his great love was surfing) penetrating blue eyes, an unruly mop of flaxen hair which he kept brushing away from his eyes and, like most surfers, a fantastic athletic build. He wore a white shirt; open at the neck with the sleeves rolled halfway up his forearms. With the exception of John, my boy friend, I had never met a guy that had such an immediate effect on me.

I thought I had blown the interview, Peter’s presence was almost overpowering, I couldn’t hold eye contact with him for more than a couple of seconds without my tummy feeling like it was turning to water. It didn’t help when I dropped my eyes to his hand fiddling with his pen, it almost hypnotized me. I couldn’t help thinking what that hand would feel like against my skin, touching the side of my face, stroking and caressing my naked breasts, sliding slowly and sensuously upwards along the inside of my thighs, the fingers brushing against my soft lips underneath the fabric of my briefs. Ahhhhhh!!

“Fuck! Snap out of it you stupid cow.” I told myself as I realized that I was almost in a trance and my legs were actually falling apart as I sat there just thinking about Peter’s hand between them. Anyway, I got the job even though I blubbered my way through the interview.

It was great to be able to dress informally; I was expecting to be required to wear some sort of dark, severe business suit or uniform. I took my cue from Carla and wore my skirts short but loose and my tops casual. I consider myself to have a good body and be presentably good looking. Blonde, 24 years, blue eyes, slim with small breasts. I have been told that I have the sort of legs that a man would kill for. (See my profile pic’ and form your own opinion) I had also made up my mind that I wanted Peter to see as much of me as was decently possible, and, whenever I could, I would sit in such a position that whenever Peter was in the area he would get a good look at my legs. I tried to be discrete and not make it too obvious that I was attracted to him but I don’t think I made a very good job of fooling Carla, she would give me a rather wry sort of a smile every time she caught me gazing, (or rather drooling) at him.

Several times a week both Mark and Peter had court appearances, most of the time they were in court at different times but occasionally they were both away from the office at the same time. One Wednesday, after I had been working there for about two weeks, Mark had already left for court. Peter came down about 10am in his formal, black suit, (they had to dress formally for court.) He told Carla that he would be in court for most of the day. The way they smiled at each other and the way he lightly touched her shoulder as he spoke convinced me that they were definitely screwing each other.

I spent the next five minutes fantasising about watching Carla and Peter making love, burying my face between her gorgeous thighs, teasing her clit’ with my tongue and then kneeling at the side of her as Peter moved between her thighs. I was unconsciously squeezing my own thighs together as I imagined holding Peter’s erection and guiding it between Carla’s sweet thighs. It seemed I was spending most of my working time daydreaming about sex with either Peter, Carla or both of them..

Shit! I almost jumped out of my skin. Mark had returned to collect a brief which was on top of my desk. I had been so wrapped in my daydream I hadn’t noticed him return. I turned my chair to face him and my head was on a level with his hips which were just inches away from my face as he stood there.

“Sorry if I startled you.” He said, with the usual smile on his face. “Look after the shop; I’ll be in court all day.”

What the fuck was wrong with me? I couldn’t even mumble a reply. My eyes were riveted on the front of his trousers thinking how I would like to reach out, pull his zipper down and…..He moved off, and as he did so I noticed Carla looking at me with a big smile on her face.

Carla’s workspace was just along the reception desk from mine. As Mark left the office, she swung her chair around to face me and crossed her fabulous, slim legs, her tight skirt riding up along her smooth, shapely thighs and, being such a slut, my eyes were instantly drawn to them like a magnet. Still smiling she said,

“You’re not too good at hiding things, are you?”

“What do you mean?” I stammered. Of course I knew perfectly well what she meant and I could feel myself blushing to the roots of my hair.

“Look.” She said, “The boys are away for a while so I think it is about time you and I have a talk about what is happening around here. I’ll go and make us a coffee.”

‘Shit!’ I thought, as she was making the coffee, ‘I’ve blown it.’ I was sure I was in for a bollocking from her, and curiously, she had locked the office door on her way to make the coffee.

Carla came back with the coffee and put them both on the desk near me. She rolled her chair up close to mine. We were sat facing each other, our knees almost touching. I again cursed myself for not being able to resist a glance at her legs as she sat down.

“Ok,” she began, “You are as easy to read as a book and it’s rather obvious that you have one hell of an obsession about Peter.”

“No, no,” I started to stammer, “It’s just that…”

“Oh come on,” she interrupted, “You almost drool every time you look at him and go to pieces every time he comes near you.”

“Ok. Look, I’m sorry I am so obvious.” I couldn’t look her in the eyes, but when I dropped them I again found myself focusing on her perfect legs and was forced to turn my face away to my computer. “I suppose I should do the right thing and resign.” I said lamely.

“Don’t be silly.” She replied. “He’s a fantastic looking guy; it doesn’t surprise me that you should be attracted to him. The only reason I wanted to talk with you is because there is something you need to know from me and something I need to know from you in case we make complete fools of ourselves.”

