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Church Friend

Wife has first girl on girl experience.

Cora and Mark were friends from church.  We had hit it off with them mainly due to our kids being roughly the same age. However, we were about ten years apart in age, my husband and I having just turned forty while Cora and Mark were turning thirty. We all enjoyed each other’s company when we went out as families, but Cora and I were able to spend a lot more time together, creating an even stronger bond.  Cora is a beautiful redhead; a stay-at-home mom with enough time to work out and keep her body in shape. I am a teacher with summers off and I have a pretty decent body. I enjoy spending as much time as possible outside being kissed by the sun.

Living in the same suburb made it easy for us to get together.  We spent time doing a lot of things that were oriented toward our boys.  We went to the park and let the boys play. We would go to the aquarium together, or some kind of event center that would let the boys do trampolines, rock climbing, bounce houses and such like.  Most of the time the baby girls would sleep while the boys played, and we would end up at one person’s house or the other to finish the day. When our husbands got home, we would do dinner together and hang out until it was time for the kids to go to bed.

One of our favorite things was to go to the water park.  It would allow the boys to play and for us to ogle the men, and the men to check us out in our bikinis.  Neither of us would cheat on our husbands, but it is nice to get a little confidence boost once in a while and to gossip about the hot young men that were available during the summer.   We would watch for each other to see who was checking out the other, and if I was totally honest, I could see why Cora would be the center of attention with her beauty.

Toward the end of the summer, Cora gave me a call.  She suggested that before I went back to school that we should have a girls day out.  We could go shopping, followed by lunch at somewhere other than a kind of fast food place, and then we could spend the afternoon drinking by her neighborhood pool.  This sounded amazing to me. I was in need of some 'me time', so we started to put the plans in place. Grandparents were to watch the kids for the day and even keep them overnight.

The day finally arrived; I handed off the kids and headed to Cora’s house.  After picking her up, we headed to the mall to do some shopping. We had a different taste in clothes, but had an appreciation for what each other liked, and could still be honest about what looked good on each other and what didn’t.  We were having a blast picking out clothes and we were about ready to leave the mall when Cora pulled me into Victoria Secret.

Shopping at Victoria Secret with someone else was new for me.  Picking out my panties and bras was not something I did with others.  With Cora, though, it seemed normal that we would be in there together.  She had a way about making something that felt uncomfortable seem totally normal and, after an hour of shopping for panties and picking out something to wear for our husbands later that night, we finally left.

We then had a superb early lunch, with some adult beverages.  The conversation was flowing well with us talking about everything and anything and back again.  We talked about our recent purchases, men, and what we loved and hated about them, and parenting. After about an hour Cora said we should head back to the pool and drink cheaper liquor to which I agreed.

Once back at her place we changed into our bikinis, grabbed our margarita bucket, two red solo cups, and headed to the pool.  On a Tuesday in the early afternoon we were lucky to find no one else at the pool. It was perfect. As soon as we were through the gate, I set my stuff down and jumped into the pool to get wet before putting on my sunscreen.  I put on most of it, but had Cora apply it where I couldn’t reach. Then I did the same for her. Rubbing lotion all over her body made me appreciate how hot of a friend she really was as it always did when I would put lotion on her.  Over the next couple of hours we were able to take in some sun, finish the margarita bucket, and try out the swimsuits we'd bought earlier in the day.

Around the middle of the afternoon, Cora suggested we go back to the house.  I agreed, and we packed everything up and headed back. Once at their house, we decided to shower and get ready for our husbands to get home.  Cora needed some help getting the clasp for her top undone so she asked me to help.

As I finished helping her, Cora turned around, said "Thank you," and gave me the most gentle kiss on the lips.  I had never kissed a girl before and was not expecting to kiss her. It caught me so off guard that I didn’t really kiss her back, but I felt this tingling in my pussy that I could not ignore.  So, I grabbed Cora’s hair and pulled her in for another kiss. This time, our kiss was more than a peck. We started off slow with some gentle open mouth kisses, then Cora’s tongue darted into my mouth.  Kissing Cora was so different than kissing my husband. My husband is a good kisser, but he is a man with facial hair. Kissing Cora was sweet, it was passionate, it was exciting, it was toe curling and most of all it was so hot.  My heart was racing, the butterflies were all over my stomach, and my bikini bottoms were soaked -- and not from the pool.

I decided I was forty years old and I wasn’t going to get any younger.  I had a beautiful woman ten years younger than me coming on strong, and it was time to go for the fantasy that I had suppressed a long time ago.

I placed my hands on her breasts and gently began to massage them as I started kissing her neck.  Cora moaned softly, letting me know her approval. I slid one hand between her legs and could feel the warmth through her bikini bottoms.  I guided her to the bed as I continued to kiss her neck.

After laying her on the bed, I kissed my way down to her beautiful large breasts, finding a nipple and sucking it into my mouth.  I then slid a finger inside her bikini bottom finding her waiting, wet pussy. My finger entered her and her body convulsed involuntarily as I found her g-spot. She  grabbed my hair, pulling me up for a passionate kiss while she undid my bikini top, letting my breasts free.

As I kissed down her body, my mind was racing. I was as giddy as a schoolgirl.  The anticipation of what was about to happen can only be explained as a girl about to have sex for the first time. Really, that is what it was: I was about to have sex with a woman for the first time.  The excitement and nervousness consumed me as I reached Cora's bikini bottoms and began to pull them off, revealing her totally shaved vagina. I kissed her inner thigh first then worked my way back to her pussy.  Being my first time I wasn't sure what to do, but I knew what I liked.

I found her clit with my tongue and began softly making out with it. I slid two fingers inside her and again found her g-spot. Working both areas in a masterful way, I had Cora squirming all over the bed.  Her thighs clamped down around my head, leaving almost no room to breath. Then, without warning, Cora’s orgasm hit her like a ton of bricks. Her juices were everywhere and her hand was on the back of my head making sure I didn't stop early.

After a quick recovery, Cora and I were ready to go in the shower.  She grabbed some adult toys for some shower time fun. Dildo and strap-ons appeared to be her choice, letting me know I wasn't her first and I was in good hands.  She had a dildo that suctioned on the wall. She put it in place then turned me around and started kissing me as she guided me toward it.

The warm water was rushing over my body,  and I could feel the tip of the dildo pushing at my entrance.  Cora reached between my legs and helped guide it deep inside of me. Once inside, she let her hand find my clit and began to run her fingers in tiny little circles around it.  I could feel her wet pussy on my left leg, our tits smashed between us, my fingernails digging into her ass as we passionately kissed. Everything was amazing and my orgasm was building with every sensual touch.  

It was now Cora’s turn to kiss all over my body. She worked her way down to my neck, then to my left breast ,taking my nipple into her mouth and massaging the other one with her hand. The whole time I was rocking back and forth on the dildo.  Then she began to work her way down the rest of my body. When Cora reached my clit with her tongue, it sent me into a mind-blowing orgasm. I was exhausted and suggested we get ready as our men would be home soon.

We were barely ready by the time my husband arrived.  I walked up to him with what had to be that after-sex glow and gave him a passionate kiss.  After we broke the kiss, I pulled back slightly to see a confused look on my husband's face. I knew at that moment he could taste Cora on my lips.  I leaned in to him and whispered into his ear, ”I will tell you all about it later. I think our sex life is about to get really good.“

The rest of the night went as it normally did.  When we got ready to leave, Cora commented that we would have to do it again real soon and I agreed.



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