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A Happy Meal

Brett and Jenny meet at McDonald's
Subject: Married and lonely

I am a cute, 33 year-old married woman who feels totally ignored and unappreciated in her marriage. 5'3", 120 lbs, blond hair, great legs. I want to experience holding hands for the first time, a first kiss, possibly more if the chemistry is right. Open to any race, but I prefer ages 35-55. Especially older men who understand physical relationships better. Put “kiss” in the subject of your reply.

I read the ad several times, debating whether I could really take that step. I had never been unfaithful to my wife. Oh, a secret kiss here and there. One evening in my car kissing like teenagers with hands roaming. This might start that way, but could go well beyond. Was I ready for that?

Subject: kiss

Dear married and lonely:

I can relate. I am near the upper end but still within your desired age range. I am also married, also lonely, also needing a discreet friend to fan the flames and make sure I am still alive. My first wife died and I remarried, but I apparently exist to make sure she has money to spend and can spend time with her children. I also long to hold hands and kiss. Please, no endless emails. Let’s find out soon whether there is a spark. Brett.

I sat at my computer, waiting anxiously for a reply. Silly really, since her ad had been placed four hours earlier. Why did I expect a reply right away? To my delight, her reply showed up within just a couple of minutes:

Dear Brett:

You sound nice. It is scary to run an ad on CL; it is such a hive of scammers and creeps! I really hope you are neither, because you sound so nice! I am sitting here hoping you are the man for whom I have been searching! Yes! I would like to meet you. Jenny.

Dear Jenny:

I know exactly what you mean about CL! So many fakes too! Like gay guys harvesting pics. What is up with that??? I feel the same as you, full of hope. I am also very impressed at your command of grammar! You actually used a semicolon. An intelligent and literate woman on CL? Someone pinch me and make sure I am not dreaming! Let’s meet somewhere public so we both feel safe. Nothing is more public than McDonald’s, so how about the one on 45th, right off the freeway? Would either 11 or 2 work for you tomorrow? If so, let me know. I will be wearing a light blue, button-down dress shirt, no tie though. Brett.

Brett, that sounds great! See you at 11 tomorrow. I can hardly wait. Just one question: Is it your plan to spring for this big lunch? Just kidding! I can hardly wait. Jenny.

Jenny wasn’t the only one who was going to have trouble waiting. I was so surprised she had not asked for a photo first, but clearly that suggested she was more interested in the person. The hours dragged by the remainder of that day. The next morning Jenny was instantly on my mind. I arrived at my office shortly before 9 and quickly worked to get things out of the way. When I glanced at the clock it was 10:30! I ran out the door, racing for the freeway. Although I knew I had time to spare, I wanted to get there first.

I pulled into the parking lot, entered the restaurant, and picked out a table with good sight lines to both doors. The clock stopped moving.

You know how when you board a plane and the seat next to you is open and you start praying no one is assigned to it? Then you look up the aisle and see some huge guy and you know instantly he is the one? That is similar to how I felt. Each woman who walked through the door attracted my interest. Most were younger, with kids in tow. A few were older. 10:58.

I was watching someone come through a door when out of the corner of my eye I saw the other door open. I cute blond wearing a skirt cut several inches above the knee. About the right age. Great legs! Instead of walking up to the counter, she scanned the room. When our eyes met, she smiled and I stood.


“Brett! I am so relieved you aren’t carrying an ax with blood stains on it!”

“No, I left that in the car. It doesn’t play well at McDonald’s.”

“Humor. I like that. Very sexy in a man. Plus, you are handsome. Double bonus.”

“Jenny, you gave me a physical description in your ad, but no words could have prepared me for your smile or the sparkle in your eyes. However, you were absolutely right about your legs!”

“Well, if you keep that up you have me falling for you quickly.”

“Jenny, if you are hungry, I am happy to treat, but why don’t we just talk for a few minutes? Then, if you are comfortable, let’s go eat somewhere nicer.”

“I would like that, but I was counting on the toy in my Happy Meal.”

“Well, maybe we will end up shopping for toys.”

“I hope I know how you mean that!”

“How do you think I mean it?”

“Let’s just say based on what I feel so far, I hope when we shop for toys they will be the kind that will never, ever be found in a Happy Meal!”

“I hope you aren’t talking Transformers here! I could never figure those out.”

Jenny turned red and laughed, then reached out and put her hand on top of mine, across the table. That started a 30 minute conversation, interspersed with laughter and tears. We talked about everything, from our backgrounds to our unhappiness in our marriages. It turns out Jenny’s husband was something of a drunk. Not constantly, and not a particularly mean drunk, but rarely attentive to her. She was staying for their two boys. She told me that with tears in her eyes. There was a sadness there I had not seen before.

I took her hand, stood and pulled her to her feet.

“Come on. Let’s find a place for lunch.”

She hesitated, looking into my eyes. Searching. “Brett, could we just go to that park up the street and sit and talk?”

