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A quick cut

His hairdresser finishes the job
Funny how clouded your judgement gets at times. What seems irresistible and so right can seem so wrong after a few days. Or hours. Or in this case, about ten minutes.

Liz has been cutting my hair for a least five years. She runs a women's salon out of her home and my girlfriend pulled me in last year to start getting her to cut and colour my hair. 

Liz is in her late 30s or early 40s and I've always found her attractive. She has one of those bubbly personalities and she is cute as hell to boot. Add in the fact, she always dresses to the nines when she is working, right down to moderately high heels, which always impressed me and left me wondering how she wasn't crippled.

Anyway, when my relationship ended, I kept going to Liz. My girlfriend always paid my bill because I didn't want to know what it actually cost. Anything over 15 bucks for a haircut is just out of my ability to process. I actually forgot to pay the first time I went alone. We were having such a fun time that I laughed my way out the door and was halfway back to the office when I remembered. 

I took one of my framed photos for her when I went back next time and over the years since then, money hasn't changed hands. I've printed and framed her husband's vacation photos and done a nice portrait of her parents. Perfect barter.

We always flirted when I went with my girlfriend and it hasn't stopped. Harmless of course because she is happily married. 

During the last couple of appointments things got a bit more carried away and at one point when she had me leaning back while washing my hair, she threatened to straddle me and pin me down if I didn't stop squirming. I was incredibly glad my jeans were tight enough to hide my hard-on, and the moment past.

It was a bit like that today. The pin down thing came up briefly during the hair wash and there were several risque comments during the cut. I made some kind of a wise crack when she was brushing the hair off of me. Unfortunately she was in the process of tightening the cloth she wraps around my neck to keep the hair from going down my back. 

Playfully she did a quick wrap around her hand and pulled it tight on my neck. It really choked and my right hand instinctively went back around the side of the chair. It hit her thigh just below her short skirt. I gripped her thigh and she let out a little yelp. In the mirror I saw her raising her hand to slap me and I reached across in front of me to grab it. I encircled her wrist and pulled her around the side of the chair with my left hand. The hairbrush clattered to the floor and she slid around my shoulder, my hand continuing to grip her thigh. As her body lifted and I pulled her onto me, my hand slid off her thigh and went between her legs. It slid up her inner thigh along the stocking, up onto bare skin. I turned the hand and cupped her panty covered ass to pull her onto all the way onto me. My other hand went up and over my shoulder and she ended up laying diagonally across by body with her head on my shoulder.

Everything stopped, including time. I don't know which of us was more shocked. I do know which of us had the to potential to be more offended. We lay like that for about half a minute. I was looking at us in the mirror and oh my god it was hot. Her skirt was hiked up and I could see she had stay-up hose on. Her panties were bright white and silky and my hand was cupping one of her lovely ass cheeks peeking out from under the skirt. I could feel her heart pounding, just like mine. I had no idea what to do.

When she pulled her hand from the one up over my left shoulder I knew she would push off and this would get very ugly. I quickly grabbed it again and pulled tight while I pulled her hips tight to pin her against me. She struggled without saying a word and it took all my strength to hold her in place.

For some reason all I could get out was a long soft, "Shush," into the hair over her ear.

She stopped struggling for a second and I relaxed just a bit on my hold. It was at that point that the little flutter in my stomach that had been there since she washed my hair turned into a burning flame. 

I nuzzled her ear through her hair and my hand opened a bit and then squeezed her lovely ass. My thumb moved a bit and when it hit soft warm skin I slid it under the leg band of her panty.

She pulled tight and finally she spoke.

"Let fucking go of me!" she commanded.

I still had my lips near her ear and I hummed a, "No way," into her ear.

She had stopped pushing her hips up and I took that moment to slip my hand inside her panties and I cupped her bare ass. She stopped moving altogether and I slid my hand back and forth and then out of her panties. She relaxed a bit but when I grabbed the hem of her skirt and yanked it up over her ass she thrashed again.

Another, "Shush," and my hand touched her leg and slid up until the side of my fingers hit soft fur. I softly sawed it back and forth until I felt her my fingers grazing her labia. 

She went completely limp and her hand slid up my arm and went around my neck. No sound. My other hand went down and slid up inside the arm of her short sleeved knit sweater. I ran it down over her should then around and held it against the side of her bra. My other hand kept pushing higher and I slowed the movement as my fingers went between her lips and sawed back and forth. 

There was no wetness and I was very gentle. I couldn't help moaning in her ear a little and it deepened when she started to press against my hand. Turning it I put my fingers on either side of her pussy and pushed one lip inside her. She ground her hips up against my hand as my fingers worked in under the bra and cupped her breast. 

I worked up and down that lip and finally slid off it and inside her pussy. Hot, damp, oh my god hot. As it slid deeper I finally hit her lovely lubrication as it began to leak down. I moved my finger around and pulled it out and onto the lip. I pushed it back in and slid in that lovely slick wetness. She was crushing her face into my neck and whimpering just the sweetest and most exciting little bit.

I found that soaked two fingers easily slid inside her pussy. I pumped them in and out and her hips were rolling against me. Wetness was soaking my hand and a bit of the panty that was rubbing on the back of my hand. I couldn't take my eyes off her ass in the mirror.

She lifted her hips a bit on one my trips out of her wetness and I slid a finger up and over her little hood. My fingers were so wet it was easy to slide around on it so very gently. I could feel its shape as it hardened and pushed out a bit. I loved that roundness and the little tip where my finger could just barely feel the tiny slit. 

She was moaning into my neck and grinding my hand. I stopped a couple times to wet my finger again in her wetness and after a couple minutes, I felt her breathing turn into rasping intakes, and without a single word or real sound she stiffened and shook in my arms. Her legs went straight out off the floor and then slowly sank back as all her weight sank onto my body.

My cock was aching and trapped in my jeans and I shifted to get it some relief.

She never looked up but she swung her legs and slid off right in front of me. My hand came out of her sweater and both my hands went under the sheet covering my body. I lifted my hips and undid my belt and unzipped my jeans. I pushed them down a bit but she pushed down on my hips enough that I couldn't rise enough to really push them down. My cock though, had sprung up and tented the brown sheet. Her hands pulled the sheet tight so she could grab my cock and judge the size and shape of me. 

Still never looking she tightened her grip and started sliding the sheet up and down on my hard cock. I moaned and stared at the image of us in the mirror. Her skirt was still up and her ass and stocking covered legs were killing me. She knelt there in front of me. She kept moving up and down on my cock and her fingers started softly drumming on the head of my cock.

"Oh Fuck!" I told her.

She had the right spot and she intensified her rubbing and drumming. I couldn't hold back. In a few seconds my back arched, my head went back and I came so hard in the sheet. My cock pumped again and again. 

Her hands left me and when I opened my eyes she had her back to me. Her skirt was back down and she was fiddling with the brushes on the counter. She turned without eye contact and put a box of kleenex on my tummy.

She left the room and went into the bathroom. When she came out I had cleaned up all I could and I had my pants done up again. She had straightened up her hair and her clothes and she looked like nothing had happened. Only the stained and balled up sheet on the floor gave us away. Liz never looked at me. She was leafing through her appointment book. 

"Call when you think you want the colour touched up," was all she said. I mumbled something totally fucked up, pulled my jacket on and slipped out her front door.

I got about ten blocks when reality really sank in. 

Anyone know a good barber in my area?

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