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Cheating on Patricia Part II (Arlene)

Part II of a true story. As Patricia sleeps, I get friendly with Arlene, the hotel night clerk.
I was sitting at the edge of the bed when the bathroom door swung open and Patricia stepped out. Wearing only a towel as a turban, her naked body tanned and toned, she rummaged through her bag looking for a pair shorts. She bent over giving me a clear view of her pale buttocks. She turned in my direction. Her breasts bore the marks of a day in the sun with two white triangles tattooed over each tiny breast. Her pink nipples were fat and erect, as the cold air from the air conditioner coaxed them awake. Before slipping into her shorts I grabbed her hand and pulled her towards me. With her breasts now at the level of my face, I glided my tongue over each one methodically. Her nipples responded to my tongue by elongating ever so slightly while the skin of her areolae wrinkled and tightened. She playfully pulled away.

“Haven’t you had enough for today?” she asked with a giggle.

“You know I can never get enough of you.” I responded.

She reached down and slid into her shorts slowly. The pale inverted triangle that covered her crotch disappeared underneath the terrycloth. “I need to get some rest” she declared. “I think I am coming down with a cold.” Her reluctant smile transformed into a slight frown. She slid head first onto the bed, her topless body gently nestled atop the bed sheet. “Wake me up in an hour or two,” she requested.

“Sure sweetie, get some rest,” I added.

A few hours had passed when I awoke her. She resisted my nudges and even managed to push my hand away from her.

“Sweetie, it’s eight o’clock, let’s get something to eat,” I suggested.

“I don’t feel well,” she moaned. “Can you go and buy me some medicine?”

“Aw baby,” I consoled her. “I’ll go to the pharmacy and get you something.”

Patricia did not respond. She cleared her throat a few times and coughed. She then began to snore.

I returned from the pharmacy about a half hour later with a bottle of Nyquil and poured her a medicine cup full. She groggily gulped it down, plopped back onto the pillow and was sound asleep. I turned off the lights, turned on the TV with no volume and laid beside her and dozed off. It was close to midnight when I woke up.

I glanced at Patricia and noticed that she had turned on her side, her back facing me. I placed my hand on her neck and felt her warm skin. She was running a fever.

“Patricia,” I whispered. “How do you feel honey?”

“Terrible,” she snorted. She grabbed the sheet and covered her head.

“Baby, you have a fever.” I got up from the bed and poured her another shot of Nyquil. Again, she swallowed it.

“I’m sorry,” she said.

“Don’t worry babe. Tomorrow you will feel better,” I responded. “I’m going out for a walk ok?”

“Be careful,” Patricia said, as I quietly exited the room, carefully assuring that the door would not slam.

I walked through the empty lobby and saw Arlene behind the counter. She was smartly dressed in a long sleeved white blouse, a crisp black vest and perfectly pressed black slacks. Her braided hair reached below her shoulders; the ends whimsically tied to white beads. Her rimless glasses gave her a professorial look, her unblemished face smooth with a rich brown tone. She smiled as she saw me approach.

“Hey there mister…You are certainly up late tonight,” she mused.

“Yep, my girlfriend is sick in bed and I just woke up,” I continued, “I am going to go for a walk on the beach and get some of that good ocean air.”

“I wish I could go get away from behind this counter with you,” she added, “but I cannot go on break for another hour or so.” I found it rather odd that she would be so forward. I was curious. “I can wait for you if you like,” I commented.

I stood chatting with her at the counter for almost an hour. She spoke to me about her family and her job. Although relaxed, our conversation seemed rushed; as if we both of us had a predetermined level of comfort that we wanted to attain as quickly as possible. The more she spoke, the more I learned about her. In a very short period of time, I felt as if I had known Arlene my whole life. I spoke about myself also and she seemed overly enthralled listening to the superficial details I provided regarding my own life. We went from strangers to acquaintances, to friends, to good friends in the time the second hand on the large clock behind the counter completed sixty laps. It was past one in the morning. I stopped jabbering about my life when she yawned deeply.

“I’m sorry,” she said apologetically.

“No, don’t apologize.” “I have no idea how you can stay up the entire night,” I added.

