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Charity Work

Contributing Authors: Green_Man 

Charity work gets out of hand.

 At fifty-two I like to think I am still in great shape and have my figure intact. I am a loving wife and adore my husband. Our sex life is incredible.

I do, however, love sex and orgasms. And every orgasm makes me hornier. This tends to lead me astray, especially when apart from my spouse. I do feel guilty about cheating on my husband but not enough not to do it.

I have a newly “configured” 36DD-28-34 body after being repaired up top from breast cancer. I get plenty of looks. Yes, that turns me on as well.

My kids are gone. My husband’s career is sky high as a senior vice president at a huge corporation, so I don’t need to work. However, I decided to get back into the flow of things by using my husband's contacts to do some charity work.

We live in one of the major US cities and, unfortunately, as is often the way, there are many underprivileged children. I happen to be a huge baseball fan and some of the areas in the city have the most deplorable fields and equipment. I learned there was a charity ran by a retired local player. I assumed he was probably just a figurehead.  

Using my husband’s name I started working with this player, named Rich. With his star power and my name (okay, my husband's name) we immediately made an impact with some larger companies. I was feeling very good about things.

Then Rich called me and told me a major energy drink corporation wanted to explore sponsoring our charity. However, we would need to fly to New York to their corporate headquarters.

I talked it over with my husband and he stressed how important these meetings were. We needed to be alert, prepared, and have sterling appearances. He also cautioned that, even though I was more than capable of giving a presentation that would wow them, a lot would have to come from Rich. Rich’s heart is in the right place but he has the reputation of being a womanizing drinker. He has this reputation because it is deserved. 

He had never hit on me because of the repercussions that might occur from screwing a high-powered business man's wife on his home turf. So my job would be to keep him on an even keel before the meeting. We were set to fly in on a Tuesday afternoon with a meeting Wednesday at eight in the morning.  

As luck would have it, there was a huge storm in Chicago so we got off late. By the time we arrived in the New York area they were also having storms so we diverted to Philadelphia. Exhausted, I had Rich call our contact and explain the situation. The meeting was pushed back a few hours.

While he did that, I set up two train tickets from Philly to New York. By this time it was about midnight and we needed a room. We already had reserved rooms but they were in New York. So, I began calling there in Philadelphia. With the weather and a huge convention in town, available rooms were almost nonexistent.

However, I found us a suite so I thought we were good to go. When we went to collect our bags we learned that the discount carrier (you know, the one with the heart and “funny” flight attendants) had lost our luggage. The hotel had amenities for the bathroom, however, we only had the clothes on our backs.

Thinking about the meeting and making the best impression I decided that what we wore on the plane would work but those clothes needed to be clean and pressed. The hotel said they could help us there but now we needed sleeping clothes for the night. We asked at the front desk and the only thing open was an adult bookstore. It just wasn’t my night.

With Rich as my bodyguard, we headed the two blocks away. Sleep was rapidly eluding us. When we arrived the next issue was getting a good fit for me. I stand at five feet four inches and with my figure, the ones that could fit well were really few. They were either for larger women or ones with boy's chests. I finally found one that fit.

If I was with my husband or a lover I would have loved it. A plunging lace chemise with a matching G-string in purple! Rick was smiling in approval. I stuck out my tongue at him. I didn’t want to admit to myself that deep down I found the idea of wearing it around Rick was more than a bit arousing.

We headed back to the hotel. Once in the room, we made another discovery. The suite, instead of two bedrooms, had a living room and a bedroom. In other words only one bed. We both were going to be very short of sleep so as I changed into my new outfit and Rick put on the robe as we came to the conclusion that we would share the bed. We would just have to behave. 

The bellhop came for our clothes so I came out of the bathroom still in my makeup and we gave him the clothes. I gave him a big tip to make sure we had them back in a few hours.

