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Dani from the Antique Store

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Dani was unbelievably cute. I hated her because of it. She changed my mind.

Dani was a cute college-aged twenty two year old girl who often filled in at her aunt’s antique shop on the small office building where I have an office. I was sitting in my office one weekend day, not too long ago, when Dani stuck her head in my office and asked if she could borrow a notepad and a pencil.

I rummaged through my desk drawer as Dani stood patiently in my office doorway, watching me hunt down a pad and pen. She apologized for being intrusive. I assured her that her request was not a big deal and that I was more than happy to oblige.

Dani brushed back her long brown hair and asked about my work. I told her I was a porno reviewer of literacy pieces. She stayed quiet for a second, trying to digest what I had just said.

She chuckled.

“What do you really do?” she pressed.

“I sell insurance,” I replied, waiting for a second before adding, ‘between literary reviews.”

“You don’t really do that, do you?” Dani pressed.

“Yes, I do,” I replied matter-of-factly. I handed her a writing tablet and a pen. “Do you want to read some of the stuff?”

Dani took the writing tablet and pen and withdrew from my office doorway, proffering a quick, “Thanks.”

A little while later, Dan reappeared in my office door and asked if I had a Wi-Fi connection. She said she wanted to do some school work but that she didn’t have a good connection.

I told her my Wi-Fi and the password. She typed the password I gave to her on her phone. The connection didn’t seem to work.

“Let me see your phone,” I said. Dani stretched out her hand and handed me her cell phone.

“Sit down,” I instructed, nodding to the office chair beside my desk. Dani sat down as instructed. Dani was twenty and cute beyond all belief, sporting a t-shirt and cutoff shorts that accentuated her figure more than any guy could possibly tolerate.

As I typed a password into her phone, a social media back channel message popped up on her screen.

“Cute guy,” I said, handing her the phone.

“Just a friend,” Dani said, swiping the message to the side and handing her phone back to me. Another message popped up on the screen.

“Nice looking girl,” I said, handing the phone back to Dani.

“My bestie,” Dani said with a smile, finger-swiping the image off the screen before handing the phone back to me.

“Is she married?” I casually asked.

Dani smiled.

“No,” Dani answered.

I quickly punched in a password and waited for the connection. When it didn’t connect, I had to scratch my head.

I asked Dani to friend me on social media and told her I’d work on the issue and send her the password through messenger.

“I live on messenger,” Dani replied.

“I bet you do,” I replied, adding an aside afterthought, “Driving all the guys nutty with your bikini shots.”

“No one seems to be complaining,” Dani replied.

I laughed.

“What would there to be to complain about?” I asked.

Dani fanned herself with her hand, flushed in embarrassment.

“Behave,” Dani scolded, “You’re married.”

“Married guys get just as horny as single guys,” I replied.

“Duly noted,” Dani replied, glancing down at my crotch, then back at the screen on her cell phone. “Send me your password when you get the chance.”

I excided myself and headed back to my office to work on the password issue. I messaged Dani with three options to try. She replied with a rather nice view of her bikini-covered cleavage from what looked like a beach.

I replied with a smiling emoji – and the words, “Show me some skin!”

Her reply was a rather risqué photo of herself -from her backside, sans bikini top and two fingers spread in the small of her back, just above her cute little bikini-clad butt.

I gave her a “two thumbs up” emoji response.

Dani messaged me back after a few minutes and said that one of the three passwords worked.

“I owe you,” she added, “Now I have connectivity!”

I messaged Dani back and told her we could discuss compensation the next time she was into the antique store.

About a week later, as I was working, Dani back channel-messaged me and said she ‘d be at the antique store that afternoon. Lucky me, I was going to be in the office as well, so I told her to tap on the adjoining wall to our suites once she got in and that I’d drop over and say “hello.”

Around about 3 o’clock that afternoon, I head a tapping sound on the office wall and I tapped back. Dani tapped back again. I knocked on the back door to the antique store. Dani slipped it open and I stepped into the small store. Dani closed the door, silently grabbed my hand and pulled me into a small alcove of the store, ushering me into a large over-studded chair.

