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Chelle's Secrets: Personal Training

Michelle's relationship with her personal trainer goes a little too far.
She pulled into her usual spot at the gym and took a moment to check herself in the mirror. It was silly to worry about things like makeup and how your hair looked when you were about to go sweat your ass off and work out, but Michelle couldn’t help it. She’d always been a girly girl and looking her best no matter the situation was her “MO”, so to speak. That extended to getting up at 6 am to brush her teeth and comb her hair before getting back in bed on the weekends when her boyfriend stayed over, just so he would wake up greeted by the flawlessly beautiful, seductive girl that she was.

As Michelle entered her 30s she had grown increasingly self-conscious about her looks, particularly since her boyfriend was a good 5 years younger than she and, uncharacteristic of her previous dating choices, the kind of guy who attracted his own share of attention. While she appreciated dating a man who complimented her arm when they went out together, the brunette was always critical of herself and the shape her supposedly aging body was in. The fact that they had recently been involved in certain “open relationship”-type scenarios had only heightened this awareness. Plus, she had found herself in a few compromising “extracurricular” encounters lately that only served to remind her that fidelity was only as good as the resolve of each person. She didn’t seriously suspect her boyfriend of running around on her, but the fact that she had willingly done so herself made her realize just how fragile the concept of being faithful to someone really was.

To that end, she had taken the advice of her new friend Becky and joined a gym. Michelle always prided herself on being fit: she was fortunate enough to have been born with good genetics and knew that such things required maintenance, but as she reached her 30s the basic workouts and running weren’t enough to fight back the occasional creeping extra pounds and the inevitable conflict with gravity. If she were going to maintain the interest of a younger man she knew she had to step up her game.

Becky had recommended the gym and her own personal trainer, a man named Todd whom Becky had warned was “sadistic, but he’ll whip your ass into shape.” He had done this and more in the three months she had gone to the gym and the results had been more than worth it. Michelle had always been a confident girl but the lean, strong muscle she had developed in her legs, arms, and already close to perfect ass had given her a swagger previously unknown. She would go to the gym, work herself to exhaustion under Todd’s careful and unrelenting tutelage, and then come home to allow her man to reap the benefits. She dressed differently, more revealing. Tighter clothes. She found herself greeting her man naked at the door and remaining so sometimes for the entirety of the weekend, such was the confidence she felt in her new self.

As for Todd, Rebecca had told her that her new personal trainer was a “hottie” but “not to be trusted.” What Michelle would learn is that when her trainer wasn’t being a total son of a bitch he was also an oppressive flirt. Todd was older, approaching forty, or more likely already there and just claiming to be younger. He was shorter than Michelle, maybe 5’7 or so and she mused that he seemed to have the attitude of compensation that she’d seen in other men of lesser stature. He was also going bald in the back of his scalp, and when she was pressing herself through another endless burpee or dead lift at his relentless command she would wonder if, 1) he had a mirror that let him know he was going bald; and, 2) if all the money people like herself were paying him constituted enough to buy a Rogaine treatment.

He was also clearly from up north. New York, she reminded herself. He mentions it all the fucking time like that‘s a thing to be proud of or something. Like many such transplants that she had met in her life, Todd had brought his cocky attitude and bad choice in tribal arm tattoos with him. Growing up as a teen in her southern city, her daddy had given her a few rules about dating when she was younger and one of them had been: “No Yankees.“ Of course, being the rebellious girl she was back then, Michelle had promptly gone out and lost her virginity to a “bad boy” from New Jersey.

Over time she had come to appreciate the mannerly approach of Southern men. Todd was the epitome of everything her daddy warned her about, and he in some small way reminded her of the loser she had first let inside of her heavenly vagina way back in High School. She found herself sometimes reminded of that former lover and those first awkward fumblings into intimacy, as she grimaced with effort during Todd’s punishing workouts.

To top it all off, Todd had a habit of wearing spandex workout pants that left nothing to the imagination. Most days they were safely hidden under baggy workout shorts, but every so often he just let it all hang out there. Those times when she couldn’t help but look, she realized that his crotch was a total mystery to her. It always seemed to be a featureless bulge in the front of the pants, not the outlined cock print one would imagine from such leg wear. She decided that a man like Todd was the type who would clearly be compensating for something, and probably stuffed those laughable shorts with a sock to make himself look bigger. The boy she’d lost her innocence to had been the same way. She cringed to recall him awkwardly grunting against her for 2 minutes, cumming in the condom he had probably put on wrong, and still he somehow managed to not even break her hymen, (an honor that would soon enough go to a much more capable boy that she dated for several years).