I shut the door and turned around and saw Rick staring at me. He had a stunned look on his face. When I asked him what was wrong he just shook his head and told me I was the sexiest thing he ever saw. Knowing his reputation I smiled.

“Flatterer! I'm going to wash my face, then why don’t we go to sleep.”

Rick's back was to me as he agreed and shrugged off his robe. I stopped dead in my tracks. He was naked. Before I could say anything I saw his cock hanging down from behind and between his legs. It had to be huge.

Finally, I croaked out, “you're naked.”

A bit bashfully he admitted he never wore underwear and had forgotten to mention it. I just shook my head and went in to take off my makeup.

He was in bed when I came out and I crawled in on my side. As I lay there I could not get the thought of his cock out of my mind. I dozed off with that thought. I found myself dreaming of it in my hand and stroking it. Then I realized I was not dreaming. I had rolled over in twilight sleep and reached for it. It was growing! My pussy was on fire and even as I told myself I was a married woman I was moving under the covers to the hard flesh snake.  

Like an out of body experience, I could see myself lying now between his legs, moving my mouth to it. The mushroom head slid into my mouth, then my throat, as I opened it wider. Even if I say so myself, I am an expert cock sucker. I kept taking it all. Rick's hand found the top of my head and pressed for me to take more. I fought off gagging as I managed to get all ten inches in. Slowly I backed off and let it free.

“This is a one-time only thing, got it, Rick?” He chuckled but didn’t answer as I took it back in. I was bobbing up and down on it in rhythm now. His hand controlled the pace.

I do so love to be controlled by lovers. This just got me hotter. I was trying very hard to stay in control but was losing it. I popped that baseball bat out of my throat and sucked his balls in. I kept stroking it. He finally moaned and stiffened but didn’t cum yet.

After teasing the bloated ball sac with my tongue I went back to work on his cock. Once again his hands took my head and controlled the tempo this way. Slow and deep for a few minutes then slowly picking up the pace. I felt him tensing up again and got ready for him to erupt. Instead, pulling me by my hair, he hauled me off his cock and I had to scramble up his torso as he pulled.

I found myself straddling his upper thighs. His ten inches rubbed my thinly clad G-string. His hands slipped to my waist lifting me up and over his erect cock. I not only didn’t fight but helped. I reached between my legs and moved the G-string aside as he lowered my body and entered me.

My eyes rolled back as my pussy was split. Groaning, I took it all in. I wasn’t even fully down on it when I exploded in an orgasm. My body shuddered as my legs gave out, instantly impaling me fully. I SCREAMED as I saw stars! 

Rick physically was picking me up and down, using me to masturbate with. My big boobs barely stayed in the chemise. I finally recovered enough that I took over fucking him. His hands slid down and, with a jerk, snapped the G-string off. I began riding him faster and harder.

Another orgasm was building when suddenly he grabbed the plunging middle of the chemise and tore it apart. My breasts burst out. Like tissue paper, the lingerie was torn apart and thrown aside. I was now as naked as Rick as I rode him. I found myself cumming for a second time.  

Showing his former athleticism he rolled me onto my back and got on top of me. His cock never stopped its work inside me. His tall, large body dwarfed mine as he pounded down into me. One of his hands pinned mine over my head as the other mauled my breasts. He began grunting and thrusting harder with more intensity. His face contorted and with a final hard, deep thrust he shoved up into me and erupted, filling me.

We looked at each other as we panted and gasped for air. Rick collapsed down on top of me and we held each other, not out of feelings but out of sexual exhaustion.

I am not sure how long we laid there but I felt him start getting hard again. My hips writhed very subtly on their own causing him to harden even more. His hips began moving and we were at it again. This process kept going two more times. It would have gone on more but our alarm went off and it was time to get ready to go to the meeting. No sleep but incredible sex.

We nailed the meeting and the company asked us to stay another night so we could present our case to a couple more companies they worked with the next day. When we arrived back at our hotel our bags were there. Instead of changing into those we went back to the bookstore.

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