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A Cheerleader's Mom Gets Pom Pom'd

While her daughter starts college, she starts an affair to remember
Being an adjuster for insurance companies has more than once landed my ass in the bed with a needy woman. I am a happily married man that stopped chasing women years ago. The only problem is that my wife’s sex drive has severely decreased over the last few years. We have three children and she teaches voice lessons in the afternoons so by the time I come home she has cooked dinner and is ready for a glass of scotch and some relaxation.

By the time I’ve helped get the kids in bed it’s 10:00 p.m. and she is exhausted. I am too. It’s just that point we are at in life. I know she still loves me, but I could still have sex every night. And don’t even get me started on blow-jobs. She’ll start one, but always ends up jumping on top of it.

One Sunday evening I got a phone call of a large water loss at a hotel a little over two hours away from where I live. I always like to get on a commercial job as quickly as possible. Most “emergency” service companies that pledge 24-hour responses usually respond with incompetent employees. The competent employees, if there are any, show up the next day. A lot of times after the damage has been done.

I get to the hotel shortly after midnight and check into a room. I immediately survey the damage and get with hotel management on what actions need to be done and what is not a priority. I then find the crew chief of the emergency response company and tell him my expectations.

This particular job was a nightmare. The water came from overhead and the crew chief was particularly inept. Nice guy, but zero experience. By the time daylight broke, I had taken over his crew and had things headed in the right direction. I gave him directions on setting his equipment and went off to catch a few hours of sleep.

I awoke a few hours later and began to check the progress. The crew chief had done okay, but not exactly what I knew needed to be done in setting his equipment properly. I was in the process of moving one of his dehumidifiers to where I wanted it when I spotted a woman eyeing me from the bar.

In my early forties, I’m not a workout-aholic, but I keep myself in pretty decent shape. I’m used to catching a few glances every now and again, but not like this lady. She was really checking me out. Like I said, I don’t chase women anymore, but I had a feeling this woman was going to be trouble.

In less than ten minutes she was standing next to me teasing me about watching me struggling with the tubing from the machine. “You must not be used to dealing with long hoses.”

“I usually handle my tubing pretty well,” I replied with a smile.

“Really?” she asked. “When can I get a glimpse of that handling?”

“Well,” I started, “I’m in room 763 and you’re welcome to stop by anytime. I’m finishing up my work now and will be heading back that way soon.”

She smiled slyly and turned away. I watched her walk away. She was several inches shorter than me and had a really nice package. I could tell she was at least thirty, maybe even older, but took really good care of herself. I felt my cock beginning to swell.

I went on about my business and went back to my room. I took a shower and poured a drink. I was still in my towel when I heard a knock at the door. I thought, surely not this quickly. I looked through the peephole and there she was. Moment of truth, do I open the door or act like I’m not here.

“Housekeeping,” she said seductively, “Do you want me to lick your balls?”

Well, as a matter of fact I did! I opened the door. She smiled and walked right in glancing down at my towel wrapped groin. Another bulge was developing. Man, I should have rubbed one out while in the shower.

“You know,” she pleaded, “My husband would not approve. How about your wife?”

“Well,” I began, “Since you're willing to lick my balls and she isn’t here and they do need a good licking…”

At that moment she leaned forward and kissed me. Softly at first. I took her drink from her hand and we embraced more passionately. She was a great kisser. Her hands moved downwards and began to loosen my towel.

I stopped her and slowly moved her towards the bed. “Not yet,” I said, “I want to taste your sweet pussy first.”

I have used an approach for two decades that has worked. When I was in college, a co-ed who was seven years older than me and going through a divorce taught me to always pleasure a woman first. Then allow her to return the favor. Then, move to 69. After all of that, you fuck her brains out.

Now, when this co-ed “taught” me this I wondered if it would work on anyone other than her over the years. Man, it has. I have had so many women tell me I was the best lay they ever had and come back for more. I know it isn’t because of size.

I’ve never cared much for that, but my wife chose that card in truth or dare one night and we had to measure me, hard. I’m just a hair shy of six inches. I’ve never really worried about it as I can’t change it one-way or the other!

She allowed me to lead her to the bed. “I’m Cindy, by the way,” she giggled.

“Tony,” I said, giving her my fake name. Since I’m Italian, it fits.

Cindy was really pretty. I ran my hand up her bare thigh under a sundress and found no panties.

