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Surprise... Surprise!

Cheating with Annie is one surprise after another...

Our relationship had been sexual for about a year. I was cheating on my wife, and Annie was cheating on her husband, Ivan. It was a lust/sexual relationship and neither of us had ideas of running off to be happy ever after together. This ‘something’ seemed like all the others.

A Thursday evening, a common night for Ivan to be away on business. We called them ‘somethings’, as in something has arisen. And 'rise' was very much the order of the day. Just looking at Annie made me horny as hell, wherever we were and whatever she was wearing. It was her figure, always in tight clothes.  Or none at all.

About two years ago I took a promotion to be the second in command at another subsidiary of the sprawling company I worked for. Annie was one of their negotiators, and good at her job, bringing in a series of deals. She was in her late thirties, with short dark hair, an attractive face, a great figure and even greater tits.

Her ‘assets’ she called them, and they probably were great assets in her negotiations, often displayed to their best, or as best as business attire would allow. I soon learned she had a bit of a reputation with a lot of ‘nods and winks’ if there was any hint that anything improper could ‘arise’. My first business trip with her and another colleague engendered so many nudges I had a bruised upper arm.

However, there was never any evidence. She had not been caught in the stationary cupboard or coming out of the wrong room on a business trip. At first, I thought it was a department-wide joke, being continued at her expense, but it never went away. In fact, I grew so concerned for her I eventually had a quiet word with her, strictly as part of her management team.

And that led to a drink after work. And that led to…

As on all ‘somethings’, we had left work at different times and travelled separately to Annie’s house. It was a corner house and I parked in the side street, hopefully out of view of any stray colleagues. I went through the garden gate, into the very secluded back garden and headed towards the house.

For some reason, this very normal activity always seemed so erotic. I was slipping in, deliberately trying to avoid being seen, on an illicit mission to fuck Annie while her husband was away. Or was it more that Annie fucked me? It certainly seemed that way many times. She was not a shy, retiring sexual partner. She was full on, sucking and fucking with eagerness. Like other times, I started to stiffen just walking to the back door, the door I knew would be unlocked.

Our very first ‘something’ was about a year earlier. I was supposed to away on business as far as my wife, Clarissa, was concerned. I had a change of work clothes in a small overnight bag. I had gone through the kitchen into the open plan living area when my eyes fell on Annie. Wearing stockings, sheet ripper heels and a translucent black wrap, she sat, legs crossed in a wicker peacock throne chair.

“There you are, Sam,” she purred, uncrossing her legs. I had my first sight of her perfectly smooth pussy, already with pouting inner lips. She eased the wrap off her breasts, and I was struck with how perky they were despite their above average size. My jacket was gone, case discarded, and I dropped to my knees between her legs. My hands sprung unaided to cup those magnificent breasts, then my mouth engulfed her ample nipples as I looked at her smiling face.

“You’ve no idea how many times I’ve thought about you kneeling between my legs,” she whispered, removing me from one breast and pushing the other one into my face. After a moment of sucking her nipple, causing it to swell to match her other one, she placed her hands on each side of my face and firmly redirected me onto her pussy. Her legs went over my shoulder and I greedily licked and sucked her lips, and then moved on to her clitoris. It hardened and grew so I could suck it between my lips.

A little smear of strawberry lube she had applied soon mixed with the flow of her pussy juices making a divine starter for the main course. After coming heavily from my oral attentions, she guided me to the sofa, removed my lower garments, tossing them away in all directions then climbed on my rock-hard cock and rode me to our mutual, shuddering orgasms.

Not shy, as I said.

I was through the kitchen again and into the living space. This time she lay full length along the sofa, naked but for hold-up stockings.

“Hi Sam, your timing is perfect,” Annie said, raising one knee to give uninhibited access to her already glistening pussy. She had told me to give her half an hour, saying she had things to get ready. Her ‘extras’ were another part of our relationship I’d grown used to. She would often add little touches like vibrators, latex costumes, once some handcuffs, but neither of us thought they were fun, gels, especially tingle gel which would get her to a new height of orgasm.

So, I started to wonder what little extra she had lined up for this ‘something’.

I undressed completely and moved to the sofa. As I approached her she moved to a sitting position and took my stiffening cock into her hands and quickly on into her warm, attentive mouth. Stooping slightly, I took her splendid, firm, warm breasts in my hands and started to entice her nipples to become erect.

When I became meaningfully hard, she stood, pressing her body, and particularly those breasts, against me.

"Upstairs this time!" she growled in my ear. Unusual. Normally the first fuck was on the sofa, or over the table, or on the carpet, but always in the living space. Bedrooms were for subsequent fucks, always sloppy seconds, or thirds. For the past few times, we had talked dirty during the bedroom fucks, about her being filled with cum when I pushed into her cunt. It seemed to work magic for both of us. Perhaps she wanted to get straight into the dirty talk?

Some ‘somethings’ were not all-nighters. Occasionally, Ivan would just be late home, so I had to be gone by ten. Sometimes it was only just before the deadline I slipped down the garden in the cover of darkness. Annie would not have had time to shower so I wondered how she explained her undress and the cum that undoubtedly still slipped from her pussy. Maybe Ivan was just so taken by the sight of her naked body, there for him to take, he just didn't notice.