I was feeling like a complete idiot. I knew exactly what was coming, she was about to warn me off Peter. Carla was still looking at me with her gorgeous smile, her mouth slightly open showing her perfect teeth and as she looked at me, she was slowly running the tip of her tongue along the bottom edge of her upper lip as if she were gazing at a display of cream cakes.

“Unless you haven’t already guessed.” she said, “Peter and I are an item and I intend for it to stay that way.”

There it was. She was warning me off. She had not raised her voice, nor had she stopped smiling, but she was warning me off just the same, and I felt crushed and embarrassed for being so stupidly obvious. I started to stammer some sort of apology but she leaned forward and placed her hand on top of mine which were clenched in my lap and said.

“Don’t apologise. Peter is a great looking guy and I can understand any girl being attracted to him. I just wanted to let you know how things are. Now, there is something I need to know from you so that we can avoid any further embarrassment.”

‘Oh God! What now.’ I thought.

“Am I right in thinking that you are more than a little interested in me?” she continued slowly. As she said this, she leaned forward in her chair and moved her hand from where she had been holding mine on my lap and placed it on my knee.

I almost jumped out of my chair as her hand rested softly on my knee, and my hands gripped the arm rests as if I was going to take off. Carla didn’t remove her hand however. She continued to smile and look directly into my eyes and left it resting on my knee. It was such a light touch but it felt as if a hot flush was radiating from her hand, along my thighs and infiltrating my tummy with a deep sensual burning.

“Oh Shit! Oh Fuck!” I blurted. “I’m so sorry Carla. I didn’t mean to offend you.” I was doubly embarrassed because I realized I had used the f**k and s**t words, not the sort of language a junior clerk in a legal practice would normally use in the presence of her senior.

“Ok. Don’t get upset.” She said. “I am not offended. I just want you to get it out in the open if it is true.”

I was so embarrassed by now that tears had started to roll down my cheeks.

“I’m so very sorry Carla.” I sobbed, “It’s true. You’re so gorgeous. I didn’t mean it to be so obvious. I promise I will…..” I didn’t get chance to finish.

Carla’s hand moved from resting on top of my knee and slowly slid between them. At the same time she rolled her chair closer until our chairs were side by side. She put her other hand on the side of my face and smoothed away the tears.

“Don’t cry.” She said softly as she lowered her face towards me and placed her sweet lips on mine.

My whole body melted. My lips opened to hers and my legs fell apart of their own accord as she moved her hand slowly along the inside of my thigh. I felt the tip of her tongue slip inside my mouth, my own tongue responded, probing and slipping against hers, like two slippery snakes performing a love ritual. My left hand moved behind her head, holding her face against mine and my other hand moved to her breast, cupping it in my hand, caressing it, savoring the feel of her hard, tight nipple protruding against the fabric of her top.

Carla’s hand was moving slowly higher between my thighs as we kissed. I was groaning deep in my throat, breathing hard through my nose against her cheek. It felt almost surreal. The higher her hand moved on the inside of my thigh, the weaker my body seemed to become, and I was slipping down lower in my chair as if my hips were trying to meet Carla’s hand, impatient for her fingers to reach their ultimate destination, the slowness of Carla’s hand was infuriatingly teasing as her fingers slowly caressed the inside of my thigh. She lifted her lips from mine. My breath was coming in short, sobbing gasps.

“I needed to be sure Amee. Do you really want me?” she whispered, her sweet lips only inches from mine. “Do you want to touch me, feel me? Tell me Amee. Tell me what you want to do with me.”

“Oh Fuck! Carla. Yes. Everything. Anything. Oh Please. Don’t stop.” I was gasping and slobbering I had dropped my free hand on to hers which was half way up the inside of my thigh, trying to move it higher but she resisted the pressure and held her hand steady halfway along the inside of my thigh. At the same time I had dropped my other hand from her small firm breast on to the top of her own thigh, just below the hem of her tight skirt which had ridden almost to the top of her thighs. Her skin was as smooth as silk, warm and inviting. I wanted to slide my hand higher. I needed to slide my hand higher. I knew I would die if I couldn’t, just once, feel the soft lips of her vagina against my fingertips. But Carla put her free hand on mine and stopped its upward movement.

She was playing with me and I knew it, but I couldn’t help myself, I was completely in her power. “Please! Oh Please!” I begged. But she stopped my begging with another long kiss which raised my emotions to an almost unbearable height of sensual overload and, during which time I continued, unsuccessfully, to put pressure on her hand between my thighs to urge it higher. Likewise, her left hand was still preventing mine from moving further up her leg.

Carla knew exactly how urgent my need was. She removed her lips from mine, still smiling. She knew she had me where she wanted me.

“I need to be sure you want me. ” She said, her wicked little smile teasing the shit out of me. As she said this she took her left hand off mine and slowly lifted the lever at the side of my chair which lowered the backrest. I was a bit startled as I felt myself going backwards and tried to sit up, but Carla put her hand on my shoulder and told me to relax. As my chair reclined, almost to the prone position, my right hand slipped from between her thighs and down to her knee.

