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Cyber Junkie - Tea 5

Cyber Junkie - Tea 5

Cameron is at it again...
Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, Washington, D.C.

Natalie walked over the threshold of the museum, located the closest bench, removed the tablet from her satchel, adjusted her Bluetooth headset, and opened the Skype application. She selected a contact, Cameron, and she typed the following text.

“I’m at the museum. Where am I going and who am I meeting?”


“Fuck you.”

“Mmm, yes,” Cameron chuckled.

“Second floor. Purchase two tickets for the IMAX theatre and wait for the second party.”

“Where are you Cameron?” Natalie was sure Cameron was playing some kind of a joke. Smiling wildly, she looked behind her and down the semi-crowded corridors of the museum to see if she could spot Cameron. Her eyes returned to her tablet for a response.

Cameron sent an instant message to his assistant to hold his calls for the rest of the afternoon. He locked his office door, grabbed a towel from his bag, and laid it on his office chair. He sat down and returned the text.

“I’m at my office.”

“What? Who am I meeting?”

“They’ll be there shortly.”

“Define shortly, and stop playing Cameron! Where the fuck are you really?”

Cameron’s heart raced, and his entire body was shaking with anticipation. His routine dictated cyber sex with one person at a time, but the thought of watching two people at a time had his dick brick hard and leaking pre-cum. He unbuckled his belt, unzipped his pants, and let them fall to the floor.

Then he received a text via Skype...from Judy.

“Cam, where am I going?”

“Go to the second floor theater. You’ll see a beautiful woman right outside the door with two tickets. Her name is Natalie.”


Judy made it to the second floor. Just as Cameron said, a beautiful woman was standing outside of the theater entrance. She was nervous and unsure of the shenanigans Cameron conjured up from the burning in his loins. She approached the caramel colored beauty.

“Are you Natalie?”

“Yes, and you are?”

“I’m Judy. Cameron sent me,” Judy smiled and nodded her head just enough to make her curly shoulder length mane hug her face. Sensing identical reluctance, Judy said, “It’s nice to meet you Natalie.”

Natalie looked Judy up and down.

“Are you okay with playing?”

“What?” Natalie turned her nose up slightly and scowled a tad.

“Uh oh. Would you excuse me for one moment?”

Judy walked down the hall out of Natalie’s earshot to call Cameron.

“Cameron, this is not going well.”

“What do you mean it’s not going well?”

“Natalie’s looking at me like I’m gonna bite her.”

“Well, aren’t you?”


“Just kidding,” Cameron snorted. “Have you left the museum?”


“Good,” Cameron sighed, but not loud enough for Judy to hear him. “Well, it...she will be fine. Let me talk to Natalie. Hand her the phone.”

“Okay,” Judy sang and handed her iPhone to Natalie. “Cam wants to talk to you.”

“Cameron! What is going on here?” Natalie walked away from Judy.

“Relax. That’s Judy. You’ll have a lot of fun with her.”

“Fun? Oh, I see, now I’m a part of your kinky-cyber-game shit, huh? Is Lauren coming too?”

“Yes, you are, and no Lauren will not be joining you, ever. Do you have a problem with being a part of my kinky-cyber-game shit? ‘Cause if you do, we don’t have to continue what we’ve been doing for two years. Now, did you want out?”

He knew the answer to that question. Cameron’s erection was oozing long strings of cum as it wiggled up and down involuntarily. He would get his way.

There it was. The know-better-do-better situation was staring Natalie right in her face again. And of course Natalie earned a big fat ‘F’ once again.

“No, I don’t want out,” Natalie was amazed at the words leaving her mouth. It was as if a virtual demon was shitting on her brain. She was an independent, intelligent, bright, and good-looking woman giving into a narcissistic sex maniac. “Okay, I’m in. What’s next?”

“’At a girl. Judy will receive the next instruction. Then call me back on Skype.

Natalie released the call and handed the phone back to Judy.

“I’m sorry I was so rude. I have the tickets are you ready to go in?”

Judy felt a vibration from her phone.

“Go to the ladies’ room with Natalie before you go into the theater. Enter the largest stall. Natalie has a gift to give you.”

Judy showed the text to Natalie and they headed for the ladies’ room. Judy scouted the largest stall at the end of the bathroom; they entered and locked the door behind them.

