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Cyber Junkie - Tea 3

Cyber Junkie - Tea 3

Natalie could feel her honey oozing down her hole...
Tea: A juicy bit of gossip; it is a colloquialism.

“Open your legs vide for me please.”

“Okay,” Natalie lifted her legs and she inhaled the frazzled anticipation of what was coming next.

“Varm vax now, dear.”

Natalie felt a sensation about two degrees above warm on the left side of her vulva. This wasn’t bad at all. Nothing like Lauren told her a couple months ago. The downward strokes on her kitten were arousing.

“And now, this should feel good.”

The application of one white strip to the left side of Natalie’s vulva felt good to her. The rhythmic strokes, the rubbing back and forth on her pussy were sensuous. Natalie could feel her honey oozing down her hole. Unbeknownst to her, this was the calm before the pain.

“And the strip comes off!” the female esthetician exclaimed in a monotone German accent. Then, she ripped the strip off, removing six months' worth of fur. She quickly applied and held a warm cloth on the new baldness to soothe the stinging.

“Oh my god!” Natalie screamed out. She was a neophyte to the process of the bikini wax. In fact, she decided to get a Hollywood wax and go bald, totally.

“Varm vax now, dear.”

Natalie lay on the table and reviewed her processes of decision-making; she sought the logic of it all. It made no sense.

But, this was what Cameron Lloyd wanted…


The sound of her heels clickety-clacked on the marble floors of the Tyson’s Galleria, as Mrs. Cameron Lloyd sashayed in the direction of Neiman Marcus, an upscale department store located in McLean, Virginia. Armed with Cameron’s American Express Black Card She crossed the threshold with the intent of purchasing every pair of Christian Louboutin shoes in a size forty. With a price of no less than six hundred dollars a pop, London Lloyd was determined to make Cameron pay for the hell she’d been through the past ten years of their twenty-five year marriage. She was there to do major damage and a few other things.

“Hi, I’m Judy, and you are…?”

“London Lloyd, but call me London.”

“London, I’m pleased to meet you. I’ll be assisting you today. Are you shopping for anything in particular?” Judy extended her hand and smiled.

“Judy, I am here to purchase every pair of Christian Louboutin shoes in a size forty.”

“Did you have a style in mind? Were you looking for a mid-sized heel or stilettos?” Judy attempted to understand the desires of her customer. She thought she heard her right, but she wanted to play dumb just to be sure.

“I said every pair of Louboutin shoes in a size forty.”

“Okay. Please have a seat, and I will bring out some heels for to you to try on. We can start with the latest styles and…” she stated real stupid-like, as she salivated in contemplation of the commission coming her way.

“No dear. You’re not comprehending what I’m saying to you,” London winked and smiled. “Please charge every available size forty in the Louboutin line to my card. If a style is unavailable in a size forty, please call one of your sister stores to find availability. Are we clear now, Judy?”

“Uh yes. We are completely clear. May I offer you a latte, juice, or some sparkling water?” Judy’s eyes glimmered and danced. She would check the high-ticketed styles first, and then search the database like a starving sewer rat for every size forty available.

“No, I’ll be in shopping in dresses. Did you need my card?”

“Yes, I can get your information, and get your receipt to you once the transaction is complete.”

“That sounds perfect. Judy, I changed my mind. May I have a cup of tea?”

London wanted to take a moment and strategize her spree. She was determined to charge nothing less than the value of a shiny new BMW 6 series to Cameron’s card on this day. She took out her phone and sent a text.

Superior acting, J… Meet me in the ladies’ room in 10 minutes.


The night before…

Cameron stood behind his desk with his pants down around his ankles. He was in the midst of cleaning up his spunk after a long cyber sex Skype session with Lauren. The cyber junkie stood frozen; his mouth was ajar. The blood drained from his head and, his face turned the color of Elmer’s School Paste .

“Cameron, who is that?” Lauren inquired as she belted a sinister cackle. She knew who it was.