“I figured I wouldn’t need those, so I left them in my room. I hope my daughter doesn’t find them.”

“Your daughter,” I asked?

“She’s a freshman here at the local university. I’m here to get her registered. She’s got a cheerleading scholarship, just like her mom.”

“Well,” I began, “I hope she isn’t expecting you anytime soon.”

“Nope. She won’t be back until… the… morning…”

I had slid my hand between her legs and was slowly massaging her swollen clit. She tightened her thighs around my hand and began to tremble. I could see only one thing in her eyes. Desire. This woman needed to be fucked. And badly!

I laid her back and began to softly kiss her inner thighs. As my kisses moved higher and more inward her legs spread wide open. She smelled delicious. Her hands moved around my head and pulled me towards her.

“Oh my god,” she moaned as my tongue hit paydirt. “Oh, oh, oh.”

My tongue was at the bottom of her pussy. I had it completely flattened and was moving it up her smoothly shaven lips. I hadn’t penetrated her yet. Once I reached the top, I started again at the bottom. Licking it, like it was ice cream.

On my third pass she said, “Stop teasing me, please…” she was already out of breath.

My tongue was halfway up again and I simply added more pressure inserting it all the way inside. At the same moment I stuck my index finger inside and sank it to the third knuckle.

“Ooohhh,” as her body began to tremble. She pulled my face deeper inside of her. “My God… that feels good. Oh!”

She was deep in the throes of an orgasm. I began pumping my finger faster and sucking on her sweet clit. She was practically howling at this point. Anyone walking outside the hotel room door could hear her.

“Fuck me, please fuck me,” she begged. “I need you inside of me right now.”

“Not yet,” I replied. “It’s been several days for me and I won’t last very long the way you are howling.”

“Please!” she begged again.

I ignored her pleas and continued to bath her pussy with my tongue. A second finger went inside of her and she once again cried out in ecstasy. My cock was fully swollen now. I wanted this woman to suck my cock so badly. She would have gotten off easy if she had done that first, but she’d have to do it the hard way now!

“Tony, please fuck me. Please, my god I need you inside of me now.”

I moved up her torso. Her sundress straps had started to come off her arms. I pulled it down slightly exposing her full breasts. They hadn’t started to sag with age yet and were damn near perfect. I caught one nipple in my mouth and began to softly suck as I moved my groin into position.

Her hands were floundering with my waist trying to get the still attached towel off of it. She managed to do so and her hands found my swollen cock. Damn they were soft.

“Cindy, I’ll last a lot longer if you get on top,” I informed her.

Her fingernails and fingertips had found my balls. If I wasn’t careful I was going to blow quickly.

“Tony, I don’t care if you cum the minute you get inside of me! I need this cock inside me now. Just, fuck me!”

End of discussion. She had pulled me to where the tip of my cock was inside her lips. I took care of the rest with a steady, full-length penetration to the bottom of my shaft.

“Holy shit…” her body convulsed into an immediate orgasm. I was right this woman needed to be fucked badly. I began to thrust back and forth, slowly pulling back and strong, full thrusts in. I was rewarded with a sharp “OH!” every time I thrust forward.

I don’t like being the “minute man”, but sometimes it can’t be helped. Especially with a new woman and one as horny and sexy as this one was. I was looking at her grimacing face as I continued to thrust. She really was very lovely. Her face was now red with exertion. I could see the beginnings of sweat forming on her upper lip and hairline.

“Oh, faster, baby, faster,” she urged me on. I stopped the slow removal of my shaft and began to just thrust my hips. If this is what she wanted this is what she was going to get. I was getting close.

“Man, Cindy, you feel so tight, so good. Damn, baby,” I was starting to get a little out of breath myself.

“You have no idea how much I need this. My husband hasn’t taken care of business in a long time. He’s…never… done… this to me…”

Her body clenched around mine. “My god!”

That was it, I couldn’t handle anymore and told her so. “Do I get to cum inside of you?” It was a plea.

Her answer was to wrap her legs that had been simply open for business around my waist. She opened her green eyes and looked me dead in my eyes and said, “Don’t even think about pulling out.”

I didn’t. A few more thrusts and I was there. My swollen head erupted blowing my load deep inside of her. She howled with another orgasm of her own. I kept an erratic pace up and finished my orgasm. It was intense. I fell on top of her and we embraced warmly, my cock still quivering inside of her.

To be continued...

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