Thus, in the moments when Todd was punishing her with exercise, Michelle took comfort in knowing that the cruel, aging, lightly balding man who was her trainer probably had a micro penis which was inspiring his overbearing attitude.

In spite of all that, Michelle had to admit: the dude had a rocking-ass body. Her younger boyfriend was blessed with good genetics and also spent a fair amount in the gym himself, but Todd had the body of a man who has made it his life’s work to improve his physical form. In spite of her own feelings, she often had to catch herself ogling his sculpted legs, abs, and rock hard arms while they worked together. Todd would always demonstrate the exercise he expected her to perform, and this quickly became Michelle’s favorite part of her frequent workouts. Watching his muscles ripple as he demonstrated squats, triceps extensions, and other workouts inspired and sometimes aroused her when it became her turn to perform.

When it came time to do the workouts, Todd would berate and belittle the young brunette in a loud, thick-accented voice whenever she did an exercise incorrectly or without the effort he demanded. Michelle was a feisty girl and gave as good as she got, greeting his punishing taunts with her own snide comments. She sensed early on that Todd was attracted to her and she used that to her advantage. Always a flirt herself, Chelle would purposely flaunt her goods during certain workouts. She wore expensive workout clothes that fit her perfectly and accentuated her best features. She would also talk excitedly about her boyfriend coming in to town and would drop innuendoes about her plans for his arrival. She did these things as comic relief for how hard Todd worked her and degraded her when she had to stop a workout because she had been pushed to the limit. All in all, it was a nice give and take relationship. Michelle got a fantastic workout in, and she got to flirt and ogle the man who delivered such punishments, all the while still letting him know where he stood with her own retorts.

And then, wouldn’t you know it, the fucker had to go and screw it all up by trying to kiss her.

They were stretching after a particularly hard day. Michelle was wearing her black yoga pants and a tight blue shirt that strained against her smaller but very perky breasts, which were even appreciable in the sports bra she wore. They were bantering back and forth in their cruel, flirty manner when suddenly, during a leg stretch, he found himself somewhat close to her face. Todd leaned in, dropped her leg, and kissed her right on the mouth.

If she were being honest, she kissed him back a little before throwing him off. The move had taken her off guard but she had felt some of the same attraction towards the other man, especially knowing that her own boyfriend was 5 days away from his next visit. There was something in the exertion, the sweat, the master-slave relationship of trainer and trainee, and the pheromone sweat in the air that broke her resolve just enough to hesitate. He leaned in and kissed her lips and for a brief moment she let his unfamiliar tongue dance along her own, stunned by the development and caught briefly without a plan to do otherwise.

The moment quickly passed, though as she tasted the stupid mint breath spray that he no doubt used before every session with single mothers, soccer moms, and the occasional hottie fighting gravity like herself. With an exaggerated push, she threw him off, cursing him and loudly reminding the trainer that she had a boyfriend and that what he was doing was unprofessional. She had left the gym in a huff, spurning his attempts at apology and suggesting that she was going to report his unprofessional behavior. She shrugged off his attempts at apology and drove away angry.

And when she got home, maybe or maybe not subconsciously inspired by the earlier event, she had masturbated in the shower. The thought in her head when she came may or may not have been a man who wasn’t her boyfriend, although she wouldn’t admit this to herself.

A few days later on her next visit to the gym, Todd was all professional. He still worked her hard and still taunted her when she wanted to quit or slack off, but the innuendos stopped completely.

And after a few weeks of this new dynamic she started to feel bad. The back and forth flirtation had become something that she actually liked about her gym visits. She liked knowing that she could still turn on a man. She liked the affirmation that she had a hot body, even if she was dedicated to her boyfriend (a few minor indiscretions aside).

Quite simply, Todd was no fun when he wasn’t, well, being Todd.