“It’s Natalie bitch.” Natalie shouted an answer. She knew whose face adorned Cameron’s computer screen without taking one glimpse. Natalie was Cameron’s girlfriend of two years and a school chum of Lauren’s.

“Natalie who?” London Lloyd quietly inquired. She was standing right behind Natalie.

Natalie turned around to see a stunning peanut butter brown woman. She looked to be in her early forties, but she was incredibly well kept. London wore her coffee brown hair in an asymmetrical bob with soft blond wisps highlighting her face. Not one brick was out of place on her frame. She was classy, sexy; her make-up was flawless and natural. Natalie watched the woman cross her right arm over her medium sized breasts and then the left arm. Her left hand rested on her right bicep…and on her left hand, there was a platinum band encrusted with baguettes along with a diamond solitaire that looked to be about five carats.

London’s eyes filled with tears. Determined not to spill one salted drop, she pursed her lips and glared into Cameron’s eyes. Infuriated, this woman was still stunning.

“London,” Cameron reached down, pulled up his cum stained pants, and tucked in his shirt. He zipped his pants, buttoned them, fastened his belt, and calmly said, “London, would you step outside, please.”

“Aw shit! It’s about time you told your harem the truth! That’s what you…” Lauren’s case of chronic diarrhea of the mouth spouted unnecessary foolishness in that moment.

Cameron clicked his mouse and successfully ended the Skype call to shut her pie hole for good.

Natalie watched London turn around and leave Cameron’s office without saying one word. She wondered what would make a woman so docile and perfectly submissive. Natalie shifted her eyes to Cameron.

Natalie watched Cameron move towards his office door. His glance and demeanor spoke volumes. If they had a mouth, Natalie would have heard, “I fucked up. I’m sorry. Please sit and wait for me.”

Following her instincts, Natalie sat, waited, and this is what she overheard.

Just outside of Cameron’s office…

“London, why are you here in the city? I told you, never to pop by my office! Why are you here?”

“Cameron, have you checked your messages? I’ve been trying to reach you all day!”

“I got your messages. Did someone die?”

“No. The issue is irrelevant now, so forget about it! But you have your side pieces in your office now? Do you have one of your whores living in your condominium too? This is what you said to me three years ago, ‘London, I’m tired of commuting from Virginia into the D.C everyday. I’ll stay at the condominium Monday through Thursday, and the weekends will be ours, love.’ That--is what you said remember? What type of shit is this?”

“London, we have an agreement, now don’t we? You live the life of a well-kept black Barbie doll, and I do what I do. No questions asked. So, I’m looking for no more badgering on this issue. Understand?”

“Cameron we also talked about the matter of respect. You are not going to disrespect me.”

Cameron gritted his teeth in righteous indignation, “London, you’re disrespecting yourself. You would not be in this position had you stayed at home. I told you to never show up here at my offices.”

“Yes, I understand now,” London held out her hand palm up as one tear escaped her will. It rolled down the canal on the side of her nose and landed on her ruby stained lips.

London was Cameron’s trophy. She was his doll for more than twenty-five years. But her days of providing him with what he needed sexually were long over. Their preferences changed. He reached in his right trouser pocket and pulled out his American Express Black Card. “I suppose that this indiscretion will cost me a vehicle or two, huh?”

London removed the titanium card from his fingers. She turned her slender five-foot nine-inch frame one hundred and eighty degrees and vanished into the dimness of the office suite.

Cameron returned to his office and found Natalie sitting in his chair behind his desk.

“You have a wife.”


“When were you going to inform me?”


“You have a house in Virginia with your wife and children.”

“Yes, I have a house in Virginia.”

“And the weekends were for your children. That’s what you told me.”

“My children are grown.”

“When did you plan to tell me this?”


Natalie stood up in a blazing rage, and Cameron pressed his lips against her forehead. He smothered the flames of her fury with affection by covering the left side of her face in delicate butterfly kisses. His efforts stopped just short of her lips.

Natalie moved her face away from his attempts at reconciliation, “Are you serious, right now?”