Natalie’s hands were shaking and sweaty. She placed the video call to Cameron.

“We’re here,” Natalie listened intently for instructions. Judy, of course, couldn’t hear a thing.

“Kiss. I want to see you tongue her down as if she were me. And adjust that tablet. I can’t see.” With his sex-pole firmly planted in his hand, he leaned forward, stared at his screen, and waited to see his instructions manifest.


Natalie looked at Judy’s chocolate skin against her charcoal form fitting dress, and she realized that she could do what Cameron was demanding. She hung her bag on the door-hook and propped the tablet against her bag and the door so that Cameron would have full view of what was about to go down. Butterflies fluttered in her belly as she pushed Judy’s curly locks away from the left side of her face. She brushed her thumb across Judy’s bottom lip, and then she moved in to kiss her.

What started as a precious peck, quickly turned into a full fledge slathering tongue-down. Natalie lost all inhibitions. She closed her eyes and gave Judy that which she’d only given to Cameron. Their tongues licked, circled, and flicked until Natalie felt a pool of jelly forming in between her legs. Then the director barked instructions.

“Natalie, lift up Judy’s dress and feel her pussy.”

“Okay,” she answered quietly.

Natalie looked at Judy, raised an eyebrow, and said, “Judy, are you ready?”

Judy nodded, preparing herself for the mystery coming her way.

Natalie lifted her dress enough to reveal Judy’s bare chocolate kitty. Going commando: that seemed to be the running theme for the day. Nat shook her head in disbelief as she reminisced about her first time with a woman. She’d forgotten about pussy. She resolved that this experience would be a delight. Boldly, she moved her index finger along Judy’s slit.

“Is it sticky, Nat?”


“Tell me how it tastes.”

Natalie wedged her fingers underneath Judy’s labia flaps with her index and ring finger; then she slid her middle finger nail-depth into her hole and dragged it along her pearl. She repeated the motion to get a good sample of her emulsion. She looked directly in the eye of the camera, plunged her middle finger deep in her mouth, and pulled it slowly out, savoring every drop of v-cream.

“It’s delectable nectar.”

“Is it now? What a treat for you. Tell Judy to remove her pumps and stand on the commode facing the wall.”

Relaying the instructions to Judy, Natalie wondered what the hell was up next. Judy stepped out of her shoes, placed her bare feet on either side of the toilet seat, and steadied her stance with her palms against the wall behind the toilet.

“Lift her dress and expose that juicy round ass. Put your face between her cheeks and lick her bottom hole. Wet it up good.”

As Cameron watched Natalie lift Judy’s dress to her waist, spread her cheeks, and bury her face, he clenched and pulled his hose. His vanilla head was a swollen mushroom shaped cap supported by a thick pulsating shaft that amounted to nine inches in length. Its eye wept an uncontrollable stream of pre-cum. It was just dripping with anticipatory excitement.

“Get the glass butt plug and seal her up for the dome show. We’re going for a double penetration during the lights and action.”

“Mmm, yes okay,” hypnotized, Natalie held the tablet in one hand while she fumbled for the glass butt plug with the other hand. She got a good grip on the butt of the plug; she nudged Judy to hold it while she adjusted the tablet.

With a good visual in sight, Cameron barked out more orders, “Water her hole more Natalie. Let me see you wet her good.”

In obedience as if he were a Dom and she was a sub, Natalie gathered as much saliva as she could and spit in Judy’s bum-hole. She held the tip of the plug on Judy’s sphincter muscle, twisting, twirling, and tickling her cavity. Natalie eased the toy in her bottom.

Judy softly moaned and pushed her hips back against the hard surface as if she were a pro. The journey was smooth until Judy’s hole met the base; it was broad. But this was all an obvious turn-on, because she was dripping liquid from her snatch resembling the cum strings pouring out of Cameron.

“You okay?” Natalie inquired.

“Yea, push it. Mmm,” Judy moaned.

“Fuck, push that shit in her,” Cameron groaned in Natalie’s earpiece.

Pressing and pushing, Natalie got the plug all the way in Judy’s ass.

“Stick your finger in her kitty-cat one more time for me, pull her dress down, and then get on into the theater.”

Like a robot, Natalie dipped her middle finger deep in Judy’s slick trap.