To this end, rather than have an awkward conversation about the kiss, Michelle began to slowly flirt back at him, and her workout outfits became more and more revealing. She went and bought several skimpy short or tight-fitting ensembles that she wore during their sessions, and she secretly relished the way he devoured her with his eyes when they worked out. She started to feel that maybe she had reacted too harshly at his clumsy approach. She missed the back and forth banter they had, the adversarial flirt relationship that always inspired her to work just a little harder.


To that end, when she parked the car in front of the gym and took a moment to examine herself, she realized that for some twisted reason she had dressed specifically to impress her pig of a trainer. Michelle was wearing a tight-fitting gray t-shirt with a sports bra underneath and very short pink workout shorts. She had also purposely put on panties that had a mesh crotch that, if one looked hard enough, they could see all of her business. She tried to tell herself that this was an accident but in reality she secretly relished the idea that when she did the circuit on “leg day” (which was her hardest, most dreaded workout day), he might just catch a glimpse of her most private parts. It was, in a way, an apology for her earlier prudish behavior. She would tease him a little with her sexy outfit and tight, fit body and let him know that the kiss, while inappropriate, was still appreciated for what it was: an affirmation that even in her 30s, Michelle was still a damn sexy girl.

She didn’t notice at first that she was the only car in the parking lot. Michelle’s gym was a fairly busy meat-market type place in an up and coming area full of a mixture of yuppies and retirees who all filled the relatively small space at differing times of the day. Mornings were clogged with the older people while the young crowd filled the area after 5. Michelle had a day off from work on account of her boss being out of the country and closing the office where she worked, so when she rolled into the place at 10 am, the fact that no one else was there didn’t immediately strike her as odd.

Todd greeted her at the door. She caught his eyes giving her a quick up and down and she was pleased to see him smile before quickly resuming a professional demeanor. She walked in the gym and immediately was struck by how different the atmosphere seemed. No music was playing. The air felt stagnant and not the overly cool air conditioned temperature she had become used to.

And then she also saw that absolutely no one else was there.

“Hey. We actually were gonna close today, the air broke yesterday and Gary, the owner, is out of the country. I was going to call you and tell you not to come in today but I figured you were tough enough not to pass out if we didn’t pamper you with AC. Plus I know how Princess Chelle gets when she can‘t get her workout in. I would take it personally if you got fat on my watch due to somebody not paying the maintainence fees. ”

Michelle smiled. It was the closest he’d come to being old Todd since the kiss. She allowed:’ “Well that was quite thoughtful of you. I’m here so dammit you better work me hard.”

“I think I can accommodate you on that.” He said, motioning her towards the back room where the weight racks were.

Michelle had no idea at that point just how “accommodating” he intended to be..


Twenty minutes later she was exhausted and still working hard. Leg day meant squats, leg presses, a few burpees thrown in for good measure and then, as a finishing period, time on the leg machines. Her long, sexy legs burned like fire from her efforts and still Todd directed her to do more, push harder, work areas that complemented those that he had already exhausted. This drive, while painful, was appreciated by the young brunette. Her legs and ass, both of which were naturally breathtaking. had absolutely never looked better. Todd might have been an arrogant, aging asshole and a clumsy-ass flirt, but the man got results.

Talk had been sparse between them, almost creepily so. Todd had been commanding, his voice loud and echoing against the wood floor of the empty, silent gym. She was worried that her earlier threats had permanently changed their dynamic and she, at several points almost decided to just break the silence and tell him what she thought: That his attempt to kiss her, while wrong, was understandable and while she wasn’t interested in anything further she just wanted to have the old Todd back.

“Hip abductor machine. 3 sets.” He said, pointing a finger.

Michelle was worn out. Sweat was rolling down her face, matting her hair, and discoloring her grey t-shirt. Such efforts suited her and when she caught a glimpse of herself in the wall of mirrors in the room she knew that she looked irresistible in spite of the dishevelment. Still, Todd’s behavior had puzzled her. She had openly flirted with him at times during the day, making obvious comments in an attempt to get him out of his shell. All to no effect. Accepting defeat, she walked over to the machine.

It was, for those of you not familiar with common gym equipment, a seat with two long, stirrup-like extensions for your legs. Michelle hated the machine because it reminded her of going to the gynecologist. You sat in it, put your legs in the extensions spread wide open and then performed the exercise by closing your thighs together against the resistance of the weights. Michelle’s legs already felt like rubber but she obediently got in position, spreading her long, sexy legs out almost obscenely in the machine as if offering herself to her demanding trainer. She looked down at her shorts and noticed that there was a gap at the top of her thigh. Could he see her panties? She wondered.

