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Cheating with my friend's wife 2

Lisa had just returned from the park, where she left her husband Tom with the kids, apparently so she could do some laundry. I was now sitting on the sofa in the living room.

My house, as are most new houses in Australia, has got an open plan living area, which is basically a large room in which the kitchen, dining and sitting areas are not divided by any walls.

I could hear the pouring sound of the water as Lisa mixed her punch in the kitchen. All I could think of was her underwear which was drenched in my cum in her laundry basket. I looked up, and tried to start a conversation.

Our eyes met and locked. I don't know how long we stayed staring into each others' eyes, almost as if we were looking for something in there. Whatever it was, all I saw was lust and want in hers. I felt a very strong magnetic pull towards her. No words were spoken, but our bodies were sending strong sexual signals to each other. It was clear we both wanted the same thing - sex.

If you ask me how I got up from where I was sitting, or how I got into the kitchen and pinned Lisa to the stone bench-top, the honest answer is, I don't know. I put my arms around her, and we looked into each other's eyes again. Lisa closed her eyes and slightly parted her lips. I kissed hers slowly, our lips caressing each other, generating electrical sparks which sent impulses straight to our loins.The kiss grew more desperate, and I started hungrily sucking on her tongue, hugging her tightly.

I just loved how soft she felt in my embrace. Her plus size body felt like freshly fallen snow, only that she was hot and responsive. I enjoyed the soft 18D breasts pressing into my chest. I could feel the erect nipples poking into my flesh like minuscule bullets. The feeling was awesome.

Without breaking our kiss, she reached down between us. I allowed her hand some room and she swiftly released my belt. She quickly unhooked the clip on my shorts and fumbled for the zip, which was already open.

"Shit", I thought to myself, "I forgot to zip it after releasing myself on her panties earlier."

She pulled both the shorts and my boxers down releasing my super rigid cock. She grabbed it and stroked it slowly. It oozed copious amounts of pre cum. She smeared the pre cum back on my cock making it sleek and slippery. It felt wonderful.

"Your cock feels so good in my hand," Lisa said. I smiled.

A thought just passed through my mind that she did not say anything about my size. I know I have an average size cock, about 19 cm long depending on how aroused I am, and about 13 cm around. I am very proud of it, and I always tell myself that if l use it right, my lady will be completely satisfied.

Back to now, it was my turn to remove her clothes. I pulled down her miniskirt. I was not really shocked when I felt that she did not have any panties on. I knew where they were and knew exactly what happened to them.

There was not enough time to remove all the clothes. I reached down to her pussy and was welcomed by a hot and wet, and I mean very wet, pussy. It felt cleanly shaven and velvety smooth. I moved my fingers along her folds. She jerked away as I caressed her clit. She let out soft moans, telling me she liked it.

She squatted a little bit and opened her legs wider, giving me full access to her dripping pussy. I put all my four fingers together and started rubbing her pussy in gross movements around her pussy folds. I used my thumb to rub her clit, which was now very prominent. She liked this. She put her head in my chest and hugged me even tighter.

"Ooooh, that feels nice," she she gasped. "Ummm, keep doing that."

I continued rubbing her pussy, making sure the tip of my middle finger poked at the entrance of her pussy. She would jerk her pelvis in an attempt to get more of my finger. I enjoyed teasing her with my finger. As I continued to rub, I allowed the finger in, only up to the first knuckle. She ground even harder desperately trying to get more of it in. I used my thumb as a stopper, but then it was putting lots of delicious pressure on her clit.

She wiggled and pushed on my hand to get more of my finger, but only managed to get more pressure on her clit.

Having given up on the finger, I could feel she started to concentrate on getting more pressure on her clit. Win - win situation. She shook and wiggled her pelvis and I increased the pressure, rubbing slowly on the clit. I then slid my finger up the second knuckle into her pussy and she whimpered. This took her to another level. She hugged me even tighter, almost like she would break my ribs, and went stiff.

"Oh God, I am cumming, I am cumming, oooooohhhh!" I continued the clitoral assault with my thumb, with my middle finger still in her pussy. My hand was stuck in a vibratory motion. She shook as she released a continuous unintelligible sound, and she came in a powerful orgasm.

What a relief to my hand, which was now getting a cramp. Please don't tell her I said that. If it's any consolation, it was covered in her juices, which splashed everywhere, including the floor.

