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An Eighteen Year Old's Affair with an Older Woman

A story about a young man's intense affair with a forty year old wife and mom.
Amy and her husband Mark had just moved to a new community several hundred miles from where they used to live. Mark was a pharmaceutical salesman, and this was their third move since they had been married fifteen years ago. They hoped this would be their last move, since they didn’t want to move their only daughter to another school.

Amy had recently turned forty and was a bit on the conservative side. She was a beautiful looking woman; she had long blond hair which flowed down her back while her blue eyes popped. She looked considerably younger than her actual age. She had grown up on the east coast, but now had to learn what it was like to live the middle of the country.

Amy had been driving home one afternoon from the store, when she noticed something just wasn’t right with her car. She heard and felt a thumping sound, and she quickly pulled off the side of the road to investigate. When she got out she noticed that her rear tire was completely flat.

She immediately went for her phone to call for a tow truck, when she discovered her phone had no charge left. She thought her afternoon couldn’t get any worse, but it did as rain began to move in from the west. She was out of options and she tried to flag down a passing motorist with no success. She was stuck on a lightly travel road, as she waited patiently for another car to pass by. She had been waiting several minutes when a light rain began to fall.

Amy waited inside her car as thunder and lightning started to fill the sky. She was desperate for help, when she noticed a pickup truck in her rear view mirror coming up the hill toward her abandoned car. Amy immediately jumped out of her car, and stood part way out onto the road in the rain waving her arms for help. The truck slowed up and came to a halt, as Amy ran up to the passenger side window.

“Can you please help me? My tire is flat and my cell phone is dead and I don’t know how to change my tire.”

Over on the driver side sat a good looking young man around the age of eighteen. He immediately replied, “Sure I can help you change your tire.”

The young man pulled his truck in behind Amy’s car and got out. The rain was getting heavier as the young man pulled a jack from the back of Amy’s car. Amy sat in the car to stay dry as the young man worked on the tire. It took a good twenty minutes to get the flat tire off her car. He then went into the trunk to get the spare donut tire when he noticed something wasn’t right with it. It was flat and basically unusable.

The young man then walked around to the driver’s side window as moisture dripped from his young tight body and said to Amy, “Your spare is bad. You are going to need a tow truck to help you out.”

“Do you have a phone I could possibly use?”

“I don’t have my phone with me. I can give you a ride home if that would help,” the young man said.

“That would be great,” Amy replied.

Amy quickly climbed out of her car and jumped into the young man’s truck. The young man was soaking wet as he climbed up into his truck.

“Thank you so much. My name is Amy by the way.”

“I’m Josh.”

“Good to meet you Josh. I am so sorry you had to get so wet trying to help me out. I am new to the area so I don’t know my way around just yet. I live only a few miles from here,” Amy said.

Amy asked Josh a little about himself. He told her how he was a high school senior and that he was going to college on a football scholarship next year. He told Amy that he was a quarterback and that he hoped to start next season in college.

Amy told Josh about how she had just turned forty, and she and her family had just moved here from back East a few months ago. She said it had taken some time to get used to the thought of living in such a small community.

A few minutes later Josh pulled up in front of Amy’s house. Amy felt a huge amount of guilt, as Josh sat there wet and cold. She couldn’t just let him go without offering some kind of help.

“Josh, why don’t you come in and let me dry your clothes for you.”

Josh wasn’t about to argue as a cool dampness seeped into his body. Amy led Josh inside and said, “Why don’t you go inside the bathroom and remove those wet clothes so I can put them into the dryer.”

Josh began to remove his wet clothes. As he took off his clothes, he thought about how Amy was pretty sexy for being an older woman. He remembered one of his football buddies telling him how he had been in bed with an older woman a lot like Amy.

His buddy told him how older woman love having a young big cock. It was like fresh meet to them, and that once they experience it the first time they will be back for more. Josh had now gotten down to his damp briefs. He decided to go ahead and remove them so he could see Amy’s reaction. He now stood there totally naked as he emerged from the bathroom a few seconds later.

Amy had just come out from the kitchen when she said, “Josh, you forgot your wet clothes.”

It was right at that point that Amy noticed that Josh was standing there wearing nothing. Amy stood there looking over his extremely fit body. She tried not to stare down at his cock but couldn’t resist the urge. Her eyes slowly drifted downward until they focused in on Josh’s cock. His cock was absolutely stunning as it was extremely thick and had to be a good eight inches in length. Amy was left speechless as she didn’t know what to say. She stood there for several seconds with her eyes glued to the young man’s big thick cock. She then quietly took the wet clothes from him, and she hurried off to the laundry room.

