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Everything I Never Said: Accidentally on Purpose

I promise. You're my one and only...
“Once a cheater, always a cheater,” Aaron’s voice comes from somewhere in the room. I open my eyes, and get a glimpse of the clock, its only 7:30 in the morning.

“I think there’s an explanation for this,” Jonathan replies. I hold my breath, hoping they don’t realize I’m awake.

“You mean you hope there’s an explanation for this,” Aaron argues. They’re talking in hushed voices, just inside the door.

“She’s home for the summer. She’s not stupid enough to think this Nick guy would hang on for that long,” Jonathan replies, stumbling over his words.

“You’re making excuses for her,” Aaron replies. “I get that you’ve been waiting three years for this moment, but you have to realize she slept with you, knowing she had someone back in college waiting for her to return.”

“She didn’t just sleep with me,” Jonathan’s voice drops.

“Spare me the details,” Aaron stabs; you can practically hear him rolling his eyes.

“That isn’t what I mean,” Jonathan says. “I meant that--” he stops. “I was her first.”

“Talk about dropping the bomb,” I say. I get up out of bed, not bothering to cover myself. I walk up behind Jonathan, not letting Aaron see too much.

Aaron lets out a low whistle. Jonathan shoots him a look, but can’t stop his wandering eyes. The two of them scan me from head to toe, taking in my 36B breasts, my flat stomach, with just the outline of abs showing through. Aaron stops his eyes and clears his throat when he gets down to my shaven pussy.

“I think I should go,” Aaron says. “You two have stuff to talk about.”

I nod to him. “Nice to see you Iridescent,” he says as Jonathan starts to close the door. “… all of you,” I hear him mumble.

“When were you going to tell me you had a boyfriend,” Jonathan demands, roughly handing me my phone.

“Jonathan,” I say.

“Just, answer the question,” Jonathan tells me, running his hands through his hair, frustrated.

“Nick and I dated all through this year of college, but before I left I told him I didn’t think it was going to work,” I explain.

“Judging by the conversation I just had with him, he seems to think it’s going to work,” Jonathan says, refusing to look me in the eye.

“He told me if I felt the same way by the end of the summer, we would break up,” I say. “There is nothing tying me to him.”

“When I answered the phone, he didn’t even let me speak. He just said, ‘Good morning babe.’ That doesn’t sound like you plan on breaking up with him,” Jonathan retorts.

“I don’t understand why you’re reacting like this,” I say. “It’s not like we’re dating yet anyway.”

“Yeah well, we could be, but the fact that you cheated on your boyfriend of at least six months, says you’ll cheat on me too,” Jonathan says, raising his voice.

“I gave you something I would’ve never even dreamed of giving him,” I say, in a low whisper. “Does that mean nothing to you?”

“You don’t get it, Iridescent,” Jonathan says. “That means, the world, to me.”

I start to speak, but he stops me. “But, I can’t trust that you won’t do to me, what you did to him.”

“You left me hanging for years,” I say. “I’ve given you second chance after second chance, and you won’t give me this? You and I aren’t even dating, and I gave up on Nick a long time ago.”

“I can’t,” Jonathan says. “I can’t lose you again. If I accept this and move on, I’m handing you everything you need to tear me apart.”

“You’re going to have to trust that I won’t,” I say. “I trusted you for years not to tear me down with the things I’ve told you, trust goes both ways.”

I sit on the bed next to him. “I’ve never felt so sure in my life,” I tell him. I reach my hand up to his cheek and pull his face towards mine.

“I love you,” Jonathan whispers.

“I love you too,” I say. “Nothing is ever going to change that, nothing ever has changed that.” I kiss him, softly at first, and then harder. I pull him to me, slipping my tongue into his mouth as it intertwines with his.

I let out a sigh, and his hands run all over my body, feeling every inch of me. I pull off his basketball shorts to reveal his, already hard cock. I guide it to me.

He slowly approaches the opening to my clit. I grip the bed sheets and wait for him to penetrate me. He moves into me slowly, knowing I’m going to be sore from last night. I moan as he pushes into me, lifting my hips so I can take his whole nine inches.

“Fuck you’re tight,” he breathes as he starts to pick up a steady pace. I moan out, his cock stretching me.

It’s crazy how good he feels deep inside me, even though my pussy is throbbing with soreness. Our chests slap together every time he pushes into me. I look into his eyes, begging him to make love to me harder. He leans into me and kisses me before picking up his pace.

I scream as he pounds into me, harder and harder. My arms slip underneath his and grip his shoulders from behind. He kisses my neck, pounding harder and harder into me. I can feel him hit the end of me every time he thrusts in. My nails dig into his skin and rake down his back, leaving red scratch marks behind them.

He groans as I scratch him, and he starts to reach his climax. “Cum with me,” he breathes. I kiss him and arch my back. His words send me over the edge and my orgasm over takes me. I close my eyes and let out a loud moan as I feel my juices mixing with the hot jets of cum that are now shooting from his cock.

We come down from our orgasms simultaneously, and he’s immediately kissing me. I push against him so we’re sitting, and I straddle him, running my hands around his chest and down his arms. He picks me up and carries me into the bathroom, breaking the kiss only to turn on the shower and lead me into it.

We shower, washing each other’s bodies, kissing every inch of each other. When we get out of the shower, and walk into the room, wrapped in towels Aaron is sitting on the bed.

“It smells like sex in here,” he says. “I guess you guys made up?”

“Get out of here,” Jonathan says, throwing a pillow at him.

“Why,” Aaron laughs. “Are you guys going to get down and dirty again? If not, I don’t see why I should leave. Iridescent doesn’t have anything under that towel I didn’t see two hours ago.”

I feel my cheeks get hot. I shoot Aaron a dirty look and kiss Jonathan, a deep, sloppy kiss. His hands run up my legs and around my ass. I let go of my towel and let it fall off of me, letting Jonathan slide his hands on my bare skin.

Aaron clears his throat. “Damn,” he says to Jonathan. “I don’t know how you do it.”

I give Aaron a little smile and start getting dressed. 

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