“Where is your aunt?” I asked as Dani tapped my ankle with her foot and positioned herself between my legs, looking down at me, her hands crossed in front of her chest.

“She went to pick up my cousins from school,” Dani replied, slipping her bare leg against the inside of my thigh.

“You’re a part time photographer,” Dani noted. “I like your work.”

I silently nodded my head.

“Did you like the photograph I back channel messaged you?” Dani asked, biting down on her lower lip.

“Yes,” I replied.

“A friend of mine took it at the beach,” Dani said. I could tell she was nervous.

I pulled my shirt tale from my blue jeans.

“Why are you so nervous?” I asked.

Dani dropped her crossed arms and placed her hands on her hips.

“What make you think I am nervous?” she asked.

“Because you’re shaking like a leaf,” I replied, sitting forward and looking up at her. I reached out and took her hands into mine and pulled her in closer, all the while looking straight up at her deep green eyes.

“We only have a few minutes,” Dani declared.

“I know,” I replied, taking in a deep breath and then forcefully exhaling.

“What do you want me to do?” Dani asked.

“What do you feel comfortable in doing?” I asked.

Dani didn’t miss a beat.

“I give one hell of a blow job,” Dani replied, looking down at me.

“What if I wanted more than a blow job?” I asked.

“We could do that,” Dani replied. Damn. I hadn’t expected this.

“I don’t have a condom,” I replied.

“I’m on the pill,” Dani replied.

“In here?” I asked. “That might be dangerous.”

Dani looked around and agreed. She dropped to her knees between my spread legs and placed her hands on to the bulge that had formed in my crotch.

“Then it’ll have to be a quick blow job,” Dani replied, taking a wad of gum from her mouth and setting it on the ledge. She pulled at the rubber band that held her hair in place, shaking her head back and forth as her hair fell on to her shoulders.

I unfastened my belt, while Dani tore through my zipper and dug her hand in past the elastic waist-band of my underwear, feeling for my manhood.

I arched my back to push my jeans and my underwear down my thighs. Dani pulled the ensemble past my knees, my eight and a half inch steel rod coming into full view.

Dani slipped her slender fingers around the shaft of my tool, and leaned forward. She slipped her warm lips over the end of my circumcised tool, pushing as much of me into her mouth as she could. She deep throated me without saying a word, working my cock in and out of her mouth, then running her tongue the entire length of my shaft.

She pushed her hair back over her shoulder and looked up at me.

“You can cum in my mouth,” Dani said. “I want to taste your cum.”

She gently massaged my balls and then began to feverishly work her fingers back and forth on my cock.

“You’re going to make me cum,” I declared.

Dani shoved my cock back into her mouth and within seconds, I was unloading everything I had as she hummed her approval and I shot my load down her throat. Dani continued to work my cock in and out of her oral cavity, ensuring there was nothing left for me to give.

Finally, she plopped down on to the floor, her head resting on my leg, her hands crossed under her chin.

“So, what do you think?” Dani asked, my cock still glistening with her saliva and resting on my lower abdomen.

“That was fun,” I replied.

“Maybe for you,” Dani replied, “But I didn’t get my portion.”

“We’ll have to work on that,” I replied, lightly stroking her head with my hand.

Dani scrambled to her feet. She placed a hand on each of my legs and leaned forward.

“I am going to hold you to it,” Dani said.

I quickly pulled up my pants and refastened my belt as Dani grabbed her cell phone and checked it. I told Dani we had to be careful and she agreed. If her aunt or my wife got any idea of what was transpiring in the store, we’d both be toast.

Dani smiled and agreed.

“Oh, by the way,” Dani said, as I headed to the door, “My bestie thinks you’re hot.”

I turned around and smiled.

“Let’s take it one step at a time,” I replied, taking a step out the door and not waiting for the reply. My head was spinning.


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