She felt a wave of adrenalin shoot right through her like never before as she tossed his clothes into the dryer. Thoughts of seeing the young man naked began to consume her mind. She couldn’t believe how large his cock was, as it was way bigger than her husband’s cock. She then grabbed her husband’s robe off a hook, and headed back out to the living room where Josh still stood naked. He immediately noticed Amy’s blue eyes checking out his manhood once again, as she stood there for several seconds before handing the robe over to him.

“Why don’t I go make us some hot tea while we wait for your clothes to dry?” Amy said.

Amy hurried off into the kitchen flushed with embarrassment, as she stood over the kitchen sink filling her tea kettle. She couldn’t believe how aroused she had gotten, and she felt a wave of energy come over her. She was extremely embarrassed with the fact that she stood there salivating over the young man’s beautiful tight body.

A few seconds later Josh made his way into the kitchen. He stood right behind Amy while she leaned over the sink filling the tea kettle, when she suddenly felt his strong hands on each of her shoulders. He began to massage her shoulders, and he began to kiss her on the back of the neck. Amy felt a surge of arousal flow through her veins as she stood there not knowing what to do.

Josh then began to undo the buttons on Amy’s shirt. He slowly undid each one of them as his tongue glided across the lower part of her neck. When he had finally unbuttoned the last one, he slid Amy’s shirt down over each of her arms. It fell gently onto the kitchen floor, as Josh ran his fingers lightly down each of Amy’s arms. She felt a tingling sensation throughout her body, and her panties had become extremely damp.

He now unhooked the back of her bra, as a desperate Amy stared out the kitchen window. She tried to get Josh’s mind off her and she said, “It looks like the rain has stopped.”

Josh continued on not worrying about what Amy had said while he slid the straps of her bra down from her shoulders. He pulled her bra away from her body exposing Amy’s beautiful breasts. They were normal in size, but extremely firm. Her nipples were quite aroused and protruded almost a half inch out.

Josh ran his hands gently over each of her nipples and Amy’s eyes began to close periodically. She felt a seduction for this young man as his hands slowly made their way down to the top of her jeans. His tongue now darted in and out of Amy’s ear while he undid the button to her jeans. He worked her jeans open; Amy felt a wave of adrenalin come over her like never before.

Amy stood there doing nothing at all about Josh’s advances. He began to work her jeans down ever so slightly. Seconds later her lovely pink thong panties appeared. She felt a cool draft across her partially naked butt while Josh stood only inches behind her. Amy’s butt was spectacular; it was perfectly curved and extremely firm.

Josh then grabbed Amy’s left arm and pulled it back behind her. He opened his robe while placing his cock into Amy’s hand. She felt the size of Josh’s cock as she ran her hand gently over the tender skin. Amy once again felt a huge sensation come over her, as Josh teased her to the point that goose bumps covered her nearly naked body.

He then whispered into her ear, “Why don’t we go into the bedroom.”

He led Amy out of the kitchen and down a narrow hallway to her bedroom. The two of them walked past a number of pictures on the wall including one of her daughter and husband. As they reach the end of the hallway, Amy glanced up right before entering her bedroom to a large picture on the wall of her and her husband on their wedding day.

She couldn’t believe what she was about to do as Josh led her toward the bed. He laid her down onto the bed while he wiggled her jeans off in one motion. He then crawled on top of her and once again began to kiss her passionately on the neck.

Amy was falling fast for this young man as he tried to work his large cock in between her legs. She was vulnerable and out of control with her inner sexual desires. Seconds later her legs began to crumble. She opened them up just enough for Josh to work his cock in between them. Her pink thong panties were now the only thing keeping Josh from inserting his cock deep inside her.

Josh then reached down and pulled Amy’s thong panties to one side. His cock brushed against the lips of Amy’s aroused pussy wetting the tip of it. She was extremely aroused as her legs opened even wider. She felt Josh’s big cock penetrate deeply into her while soft moans began to radiate from her mouth.

“Oh god,” Amy whispered out as Josh’s cock spread the lips of her pussy wide apart.

He began to fuck her with more vigor minutes later as Amy’s arms began to thrash about his tight body. Several minutes later Amy felt a powerful orgasm coming on. She was losing control fast as her fingernails dug deeply into Josh’s back.

She cried out, “Your cock is so good! Don’t stop! Please don’t stop!”