Without uttering one word, Cameron conveyed his desire. He needed to make some rapid decisions on how to proceed. His seed was twice spent on his cyber escapades with Lauren. So, he moved his right hand beneath the waistband of Natalie’s black leggings. His fingers made a way to her panty clothed kitten. He moved her panty to the side, and he found dryness covered in moss. But he knew what he had to do.

“Trust me Natalie.”

“What? Why should I?”

“Because you want to.”

“Fuck you, Cameron!”

“Yes, that’s right. Fuck me.” Cameron pushed his middle finger into her pussy as his thumb grazed her clitoris. He unzipped his pants, reached through the hole of his boxers, and pulled on his tingling man-tool.

“Fuck you, Cameron!” Natalie’s dam opened; it was a slow stream and then a flood. Her musky scent wafted into his nostrils. Wetness soaked Cameron’s hand and her leggings.

“That’s right. Fuck me Natalie.”

Cameron moved his middle finger from her gaping snatch and shoved it into her bottom hole. He took his time and pressed one, two, and then three fingers into her sphincter muscle. He pulled on his fully erect cock and pumped her ass with his fingers in and out.

“I won’t be doing your furry box; not like this, Natalie. Take care of that situation.”

Cameron snatched her leggings down around the middle of her thighs, turned her around, bent her over his desk, and rubbed his prick on her anal cavity.

“This is what you’ll get until you remedy those bushy conditions. Understand?”

He slapped her ass, pressed forward, and found his tool meeting a slight resistance. He slapped her ass again twice. Then her muscles, her ass surrendered to his nine inches.

“Ah! Fuck you Cameron,” Natalie shouted.

“That’s right. Fuck me.” Cameron gritted his teeth and pummeled her ass for being a naughty girlfriend.

“Do not ever pop up in my office again, bitch! Understand?”

“Yes. Yes. I understand.”

Cameron rubbed her bud in circles repeatedly and fucked her ass like a jackhammer. He pushed his tool in and out. He plucked and strummed her clit until she felt the beginning of her eruption.

“Fuck me,” Natalie’s body stiffened. “Oh, I’m coming. Shit, I’m coming!”

“That’s better Natalie,” he whispered as he exited her bottom hole. “Sit down on the sofa.”

With her leggings restricting her gait, Natalie waddled over to the sofa. Cameron removed his pants and followed her. Natalie found a home for her black leather jacket, her red knit tee shirt, and her scarlet bra; one-by-one she tossed each item on the floor.

Cameron massaged her breasts as he pulled on his dick. He kneaded her left and then her right tit. He pushed them together and put his face right in the midst of her sexual heaven. His tongue traced the circumference of her areolas. He lapped, chewed, and sucked her protruding brown nipples. Five minutes later, he came up for air.

“Push your tits together for me.” Cameron stood, lowered his head, and spit into her breasts. He slid his dick in her valley and pumped up, up, and up until his tool, met Natalie’s lapping tongue.

Cameron growled and stiffened. His body went through the motions of an intense orgasm, but there was very little semen as evidence. It was spent, wasted on cyber sex with Lauren.

“I have a list of toys for you to purchase. After shopping, clean your new toys and pack them in your purse. You will also need to pack your tablet, your headset, and your imagination. I’ll text you and tell you what time to be at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum tomorrow.”

Natalie looked in his eyes and nodded. She had to work, but she would change her schedule.

“And Natalie,” he looked down at her hairy crotch, tilted his head to the side, and grimaced.


London stood in the perfumed ladies’ room at Neiman Marcus waiting. The door opened and Judy walked in.

“Hello L! Why are you buying the entire shoe department today? Give me the tea, girl.” Judy smiled and locked the door behind her. She took London in her arms and planted a passionate kiss on her mouth.

London pushed Judy against the door and gave her DD melons a giant squeeze. She reached under her dress and toyed with her pussy. “I'll spill the tea later. Fuck me now.”


“Right here. Right now.”

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