Annie lead me upstairs, pulling me by my cock. As always, we did not use their bedroom, but the large guest suite. She pushed the door open and we entered, and I briefly saw the room was lit as it was on previous occasions with blue downlighters around the walls and a bright set of lights over the bed. As soon as we were in the room, Annie spun me around so my back was to the room and gave me a full-on kiss, then pushed me down so I could lick her pussy while she leant back against the door.

Despite my eagerness to eat into her hot juicy pussy, there was an alert forming in my mind. Something was tripping some ancient sense. There was a noise, bedsprings, from behind me. I stopped licking and started to turn my head.

“Sam, meet Archie. Archie this is Sam.”

I stood, and Archie joined us by the door. I realised I was shaking hands with a naked man I’d only met seconds before. Annie was looking to Archie, then me and back again, repeatedly.

Annie broke the silence. “Just relax, please.”

As she did so I realised that Archie had been much more involved in the planning of this ‘something’ than I had. Otherwise, I doubt he would have remained quiet as the two of us came into the room.

“I’ve always fancied a threesome. Two men, four hands on my body, a cock in either hand.”

She paused and did more looking at us, trying to read the mood.

“You two both fuck me so well. It was, er, just natural to try to see if you’d make my dream come true.”

For a moment I thought she had a cheek to cheat on me with Archie, but my reasonableness kicked that thought into touch. What do you expect from someone who is cheating with you?

“I told Archie about my dream some weeks ago and he said he’d be happy to give it a try…”

Annie started to live her dream and took my cock in her right hand and Archie's in her left. Neither of us was at our best. Archie was older than me, well groomed, and just a tad shorter in bare feet. He was impassive, certainly not aggressive or challenging.

"Neither of you is gay, or if you are you've kept it well hidden, so I don't expect you two to interact. Just to use my body for your pleasure. At the same time…”

Neither Archie or I changed our expression.

“You’ll still have a great fuck.” Annie gave my cock a squeeze and a gentle pull, just like she often did to get it started for an encore.

“What do you say?” Archie asked. “For Annie?”

It was one of those make or break moments. I realised quickly that if I walked away, I’d certainly say goodbye to the great, all-night fuck session I had been so looking forward to, and probably goodbye to any future great fucks with Annie. I looked at her breasts, the curves catching the blue light and there was a surge of blood.

“Annie’s right, I’m not gay, don’t particularly want to see a naked man, but I do want to fuck this great pussy.” His hand went between her legs and his finger slipped along her slit. ‘God, I so wanted to do the same,’ raced into my mind.

“I wish you had given me time to think it through,” I said looking at Annie.

“I was going to explain it last time, but we over fucked if you remember and had to rush to get to work.” There was a little giggle in her voice as she said ‘over fucked’. That cute, sexy giggle that so often had me dive between her legs to lick and suck.

“Would time have changed your answer, whatever the answer is?” asked Annie and her hand got to work on me again. And on Archie who was responding much better.

“I would have had an answer…”

Another look, not a glance, at her breasts and I was having to stop my hand reaching out. There was what seemed to be a long silence. Her fingers strayed from cock to brush my balls. I saw Archie was getting in the mood and being rewarded by full-length strokes all along his shaft.

“Will you give it a try?” Annie asked, ending the silence.

My cock told me the answer by suddenly stiffening in Annie’s hand.

“I take that as a yes!” she said excitedly, dropped to her knees and gave me an exaggerated suck, then switched to Archie and back again. She led us both to the bed, making sure she took the centre and one of us laid either side. As I tentatively settled her arm went around my neck and planted my mouth on her left nipple. As I started to suck and squeeze it between my lips, I saw she had done the same with Archie. I could feel her body thrill and squirm at the feel of two mouths on her.

“Yes, suck harder…”

My hand travelled down her body and onto her pussy. She was soaked. My finger slipped into her, stroking across the front inside wall of her cunt. She lifted her hips as I struck gold. I felt another finger join mine. Strange but not a problem. Annie was pumping my cock hard now. She started to buck her hips in response to the searching fingers in her.

“Yes, god, yes!”

“Finger fuck me hard.”

We both did, quickly alternating our in-strokes. I glanced across at Archie, who broke off from her nipple for a second and said, “Go for two?” then gave me a conspiratorial grin. I did, slipping a second finger in alongside my first one, and Archie the did the same. With two fingers going in while two went out, and both sets wriggling, Annie stood no chance, especially with double act continuing on her nipples.

She started to shudder very strongly, gasping for breath, seemingly unable to make a sound. She sat upright, her mouth strained open, not a sound came out, then she collapsed sideways onto me, continuing to shudder even though our finders were out of her.

Her orgasm subsided, her hand found my balls and the base of my cock. The end of my cock was engulfed in heat of her mouth as her tongue worked around my glans. Archie lost no time, turned on his side and plunged into her, causing Annie to gasp and let my cock slip out of her mouth for an instant. Once in he started a steady rhythm, ending each instroke with a slap against her arse. She sucked harder.