Amy could only take so much when she suddenly began to cry out. She started to cum hard all over Josh’s young cock while he pushed several inches of his cock deeply into her. Amy hadn’t felt an orgasm like that in years. She immediately felt another powerful orgasm building inside her as Josh continued to fuck her hard on the bed. A short while later Josh began to moan out. He was on the verge of cumming as was Amy. The two of them seconds later began to moan out into powerful orgasms.

Josh rolled off of Amy just seconds later while Amy laid there in the fetal position on the bed trembling and moaning out, “Oh god was that so good!”

A short time later Amy got up to check on Josh’s clothes. She couldn’t believe how she gave in to her inner sexual desires to such a young man. She hadn’t felt this young and vibrant in years. She pulled Josh’s clothes from the dryer and then made her way back to the bedroom. As she walked in Josh was on the bed with another massive erection.

He wanted to take Amy once again, but she said to him, “Oh god Josh, I don’t think I can do it again.”

Amy couldn’t resist her sexual desires as she dropped her robe and walked over to the bed. His cock was throbbing high into the air as Amy slithered down onto his massive erection. She began to work herself up and down on the shaft of Josh’s big cock as her hands held tightly down onto his strong chest. She couldn’t believe how great his cock felt as she took several inches of it deep inside her.

“Oh god, your cock is so good!” Amy cried out.

She rode hard on his cock for several minutes as she once again moaned out into another scintillating orgasm. Her chest was now pressed against Josh’s chest while she gave him a passionate kiss on the lips.

Minutes later Josh reached back with both of his hands and cradled them around Amy’s ass. He lifted her ass up slightly as he began to ram his cock hard up into her. Amy began to scream out loudly as she felt his huge cock ripping hard into her wet pussy. She once again cried out as a powerful orgasm shook her while she rammed her tongue down Josh’s throat.

“Oh god! Take me from behind!” Amy cried out a minute later.

Amy crawled up onto all fours on the center of the bed. She pushed her ass high into the air while she rested her weight on her knees and forearms. She stared down at the bed sheets as she felt Josh push his cock deep into her from behind. He began to fuck her hard from behind; Amy felt waves of pleasure come over her.

It had been only a few minutes, when Amy screamed out in another very intense orgasm. Her body had gone completely limp; Josh cradled his arms around her hips. His strong arms held tightly onto Amy’s body for the next several minutes while he pounded his hard cock into her causing Amy to once again scream out into yet another extremely powerful orgasm. Minutes later Josh could no longer hold onto Amy’s beautiful body and she slid harmlessly down onto the bed. He began to stroke hard on his cock as Amy laid there spread eagle on the bed. The cheeks of her gorgeous ass were spread wide apart as Josh began to cum hard all over them seconds later.

A short time later Josh got dressed and was about to leave when he said to Amy, “Why don’t you give me your cell phone number. I will text you.”

Amy wrote down her number and gave Josh a quick peck on the lips as he left. She stood there in just a robe worn out and exhausted. She couldn’t believe what she had just done as she knew it wasn’t right, but it felt so good.

A few days later Amy got a text message from Josh. He wanted to get together again with Amy. Amy’s schedule was full since her husband was in town working all week, but he was scheduled to go out of town the following week. Amy texted back to Josh, “Hang on! My husband is going out of town next week. Maybe we can get together then.”

Josh might have been a bit disappointed at that time, but he knew he had to be patient. The following week Amy texted Josh letting him know that her daughter was spending the night at a friend’s house and that she was all alone and in need of his big beautiful cock.

Josh came over a short time later. He was met by an extremely aroused Amy; she stood there with nothing on but a long white dress shirt. She brought Josh into the living room and pushed him down onto the couch. Amy then began to put on a show for him as she began to slowly unbutton the dress shirt in front of him. She glanced down at the huge bulge that filled Josh’s pants and said, “What do you think Josh? You like what you see?”

“Oh god yes!” Josh mumbled out.

Amy now slid the shirt off her shoulders. It fell onto the living floor as Amy stood naked before the young man.

“Do you want me to suck your big cock?” Amy then asked.

“Yes!” Josh quietly said.

Amy now got down onto her knees in front of him. She opened up his pants freeing his big cock as she ran her hand down the shaft of it. She then inserted it into her warm mouth and began to suck hard on his cock for the next several minutes as Josh sat there moaning in total pleasure.

A few minutes later Amy got up and went into her bedroom. Josh and his massive hard on followed close behind. Amy dropped her shirt down onto the floor and slipped underneath the covers. Josh got undressed and climbed into bed with her. Seconds later Amy felt Josh move his head underneath the covers.