Wasn’t that the reason she had worn them in the first place? That was a thought that she didn’t allow herself but would have known to be true if confronted.

“We’ll start out with 50 pounds.” He said, sliding the pin into the rack behind her.

“50? You know I can take more than that. You afraid you’re gonna break me?” She asked, oozing flirtation on the last part of the sentence in hopes of at very least shattering the awkwardness between them.

It didn’t work. He frowned at her and said: “Ten reps.”

In spite of her taunts, the 10 reps were wearing her already exhausted limbs down. She gripped the foam rubber handles below the stirrups with white knuckles as she closed and opened her legs. Todd stood there watching her progress but if he noticed the see-through view of her carefully manicured pubic hair or neatly tucked in labia against the pink mesh of her scandalous underwear he gave no notice. The ten reps were done and he leaned over her to increase the weight.

“You like this one, don’t you.” She teased, smiling.

He looked back at her, deadly serious. “It’s an important sympathetic burn-phase exercise. We’re utilizing the muscles you didn’t work earlier to compensate for those that are exhausted.”

Michelle frowned. He wasn’t biting. This was not fun.

“Yeah, I bet I won’t be able to walk right for a week.” She said it and looked dead into his eyes. It was the kind of look she gave that clumsy, rude Jersey boy when she offered him her virginity. It was the look she gave her current boyfriend on their first date together, when their undeniable chemistry had led her to break her rule about how soon to give it up to a guy. It was a look that said: “I want you. You can fuck me now. You better fuck me now. You can do anything you want to this body.”

It was inappropriate but she was frustrated. What she didn’t know then, but would soon find out, was that Todd was more frustrated that she could have imagined..

The pin that held the weights in position slid out and was replaced. She didn’t know how much and he didn’t tell, only repeating “ten reps.” She did them, struggling to keep her composure at the heavier resistance but somehow still getting through them. She wanted more than anything to quit: she was done, she was halfway worried she wouldn’t be able to work the gas peddle in her car, but she couldn’t let Todd know that..

“Is that all you got?|” She said, returning the same fuck-me look from earlier. A bead of sweat rolled down her forehead, belying her stoicism. “Give me more. I’m not some china doll you’re going to break.” The look on her face turned smug, daring him to press her harder.

Todd replaced the weight and looked back at her, wordless and disapproving.

Michelle pushed her thighs together and suddenly realized that nothing was happening. She heard a slight “ping” as the slack went out of the pulleys connecting to the weights and the pin struck the stack but failed to lift higher, no matter how hard her tired muscles strained.

Was Todd fucking with her? He had clearly put the weights too high to lift.

“What the f-” she started and then, before she even saw it coming, he moved in. Suddenly the big man was between her spread legs, his powerful hands pushing down on her own, locking her in place in the machine.

“This has gone on long enough.” He said, and moved in to kiss her. She felt the prickle of his stubble as he roughly forced his tongue into her mouth.

She should have been outraged. She should have bitten him his tongue to make him let go. She could even have head-butted him and broken his nose.

 But exhausted, horny, and feeling slightly helpless, Michelle relented and kissed her trainer back. Her pussy flooded with moisture as the man’s big body pressed against her. She felt him grinding the bulge in his pants against her overheated sex and felt the hardness there. Clearly, he was not wearing a sock down there today.

The kiss broke and he lifted his hands away from her own, but Michelle made no effort to free herself, still stunned by the development and unable to do more than make a token attempt to get up. Even lifting her rubbery legs out of the stirrups seemed impossible right then as Todd’s big hands went down to the waistband of her pants.

She started to say something. To tell him no. To remind him that she had a boyfriend. To call him an asshole and threaten to report him.

She did none of this. And when he grunted and pulled the pants with a quick, powerful motion, ripping the fabric of both her shorts and her mesh panties in two and exposing her hot sex to the open air of the gym, she gasped in a sound that revealed just how aroused she was.

Todd pulled her shattered undergarments off of her body, sliding them under her ass and off of the seat before throwing them somewhere on the floor. Her legs were lewdly splayed open in the machine. It had happened so quickly she had no time to protest. One minute she had been working out, the next her trainer had ripped her pants off. She watched, mesmerized, like someone witnessing an act that was happening to another person as he dropped his own shorts and his cock sprang in to view.

