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An Unexpected Delight

She got more than a kitchen installed.

It was an ordinary Wednesday morning on my way to start a new job at some guys house, new cupboards and a kitchen sink to fit.

A text comes through: "Hi Stephen, it's Jim, just checking you're still coming? I'm holding off going to work to run through a few things with you."

I don't bother replying as I'm five minutes away. After parking at the house Jim comes to the door, sadly excited and gives me a wave.

"Christ," I think to myself, "it's Ned-fucking-Flanders."

I walk up to the door with my box of tools, suitably attired as a professional joiner, hard hat, rigger boots and hi-vis vest, tool belt clinking as I walk with the hammer dangling at my side.

Jim shows me through to the kitchen and shows me the work at hand.

I nod, politely saying, "No problem mate, I'll have this done before the end of the day to which he replies, "Fandably doo!" I'm cringing at the choice of words used for appreciation but hey it's work. "My wife, Susan, will be in and out most of the day so just tell her the damage if I'm not back when you finish, she'll write you the check."

Jim heads off to work so I set about my tasks, only but five minutes later the door bursts open, Susan is back from the supermarket completely laden with far too many bags. Startled initially at the sudden burst through the door I then laugh a little and walk over to help.

"Need a hand there luv?" I chuckle as I take a few bags from her!

As I do my hand brushes hers, it's warm and sends a jolt through my body to my crotch! "Fuck she's hot" I think to myself, how did Jim manage to bag her I wondered. She takes care of herself, is all made up even for a supermarket run, wearing a tight top and tight jeans, blonde short hair with a very cheeky look in her eyes. Can see her cleavage spilling out of her top and it arouses me instantly.

"Oh, thank you," she says. "Can I make you a coffee?"

Susan is definitely the one wearing the trousers in this house, she's got this confidence, strong-willed, friendly nature about her. Jim probably bows to her every command, the poor fella. Anyway, I accept her offer of a coffee and watch her tight ass as she reaches up into the cupboard to get a cup. She knows I'm looking but isn't even uncomfortable, she knows she's hot and is probably used to it.

After handing me my coffee she jokingly says, "Don't be trying to rip me off, by the way, I know what you builders are like," and smiles.

I can't help myself from saying back, "The only thing I want to rip off is your..."

I stop short for fear of offending but she feigns shock and giggles, "See, I know what you builders are like, cheeky." She winks. "I'm a happily married woman I'll have you know, so keep your potty builder mouth to yourself, thank you very much"

"Potty?" I jest whilst laughing, "POTTY? I would have gone with filthy missy and you don't know the half of it."

We're both laughing and she really does have a dirty, sexy laugh! "Aw, I'm only teasing, I'm sure Jim is a lucky man"

She replies back with, "Hmmm, he doesn't even look at me that way any more."

There's a moment, It's there, we're looking at one another over the tops of our cups as we drink, I'm all of a sudden rock hard and I see her eyes shift to the movement under my tool belt. The bulge is unmistakable and I'm growing harder by the second. She puts her cup down, exposing the entire length of her body, It's open and there are no obstacles, her chest heaving and rising as her breath gets heavier, the sexual chemistry is electrifying. I walk over and see her shaking a little. Before I know it my hand is sliding underneath her hair to the back of her head, pulling her lips firmly against mine, tongues searching each other out as I'm now pushing her back against the kitchen cupboards.

"We shouldn't be doing this she whispers," trying to refrain herself but it's too far gone. The lust has taken over and she's silently screaming for me to fuck her senseles.

I begin to squeeze her tits firmly, my hand on her ass pulling her tight and I lean in to whisper into her ear as I tug on her hair. "Get down on your knees," I say.

Without hesitation she drops to her knees looking up at me, begging me for instruction. She's not used to this authority, this commanding tone I'm using, she loves it though. For the first time in years, she's not in control, it's exciting, it's exhilarating and she's shaking with anticipation, I look down and stare her directly in the eyes, "Be a good girl and take my cock out."

Straight away she's unbuttoning my jeans, the tool belt and hammer still around my waist, making her work for my cock, eventually amidst shaking like a leaf but bound by desire, lust and submitting herself I feel her warm slender hand find my now achingly hard cock. It springs out of my jeans hitting her in the face. 

"Now suck, make it wet with your mouth like the naughty little slut you are."

Feverishly she's gobbled the entire length down. Sucking, slurping, moaning, licking, she can't get enough!

"Good girl," I say whilst thinking fuck sake this bitch is going to make me cum.

I reach down and put my finger underneath her chin, guiding her face upwards to look at me, she's still clamped her hot mouth to my cock and doesn't want to stop sucking. "Stand up," I say, but she shakes her head while slurping and spitting all over my cock.

"Fucking do as your told and stand up," I say angrily.

She reluctantly gets to her feet, lipstick all smudged and a tear running down her cheek. "You should have done as you were told," I say. "You've been naughty and now you need to be punished."

I tell her to turn round and lean over the kitchen worktop. I reach round unbutton her jeans and pull them straight to her ankles, knickers too. They're soaking wet, Christ, I can smell how fucking wet she is.

There she is in front of me, jeans and knickers to her ankles, exposed and shaking. 


I've left a red hand print on her ass and she squeals loudly.

"That's what you get for disobeying me." 


Again harder as she flinches, her ass red raw.

I pull my hammer from my tool belt and run the cold shaft up and down the inside of her thighs as I reach round to squeeze her tits firmly. Saying into her ear, "Are you going to be a good girl from now on?"

She whimpers, "Yes, yes, I'll be a good girl."

I start to stroke my throbbing cock behind her. With my hammer hand I make her open her legs feet wide apart and push the cold shaft of my hammer into her pussy. It glides in effortless filling her up with cold, hard plastic. She screams so loud I have to put my hand around her mouth to stifle the screams. 

Now as I'm fucking her with my hammer the phone goes and goes straight to answer: "Hi honey, it's me. Just wondering how our joiner is getting on? See you after work."

She flinches at Jim's voice but now I'm fucking her pussy hard and she squirts everywhere. All over the shaft of my hammer and down her leg is covered in hot pussy juice.

I slowly withdraw the hammer from her pussy and hold it up to her mouth, "Lick your juice off of it." She is still gasping, moaning with orgasmic pleasure but licking all her juice off.

Just when she thinks things are over I push my hot hard cock into her. The sensation is intense after having something cold fuck her, now it's my throbbing hot cock sliding in and out, deep and hard. Within minutes I can feel her pussy clench tight again.

She's groaning so loudly, "FUCK FUCK FUCK I'm going to cum!" and again as I explode. Pumping rivers of hot cum deep into her hot wet pussy she cums again, consecutively over and over at the filthy, sexy, sordid, degraded cum slut she's just been. But holy fuck, she's never been fucked like that by Jim and never will be.

I quickly finish up my work and she writes a check for £1000, well over double the price I asked for.

After getting home that night I receive a text from Jim: "Hey Stephen, thanks for all your good work today, Susan is delighted and hey, as long as the missus is happy eh? Saves us blokes a little hassle. Will call on your services again soon."

The End 



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