“Actually,” she stated, “Sometimes when I am really tired, I make a key card for one of the vacant rooms and take a quick nap on my break.”

Feeling a sense of foolish courage I blurted, “How cool… maybe tonight I can nap with you.”

Her eyes widened and grinned. “We’ll see,” she said.

At that very moment a hotel guest walked into the lobby and asked her where the ice machine was located. She pointed the older gentleman down the hallway. She turned towards me and said, "Give me a minute." She walked into a small office behind the counter. A few moments later she emerged.

“Here… room 109,” she instructed me while pointing down a hallway. ”Wait for me. I’ll be there in ten minutes.”

Speechless and in shock, I snatched the key card from her hand and with my heart pounding, hurried down the hallway towards room 109. I stopped at the door and fumbled trying to slide the card into the card slot. After a few clumsy attempts, I turned the key upside down, slid it again into the slot The green light above the door handle finally came on. I rushed into the dark room, sat in a chair in the corner and waited.

A gentle knock at the door sprung me from the chair. I opened the door and Arlene walked in.

“This is really awkward,” I whispered.

Arlene responded, “In the two years that have been doing this, this is the first time I have ever invited anyone to the room with me.”

I casually walked around the bed and sat at the far end. “Come lay down, you must be tired,” I suggested.

Nervously, she unbuttoned and removed her vest, draping it over the chair. She turned around, her back now to me, unzipped her pants and pulled out her shirt. She unbuttoned her shirt and took it off. I counted 4 hooks on the back of her bra and immediately realized that Arlene’s tits would be larger than my girlfriend’s; much larger. She slid out of her pants and slung them on top of her vest and shirt on the chair back. She turned towards me. Her massive breasts bulged out the top of her black bra at the center of her chest. Her panties appeared tight on her; a size too small for her wide hips. Although she had a set of love handles, her torso was curvaceous and very much inviting.

“I can’t believe I am doing this,” she said as she covered her face with her hands and turning her elbows inwards in attempt to shield her breasts. I patted the bed and motioned to her. She quickly scurried besides me, still covering her face. I turned to face her, grabbed the waistband of her panties and pulled them downward. Her pubic region was covered by a thick patch of black hair. Unlike my girlfriend, Arlene appeared to have made no attempt to tame her bushy pussy in weeks; maybe months. Seeing this, my heart began to race.

I got up and with both hands managed to pull her panties completely off. I knelt between her legs and parted them. Her labia protruded from beneath the forest of pubic hair. They were black and glistened with moisture. I could see a faint hint of pink flesh between them. I lowered my face and while separating her lips with my thumb and index finger, I gently began to probe inside of her with my lops and tongue. As I licked her pussy lightly, a thin gooey string tethered my tongue to her vagina. A pungent scent of sweat and lubrication filled the space between my face and her crotch. I could feel her body tense as I flicked my tongue over her now engorged clitoris that peeked out from under its dark hood. The viscous fluid that oozed from her vagina had a sweet, metallic salty flavor. Her pussy tasted like real pussy and I loved it. She placed the palm of her hand on the back of my head and gently pushed my face deeper into her crotch. Alternating between licks, nibbles and loud kissing, I remained devoted to this sumptuous meal. I could hear her panting heavily. She was enjoying being eaten. I gradually slowed my licking and then stopped. I knelt again between her legs.

“Take off your bra Arlene,” I commanded.

Arlene sat up and with one hand undid the bra snaps and in one fluid motion removed her bra and lay back down. Her large breasts fell off the sides of chest. I grabbed her left breast and guided it towards my lips as I stretched to lay directly on top of her. Her breasts were firm, natural and heavy. Her dark nipples protruded about half an inch from the center of her silver dollar-sized black areolae. Her chest began to heave up and down quickly as her breathing became labored. I lowered my head onto her chest and began licking her tits in a circular motion; each concentric circle getting smaller and smaller until my tongue reached her nipples. I gently nibbled and teased her nipples. She cupped her hands and held my head still, forcing me to focus on just her left breast. She squirmed and moaned deeply. I again rose to my knees removing my shorts in the process. 