Great idea. I felt so attracted to Jenny, so energized by her! We drove both cars. When we stopped, she got into mine.

“I think your car is better because of your tinted windows!” With that she leaned across and kissed me softly on the lips. Very chaste. Very proper. It was a short kiss followed by staring into each other’s eyes. Then I leaned in and kissed her again. This was quickly different, as her tongue began exploring mine. My tongue returned the favor and our kisses grew more heated, more urgent. Her arms wrapped around my neck, one hand in my hair. I held her, although at this point the center console kept us at some distance. Damn those bucket seats!

The kiss ended, both of us gasping for air. Looking into each other’s eyes.

“Brett, I hope you won’t think this too forward of me to say, but you are far better than what I hoped for when I ran that ad. I like you a lot already, but I can’t believe how much desire I feel for you.”

“Jenny, I did not imagine when I answered your ad that the next day I would be sitting in my car with a beautiful, sexy woman, whose first kisses had aroused me to this extent.”

With that, Jenny looked down at the rather obvious tenting of my wool slacks. She then looked into my eyes. “Would you be offended if I touched you?” I just groaned.

Without breaking eye contact, Jenny reached for me and rubbed my hard cock through my slacks. Then she focused on the head, caressing it lightly. I groaned, my head back, eyes now closed as the intense pleasure swept over me. Her lips found mine, kissing me softly. “Brett, I know this is very forward, but I cannot believe how wonderful you are and how hot I am. Could we move to your back seat?”

In a flash, we both moved around the console of my SUV and sat in the back. At first we looked at each other a little nervously, as if not quite knowing where to restart. That was quickly resolved, however, as we embraced, pulling each other into the tightest of embraces. We kissed, hugged, pulled, and gasped our way through our most intense kiss yet. This time my hand dropped to her ass and I felt her wonderful curves. I could tell she was wearing a thong, so that was skin through the thin material of her skirt.

“I am so wet! I had no idea you would turn me on this way!”

It was my turn. Staring into her smoldering eyes, I reached for her leg, feeling her warmth and smoothness. As I started to move my hand up her inner thigh, Jenny moved her legs ever so slightly apart. I smiled and kissed her gently. That kiss grew until she reached down and moved my hand higher.

“Brett,” she whispered, “Please touch me!”

I found her thong and discovered how wet it was. I caressed her folds through the material, her legs now wide apart, giving me full permission to play.

“Oh, Brett!” was all she could manage.

I reached for her leg and found the edge her thong, pulling it aside as my knuckles rubbed against her flesh. She gasped, but those gasps intensified as I turned my hand and started to caress her soft, wet folds. She clung to me, quivering as I explored. She started to move, thrusting her hips toward my fingers. Her groans and whimpers intensified. I rubbed and then inserted my finger and plunged it relentlessly as deep as I could. Jenny squeezed harder, her body stiffening. She cried out and I felt her orgasm roll through her body.

She hung there for several seconds, then slowly relaxed. I took my hand from her pussy and slowly licked my fingers.

“Someday, not today, not in a car, I am going to have to drink your juices directly from the source.”

“More talk like that and you will have me humping your face right here!” she laughed. With that, again looking into my eyes, she reached for my zipper and slowly began to drag it down, giving me plenty of opportunity to stop her.

“Speaking of drinking, I am feeling a little thirsty. Would you mind if I help myself to my favorite liquid?”

I was trying to think of something witty in response, but by then she had pulled my cock from my slacks. She wrapped her hand nearly around its girth and stroked a couple of times. All coherent thought fled my brain. The blood was clearly needed elsewhere!

Jenny smiled at me and then slowly lowered her head until I felt her hot breath on my aching cock. I groaned at the feeling, knowing more groans would follow. She lightly kissed the head, then licked lightly around the head and crown, then down the shaft and back up. I was light-headed. She knew she had complete control over me! When she reached the head again she paused and then swallowed me whole, descending slowly and relentlessly until I hit the back of her throat. Slowly back up and back down. Then she went to work in earnest, pistoning me in and out, her tongue doing magical work!

As my breathing got ragged, she removed my cock from her mouth and began slowly licking the frenulum, where I discovered I have more nerve endings than anywhere else on my entire body! She used her hand to grasp my shaft, while that thumb massaged the underside.

Suddenly, I was ready to blow!

“Jenny...” I started to say.

With that, Jenny thrust my cock into her mouth as I exploded with a roar. She held my cock deep, my spasms wracking my body in delicious torment, her hot mouth sucking all my cum and swallowing.

I was spent. Utterly spent. Completely gone. Weak.

Jenny smiled, finished swallowing, and then kissed me on the lips, the taste of my cum still marvelously fragrant.

“Oh, yeah,” she said, “I think we each found the right person for our needs. I can hardly wait to see what we do next time!”

“So you want to see me again?” I asked.

“Brett, I would have to be insane not to want more of that! I need to ask one question though: Did I fan the flames and are you convinced you are alive?”

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