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Cheating Wife and Employee: Part II

I get Lindsey in a motel room.
It had been a month since I spent the night with my supervisor, Lindsey and it had driven me crazy seeing her every day and knowing that I could not fuck her again. It had been the perfect moment when we did it the first time. Her husband was gone all weekend and her kids were staying with their grandparents. Her house was empty and we were able to fuck, sleep, wake and fuck some more. Now, I desperately wanted to do it again but I knew that I couldn’t. Her family was always home and I didn’t want to risk bringing her to my place because my roommate was also a coworker and I didn’t want him learning of what had happened between us.

Then, when I couldn’t take it anymore, I made preparations before I went in for my four o’ clock shift.

I stopped at a motel not far from the factory and I paid the price for one night. Then, with two key cards, I went to work. All night long I was driven crazy by Lindsey’s sexy ass in tight-fitting jeans. She wore a black tank top that showed just a little cleavage and she caught me staring a few times. Finally, when I got her alone, I told her my plan.

“I want to see you again tonight,” I said.

“We can’t,” she replied with a hint of exasperation in her voice. “We’ve been over this.”

I opened my wallet and pulled out one of the two key cards.

“Night Inn,” I said. “Room 113. You can make it?”

She took the card and thought for a moment. I watched as she bit her lip. God, she was so sexy when she did that. I felt the urge to kiss her then but I restrained myself.

“My husband works third shift,” she said.

“Yeah,” I nodded.

“So he needs to see me come home. He’ll be home at eight thirty tomorrow morning so I will need to be back by then. No sleeping.”

“Fine by me,” I said with a grin. It was going to happen.

“After work, I’ll go home, get cleaned up, make sure my kids are in bed, then I’ll come to the room for a bit.”

“See you then, babe,” I said. Then I went back to work.

Throughout the rest of my shift I kept imagining what Lindsey and I would be doing later that night. I couldn’t believe that I had fucked her a month ago and that I would get to do it again tonight. I wondered if I could cum on her wedding ring again. She seemed to like that last time and the memory of it turned me on. Her, in the shower, on her knees, her soaked hair and wet body, and her ring on her finger – held out to receive the final cumshot that I gave her.

That night I waited in room 113 for what seemed an eternity. I showered and readied myself, wearing only a bathrobe that I had packed. One o’ clock came and went. Then two o’ clock came. Still no Lindsey. She wouldn’t have stood me up. I didn’t think she would. She had my number and could have texted me.

I had almost started to doze off when I head the sound of the card sliding through the slot and the door opening. I opened my eyes and turned my head and there, in the doorway, was my sexy redheaded boss.

“Thought you’d never get here,” I said, glancing at the clock. It was now ten minutes until three.

“My daughter wouldn’t go to bed,” she explained. “I got her to sleep and I wanted to make sure they were out before I came. Then I locked up, turned on the alarm, and headed here. I don’t want to be gone too long though.”

I looked at Lindsey and saw that she was wearing a pair of blue flip flops, a short black skirt, and pink tank top with no bra.

“You’re wearing far too many clothes then,” I said, opening my robe.

She took off her clothes then. She had went to all the trouble to make herself look sexy but now that we were about to fuck she hurriedly threw off everything she was wearing. There was nothing slow about it, nothing teasing. The flip flops, skirt and top were off and the panties – lacey white – came off last. All she was wearing was her wedding ring.

Wasting no time, she leapt onto the bed, throwing me on my back. I was pinned beneath her and her mouth was on mine, our tongues meeting. She moaned as she kissed me and I ran my hands all over her nude body.

I grabbed her asscheeks and then rolled her onto her back. I kissed her neck and then I ran my tongue down to her breasts. I began sucking her nipples, alternating between each one.

“Quick,” she said in a whisper. “Do it.”

I obeyed my boss and positioned my cock at her trimmed pussy. It was not bald and the little hair that was there matched the red of her head. I sank my cock in, listening to her sigh in pleasure as I did this. I began pumping her.

Her legs wrapped around me and I felt her heels digging into my back as I fucked her. She was moaning and I was grunting.

“Fuck, Lindsey,” I said, grabbing her hips and pumping her faster.

“No,” she said. “Stop.”

I did as she said, slowing down my movements. She pulled my head down for a kiss and then made me roll over. I looked up at her as she began to ride my hard cock.

“Yes!” I said, reaching up and touching her bouncing tits. She rode me hard and let out sighs and moans and little noises that sounded almost like whimpers. Her hands were on my chest and I could see the light of the lamp reflecting from her wedding ring and that made me even hornier.

She cried out in pleasure as she came to an orgasm. Her sounds of pleasure were enough to drive me over the edge and I shot my cum up into her pussy. She kept moving up and down on me for a moment and then she leaned down kiss me again.

We lay entwined in each others arms for a few minutes. I was kissing her shoulders and stroking her hair as she ran her hand along my cock and balls.

“This was a great idea,” she said.

“Glad you approve,” I said.

“Wish I could stay.”

“Me too,” I said, kissing my way down one of her arms.

“But I have to go,” she said. She got up and started putting her clothes back on.

“We need to do this again,” I said.

She nodded. “We just have to be careful. Always.” Her eyes lost the playfulness that had been in them only moments before. Now she was serious.

“I know,” I said.

“Good. Now I’m going to get home and maybe get some sleep before my husband gets home.”

I got up and walked her to the door. She stopped to give me a long kiss and then she was gone.

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