“Show me where you want me to touch you Amee.”

“Yes.” I gasped as I again tried to pull her hand higher between my thighs. God! Yes. I would do anything for her. I wanted her so much. I was aching all over for her.

“No.” she smiled, still resisting the pressure of my hand. “I want you to show me with your hand.”

She had overpowered me completely. I couldn’t refuse. She made me pull my skirt up to my waist, revealing my black briefs.

“Show me. ” She said. “Show me where you want me to touch you.” I was aware that the smile had left her face, her voice had become a little hoarse and her breathing had quickened as she riveted her gaze on the front of my briefs.

I let my legs fall a little wider apart, moved my hand between my thighs and let my middle finger rest against the front of my briefs, lightly touching the incredibly sensitive lips of my vagina.

“Here.” I breathed softly, looking her directly in the eye. “I want you to touch me here.”

I had never felt so utterly horny in my life, but I was also aware that Carla was no longer completely in command of the situation. Her attitude so far had been one of sexy mischievousness, playing with my weakness, confident in the knowledge that I was younger and less experienced than her. She had obviously observed me in the short time that I had been working with her and concluded correctly that I was sexually obsessed with both her and Peter. She knew she could dominate me and get me to do whatever it took to have her.

The quickness of her breathing, the way she kept moistening her lips with the tip of her tongue and long, low groan deep in her throat as she watched the middle finger of my left hand slowly tracing back and forth along the cleavage of my vagina pressing hard against the fabric of my briefs all these things penetrated the mist of my sexual arousal and I knew that she wanted me as much as I wanted her and I decided to try to take the initiative.

I let my legs fall open a little wider and slipped my hand down the front of my panties. “Is this what you want to see?” I breathed, as I started to move my fingers.

Carla’s eyes were fixed on the outline of my fingers moving under the fabric. She exhaled a long, slow “Oooooh!” and slid her hand all the way up the inside of my thigh and put her hand against mine on the outside of my panties, feeling the movement of my finger inside as I continued to trace it back and forth along the moist, soft lips of my cunt.

I seemed to have gained the upper hand with her although I was finding it incredibly hard to maintain it. I could feel the beginning of that exquisite build up of tension I always get when I masturbate and I knew from experience that I had to keep the movement of my finger slow against my lips and clit’ and, at any cost I must resist the huge temptation to slip my finger inside because, once that happened, I knew my finger would go into overdrive regardless of what my brain tried to tell it and I would begin a stampede to an orgasm which I wouldn’t be able to stop even if the Pope walked into the room.

I have always loved to masturbate and it really excites me when someone is watching, luckily John and I got a real turn-on watching each other do it. We got a real high from talking to each other and getting into incredibly erotic detail about the things we have previously done with Bobbie and Brett. Sometimes I would wank him while he fingered me or sometimes we would just lie side by side on the bed and masturbate ourselves whilst we talked. It never ceases to fascinate me watching a guy come. I mean, when a guy comes inside you it’s great of course, but when a guy is driving several inches of hard cock into you and you are also bucking your hips against him and you are both about to come, the whole thing can get a bit frenetic and, it’s sometimes hard to imagine how hard he is coming and to feel how much. I know I am probably not making too much sense but there is nothing I liked more than to occasionally just lie naked with John, my cheek resting on the hard muscles of his stomach and stroking the whole length of his rigid shaft, savoring the feel of his tight balls as I fondle and caress them. It never ceased to amaze me how small my slim hand and fingers looked when they were wrapped around his rock-hard shaft, and how his huge length of rigid muscle could feel so smooth and silky to the touch.

I liked John to just lay back and relax and stroke my hair as I alternate between stroking his gorgeous cock and slipping it into my mouth and flicking the tip of my tongue against the swollen head. He would say it felts like a butterfly fluttering on the end of his cock. I would usually let him call the pace as I loved to hear the way he talked when he was approaching the point of no return and I had him completely in my power.

“Ahaaa! Fuck Ameeee! Yes! Oh Jeeeez! Yes! Just like that. Pleeeze! Faster! Amee! God! Fuck! I’m coming! Now! Amee, Amee, Ameeee….!

By the time he was approaching his orgasm I usually had the hard, swollen head of his cock between my lips, licking and probing the circumference hard with my wet, slippery tongue, one hand furiously wanking the length of his solid shaft and the other cupping his tight balls as his hips started to buck and jerk and a string of incomprehensible groans escaped his throat. This was usually the precursor of an imminent eruption. As soon as he gasped that he was coming I would make sure that the head of his cock was thoroughly wet with my saliva before I took him out of my mouth and moved my hand up to the top of his rod, jerking him rapidly, my palm deliciously lubricated by my saliva.

God! I just loved the way his cock seemed to convulse as that first stream of semen ejaculated. I have found also that, if I placed a fingertip of my hand that is holding his balls, at that soft point underneath his shaft, just above his balls, I could feel his cum, (or at least the first couple of forceful shots) like a series of little pulses as his semen coursed along his hard-on before erupting in a couple of hard, beautiful spurts before subsiding to gentler, spasmodic gushes that ooze out of the end of his cock like small lava flows which would run and drip down my clenched fist with the texture of warm cream.

