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A Cyber Affair

A Cyber Affair

Todd's cyber affair takes a surprising twist.
Dinner is over, I ask my wife if she wants any help cleaning up.

"No sweetie, you go ahead," as she clears the table.

I go to the study to get my iPad then retire to the living room. I go online, log into a website called Lushstories where one can read, write erotic stories. This is where I met my cyber lover who is not on yet, so I continue working on my story.

My wife soon joins me with her iPad, sitting not more than ten feet from me. She turns on the TV for the six p.m. news. We both are busy on our iPads as we listen to the news of the day.

"Hi Todd, how was your day?" It’s my cyber lover, Traci.

"Hi Traci it was good, how was yours?" I quickly save the draft of my story and send a chat window request.

Traci and I find it easier to talk here than with those black boxes.

"It was so - so, Todd."

"Then you did not check your wall, did you?"

"No, I did not, give me a minute."

I wait with a smile on my face as I glance over, I see my wife is smiling. I ask her what she is looking at, she tells me it is photos of cute puppies.

"Oh Todd they are beautiful, you remembered."

"I am happy you like the flowers I posted for our three month anniversary."

"Oh Todd, I love them very much."

I send the emoticons for kiss {}, hug [bh], heart -3. Traci sends a smile :), wink ;).

"I am holding you in my arms, kissing you passionately. My hands on your firm ass, pulling you against me."

"Mmmm Todd, that feels so good. I reach down and rub my hand along the bulge in your pants."

My wife and I glance at each other as we adjust ourselves in our chairs.

"I take both hands and fondle your breasts as I kiss down your neck."

"My hands quickly open your pants, caressing your balls while stroking your shaft through the boxers."

"I unzip your dress, slipping it from your shoulders. It drifts to the floor forming a puddle at your feet."

My wife smiles at me as she again shifts in her seat. She tells me her legs feel jumpy. I offer to get her some aspirin, she said no need to right now.

"As I go to my knees, I pull your boxers down slowly. Licking your cock as it appears. The head pops out and I take it in my mouth."

"Ooohhhhh, Traci, your making me hard."

"Is your wife there?

"Yes, is your husband there?"


"Your boxers are off as I lick your hard shaft up and down. Swirling my tongue over the head then back down the shaft."

"Aaahhhhh, I need to cum Traci."

"Not yet lover, I need to suck your cum filled balls. Stroking your shaft, rubbing the beautiful circumcised head."

"Oh God, faster Traci!"

"My mouth teasingly slides down your shaft until it’s completely in. Mmmm, feels so good."

I look over and notice my wife's eyes glued to her screen. She asks what I am looking at on my iPad. I tell her I am watching a ball game with no volume. She asks why no volume, I tell her I want to hear the news on the TV. I ask her what she is looking at. She tells me she is doing crosswords. We both go back to what we were doing.

"Traci, I am about to fill you warm mouth."

"Give it to me now Todd! I want to feel your warm cream fill my mouth."

"OMG! I am filling your mouth. You release my cock, letting my last load cover your breasts."

"Mmmm Todd, I love your thick cream. I stand so you can watch me swallow and massage your cream into my breasts."

I let out a soft gasp that my wife heard. She looks over and asks if everything is okay. I tell her that things are ok, she goes back to her iPad. I then go back to mine.

"I kiss your breasts, suck your nipples. Getting them hard and erect, then kiss my way down to your bare mound."

"Mmmm Todd, my pussy is wet and my husband does not notice. His eyes are glued to the game on TV."

"Good Traci, as you are going to get wetter. I suck your clit as I run a finger along your slit."

GAAAWWWDDD, Todd! Lick me, suck me, and make me cum!"

"My finger teases your clit as my tongue licks your slit. Then I suck, lick each swollen lip."

"Ooohhhhh, I am cumming, Todd!"

"My tongue slips past your lips, snaking its way deep in your sweet tasting pussy."

"Damn Todd, here I cum! Aaahhhhh!

"I press my tongue against your throbbing clit, holding it there until you are recovered."

"Oh God Todd, I love you."

"I love you Traci."

I hear a soft gasp come from my wife. I ask her if she is ok, she says yes.

"I pick you up in my arms and carry you to bed. We make love the entire night."

"You were amazing, Todd."

"Traci you are amazing."

"I have a wet spot on my shorts, if I stand my husband will see. Giggling."

"I too have that problem, my wife will see. Giggling."

"What are you watching now Todd?"

"Watching the kids across the street playing basketball."

"So am I Todd."

"What a coincidence, girls, boys or both playing?"

"Three girls, why?"

"YOU BASTARD!! I see the same three girls!"

My wife and I look at each other, she yells at me calling me a cheater. That she only came on three months ago. That she saw on my profile I have been a member for almost a year. She asked if I ever cybersex with anyone else. I told her this was my first cyber experience.

After she calmed down, we talked long into the night. I reminded her that she decided on no more intimacy. That she gave no explanation for her decision or wanting to talk. It all came out this night. She told me it had nothing to do with me.

After we had talked, she initiated the best sex we have ever had. From that night things improved throughout our marriage. We now sit together when we are on Lushstories, I have a wonderful love affair there with "Traci."

We have shared this with our friends on Lush and they have been very supportive. We even open a cyber-chat room for any friends who would like to join us.

Thanks to Lushstories, we have the intimacy back in our marriage.

The above story is a work of fiction. The names, characters, places and events are products of the author's imagination and are used as fantasy. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


Copyright ©2014 All Rights Reserved. No part of this story may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without prior written permission of the author, Banes1.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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