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Oh, Susana 1

Susana just had to have him.

This is the first story in a series of 17 under the general title of 'Oh, Susana', a collaboration between my wife and me in the early 90s. It was intended originally to be an erotic novel made up of the linked stories, but we never got around to publishing it. Feedback from the Lush community may help to inspire us further.

"Fuck meee!" Susana pressed her feet hard against the roof of the car, bracing herself as Peter pounded away at her pulsating pussy. "Yes! Yesss! Fuck me. Harder. HARDER. Fuck me, fuck me, FUCK me, get it in, push it, push it in, push, push, yes, yesss, YESSS . . . Ohhh, fuuuck YESSS!"

She arched her back on the laid-back seat and whinnied as his plunging cock drove her once again to the point of climax and beyond. She flung her arms over her head, jammed her hands under the squab of the back seat and pushed back against his relentless hammering. "Yes," she panted. "Yes, ohhh, yesss."


Susana had decided more than two weeks earlier that she had to have him, and it had taken her this long to get him alone. In that time, he had become an obsession with her. She was bored with life in this strange city, this strange country, where, as the expatriate wife of an expatriate contract worker there was little for her to do except supervise the housemaid, shop and hang out at the club, usually with other bored expat wives. A couple of times a month, a group of them would descend on a hotel disco where they would dance a lot, drink rather more than was prudent, and flirt with the local male talent.

Neil would be waiting up for her when she got home and she'd tease him with elaborate tales of how this guy or that had tried to pick her up. That always turned him on, and they'd spend the rest of the night screwing, acting out their fantasies of what might have happened if she'd accepted one of the offers. She never did — she'd seen the mess that some of the other women got into when they cheated on their husbands and she had no intention of being unfaithful to Neil.

But then she met Peter,  and her hormones got the better of her. He was big, and brown, and beautiful, and she sensed it would be a mistake to mention him to Neil. More and more frequently she caught herself daydreaming about him, imagining his body pressed to hers, his lips teasing her breasts, his cock drilling into her. Some days she spent hours lost in fantasies about him.

She masturbated constantly, often unconsciously, rubbing her crotch against the backs of chairs and the corners of tables, caressing herself in the shower and revelling in the feel of warm water coursing down her belly and between her legs. Even in the car, she found a way of keeping up the tension, clenching and unclenching the muscles in her buttocks and thighs as she drove. After one such episode on the way to the supermarket, she couldn't get out of the car and had to drive home again to change; there was a large wet patch on the back of her skirt.

Waking from erotic dreams in the early hours of the morning, while Neil slept beside her in their king-size bed, she sought release in finger-fucking, surreptitiously driving herself to silent and unsatisfying orgasm after orgasm. None of it helped. The worst of it was that Peter seemed indifferent to her obvious infatuation, paying as much attention to her friends as he did to her and showing no sign of being interested in more than a few dances, a few drinks and the usual nightclub chat. Susana began to doubt her own desirability.

Finally, in desperation, she told him she wanted an evening alone with him, without any of his friends or hers, and he agreed, with some amusement, that she could pick him up from work and they could go out together. Susana was elated. It didn't matter that he seemed to have no thoughts of crossing the line separating friend from lover. She had to have him as a lover, and tonight she was going to make sure she did.

He was working late, and it was almost nine o'clock when she picked him up. She had spent almost three hours getting ready, discarding one outfit after another and finally going back through the pile to settle on a full-skirted blue dress that he had once said he liked. The scent of his aftershave wafted over her as he settled into the seat beside her, and involuntarily she raised her left hand and touched him lightly on the cheek.

"You smell good enough to eat," she said, blushed with the sudden erotic image that presented to her, and put the car in gear. "Where to?" she asked.

He didn't know. They drove around aimlessly for a while, considering one place after another, Susana rejecting each in turn because they were likely to run into friends and defeat her whole purpose. She agreed she was hungry, and at length, they settled on a takeaway meal, drove to the beach and parked, made small talk while they ate in the car.

When they finished, he gathered up the containers and got out to dump them in the bin. Susana took a deep breath, slid her seat back, then clambered over to the seat he had just vacated. "Get in the other side," she said when he returned. As he settled behind the wheel she turned towards him and placed a hand on his thigh. "I want you," she said. "Here. Now."

