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Blazing Shower

She May Do Late Shifts More Often
I never did get much sleep.

Being a nurse in the busiest hospital in town can do that to you. Sleeping next to a bear doesn't help either, tossing and turning, snoring, hogging the covers, how was I to get any sleep!? Of course sex was always known to help but there wasn't much of that lately with me working and him being sleep all the time. When it did happen there wasn't much to look forward to. He wasn't much of a romantic and forget about him wanting to please me. It was all about him. After his cum shot to the body it was over. He'd collapse to the side and goes to sleep like I am not even there. I usually have to finish myself off.

I roll over to see what time it is, I stare at the clock in the dark that he got me for our last anniversary. I can just make out the big red letters, MARIE. Having my name on an alarm clock isn't very exciting but it was from him so I dealt with it. I had about fifteen minutes but with Yogi Bear hibernating it's no point in trying to go back to sleep. I got up and walked to the bathroom.

I look at myself in the mirror, I had to admit I love my body. Medium dark hair, natural dark blue eyes, smooth caramel skin that ran down over my 36A breasts, down to my small waist, and widens down to the mound of my soft booty (which usually draws all the attention). I smile and turn on the shower. It was the only time I could really relax during my busy days. I step into the shower and feel the hot water on my body, I drift away and feel free.

No matter what, my mind always seems to drift to the one moment in my marriage I am not proud of but can't say I regret.

It was three weeks ago, one of my usual nights doing rounds at the hospital, it wasn't particularly busy but one of the nurses asked if I could finish her shift. Apparently she had an emergency, I was about to be off myself but I wasn't going home to anything special so I agreed. Her rounds were easy, a few sick people, a couple broken bones, and a crazy pregnant lady. I almost forgot all of that when I entered my next room.

"Hi!" my voice soft and seductive at the mere site of him. He was about 6'3", 250 pounds, dark skinned, and toned up. He also must have noticed my voice change because he was smiling from ear to ear.

"Hi yourself. How are you this evening?" His voice was deep, not radio personality deep, but deep enough to almost control your movements with a simple command. I grabbed his chart and saw that he was a firefighter (I always had a thing for guys in uniform).

"I'm fine. Why aren't you resting?"

He turned around toward the window and said, "I am looking for the heat, it is freezing in this gown. Plus I don't need to be here, I am fine but my captain and the doctor both agreed I should stay the night."

Indeed nothing was wrong with him, according to the chart, he went into a fire to save an occupant and his mask was temporarily removed. He breathed in some toxic fumes but test were negative so this was just a precaution.

"I will get the heat, you get into bed." As he walked over I noticed the slight bulge under his gown getting bigger. His mind must have been racing with fantasy thoughts about nurses. I was no better, it was cold in here but that was not the reason for my now hardening nipples. I walked pass him to the heater and bent over slightly to turn it up. I knew his eyes were on me and I couldn't help but feel a chill of excitement rush over me.

Was he undressing me? Noticing I didn't have a panty line because I decided to go with my blue laced thong. Surely he noticed my nipples and upon further inspection he may even notice the small wet spot I recently felt develop. I turned to him and I gasp, he was sitting on the bed fully erect, staring at me. Shocked, I couldn't move and my eyes wouldn't leave the seven inch long, thick member staring back at me.

"What are you doing?" Stupid question.

"I saw the look you gave me, I noticed your nipples getting hard and got a glimpse of that laced thong." He did notice. "I figured I would go for it!"

To this day I don't know why I did it, was it the lack of home attention, was he really that attractive, was it the seduction in his eyes, or my own lust? I do not know and nor do I care.

"We can't do this here." He looked a little disappointed. I walked over to him and whispered in his ear, "I mean we can't do this here, someone might see us." I grabbed is hand and pulled him into the bathroom.

Almost immediately upon closing the door we were on each other. He begin kissing my neck, by this time my pants were soaking wet through my thong. As he kissed me I grabbed his fully erect cock into my hand. It felt amazing, I wanted it, needed it. He was rubbing my clit through my pants. His touch was soft, yet firm, his kisses were light and tingling my body from head to toe. I stroked his cock slowly wanting it in me so bad.

"Give it to me!" I attempted to whisper but it came out like a whimper. I was surprised at his gentle roughness, he slid down my pants and lifted me onto the sink. Sliding my thong to the side and sliding his cock in almost simultaneously. I gasped out loud forgetting where I was as I felt him stretching my tight pussy.

With every slow, deep stroke I felt all his veins, every inch, in and out. He was making sure I felt every bit of it and my pussy was dripping wet. Slowly and moderately he began to speed up, perhaps sensing his own orgasm or noticing my eyes rolling back as mine was reaching its peak.

"Fuck that pussy is so wet, I love it!" I hope he wasn't upset at me not responding but I couldn't find any words. The smacking of his balls on my ass, his hand grabbing my tits, the pure pleasure I secretly longed for, and of course his cock deep in me was enough to send me over the edge.

"Fuck I'm cumming!" I exploded pussy juices all over his cock and seeing that was enough for him, a few more strokes and there he went.

"Fuck here it cums!" He returned the favor and exploded all his cum in me. I felt it all as wave after wave shot up in me. He backed away stumbling, his juices and mine pouring out of me and into the sink. His cock slowly shrinking away.

He showered and I left to get the change of clothes I keep in my locker for emergencies. Being very careful not to run into too many people. I returned to his room thirty minutes later to find him fast asleep. I still had two hours and I was gone when he woke the next morning.

As I snapped back to reality. The thoughts sent me into an instant orgasm as it always does. I screamed out this time, which is unusual. I'm sure I woke my husband. Exhausted and satisfied I cleaned up and dried off. I stepped out the shower and, of course, Yogi Bear was fast asleep. I got dressed and left for work, thinking about my fireman and his hose, wondering if I would see him again.

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