“Mmm, shit,” Judy moaned as her vulva lips inflated and pulsed even more. Judy pushed back and rotated her hips in a series of grinds not knowing that the bathroom frolic was just about over. Natalie pulled her finger out, sampled the treat once more, and signaled Judy to get down off the pot.

“Fuck that damn Cameron,” Judy fired as she reluctantly and cautiously eased off the loo, slid on her pumps, and pulled down her charcoal frock.

“Tell her it’s called edging.”

“I will not, devil.”

“How you doing?” Natalie smirked knowing that Judy must have had a tough time walking with the glass up her ass.

“I’m good,” Judy gave her the side-eye, laughed, and headed to the mirror to straighten up her face yet again.


The film hadn’t started when they walked into the theater, and curious enough, the room was totally empty.

“I guess this film about the space shuttle isn’t popular today,” Natalie simpered.

“No, actually someone bought the theater out,” Cameron clarified.

“I wonder who it was?”

“Hmm, I wonder. Go to the center of the theater by the projection system.”

The marionettes proceeded up the steep steps to the center of the theater. Natalie walked behind with her hand pressed on Judy’s ass to hold the flat glass protrusion in firm. Judy found the butt-hold arousing as fuck. They landed in seats right next to the projection system as instructed.

“I know you couldn’t see, but I just held Judy’s ass all the way to our seats. The ass of her dress will have a huge wet spot that will be clearly visible to everyone when I finish with her.”

“Oh damn,” Judy squirmed in her seat and shook her curls in agreement.

Cameron slouched down in his chair, sighed, and refrained from touching his dick any further. He knew he would blow his load if a breeze hit it right. He took a deep breath and gathered his wit.

It was a great effort, but his voice told on him.

“Take...take the dildos out when the lights drop. I won...won’t be able to see you when the lights go down, but I want you to tell me what you feel,” Cameron gulped as beads of sweat formed on his upper lip.

“Okay,” Natalie agreed and sensing his disposition, she giggled and inquired, “are you gonna make it?” Natalie could see him, but the darkness failed Cameron’s visual.

“Fuck you!”

“Oh, yes! Fuck you bastard! I see your hardness bobbin’ and weavin’. Are you about to cum you demon-spawn you?”

“Shut the fuck up and do what I say!” Natalie’s insults snapped the Dom-sense back into Cameron.

“Wh, wha...what’s next?” Natalie mocked.

“You bitch! One second!” Cameron controlled his video conversation with Natalie from his desktop computer using his Bluetooth headset. However, the urge to listen to both women wouldn’t die down. Because he would have little visual, he decided to open his tablet, attach another Bluetooth earpiece to his other ear, and phone Judy. His throb leaked and swayed back and forth, as he made the Skype audio call.

“Tick-tag, I’m the messenger now?” Judy coyly answered, shifting her ass to accommodate the plug.

“No, you’re both gonna do what I say. Okay?”

The lights faded to jet in the theater, and the blare and boom of the surround sound booted. Reclining in their seats, the marionettes knew this kinky cyber-fuck would be a challenge. Nevertheless, the puppet show would go on.

Judy fumbled through her bag for her Bluetooth apparatus; she turned it on and adjusted it on her ear.

“Natalie give Judy the Icicle #29 dildo. Judy, I want you to finger that fucking Natalie like you finger your girlfriend.”

“You know I can hear you? And I’d like the #18 please,” Natalie needed the blue bumps. After experiencing them earlier, she knew she wanted them again.

Natalie looked at Judy, “what girlfriend?”

“Nuh huh,” Judy responded.

“Damn Natalie! Whatever! You’ll fuck up a soup sandwich!”

Cameron leaned back, closed his eyes, and listened for the moans to begin. His dick had softened some from his anger, so he kneaded it between his index finger and his thumb. He reached in his bottom desk drawer for a bottle of lube; he applied a generous portion to his hose that caused a sloppy-sloshing sound.

Natalie handed Judy the curved dildo, but Judy had a fingering assignment to complete first. Judy’s inch long nipples were hard; they tingled and throbbed. Feeling free in the empty theater, Judy stood, removing every stitch of clothing. She bent down between Natalie’s legs, pulled up Natalie’s skirt, and lapped at her thighs. The plug attempted an escape, but Natalie leaned forward and pushed it back flush against Judy’s ass.