She leaned closer, pulled his head towards her, kissed him on the forehead and then, clumsily, on the lips. "Please," she said. "I need it now." She kissed him again, slipped her hand from the top of his thigh to brush her fingers against the front of his pants, and was encouraged to discover that he had the beginnings of an erection.

She reached for his right hand and guided it through the folds of her dress to her breast. She wasn't wearing a bra and his fingers closed on warm flesh, began to knead and caress her swollen nipple. Almost feverishly, Susana unbuttoned his shirt, peeled it open and began to cover his chest with kisses. She dropped her left hand again to the front of his pants, found him erect and ready, sought his mouth once more.

His lips parted to admit her tongue and he wrapped his left arm around her shoulders, pulled her fiercely to him. It was a long, hot kiss, and they were both panting when, finally, she pulled back from him. "Time to eat," she said, remembering her remark when he first got into the car.

She yanked at his belt, and he raised his hips and held the waistband of his trousers as she unzipped him. The tip of his by now rampant cock poked above the waist of his underpants. Susana lowered her head to his belly, licked his navel, then peeled back his pants and dipped further to take his cock in her mouth. He moaned softly, placed a hand on top of her head and urged her on.

She gurgled with delight and allowed him to press her down until her mouth was crammed with cock and there was no more left to take. He lifted his hand away from her head and she began to pump, her left hand lightly squeezing and releasing his balls as her head rose and fell and her lips and tongue slid up and down, up and down his burning pole. Soon he was gasping in time with her downstrokes, and she sensed he was more than ready for the next phase.

She pulled away from him, reached for the seat-back release and lay back. "Fuck me," she said. She pulled her skirt up to her waist, dropped a hand between her legs and watched his face as her fingers brushed aside the leg of her cami-knickers and busied themselves in her sodden slit. "Fuck me now."

He scrambled across the car to kneel between her legs, pushed his pants down around his thighs, and dived onto her. Susana grabbed for his tool, guided it between the lips of her cunt, and shivered in ecstasy as he rammed into her. Two weeks of dreaming had all come true, and the reality was far, far better than the fantasy. "YESSS," she yelled, as he ploughed his way up and down her furrow. "DO IT TO ME!"


Susana shuddered with another aftershock of orgasm, fell back limp and exhausted, stiffened again as the pounding continued. "No . . . more," she gasped. "No. . . more, don't, stop, don't, don't, stop, don't . . . stop . . . stop . . . don't, don't, stop, don't . . . stop, don't stop, don't stop, don't stop don't stop, DON'T STOP, DON'T STOP!"

Peter had no intention of stopping, would not have been able to stop even if he had wanted to. His face and arms were running with sweat, he was gasping for breath, lights flashed in the red haze before his eyes and he was fucking like an automaton, aware of nothing except the urgent need to rid himself of the mounting pressure in his loins.

He clawed at Susana's breasts, digging his fingers into the soft flesh and making her cry out in pain as the dam burst and he exploded inside her, his hips jerking out of control and his bursting cock buried up to the hilt in her warm, clutching cunt. He fell forward on top of her, humped spasmodically a couple of times as the hot juice jetted out of him, and bit at her neck.

Susana wrapped her arms around him, brought her feet down from the roof and dug her heels into his buttocks as she climaxed again. She hugged him to her, twisted her head and stuck her tongue in his ear. "Thank you," she said. Totally spent, they lay still and quiet for a few moments, then he raised himself slightly and Susana groaned as his softening cock slipped out of her and flopped limply between her legs.

The leg of her knickers fell back into place, and the fabric was soaked instantly as their combined juices flooded out of her cunt. She pulled his head down to hers again, and kissed him.

Suddenly there was an almighty "bang" on the roof, and the inside of the car rang like a gong. Peter jerked upright, and there was another bang as he cracked his head against the roof. He cursed, spun around, and there were three grinning faces peering in through the windscreen. Kids, maybe seventeen or eighteen years old.

As Peter struggled to pull up his pants, they laughed and hammered again on the roof. "Great show," one of them yelled, "but don't you have a bed to do it in?" They scampered off into the darkness, hooting loudly with laughter.

Peter was trembling with rage and embarrassment. Susana reached for him, pulled herself up and hugged him tightly.  "It's all right," she soothed. "They've gone." She kissed him again, buttoned his shirt, and helped him back into his trousers.

Then she drove him home.


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