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You can learn a lot in college

The girls met a few weeks before Gail's last and Wendi's first year of college. The meet was arranged by their mothers. Gail's mother needed help paying for Gail's off-campus apartment. Wendi could share the apartment and her mother would help with the rent. It was thought that Gail could look after the younger Wendi and provide some direction. Gail told her mother that she was no babysitter. The mother and daughter agreed that direction would be provided but if Wendi made mistakes it would not be on Gail's head.

At the meet Gail just knew that keeping the college boys off of this girl would be quite a chore. Wendi had beauty queen good looks. She wasn't just attractive she was drop dead gorgeous. She put her natural blonde hair in a pony tail that made her look even younger than her years. Wendi wore no make-up, or needed to. At 5'6", 115 lbs, with a great rack, flat belly, and a tiny waist that flared to a tight round ass, it was a body to die for. While Gail was proud of her own body, she was a bit jealous of this girl.

Gail had some rules. First, there could be no sex in the apartment. This was not Gail's decree but that of Professor Harris, their landlady. Wendi assured that since she had a boyfriend that would not be an issue. Wendi's boyfriend was attending college over 1200 miles away. Gail remembered that her long distance relationship lasted just over three month in her first year. She wondered how long the boyfriend would keep it in his pants.

The other rules were simple. Food in the apartment would be shared, as well as chores. No TV, stereo or other loud noise after 11 pm. Wendi had no problems with any of that.

The apartment was on the second floor of a single family home. The downstairs was occupied by Professor Harris and her teenage son, Chris. The apartment was functional. They had a bathroom with a walk-in closet off the bedroom. There were two standard beds, two dressers and a desk. The larger multi-use room had another desk two chairs, a cooking and eating area with a small round table and two chairs. It was ideally located close to the campus.

The girls liked each other. The roommates became friends. They went home for Thanksgiving break. On the way back to school in Gail's minivan, Wendi didn't seem to want to talk. Finally Gail asked if something was bothering her. Wendi poured out that she and her boyfriend, Bradley, had a fight on Saturday night. It seemed that when they were having sex, Bradley wanted her to do things that she had never done before. Gail tried to make light of the situation by pointing out that at least she got laid, That didn't make her feel any better. Instead it caused the tears to come. The problem was that Bradley had improved his love making skills since they had been to bed together in August. It didn't have to be said that Bradley was seeing another or others.

The last straw came in a text message that Wendi received as they drove into the drive-way.

The son of a bitch texted that maybe they should start seeing others. She was being dumped by the jerk that she had given her virginity to. And he did it in a text message.

Wendi changed overnight. She no longer shunned the advances of the college boys. She fucked three of them before the Christmas break. She even sucked her first cock. A blowjob was one of the things that Bradley wanted back in November. She enjoyed the power she gained by just putting the guy's dick between the lips. Wendi vowed to do it again, and often. Gail observed this transformation with amusement. Yes, Wendi was blossoming sexually but still remained a little naive. This prompted Gail to advise against getting her heart broken again.

Wendi began seeing and fucking Sean, a pre-law student. They were spending all of their free time together in and out of bed. Once there was even a brief conversation about a future for them together. Is it any wonder why Wendi believed that they were exclusive?

One night Wendi thought that she would surprise Sean with a late night blowjob. She borrowed Gail's vehicle and drove to Sean's apartment. As she was parking she spotted a skinny redhead exiting Sean's place. The girl stepped outside then turned back as Sean came into view. He wore only boxer shorts. The girl planted a passionate kiss on him as she rubbed the front of his boxers.

Wendi did not cry as she drove home. When she got upstairs and sat on the edge of her bed she began to sob uncontrollably, waking Gail. "What is it?" Gail asked.

"Oh, Gail guys are such assholes."

"Some are. Not all of them. What happened?"

As Wendi told the story, Gail got up and sat on the bed next to her friend. With an arm around Wendi, she pulled her close and rubbed her shoulder. A comforting peck on the cheek was followed by another on the forehead. That's when Wendi looked up and kissed Gail full on the lips. It was no peck on the mouth but not a passionate one either. Gail surprised herself by kissing the girl back. With that, Gail said that they should get some sleep. They could talk more in the morning. Confused by what had just happened, Gail returned to her own bed.

Wendi stripped to her panties and pulled on an over-sized football jersey. Gail slept in panties and jersey as well.

The room's only light came from a full moon shining through the window near Wendi's bed. The moonlight gave the bedroom a silvery glow.

Each in her own thoughts of the kisses, they lay in silence for several minutes.

Finally the silence was broken. It was Wendi. "Gail, what just happened?"

"A couple kisses. That's all."



"I liked it. Did you like it, Gail?"

"Yeah, I guess."

"You ever do it with another girl? Ever wonder what it would be like?" asked Wendi.

"No and yes."

"Me too."

More silence until Gail got up and went and stood next to Wendi's bed. "What are you doing?" Wendi asked.

"I want to get into bed with you. Is it okay?'

Wendi answered by throwing back the covers and moving to make room.

Gail removed her jersey and panties. She then slipped into the bed. Not having experienced girl on girl sex before they began slowly. First, they embraced and kissed tenderly as before. Soon the kisses became more passionate and intense. Their lips parted, their tongues tangled.

 Gail pulled at Wendi's jersey as if to say, "Take this off".

Wendi got to her knees and started to pull at her jersey, then stopped. She giggled and said, "You take it off me." Gail obliged. As they embraced their perfect breasts mashed together. Wendi lay back submissively and raised he hips for Gail to remove her panties.

Lips and fingers began to explore. Erect nipples were licked, sucked and tweaked. Fingers played with clits and dipped into soaking wet pussies.

Gail surprised herself when she took two wet fingers from Wendi's pussy and put it in her mouth tasting the love juices of her new lover. The laughed when Wendi then tasted Gail's juices. They learned that this new experience was passionate, loving and fun too. The women achieved multiple orgasms on this night, something that was new to Wendi.

They fell asleep in each other’s arms. In the morning, Wendi wanted to know if they were now lesbians.

"No, we are not lesbians, sweetie. We just had an incredible experience, that's all"

"Well, I want to do it again sometime."

"Me too, sometime. But I'm not ready to give up hard cocks for soft pussies. Now go get dressed you have class in forty-five minutes."

I've got to go for now. In a later post I will tell you how Chris, the landlady's son, loses his virginity.

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