I told John about Carla, how incredibly beautiful she was, and how I thought she was fucking Peter. John, half jokingly, asked me why I didn’t try to put the hard word on her. I told him that she was too classy for the likes of me and I would probably lose my job if I tried. He then went rather serious and told me that he honestly wouldn’t mind if I was getting it on with another girl as long as I didn’t try to keep it secret and shared my experiences with him.

Sorry, I digress. On reflection, it must have been a rather bizarre scene in the office; I was laying back in my chair, my skirt around my hips and my hand down the front of my briefs, fingering myself in front of Carla. Her eyes were riveted on my fingers as she watched them moving. She placed her hand on top of mine and pulled the hem of my briefs down, uncovering my fingers as she watched my middle finger slowly teasing the lips of my cunt.

“Oh. How gorgeous!” she exclaimed as she realized that I was completely smooth. “Let me touch Amee.” She breathed as she tried to move my fingers to one side.

“Is this just a one way party?” I asked her cheekily as I covered my vagina with my hand, preventing her touching me. I was recovering my confidence as it was becoming more obvious that she wanted me as much as I wanted her.

Carla stood up. “No. It isn’t Amee.” She replied. “I need to make a call.” She said, very businesslike, and started to fish around in her handbag, pulling out her mobile.

I didn’t have a clue what she was doing. If she wanted to make a call, why didn’t she use the desk phone? I straightened up my chair and my clothing as she walked around the desk and across to the far side of the reception area, out of my earshot as she dialed a number. I was feeling rather miffed and embarrassed that she left me like that. I was sure she was almost as turned on as I was and I thought we were going to make out right there on the carpet behind the reception desk. She had her back to me as I looked over the desk at her, drinking in the perfection of her body, her firm, tight arse outlined against her close fitting skirt and her incredibly beautiful legs which, right then, I would give my right arm to be able to bury my face between.

She turned around suddenly and smiled at me, still talking in a low voice on the phone. She hung up after a few seconds and came back around the desk. She held out her hands to me I took them in mine and stood facing her. She slipped her hands around my waist and I draped mine around the back of her neck as our lips met, lightly at first, just brushing together, the tips of our tongues flicking and sliding together sensually. Carla pressed her hips against mine and I returned the pressure as our open lips crushed together, both of us groaning deep in our throats and Carla’s hands gripping the cheeks of my butt, pulling me hard against her.

We pulled apart breathlessly. “No.” Carla repeated. “It isn’t a one way show. I want you desperately Amee.”

God! If only she knew how it made me feel to hear those words from her.

“Will you come back with me to my place for a while?” she asked.

There were still a couple of hours before we closed the office at 4.30pm. “I don’t know if I can wait that long.” I replied, kissing her lightly on the lips again and fondling one of her firm breasts slowly with my hand.

“No problem.” She said, “That was Peter I was talking to on the phone just now and he said that neither of them were coming back to the office after court so we can close up in half an hour.” I wondered again why she had used her mobile and not the desk phone.

“What about Peter?” I asked. “Won’t you be seeing him later?”

“I was going to, but I told him that you and I were going to spend some time together at my place getting down and dirty.”

“You didn’t!” I gasped

“Of course I did.” She replied. “He knows I have a thing about you so he wasn’t surprised.”

I was dumbfounded that she would say such a thing to him, but before I could say anything she continued.

“You might like to know that he also has a thing about you. We often talk about you when we’re in bed. He’d love to be several inches inside you if he had half the chance.”

I was too stunned to reply. I just stood there with my mouth open.

“Oh. Come on Amee.” She said smiling. “We both know how much you fancy him. Admit it. You would love to fuck him stupid. Wouldn’t you?”

“Well yes.” I spluttered. It was the first time I had heard her use that word. “But he is your guy. I promise you I would never do anything like that behind your back.”

“No. You wouldn’t.” she replied. “If you did fuck him, I would want to be watching.” I was stunned and speechless again. “Hey. Lighten up darling.” She said. “The reason we have a good relationship is that we know each others tastes, thoughts, desires and fantasies and we are very open about them to each other.”

We cleared up the desk in silence and my mind was in a whirl. I couldn’t seem to form a coherent thought.

“Come on.” She said. “Let’s go and you can tell me all about your John while we drive.”

It was hot and humid as we drove home. It was the beginning of the wet season and there were towering black clouds churning on the horizon over the Arafura Sea , lightening flickering eerily from crest to crest as the monsoon storm approached.

We drove with the air conditioner on full and she insisted that I tell her all about John, how we met, how long we had been together, etc. As I told her, I couldn’t take my gaze from her legs. Her skirt had ridden up to the top of her thighs and she saw me looking at them.

“Touch me if you want darling.” she said, cheekily so I dropped my hand on to her incredibly smooth thigh, just above her knee.

“What would John think if he knew you were making love with girl?” she asked.