Michelle’s eyes widened. She had to admit, she had only been half right about him. His dick wasn’t long by any means. It was maybe five inches at best, but it looked extremely thick, especially the head, which was almost comically larger than the shaft. It jutted out almost angrily at her exposed sex and she immediately knew two things: it would soon be in her and it would feel good.

Fulfilling this prophecy, Todd again put his hands over hers and thrust forward, parting the lips of her pussy and stretching her with his thickness. In spite of herself, Michelle moaned loudly and finally managed to offer a protest.

“Todd no. We can’t-”

Immediately one big, calloused hand came up and roughly gripped her mouth, cancelling her protest and lifting her head up to meet his.

“Shut up. Your time talking is done. I am your trainer and all I want to hear from you is “yes sir” when I tell you to do something. Do you understand me?”

His eyes blazed with anger. A moment of real fear widened her own, but then he pressed his hips forward and a bolt of pleasure shot through her. As if it had ever been in doubt, she relented and submitted to the big man who was now fucking her.

“Yes sir.” She said meekly.

That was all it took. Legs spread in the machine, his hands and big, brawny body locking her in place, Michelle submitted to the fucking of a lifetime. His thick cock stretched her vagina with it’s relentless pace, the big head pushing her clitoris inward and then back out with each powerful thrust.

When she came the first time it almost wasn’t even pleasurable. She was humiliated, scared, feeling guilty for cheating, and hating herself for loving this. And yet none of this kept her from crying out. She hadn’t even realized at first that he had released her hands until she instinctively moved them up to grip his rock-hard ass, her carefully manicured nails digging into the flesh and pulling him deeper as pleasure rocked her body.

“You love this, don’t you bitch.” he said, an arrogant glint in his eye making the shame all the more apparent. She hated him then, even as his cock drove her to new pleasures.

She didn’t answer and so his hand raised in a motion as if he were going to strike her. The relentless thrusting of his hips didn’t stop but he looked at her impatiently as he waited for her reply.

“Yes.. Ugh.. Yes sss-sir!” She managed between pumps of his fat cock.

Her orgasm faded and she became a little light-headed, dizzy from her previous exertion already and aggravated by her unexpected orgasm. She was aware of him pulling out of her, removing that lovely prick from her dripping twat and then his strong hands were picking her up out of the machine he had trapped her in. Like a zombie, she allowed herself to be led to a padded rack that that she was vaguely aware was used for doing standing bicep curls. He pushed her over the raised section, effectively bending her over the wide, slanted bench for rear entry. Her head rolled lazily around, her hair obscuring her face as she felt his hands grip her hips, his weight pressing against her and his dick pushing back into her welcoming depths. She groaned in appreciation as she felt his big balls slap against her dripping snatch.

From this angle the thickness of his cock was even more apparent. Michelle made guttural grunts as he pounded her from behind. Sweat rolled down her forehead and spattered the rubber mat floor of the empty gym. Briefly she remembered the day at her community pool when she had sucked off the lifeguard in the sweltering hot bathroom. That day her perspiration had hit the floor as she compromised her own morals for the sake of lust, just as she was doing now. The thought should have made her feel guilty.

It didn’t. Instead Michelle found herself cumming again against the pressure of her trainer’s cock.

She was surprised to feel his big thumb between the crack of her spread ass. He wasted little time in pushing it into her puckered asshole, and the pain and subsequent pleasure again betrayed her. She gasped: “yes sir!” even though he hadn’t said a word. It was an affirmation of her surrender to him.

She felt his cock rubbing against the digit in her anus and reveled in the nasty pleasure of it all. Todd was not gentle: his unlubed thumb crudely plumbed her depths and caused equal amounts of discomfort and ecstasy.

“Such a pretty ass.” He commented. “I made this ass this way you know.”

She didn’t reply at first but when his thumb jabbed in harder she gasped: “Yes sir.”

“I think for all the work I’ve done I should get to enjoy the fruits of my labor. Don’t you?”

Fear shot through her as she realized what he intended. As if broken from a spell, Michelle bucked against him and started to turn around, causing his intruding cock and thumb to displace from her body. “No! Don’t put it in my-”


Michelle’s eyes watered as realization hit her. Todd had just slapped her across the face!