He had pushed his head in between Amy’s legs forcing them apart. She then felt Josh’s tongue glide across her swollen pussy as waves of adrenalin shot through her.

Josh had sucked on Amy’s pussy for a good twenty minutes before Amy began to cry out, “Oh god Josh! It feels so good! Don’t stop!”

Seconds later Amy’s body began to squirm about the bed. Her hands had pushed down on the covers forcing Josh’s face against her swollen pussy. She no longer could take it as she began to cry out into an extremely intense orgasm. Her body shook for a good few minutes as Josh pulled his head out from underneath the covers. Amy immediately kissed him hard on the lips and said, “I need you to fuck me now!”

Josh then slid his massive cock deep inside her. He fucked her hard for a good thirty minutes as Amy cried out into multiple orgasms. When Josh finally came he filled Amy’s pussy with his cum as Amy screamed out once again into total pleasure.

Josh left a short time after, leaving Amy naked and worn out. He texted Amy several times over the next few weeks trying to get together with her, but their schedules weren’t conducive with one another’s. Then one afternoon, Josh decided to show up at Amy’s house unexpectedly.

“Josh, what are you doing here? My husband is on his way home! You got to go now!”

Josh was extremely horny as he said to Amy, “I can’t take it any longer. I got to have you right now!”

Josh led Amy into her bedroom and immediately stripped her of all of her clothes.

“You got to hurry Josh!”

Amy walked over toward a high back chair that was located near the bedroom window. She now knelt up on top of it as her face hung over the back side of it. She had a perfect view of the driveway as she felt Josh drop his pants and ram his big cock hard into her from behind.

Josh began to fuck her hard from behind as Amy cried out, “Oh god Josh! Hurry! Please hurry!”

A few minutes later Amy’s husband pulled onto the driveway. A hysterical Amy said, ‘Oh god Josh! My husband is home! You’ve got to stop!”

“There is no way I am stopping!” Josh blurted out as it was so far along to stop now.

Amy’s husband walked down to the mailbox to get the mail first. Their neighbor across the street now had come out to chat with him as Josh continued to pound his big cock deep into Amy’s aroused cunt. Amy quickly felt a powerful orgasm coming on.

‘Oh fuck Josh! Give it to me! Harder! Harder!” Amy cried out as she watched her husband through the blinds as he stood out in the street chatting with the neighbor.

A few seconds later Amy’s body began to explode as she screamed out, “Give it to me! More! More Josh!”

Amy had an earth shattering orgasm as her whole body shook hard for a good minute. She begged Josh to finish as her husband began to walk away from chatting with the neighbor from across the street. Amy’s husband had stopped for a few seconds glancing at the mail when Amy cried out one last time, “Hurry Josh! Please hurry!”

A few seconds later Amy heard Josh grunt out loudly as she felt his cum shoot high onto her back. Josh then quickly pulled is pants back up and slipped out the back door right before Amy’s husband walked into the house. Amy quickly gathered her clothing that was strewn about the floor and headed into the bathroom. She raced to turn on the shower, and jumped inside just as her husband walked in on her.

“I am home honey. How was your day? Jim from across the street wanted to know if we wanted to come over for a barbeque on Sunday.”

“That’s fine honey.” Amy shouted from the shower.

“Is everything alright? You sound different?”

“Yeah, everything is alright. It has been a long day.” Amy said replied back.

“I love you!” Amy’s husband shouted out as he left the bathroom.

Amy stood in the shower and she was a nervous wreck. She just had an extremely powerful orgasm along with the fact they nearly had gotten caught. She knew they couldn’t get away with this for very much longer.

That Sunday while over at their neighbors house Jim’s wife Nancy asked, “I noticed a young man over at your place. Are you doing some kind of work to the house?”

Amy’s eyes got real big as she nervously said, “Oh yeah. We are thinking about painting a few rooms in the house and he was there to give me a bid.”

Amy had just dodged another bullet as she knew this had to stop. They nearly were caught twice now. She began to avoid Josh’s texts. A week or so later Josh began to text her several times a day. She no longer could just walk away and hide, so she texted him back to say she could no longer could see him.

Josh was angry, confused, along with being extremely hurt. He couldn’t understand why Amy was avoiding him as his senior year had just had ended. He would be going away in a few months to college and wanted to see Amy as much as possible before he left.