“Oh. He’d be over the moon. He would find it a huge turn-on and want me to relate every little detail to him.” I said, “Especially if he knew it was you.” As soon as I said this, I almost bit my lip.

“Why me?” she asked. “He doesn’t even know me.”

So I told her everything. How I had described her to John and how he loved to hear me talk about her. As I was talking I stroked my hand along Carla’s leg and slipped it between her thighs. She was obviously getting turned on as I related this to her as she moved her legs as far apart as her driving position would allow so that I could trace my middle finger back and forth along the warm, pliant lips of her vagina concealed beneath the smooth fabric of her briefs.

We parked in the basement of her apartment building and took the elevator. We didn’t talk much. I think we were both anticipating what we would soon be doing together.

Her apartment was on the top floor of a 17 storey building. It was beautiful. Two bedrooms and an open plan kitchen, dining and living area with double glass doors which opened out on to a gorgeous balcony overlooking the Arafura Sea.

“Make yourself at home whilst I make a phone call.” She said, taking her mobile and walking through one of the bedroom doors.

Again, I wondered why she was using her mobile instead of the house phone which was sitting on the breakfast bar. I walked out on to the balcony and leaned on the rails, looking out over the sea, watching the approaching thunderheads as they towered higher and ominously.

It seemed quite some time before I heard the bedroom door open and I turned to see Carla. She was a vision. She had changed into a very short, white silk, wrap around robe, loosely tied around her waist which allowed the front to fall open to the belt revealing a satin smooth cleavage and the outline of her small firm breasts and pert little nipples pressing against the fabric. The hem of the robe only just covered her hips and the top of her thighs, exposing the whole length of her beautiful legs.

She came over to me and kissed me. “Go and make yourself comfortable while I get us a drink.” She said. “There’s another robe on the bed.

I walked into her bedroom. It was a large room with a huge bed. The covers had been pulled down to the bottom of the bed and the sheets were cool, white cotton, the wall at the foot of the bed was a full width, walk-in robe with sliding doors which were glass from floor to ceiling. There was a black robe on the bed; identical to the one Carla was wearing. She had turned the air conditioning on and the ceiling fan was humming slowly

I stood in front of the mirror wall and slipped out of my clothes until I was naked, the breeze from the fan playing sensually against my skin. Looking at my reflection, I suddenly felt nervous and very inferior to that very beautiful and self assured girl in the other room. I was not as tall as her and, although my skin was without blemish, it was very pale, almost translucent when compared to Carla’s. Elegant was the word that came to mind when I thought of her. I didn’t consider myself ‘elegant,’ pert and pretty maybe, but certainly not elegant.

I slipped the robe on. It fitted nicely but of course the hem was rather lower than Carla’s due to her height. I walked back into the room as Carla was pouring two glasses of wine at the breakfast bar. She looked at me as I walked towards her. “Delicious! I could eat you.” She said.

“Feel free to do so.” I replied cheekily.

She slid the glass across the bar to me and she asked me to speculate more about John’s possible attitude if he found out about us. I thought she might be a bit worried, but she was relaxed and smiling as she asked, so I put it down to being a sort of turn-on for her to hear me talk about John and I. Strangely enough, neither of us seemed to be in any hurry to get to the main business of the day. We both knew what was going to happen and it was as if the longer we took getting around to it, the more the anticipation and excitement built up.

We were on our third glass and still bantering generally on the subject of how we would both feel watching John or Peter making out with another girl. I was feeling pretty heady with the wine when I suddenly remembered John was supposed to pick me up from work and I would have to tell him where I was. I told Carla and asked if I could use the phone.

She came around the bar and took my hand. “You can use the bedroom extension.” She said as she led me of in that direction. I was feeling a little unsteady on my feet due to the wine as I followed her into the bedroom.

The phone was on a small bedside table on the far side of the bed from the door. I walked around and sat on the edge of the bed and picked up the handset to dial. On the wall facing me was a small mirror and as I dialed I looked into the mirror and saw Carla standing behind me on the other side of the bed.

The sight of her took my breath away. She had slipped her gown off and was naked. The most beautiful, the most stunning body I had ever seen. I heard the ring tone on the phone as Carla walked slowly round to my side of the bed and stood in front of me. She took the handset out of my hand, laid it on the bedside table and pressed the hands free button, the dial tone coming loud through the speaker.

“Stand up.” She whispered. I was completely hypnotized by her naked loveliness and stood as if I were a robot for her to command. She slipped the knot at my waist, walked behind me and slipped the robe off my shoulders until it fell away from me and dropped around my ankles. At that moment John picked up the phone.


I was struck dumb. My brain seemed to have fogged up. All I was aware of was Carla’s slim hands that had slipped around under my arms and were now gently fondling my breasts and nipples, and her smooth mound brushing lightly against the cheeks of my firm butt. My body had gone weak and my head had fallen back onto her shoulder, abandoning my senses to the feel of her hands and her soft breath and lips which were running teasing kisses along the side of my neck and top of my shoulders.

“Hullo. Who’s that?