I pulled my hand up to our faces. We both looked at how shiny it was. We gazed into each other's eyes again, but this time Lisa shied away from the gaze. She adjusted her position, put her arms around my neck and told me how beautiful it was and thanked me for making her cum like she did.

"I am supposed to be doing laundry you know", she reminded me. "Well, at least your panties are soaking in my cum, which is something."

"Oh, you found my present for you?" We both laughed.

After a short while, we started kissing again. We explored each others' mouths. It was a wet kiss, one that I thought was only for my wife. A small amount of guilt surfaced but was quickly bashed by the strong desire I had for this gorgeous lady.

Lisa hooked the kitchen waste bin with her left leg and pulled it close to us. She rested her leg on it, opening her legs again. I fitted perfectly between her legs, and my hyper stiff cock was caressing her pussy. I moved backwards and forth as I "wet humped" her, my pre cum and her juices providing more than enough lubrication. I discovered that, at this angle, my cock will not find her opening.

She must have come to the same conclusion, because soon enough she grabbed my cock, tilted her pelvis towards me a bit and aimed the head of my cock at her opening. I pushed forward and it popped in. I kept it at the entrance of her very hot and very wet pussy without moving, savouring the sensations, and twitching my cock. I could feel my cock swelling up with every twitch, and knew I would not last long.

The grip on my cock was vice-like. Obviously because of the angle of entry, she felt like a virgin. She was so tight, and it felt so delicious. I pushed in a bit more, maybe about half the length. It was indescribably good. I started slowly fucking her, going as deep as I could before our loins bumped into each other. I continued twitching my cock as I slowly fucked her. I could feel pre cum oozing into her pussy, making it even wetter. But still it felt super tight.

Sweet Lord, it felt good. I did not want to rush, and continued the gentle, slow fucking. I knew if I go any faster, I will blow my load and end this bliss too soon.

Lisa had a different take on the situation. She started thrashing onto me, angling her pelvis to get more of my cock into her pussy. And more did she get. I could feel more of her hot pussy wrapping around my cock. With this kind of heat on my cock, the vice like grip and her rapid movements, I knew the end was nigh.

"Enough with this gentleness Kyle, please pound my pussy!" she demanded, "It wont break."

Well, the lady said it. Who was I to say no. I lifted her leg off the bin, and supported it with my left arm. I moved my pelvis forward, and the full length of my cock was buried deep in her wet hole. With wanton force, I started pounding into her. I didn't care if I was hurting her on the bench-top, and I don't think she did either.

She turned sideways a bit, and I went in even deeper. I thrust into her even harder. Time to see if she really would not break. She would bend her leg as I thrust, lowering herself on my cock, making sure every centimeter went into her.

She moaned loudly, or should I say wailed loudly. It was a sound of pure ecstasy. The 'uummms' and the 'unnghs' grew louder and more continuous as she made small jerks with her pelvis towards my powerful strokes.

I increased my pace and her tiny but now powerful jerks turned into some kind of uncoordinated shaking.

She threw head backwards and, as I continued pumping into her soaking pussy, she lifted her shirt, exposing her delicious breasts. I craned over and started sucking on her left breast, as I kneaded it with my right hand. This was enough to take her over the edge and she screamed as she orgasmed. She gashed and squirted her juices everywhere.

I could feel my cum boiling in my balls and ready to be fired. I tried thinking of anything to distract myself and prolong these heavenly sensations. I tried thinking of the swings at the park, my grandmother, mowing the lawn...but nothing worked. My firing sequence had initiated and does not have an emergency stop button.

I could feel the hot cum coursing out of my balls, then travelling at high speed down my shaft, and splashing deep inside Lisa's pussy. Shot after shot burned down my shaft into her pussy. As she felt the hot liquid spreading in her inside, she involuntarily twitched her pussy, effectively milking my cock. I released more cum than I ever did. I felt totally spent.

We stayed like this for a while, before untangling. As I pulled out, cum spilled out of her pussy. It was beautiful to behold my cum flowing down her leg. I kissed her before she went into the bathroom to clean herself up.

I did not want to clean anything up yet, so I just put back my boxers and shorts. I went back into the sitting room and relaxed on the recliner.

"Thank you very much for that," she said when she came back. She gave me a peck on my cheek and said she will go and lie down for a while to recover, before going back to the park to pick up Tom and the kids.

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