Amy didn’t hear anything from Josh for the next few weeks. She thought he had finally come to his senses and agreed with her that this wasn’t right. A few more weeks had passed and it was already the middle of summer. Amy knew Josh would be leaving for college soon and that his life of wanting girls his own age would return.

Amy had just dropped off her daughter at camp and was heading home for the day to just relax. She had just walked into the kitchen and put her bag down onto the table when Josh suddenly had come out from around the corner.

“Josh, what are you doing here? How did you get in here?”

Josh stood there with an angry puzzled look on his face. He wanted an explanation on why Amy had called off their short affair.

“Josh, I thought we went over all of this already. You need to be with girls your own age. I thought we both agreed.” Amy said to him.

Josh began to undress in front of Amy as he said, “I know you still want me. I bet you dream of me fucking you over and over. Don’t you?”

‘No Josh! We can’t do this again.”

Josh had removed everything but his briefs. His cock was quite hard as the outline of it was quite visible. He then with one hard yank lowered his briefs to the ground as his cock popped straight outward toward Amy. He then said, “You want me to fuck you with my big cock?”

Amy felt a rush of adrenalin like never before as she stood there nervously with her eyes glued to the young man’s cock. Her panties were getting wetter by the second.

“Please Josh!” Amy cried out as Josh walked over towards her.

Josh grabbed Amy and pushed her over the kitchen table. He grabbed her shorts and lowered them down to her ankles as her gorgeous ass hung over the side of the table. He then grabbed the side of her tight thong panties and yanked them to the side. He rammed his finger into her extremely aroused cunt as he said to her, “You are so fucking wet.”

Amy began to moan out as Josh rammed another finger in to her. He now had two fingers buried deep inside her pussy as Amy cried out continuously. Josh then suddenly stopped a few minutes later leaving Amy’s pussy pulsating for more. He mounted himself back behind her as he placed his massive erection against the lips of Amy’s wet pussy.

“You want me to fuck you? Beg me?”

Amy couldn’t take it any longer as she pleaded, “Oh god Josh I need your cock! Please fuck me hard with your big cock!”

Josh rammed his cock deep into Amy’s aroused cunt. He gave it to her good and hard as Amy felt every inch of his cock tear deeply into her.

“Harder! Harder!” Amy cried out.

Josh had fucked Amy hard for several minutes across the kitchen table when Amy suddenly screamed out in a very intense orgasm. Her body shook the kitchen table violently as her orgasm went on for a good minute. Josh then pulled Amy up from the kitchen table.

He brought her into the living room and pushed her down onto the couch. He got down on his knees in front of her and once again rammed every inch of his cock back into her hot pussy.

He fucked her hard again as Amy cried out, “Fuck me! Fuck me hard Josh!”

A few minutes later Amy let out a loud scream as she once again had another powerful orgasm. She had lost all control now as she cried out, “It feels so good Josh! Don’t stop! Please don’t stop!”

A short while later Josh moved Amy onto the rug in front of the fireplace. He had Amy climbed on top of his cock as she rode hard on top of it for the next several minutes. She once again cried out into another spectacular orgasm as she took every inch of the young man’s cock deep inside her wet pussy.

Josh now had a special ending for Amy. He now had Amy get onto all fours as he felt a powerful wave of adrenalin come over him. He mounted himself back behind her as he blurted out, “I am going to fuck you in that gorgeous ass!”

Amy was in no position to stop him as she felt his massive erection against her ass. Seconds later Josh pushed his cock deep into Amy’s ass. Her cries filled the living room as she felt Josh’s cock tear right into her tender ass. Minutes later Amy felt an extremely powerful orgasm building inside her.

“Give it to me! Harder! Harder!” she cried out.

Josh rammed several inches of his cock deep into Amy’s ass. She could only take so much as she screamed out into one of the most intense orgasms of her life. She had never felt anything this powerful ever before as her whole body rocked with extreme force.

A few minutes later Josh began to moan out. He could no longer hold on as a wave of energy had come over him. He gave Amy several hard thrust with his cock as his cock began to erupt seconds later. He shot his hot load deep into Amy’s tender ass as she cried out one last time with extreme passion.

Josh then pulled his cock from Amy’s ass as her body fell harmlessly down onto the living room floor. She laid there on her stomach moaning out as Josh’s cum oozed from her just fucked ass.

Josh now got up and said to her, “Now it is over with!”

Josh quickly got dressed and left never to be heard from again. Amy still has visions of Josh fucking her over and over, but knows that those days are gone forever. She now has just memories though she recently had met another young man who helped her out at the grocery store.

Could she do all of this once again? Only time will tell!

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