“Let me hear it! What’s happening?”

“I just took off all my clothes and I’m bent in front of Miss Natalie’s kitty. I’m about to lick her and finger fuck her into outer space.”

“Mmm, shit,” Natalie growled and scooted down in her seat for Judy’s convenience.

Judy slurped, licked, moaned, and sucked, as she moved towards Natalie’s kitty. She could barely see, but the smoothness of Nat’s cat reflected the light from the screens.

“Mmm, shit is right,” Judy parted her legs a little wider and rubbed her glossed baldness with her wrist bone. “Cam, I’m rubbing her pussy, babe.”

“Oh fuck! Rub my pussy harder!”

“I got you doll,” Judy pressed in harder with her wrist. Natalie’s wetness completely covered the underside of her hand.

In the spaces of quiet, the marionettes could hear the sloshing of the cyber junkie’s strokes. They heard his labored breathing, groans, and grunts. Then they both heard the next order.

“Finger fuck that bitch now!”

“I’m spreading her lips. Mmm, her cat smells like hot caramel. I want to taste her now.”

“I said finger fuck now!”

Obedient, Judy plunged two fingers inside Natalie’s kitty. It was a silky warm cavern clenching and grasping at her appendages.

“Oh fuck me hard, Judy!”

“Cam, she’s getting the two finger-fuck now. I’m digging deeper and deeper for her bottom.”

“Yes, finger-fuck that pussy! Natalie, do you like her digging in your snatch?”

“Yes, this shit is good.”

“Say it again.”

“Yes, this fucking shit is good. Oh my god, fuck me Judy!”

“Now, get the #18 Judy and give it to her all in one push!”

Judy positioned the glass dildo curve down, pressed in on Natalie’s entrance, and shoved it in all the way.

“Ah, FUCK!”

“Mmhmm, that’s good Judy. Now twist it three hundred and sixty degrees,” Cameron knew that Natalie’s position and the curve on the dildo would cause some pressure in places that Natalie never felt before. He pulled on his balls repeatedly, lubed up a bit more, and then returned a tight grip to his hose.

Judy stood slightly, put a knee between Natalie’s legs, and kissed her passionately, as she began turning the dildo.

“Natalie see if you can reach Judy’s plug and treat her to the same twist,” The puppeteer barked while he tapped and slapped his dick around.

The marionettes moaned and sucked during the turning of their instruments. Natalie cried out when the curve of the dildo bumped against newfound spaces.

“Oh my fuck! Cameron you bastard!”

“Yea, now Natalie. Get that other dildo and fuck Judy’s kitty hole. Fill her other gap!”

Natalie felt around the chair for the dildo and drove it right into Judy’s hole. Judy was so messy-wet with nectar that the toy just slid in with ease.

Judy collapsed on top of Natalie, as Natalie pumped the toy in and out repeatedly. It made the same sloshing sounds they heard through their earpieces.

The musky bouquet of pussy perfume surrounded the pumping, grinding, licking, and grunting. In the background, the sounds and lights of some irrelevant space voyage film screamed for attention that Judy and Natalie were not giving up.

“Tell me what’s going on.”

“I’m fucking this bitch’s pussy like you said, Cameron. And I’m about to suck on her long-ass nipples. Fuck me! Look at how long they are!”

“Yea! Do it!” Cameron couldn’t take much more. He stretched his legs out stiff, arched his back, and pulled repeatedly, reaching for the climax.

The marionettes kissed, drilled, pulled, flicked, and screamed their way to consecutive orgasms.

“Oh fuck, fuck, fuck...”

“Aargh!” Judy chimed in, and then they heard Cameron.

“Ah shit!” His heavy breathing sounded like he was about to have an asthma attack.

Judy rolled off Natalie and rested long enough to gather her mind. Film still blaring, she quickly dressed and said, “I don’t want to hear anymore of your heavy breathing.”

The moment she released the call, a text came through from Cameron’s wife, her girlfriend, London.

“Come around 7:30 for the Yoni massage. We need to talk.”

“Oh shit!” Judy exclaimed.

“What?” Natalie asked.



Cameron was done, for the moment. He had plans to fuck Natalie later that evening until he received a text message from his wife.

“Please be home by 8:30. We need to talk.”

“Oh fuck!”

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