“You had better answer him darling.” Carla whispered in my ear whilst she was nibbling my ear lobe.

“John.” I managed in a sort of strangled gasp.

“Amee. Amee. Are you ok?”

“Yes. I just wanted to let you know that I am not at work so don’t come to pick me up.”

“Hang on. Let me get a towel.” He said. “I’ve just got out the shower and I’m dripping on the carpet. I was leaving in about ten minutes. Where are you anyway?”

“I’m at Carla’s place.” There was a protracted silence, and then, in a lower tone which was still audible over the speaker.

“Hey. Are you two getting it on together?” My voice was quavering.

“She just invited me to her place for a drink after work.”

Carla was still behind me, kissing my shoulders and my back. Her right hand was still fondling my breast and her left hand was sliding slowly down across my tummy, her fingers moving in little circles around my smooth mons venus.

“Hey.” He said. You sound hyped up. Just like you sound when you’re horny. You sure you’re not at it. You’ve never made any secret about wanting to fuck her. Fuck. I’m getting hard just thinking about it.” I could feel Carla’s lips breaking into a smile against my neck as she continued to kiss me.

“I told you, I.. Aaaah!” I exclaimed involuntary as Carla’s finger slipped between my thighs and between the moist, soft lips of my slit.

“Hi John” Said Carla. Another long silence…

I couldn’t believe what was happening. I was incapable of speech. Carla’s finger was stroking all the right buttons between my thighs and all I could do was moan and sigh. John always says that I make enough noise to wake the dead when we make love and my body was turning to jelly under the exquisite sensation of Carla’s caresses and the feel of her small breasts against my shoulders and the smooth, silky feel of her tummy and pubeless thighs which she was grinding firmly against my butt in rhythm with the slow, teasing, circular motion of the tip of her middle finger against my clit’.

“Carla?” Came John’s querying voice softly over the speaker.

“Yes. It’s me John.” She replied.

“Oh Shit!” he said, “I’m sorry Carla. I should learn to keep my mouth shut.”

“Hey. Don’t worry about it. I understand perfectly.”

This was bizarre. Here we both stood, naked. Carla embracing me from behind, one hand still fondling my breast, the fingers of her other hand masturbating me almost to the point of swooning, and, at the same time, carrying on a phone conversation with my boyfriend who was probably dripping wet and wearing nothing but a towel.

Carla slipped her finger from between my thighs and moved around to my side. My body felt so weak that I almost collapsed on to the bed and bumping the bedside table in the process, nearly over turning the lamp that was sitting on it. John heard the noise.

“What was that?” he exclaimed.

Claudia lay on the bed at the side of me.

“Sorry John.” She said. “Just a little accident with the bedside table.”

“Bedside table?” he said again with that query in his voice.

I was lying on my back, closest to the phone and Claudia was lying on her side next to me, the front of her body pressed close to my right side, the fingers of her right hand returning to slowly tease and caress my pert nipples.

“Yes John. We came back to my place for a drink and decided we would like to get to know each other a lot closer. If you know what I mean.” the last six words Clara said in a low, sensual drawl.

“In the bedroom?” his voice reflecting his disbelief. “Amee.” he said. “Are you two trying to stir me up?”

“Tell him darling. Tell him.” Claudia breathed into my ear before lowering her lips to my right breast as she continued to fondle the other.

“Nnnno darling. Not kidding.” I stammered, the sensation of Claudia’s fingers and lips causing my words to escape in short gasps. “We’re in the bedroom.”



“Both of you?”


Claudia interrupted and began to speak. I desperately wanted to touch her and feel her, but she was leaning over me, holding me on my back with her lips and hands on my breasts. All I could do was run my fingers through her hair and down her gorgeous, naked back. She slid her right leg across the top of my right thigh, my legs fell open as she slipped her leg between mine so that the top of her thigh nuzzled against the lips of my vagina, and, raising my right leg slightly, I felt the delicious sensation of the warm, soft, moist lips of her cunt against the top of my own thigh as she straddled it.

“You are a very lucky guy John.”

Carla breathed these words softly whilst we looked intently into each others eyes. She was talking directly to me but making sure that John could hear every word.

“She is so cute, pretty and sexy. She has a beautiful body and it feels soooo gorgeous against mine.”

As she said this she started to move her hips in gentle circles on my thigh as she straddled me, pressing her cunt firmly against the top of my thigh. I moved my hands down her back to the cheeks of her butt, feeling her muscles flex as she pushed her hips against me. I pulled her harder to me, dropping my left hand to the back of her thigh, just below her buttock, pulling it hard between my legs and arching my hips against her so that my own slit was sliding and grinding hard against the smooth flesh of her thigh. Sweet, incredible fucking ecstacy! We were humping each others thighs slowly. I couldn’t control the groans and gasps that were escaping my throat and I was vaguely aware of John breathing heavily into the phone.

“You don’t mind do you John?” she continued. “You don’t mind if Amee and I spend some time together like this?”

“God! Yes… I mean no…I mean…Fuck! I don’t believe this.