The shock of it woke her up as her own trembling hand went up to her stricken cheek. Right then, Michelle faced a final moment of truth.

She could have sized him up right then, stopped it all and stormed out. He hadn’t slapped her hard and clearly it was just an attempt at asserting his dominance. Strong as she was she knew he couldn’t stop her from leaving if she’d really wanted to. All she had to do was push him away and leave. Sure, they had fucked. An awkward quick bang that she knew with time she could forget had even happened. She’d feel guilty, sure, but it was just one of those things that happened and by new means had to be a reflection on what kind of person.. What kind of GIRLFRIEND she was.. Right?

“Yes sir.” She whispered, the sting of the slap still hot on her face.

Immediately she was pressed back against the bench and his cock was roughly thrust back in her pussy, though she knew it wouldn’t be there long. He had made his intentions clear and he was just getting himself lubed up for the main event. A few thrusts later he pulled out and she felt his big, meaty mushroom head press against her tight butt hole.

“Be gent-” she started and she was surprised to feel another slap, harder this time. In spite of herself she moaned pleasurably when he did it and simultaneous felt him push forward and shove his fat prick all the way into her ass.

Michelle never imagined that she would like rough sex like this. Her confidence and beauty had always led her to be in control in the bedroom, and yet this man’s pig-like behavior had her in an intoxicated haze of lust. He was fucking her in the ass in the gym where previously they had worked out just so she could come home and look good for her boyfriend. A boyfriend who had no idea that she had a male trainer in the first place and certainly wouldn’t have approved of the sight now: His gorgeous girlfriend, pants ripped to shreds on the floor, her perfect, naked ass lewdly up in the air as a man he’d never met pushed his thick cock into it from behind.

Michelle’s still covered breasts bit painfully into the plastic material of the bench as Todd’s weight shifted against her. His rough, calloused hands ran all over the smooth skin of her posterior.

“Such a pretty ass.” He repeated, continuing to thrust inside of her, first slowly as her ass stretched to accommodate his thickness, and all-too soon faster and more intense as he found a rhythm. She felt his thumbs settle into the dimples on her lower back, just above the swell of her perfect rear. It was a familiar feeling: her boyfriend did the same thing when he rode her from behind. A brief pang of guilt surfaced in her at the realization, but the all-consuming presence of the cock in her ass and the crushing leverage of the man’s weight pushing her into the bench quickly pushed it out of her mind.

Michelle managed to slide an arm underneath her trapped body and promptly slid it between her legs, her fingers mauling her overworked cunt as the big man fucked her little asshole.

She didn’t think any more about her boyfriend. She didn’t think about some fantasy crush. She didn’t even think about the man who was actually fucking her. Reality was sensation: the heat in the stuffy air, the sound of flesh slapping together, the sweat that matted her hair and rolled down her nose and fell to the floor. Her heart pounding against the bench. The fingers in her snatch and the pressure of the rod in her ass. The pleasure. The pain. It was that on which she focused.

Another orgasm, more powerful than the others ripped through her from the force of the reaming and her frantically working hand.

Somewhere, a million miles away, she heard Todd’s breath getting ragged and knew he was close. She wondered, but did not ask, where he would finish. In her heart, she knew that it didn’t matter. He was in control and he would come wherever he pleased. Even if he were to pull his dirty stem from her ass and shove it into her mouth, she knew she would take it and swallow every drop of his seed.

The answer came when his big hands gripped her ass cheeks painfully hard and warm semen flooded into her bowels. Todd cried out: “Ah shiiiiit!” as his cum filled the pretty brunette’s most intimate hole.

He took a moment to catch his breath and then his quickly deflating cock plopped out of her. Behind it came a torrent of hot white goo that ran down her inner thigh. His weight shifted, freeing her, and she fell to the floor on legs that had forgotten how to stay upright. Her landing left a small splotch of his semen amidst the sweat that had fallen in steady, frantic drops on the rubber mat during his assault on her.

She looked up at him, reality slowly coming back and realizing that, having gotten his orgasm, a lot of his earlier forcefulness had faded. Regaining her composure, she looked around for her pants and found the discarded remnants beside her. She started to reach for them but was stopped when he grabbed them first. In a motion, he wiped them roughly up her leg and to her crotch, blotting the mess down there with the ruined fabric.

