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another rendezvous

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Going black and I'm going back and and forth and back again.

There’s nothing like going to work knowing in advance that your significant other and his kid are going to a Bruins game. It’s like a free pass for me to get my fuck on — if I’m in the mood.

I was torn, though, as I drove to work: should I go to a repeat offender who was great and won’t be a dud, or someone new. I went to my websites to help figure that out but, of course, it really came down to my mood and what I wanted.

By noon, I had narrowed it down to four guys — two I'd met and two strangers. Then an unexpected message came, the sort I’d normally ignore or reject. Usually, I don’t go for younger men; I just don't do drama or stupid games. Older men are appreciative, have experience, and are not timid, either. 

But Roy's profile picture was a big black cock and I hadn't had a BBC in a while and, honestly, I quite fancied being sore in the morning. I entered Roy in my race. 

Then I learned one guy couldn't host and another couldn't meet in the time frame. By two-thirty that afternoon, it was between Roy and Thomas. I’d met Thomas before and he was nearer to me — but was he worth a revisit? At four, the workday was almost over and I decided to call Roy.

After all, he wasn't that far away and, apparently, his cock was massive — and that's what I wanted. When I informed Roy that he’d ‘won’ a date with me, he was ecstatic and couldn't believe it was going to happen. I liked that, so we made a plan.

At home, I showered, shaved, and put on my tight black dress that makes men drool, especially black men. It’s short and without wearing undergarments I was sure to please. We’d decided to meet at a bar he used and I told him I hoped his friends would see us.  He laughed and told me it was in his neighborhood. I drove and got there on time at seven. 

Going in, all eyes were on me. It was a franchise crap bar with a mixed crowd but it was easy to pick him out. He towered over me when he came to say, “Hi.” 

Sitting at the bar, he didn't introduce me to anybody but I could see people were shocked that I was with him. Okay, confession time: I admit Roy was kind of a nerd. I guess I have a knack for finding that sort!

I had one drink but Roy was impatient. He said, “Let’s go,” at least five times before I said, “Okay, fine.”

Roy was over six foot, heavy but not overly so and certainly not obese or anything like it. He had some facial hair and I thought in his early thirties. He said he hadn't driven to the bar so we got in my car. I was hardly on the road when he asked if he could kiss me. We did that at the next two stop lights. He told me that he couldn't believe this was happening and that he couldn't wait to see me naked.

He began feeling my legs, roaming slowly up and down, till he reached the point where he said, “Ah, no pants.” 

He definitely wasn't timid, going straight for my pussy to finger me. He got me wet as we kissed and I was soaked by the time we parked.

He said he loved my pussy and I said, “No… tonight it’s your pussy.”

Roy also couldn’t keep his hands off my ass. He didn’t even stop when an older couple walked down the stairs as we went up to his apartment. It was a typical bachelor pad — and a roommate was on the couch watching TV. I said “Hello and bye” at the same time as Roy ushered me into a smelly bedroom. I was pushed to the bed and then he drew down his pants, letting his monster spring out. 

“Take that dress off, woman,” he said.

I lifted it over my head and he pinned me down, bringing his cock to my face.

“Take that dick,” he said.

He held it on my lips and I began trying to suck his huge thick cock as it flapped on my face. He kept saying, “Suck it,” or, “Get that dick,” and I did my best to take it down my throat but it was too thick. It didn't smell that great, either, and I was thankful when he told me to flip over. 

He asked if I loved black dick.

“Yes,” I said and he asked if my husband’s cock was as big as his.

I said it wasn’t and he started pounding me hard and deep. I took him all and he obviously loved it, slapping my ass from time to time and boasting, “That’s my dick.”

It really felt good: hard, thick, and long, but just when I was getting ready to explode, Roy pulled out and covered my back and ass with his sticky seed. He moaned and fell on top of me before rolling off laughing. Secretly, I was upset but I played with his limp cock, trying to get it hard again. I didn't have much time and I desperately wanted to get off. 

He said something but I didn't really hear as I was concentrating on tugging and stroking life into his cock. But it was no use; he rolled over and put on his shirt. I lay there and he didn't even offer a towel while he tried to make small talk. 

I was now pretty upset. Then I remembered his roommate. I asked Roy if his roommate’s cock was as big as his. He seemed shocked.

"Don't know,” he mumbled. “Why, do you want him to fuck you, too?”

“I might… why don’t you ask him?”

When Roy came back, he told me his friend had said to meet him in his room if I wanted his cock. I quickly got off the bed, grabbed my dress, and walked out. 

His roommate stared at me, pointed at a door, and said, “Go in there and wait.”

Still carrying my dress, I walked past him to the room. To my delighted surprise, it was the opposite of Roy’s bedroom. It was clean and had a queen-size bed which was tidy and didn't smell of body odor. 

It didn't take him long to appear. He wasn't as handsome or as tall — but he was excited. “Guess you couldn't get enough, could you?” he said, smiling.

“Enough? Your boy finished the race before it started,” I said and he laughed.

He took off his clothes and I was pleased to see he was in shape. I was also happy to look at his beautiful cock, although it wasn’t yet erect when he brought it to me for sucking. He held my head and pushed his shaft deep into my mouth until it made me gag. Quickly, he was hard and throbbing and he told me to lay on the bed. 

Holding my legs high and kissing them, he guided his big black cock inside me and instantly started pounding me. I came within a few minutes but, unlike his roommate, he didn't cum too soon. Instead, he withdrew his glistening tool and had me suck him before I climbed on top. 

As I rode him, he pinched my nipples and said I was hot. We got a good rhythm going and, after I spun around on his massive erection, we didn't last much longer. He pulled out and spurted all over the place. I stroked him till his vast cock was drained but he nodded off to sleep in mid-conversation. I was shocked but put on my dress and went to leave. Roy was in the living room and asked if I was happy.

I gave that look you produce when you just need to get out and not piss off anybody.

“Yes,” I said, “you guys are awesome.” 

He opened the door and said, “Maybe I’ll see you again.”

“Maybe,” I smiled, but as I hurried to my car, I thought, ‘Hmm, no thank you’.

I was there for maybe an hour, had only one orgasm, and the saying, ‘Once you go black, you never go back,’ was simply proved wrong by this selfish duo. 

The roommate was a better fuck and much more attentive, probably because he doesn't get as much sex. Yet, I think he could have gone the extra mile to make a girl happy. But, hey, what’s a booty call supposed to do, right? 

I drove home and showered, still yearning for more, wanting satisfaction. I was sure my guy would provide it — and he did. As usual.

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