Carla lifted her body from mine. “Oh Fuck! Don’t stop.” I cried as I tried to drag her back on top of me.

“What’s happening Amee?” John said as he heard me cry out.

“Slowly darling. Slowly. We don’t want to rush something this beautiful do we?” Carla breathed.

Carla was completely in control of both John and I, and it was turning me on beyond belief, knowing that John could hear every word and movement we said or made. I had almost been on the point of coming when she was on top of me, working our cunts against each others thighs, and, as she rolled off to the side of me, my hand slipped of its own accord between my legs and I began to masturbate myself slowly.

Carla had that same glazed look in her eyes that I had seen when she watched me on the chair in the office. I was on my back with my left knee raised and Carla was lying on her left side, supporting herself on her elbow. She placed her right hand on the inside of my raised thigh and gently pulled my raised leg closer towards her body, spreading my legs wider as she fixed her eyes on the movement of my fingers.

“You like watching me do this, don’t you? I said to Carla.

“Do what? Amee what’s happening? What are you doing? John’s strained voice over the speaker.

God! This was exciting. “I’m doing what you like to watch me do to myself with my fingers darling.” I replied. “Ohooo..! It feels so good.” then to Carla. “You do it too darling. I want to watch you do it.”

Whilst I had been talking, Carla had moved her hand between my thighs. The tip of my middle finger had slipped into the upper folds of my vagina as I teased my clit’ slowly. Carla had placed her slim finger on top of mine and was feeling the movement of mine as it worked gently on my clit’, then she slid her finger lower to lightly caress the lips of my cunt. I was hardly able to restrain myself, my hips were squirming and jerking with involuntary spasms and my whole body was crying out for her to slip her finger inside of me, but I knew that, if she did, I would lose all control and cry out for her to finger me mercilessly until I came.

When I asked her to do it to herself, I had to repeat myself to snap her out of the hypnotic trance she seemed to have lapsed into with her eyes riveted on the movement of our hands between my thighs. I had to reach down and grab her wrist as I gasped. “Please. don’t make me come yet darling.”

“Will someone please tell me what’s happening there?” came John’s almost pleading voice.”

“Be patient John.” Carla said as she came back to her senses.

She withdrew her hand from between my legs and began to rearrange the pillows so that we were sort of lounging side by side, half sitting, with our backs propped up on the pillows at the head of the bed. We were holding hands and the right side of my face rested against the beautiful, soft texture of her naked shoulder, looking down the length of her body from her gorgeous breasts to the luscious curves of her thighs and legs, the upper cleavage of her vagina, just visible at the junction of her thighs, smooth and perfect with not a trace of pubic hair to obscure that sweet little slit that I was dying to slip my tongue into.

“What are you wearing John?” Carla asked, looking at me with a wicked little grin on her face.

“Nothing, I mean just a towel. I’ve just got out of the shower. Why?

“Just curious darling. Are you sitting down?”

“Yes. Why?

“Why don’t you just sit back, relax, close your eyes and try to imagine what it would be like if you were here, sitting on the edge of the bed and watching us.”

“Oh Fuck! Yes.” John groaned.

I couldn’t restrain a small giggle. Neither Carla nor I were in any hurry now. We were concentrating on exciting John. It was a wonderfully wicked and sensual game.

“I was just watching Amee touching and feeling herself John.” Carla murmured in a low, sultry voice. “Do you like to watch her finger herself John?

“Mmm! I love to watch her.”

“Does it make you horny when you watch her?”

“What do you think Carla?” he replied.

“Are you hard now John?”

“As a rock.” He replied.

“Loosen your towel John.” She urged him, “Loosen it and hold your cock while you think about Amee and me.”

This was so bizarre and so exciting. Carla was making love to my boyfriend whilst we were together, naked, on her bed. We both had our knees raised as we lounged back against the pillows. Carla lifted her left leg and placed it over my right, holding my thighs apart as I continued to tease my own vagina with the fingers of my left hand.

“Are you holding it John?” she asked. “Are you holding it and stroking it slowly while you imagine what Amee and I are doing?” To me she said, “Tell him what we are doing Amee. Describe it to him.”

“Tell me Amee. Tell me.”

“We are close together John.” I said. “We are holding hands and we are both fingering ourselves.”

Carla was doing just that. She had slid her right hand down between her thighs and was slowly masturbating.

“She is so beautiful John.” I whispered as I looked up into her eyes. “Shall I kiss her for you darling?”

“Oh Yes! Do it. Do it please.”

Our lips met as he said this. Carla’s left nipple brushed against my right as, still holding hands and touching ourselves we melted against each other in a long slow kiss, our tongues slipping and sliding together, long, low groans escaping out throats that John couldn’t fail to hear as his breathing became more erratic and heavier over the speaker.

Our lips parted and Carla dropped them to my right breast, taking my nipple lightly between her teeth and flicking her tongue teasingly and maddeningly around it.

“Are you wanking yourself John?” The excitement was making my voice sound ragged.

“Yuh..Yes. Oh Fuck yes.” He gasped.