He then put the stained shorts and panties in the waistband of his own pants, which had quickly been replaced after he finished having his way with her.

“Sorry. These are mine now.”

“You asshole, how am I going to get home like this?” She cried, motioning at her bottomless state.

Todd grinned at her and she immediately decided that she really did hate him after all and that this was a thing that would never happen again. She was certainly going to have to get a new gym.

And no more trainers.

Todd pulled his baggy workout shorts down his legs, leaving him wearing just the spandex pants that now bore evidence of their tryst the form of a wet stain around the clearly outlined shape of his brutish cock. He tossed the shorts to her and said: “Here. I‘ll just add these to your fee this month.”

Michelle shook her head as she pulled on the shorts, pulling the drawstring tight to keep the large pants on her tiny waist. She stole a glance at the mirror and realized that she not only looked ridiculous, she looked exactly like she’d been fucked silly. Her hair was matted with sweat and looked wild. Her t-shirt was soaking wet and she was wearing shorts that clearly didn’t belong to her.

Thank god her boyfriend wasn’t home, she thought. The image should have made her feel guilty, but surprisingly it didn’t. Maybe she was past that.

Michelle quickly gathered her things and left, sparing few words to break the awkwardness. She sat down in the car and could feel the wetness of his deposit matting her crotch and streaking down her tanned leg. She looked at the sticky white strand and debated over what to do about it, finally retrieving it with a finger and wiping it on her soiled shirt. Looking up, she saw Todd staring at her through the glass doors for the gym.

In spite of herself, she smiled at him and blew a kiss. As soon as she did it she regretted the motion and could not explain why she’d done it. He grinned back, that same cocky expression that affirmed what she knew: He had won after all.

She drove home in silence and later threw the shorts and shirt in the outside garbage can. It was yet another happenstance event that she could never tell anyone about.


Watching her car drive away, Todd grabbed his aching crotch and marveled to himself that it had actually worked. The girl had been teasing him for weeks, and while he was no stranger to bedding his clients, she had been particularly tough to crack. Too headstrong. Too in love with her kid of a boyfriend that she wouldn’t shut up about. When she had freaked out at his attempt to kiss her he had been terrified that she would report him or something and he had backed off of his usual act.

But two visits later she was back to her old self, slutting around his gym in her lace panties and baggy shorts. The bitch knew exactly what she was doing. He started to make a plan and when the gym happened to be closed on one of her scheduled days he put it into motion.

And damn! He had succeeded beyond his wildest dreams. She had even let him fuck her in the ass! That pretty, pretty ass he had fantasized about since the day she joined the gym.

He pulled the wad of her ruined garments from his waistband and brought them to his face, inhaling deeply at her intoxicating scent. These would have a place of honor in his collection, for sure.

Good fortune aside, he regretted that he hadn’t got to see those fine little titties of hers, but he had been worried that too much foreplay might give her enough second thoughts to stop the rest from happening, and that was a risk he didn’t want to take.

Still, it would have been nice. He could have shot his wad all over those knockers. Or hell, maybe even that bitchy face of hers. Show her just who was in charge and send her home with something she couldn‘t hide from her man.

Maybe next time, he thought, but it was a hollow wish.

Experience made him doubt that she‘d be back. A lot of girls he fucked didn’t. They felt guilty about what they did and went back home to their sad sack husbands or boyfriends or whatever. Most of the time, Todd was completely ok with this, though the constant search for new clients was an unwelcome obstacle to his regular income. He relished the irony of it all: he got paid to make chicks look hotter, and then still got paid to fuck them with no strings attached. All in all he couldn’t complain if most of them pretended afterwards that it never happened.

But Michelle had been special. He kind of liked her, if he was honest, and he’d miss her. Miss that body for sure.

If only he had thought to set up a video camera or something..

And then he looked up. Eyes finding the black half circle set in the ceiling that somehow had escaped his greater plan.

The gym had cameras. Good ones, too. Had they been recording?

Knowing how sorry the gym’s owner was, the answer was “probably not,” but Todd still couldn’t help a grin of excitement as he retrieved his keys and walked up the stairs to the gym office. Her gym pants and underwear would soon join his private collection at home, but that could wait.

Because maybe, just maybe, his favorite client had left a little something else to remember her by..
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