I parted her legs and noticed a wet spot on the sheet underneath her large buttocks. With one hand I rubbed her pussy lips and poked at her clitoris while I grabbed my stiff penis with the other. I positioned myself closer to her and pulled my cock downward, pointing directly at her wet slit. I lowered myself and then slid my body upwards onto hers. As our bellies met, the head of my cock easily made its way inside of her. Her pussy was extremely lubricated but felt extremely hot and tightly snug. I began to pump my cock slowly in and out of her. She stood motionless at first but with each successive thrust she would bend her knees and spread her legs wider. I pushed her legs further apart to the point that her knees were almost touching the bed itself.

“Fuck, fuck fuck, don't stop, don’t stop, don’t stop, ” she pleaded.

My thrusts became more powerful and deliberate, as I tried to reach deeper and deeper inside of her. I could feel the head of my cock hitting a wall deep inside of her. She clenched her teeth and grimaced in pain but continued to implore me not to stop. The pace of my thrusting increased, pulling my cock out of her almost completely before driving it back into her with ever increasing force. Her body began to twitch wildly, and her pussy began to contract, squeezing and releasing my cock. I could feel a warm trickle of fluid running down the length of my penis and wetting my scrotum.

“Ah shit… fuck fuck, fuck... Ahhh,” she groaned in her thick Jamaican accent. “Shit!”

Hearing her come just excited me more and I began to lose control.

“I’m gonna come Arlene, I gonna come,” I said desperately.

“Not inside of me please, not inside,” she begged.

I plunged powerfully one last time, stopping momentarily deep inside her pussy to feel the end of her tunnel. I immediately pulled my cock from her pussy and held it in my hand momentarily. As I had done many times before, I rested my swollen cock on her sweaty mound of pubic hair. My cock erupted. The first spurt nearly reached her navel and continued to ooze until most of her groin was covered with my white milky sperm.

As I caught my breath, Arlene rolled over and climbed off the bed. She frowned as she saw the large wet stain on the bed sheet.

“Damn, now I have to come back later and change the sheet," she said as if annoyed.

“Sorry about that,” I responded, not knowing why I was apologizing. My cum is on her and not on the sheets. 

She grabbed her clothes and went inside the bathroom and turned on the shower. She emerged fully dressed a few moments later. I too had dressed and was ready to return to my room. As she walked out the room, she turned and placed her hand on my chest, stopping me in my tracks. She instructed me to wait a few minutes before leaving the room in order not to arouse suspicion, should there be anyone be in the hallway. I complied. Moments later, I was back in my room.

Patricia was still asleep. I quietly took a shower, making sure that I lathered and rinsed my genitals thoroughly; removing the scent of sex from my skin. I rubbed the little bar soap against my lips and nearly placed it inside of my mouth. I dried myself and placed the towel underneath the bathroom sink, hiding any potential evidence of my indiscretion. I crawled into bed, turned my back to my girlfriend and closed my eyes; the taste of soap still on my tongue and lips.


Patricia and I woke up almost simultaneously. She still looked sick but claimed that she was feeling better.

“Do you want to go the beach today?" I asked.

“Nah, let’s just go home,” she responded.

We jumped into the shower together. I scanned the tub looking for any stray pubic hair that I may have overlooked earlier that morning. I felt guilty over what had happened a few hours earlier yet I felt relieved knowing that Arlene’s shift was now long over and I would not have to face her when checking out with Patricia at my side.

We dried ourselves, got dressed and packed our bags. I inspected the room, opening all the drawers and checking underneath the mattress to make sure that we had not left any valuables behind. I grabbed my back pack and waited for Patricia at the door, my foot propping it open. Patricia also gave the room one last inspection. She threw her bag over her shoulder and turned towards me. In her hand she held the room key cards.

“Baby, why do we have three keys?” she asked. My jaw nearly dropped to the floor.

“They must of given me an extra one by mistake,” I quickly responded, realizing the potentially fatal error I may have committed.

Patricia paused for a split second. She handed me all three keys as she walked past me and into the hallway.

An hour later we were home once again.

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