Carla lifted her lips from my breast. “Let me darling. Let me feel you.” She groaned as she moved her right hand from between her thighs and moved it over my left hand which was still between my thighs.

We lay together, facing each other, her left arm was cradling my head and my right was under her torso, pulling her closer to me as our hands changed position, now groping between each others thighs. She pressed her fingertip gently against my sensitive clit’ and my whole body shuddered as if an electric shock had been put through it. I cried out aloud, and again, even louder and longer as she slipped the whole length of her long, slim middle finger inside me.

“Amee. Speak to me. Speak to me please.” John groaned.

I couldn’t speak if I tried. As soon as Carla’s finger slipped into my cunt, I was a complete gonner. All I could do was lay there, nothing but incoherent gasps and gurgles coming from my mouth as Carla slipped her finger slowly in and out of me. Carla answered John.

“I’m feeling Amee John. I’m fingering her. I’m slipping my finger inside her. Aaahh! So smooth, so warm and so fucking tight. Can you hear her John? Can you hear how much she likes it?”

The only reply was a strangled sort of a croak over the speaker.

I wanted to feel Carla. I wanted to make her feel as I did but my body wouldn’t respond. I had been sexually primed for most of the afternoon and trying to restrain myself which is something I rarely do. I’m sure most girls can control their sexual arousal to an appropriate time and place. I have never been able to do that. If my thoughts or fantasies turn me on, and John is not around, I masturbate. I had done real well up to the point when Carla’s finger slipped into my moist sheath. At that point, I lost it. My nerves and my senses were in complete control of my body’s actions, movements and sounds and the only stimulus they would respond to were sensual ones.

My hips were arching upwards from the bed against Carla’s hand, trying to urge her finger deeper, both my hands grasping her forearm as I humped and jerked my cunt hard against her hand and an endless stream of, what Carla later called later, ‘sweet, filthy obscenities’ coming from my mouth as she fingered me. She also told me later that she had never known anyone lose it so completely and go off the planet as much as I do when I’m turned on. I was only vaguely aware that Carla was still talking with John.

“Oh John.” she continued, “I’m trying to imagine what it would be like to watch you and Amee together and to see you sink your beautiful cock into her. Tell me what it feels like John. Tell me please while I kiss her and finger her.”

As she said this, she moved her body further down the bed and started to run little kisses around my navel, the tip of her tongue leaving small, wet trails across my tummy as she continued to finger me slowly. I wanted her to finger me harder; I would die if she didn’t. I wanted desperately to come, but she could read me, masturbating me almost to the point of no return, then, easing off the tempo before I reached the climax and fell into that deep, dark abyss of pure, sweet and intense sexual release.

“She feels beautiful.” John replied, speaking with obvious effort. “She is so tight and small. I’m sometimes worried that I might hurt her; I can feel every little muscle inside her.”

“Are you still wanking yourself John?”

“Yes. God! Yes.”

“Do you use a condom when you are fucking?”

“No…never... She likes to… feel my cum inside her.”

“OOoooo Yes. I can imagine what it would be like to feel your cum exploding inside me.”

“Cuh..could you?

“Yes John. I could. Listen to Amee. She’s out of it. I’ve only got to move my finger a little harder and she will be coming. If you were here now, you could kneel between her legs and position the tip of that huge, swollen cock that you are holding, close to my finger and you could watch my finger slip out of her. She would go ballistic with frustration, but then, if you would let me John. I could hold your cock and guide the tip until it was touching her slit. Would you let me John? Would you let me hold it for you?”

“Oh C…Carla. Hold it, Y…yes. Hold it for me.”

“Could I hold it while you slipped it into her with one, long thrust? Listen to her John. If you did it right now, she would be coming as soon as you were into her up to your balls.”

“Oh Jeeeez! Carla.” was all he could manage.

His sharp breath was more audible now, together with a faint, muted and rhythmic slapping sound as he masturbated.

“OOoooh! I can see you fucking her now John. Where do you want to come darling? Do you want to shoot your load inside her? Or do you want to slip that gorgeous rod out just before you cum and let me jerk you with my hand so we can both watch you shoot it all over her tummy? Or….”

Carla paused for a few seconds and moved her lips lower down my tummy and, with her finger working deep inside me, ran the tip of her tongue back and forth along the upper lips of my cunt, driving me into even more of frenzy.

“Or…Or what?” Gasped John.

Carla raised her lips from my vagina and held her finger teasingly motionless while she turned her head and looked directly into my eyes with a small smile on her face.

“Or…maybe you would like to come inside me John…if Amee didn’t mind.”

We looked into each others eyes and, suddenly, as my sexually clouded brain cleared for a moment, I thought it would me the most erotic thing in the world to watch John make love to Carla, and Carla seemed to be looking for some sign from me. I smiled down at her and said.

“Of course. But if you don’t carry on with what you were doing, I’ll kill you.”

She gave me a cheeky grin and said.

“Hang on to your hat for a special ride.” She slipped her finger out of me and moved lower down the bed.

"Carry on doing what?" John demanded.

But thats another story...
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