"Doggy, take me doggy!" Annie squealed, getting up onto her knees. Archie plunged in again and through the whole manoeuvre, my cock never left her mouth. He pounded her harder, her body jerking on each in-stroke.

“I want this cock now!”

We did a quick change of position. She captured Archie pussy flavoured cock and had it in her mouth, her cheeks going hollow as she sucked. Her inner pussy lips were pouted out from her, her clitoris pushed out, hard and swollen. I entered her slowly, revelling in the hotness and wetness, and the thought that another cock had been in her only seconds before. I started to ram in hard and slide out slowly. My hands gripped around her waist to pull her onto me on the in-stroke.

I reached under her, found that swollen clitoris and gave it hell with side to side, then circling strokes. Archie was grimacing with the attention Annie’s mouth was giving his cock, and I could feel her start to tense. There were a few squeezes on me so I stopped stroking and started slapping her pussy. The result was instant.

“Fuck I’m coming!” She screamed and collapsed forward off me and sprawled full length on Archie, knocking him flat onto the bed. Her arsed bobbed up and down with shudders and her legs shook. I think both I and the flattened Archie were a bit bemused to know what to do now, but both knew there was more to come. Literally. And, so did Annie.

She rolled off Archie, onto her back and propped herself up on her elbows.

“Jesus, that nearly blew my brains out!” she gasped, panting to get her breath.

“Right, now it’s your turns…”

Annie got me to lie down, face up, head to the middle of the bed. She moved over me to reach my cock with hands and mouth and pushed those magnificent, firm tits into my face. Archie resumed his doggy style assault on her greedy cunt.

“Don’t stop until you cum, whatever I do!” It was a command.

Annie was taking a pounding and loving every second of it. Her head bobbed on the end of my cock, lips pressed firmly on to it and I had to struggle not to blow. Suddenly it was all too much for Archie and he rammed in and stayed. His moans filled the room as his cum filled Annie’s hot cunt. Archie pulled out of her, and Annie moved to sit next to me for a moment, then straddled me, holding my cock vertically.

“Remember you talked about having me full of cum? Pushing your cock into thick, hot cum, pumping it out over your balls?” I nodded, it was very fresh in my mind just then.

“Then here it is!”

She slammed down on me, taking all of me in one, firm push. She moved to a kneeling position, put her hands on my shoulders and started a fast ride, the slurping sound from my cock plunging into her cum filled cunt was louder than Archie’s moans. Her pace was fast from the start and her tits seemed to gain a life of their own, nipples pointing to the ceiling on the upstroke and full, rounded breasts bouncing off each other on the down stroke. Initially she just let me slide in and out but then started to grip onto my shaft and the mix of Archie’s cum and Annie’s pussy juice started to run down my cock.

“Give me MY cum!”

She caught her breath.

“I’ve made your balls cook up a ball-bursting load! Give it to me! Fill my cunt!”

The dirty talk, the feel of sloppy pussy, now squeezing hard around my shaft, the feel of cum and pussy juice dribbling over my balls and those bouncing and bumping tits was too much and I moaned into a massive ball clenching, spurting orgasm.

“Yes! Fuck, yes!” Annie screamed and locked down on me, shuddering and clamping on to my cock. After a moment, Annie rose off me and my cock slapped against my stomach. As she hovered above me more of the mix of cum started to string out of her. In the relative silence that endured while Annie and I watched the strings loop down onto me, there was the unmistaken sound of a muffled male orgasm. I glanced across at Archie, but he was looking surprised as well.

Then there followed a bone-crunching thud.

Annie froze for a moment, a look of horror on her face, then she was off the bed and ran through the door. Archie and I looked at each other when a scream pierced into the room. We both ran to find the door to the next room wide open and Annie kneeling next to the body of a man.

“Help me! Help me!”

I stepped closer to take a look and a pool of bright red blood was already spreading over the cream carpet. The man, that I know recognised as Ivan from pictures around the house, obviously had a severe head wound and need urgent attention.

“Ambulance! Now!” I heard myself say and Archie ran out to get his mobile. I looked around to see if there was anything that needed attention. That’s when I saw it. On the desk by Ivan’s prone body was a large flat screen television. The screen was split into a column of three small views and one large one. And in the large one was undoubtedly the bed from the next room and the view was focused in on where Annie had been kneeling over me, cum dripping from her.



Ivan survived. He had had a heart attack probably at the sight of his wife living out her dream of a threesome and having her pussy flooded with cum. On the way down he had hit his head on the corner of the desk. By the time the ambulance arrived all of us were sensibly dressed and the television was on mute showing the evening news.

The ambulance crew were suspicious, however, and involved the police as the felt it was possibly domestic violence if not attempted murder. By the time the police arrived Annie was at the hospital and we were just friends who had called in for a drink. I don’t think they fully believed us but that was no evidence of anything else. They went off to the hospital to see Annie.

Apparently, Ivan had never been away. He was always in the next room watching his wife with me or Archie. I still wonder where the recordings are?

Have we had a threesome again? Or Annie and I had a ‘something’?


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