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Everything I Never Said: The Reunion

My first love finally realizes what it's like to be ignored, but is it too late?
“…and that’s the game,” a voice from the loud speaker behind me booms through the entire baseball field. My friend and I squeeze out of our seats and start walking out of the stadium.

“That was fun,” I tell Sam. She had stayed in state when we went to college and I ended up moving across the country.

“It was,” she beams. “I’m sorry I have to take off though, I would’ve loved to drive home with you and stop from sushi or something.”

I nod to her and we part. I pull my phone from my back pocket. I open up snap-chat and go through the fifteen snaps from my boyfriend. I’m about to send a flirty smile and message back when I stumble.

“Woah there,” a familiar voice says. “You need to watch where you’re going.”

“I’m sorry I just,” I look up and I stop mid sentence.

“Iridescent,” when I hear him speak, his voice seems far off. His irises are pitch black giving him a mysterious look.

“Jonathan,” I manage to turn away from his eyes and I take in the rest of him. He’s grown taller since I left. He’s a good six foot tall, with toned muscles, and tanned skin.

“It’s been a while,” he says.

“Three and a half years, to be exact,” I reply. He was a year ahead of me in high-school, but I graduated with his class. That made me just a month shy of seventeen when I walked.

“Do you want to go get drinks,” he asks. “It will be just you and me. We can catch up.”

I nod my head, not sure what to say. I put my phone away and start walking to my car. “You remember where The Elephant Bar is right,” I love the sound of his voice. It’s deepened in the last three years.

“They aren’t going to let me in,” I laugh. “I’m a year younger than you.”

“That would make you,” his looks up, calculating my age in his head.

“That would mean I just turned twenty,” I laugh. “I see your math skills haven’t improved,” I joke.

“It’s hard to think around you,” he replies, opening my car door for me. “Meet me there; my truck is only a few rows down.”


“They aren’t going to let me in,” I say again as Jonathan heads towards the front doors.

“Of course they will,” Jonathan laughs. “Aaron’s family runs the place now, and they let him manage the back door.”

“His parents always were,” I pause, searching for the word. “Flexible.”

He leads me around the back and knocks three times on the door in three different spots. The door almost instantly opens.

“Hey look who decided to show her face in New Mexico again,” Aaron laughs. He pulls me in for a hug and then looks at Jonathan. “And look who she decided to come with.”

I feel my cheeks get hot, and I hope the two boys can’t tell in the dim light. I had always had a thing for him, Jonathan. He had started out as a good friend, and then someone I could trust, but he always claimed to not like me in the same way. He’d kissed me before I left, but I hadn’t talked to him since.

“Bottom floor is a club, top floor is a bar,” Aaron informs me.

Jonathan leads me down a hallway, with Aaron close on our heels. We get to the end of the hallway. There’s a door with a keypad lock on it. Jonathan swiftly punches in the code and opens the door. We make our way down the stairs and I take it all in. There are people dancing, lights flashing, and the smell of alcohol fills the room.

Aaron starts towards the bar, and we follow. Aaron orders “on the house” drinks. I take a small sip of mine and my nose curls at the taste.

“Oh my god,” Aaron says, studying the look on my face. “She’s never drank before.”

Jonathan studies me as I take another small drink. I almost gag. “She hasn’t,” he laughs.

“I don’t know how you drink this shit,” I say, handing the glass back to Aaron. “It tastes like Satan threw up and you put it on ice.”

They shake their heads at me. “Three years in college and you haven’t had a drink,” Jonathan says. “Damn.”

I roll my eyes. “Twenty bucks you won’t be able to finish the glass,” Aaron says, playfully punching me.

I take the glass from him, and take another sip. I cough. “This is disgusting,” I choke.

“It tastes good, eventually,” Jonathan winks at me. My heart skips. I take another drink and let it burn as it goes down. I hold my breath and swallow the rest, tipping the last drop into my mouth.

“I think I’m going to be sick,” I say. “That was horrible.”

“You’ll live,” Aaron says, setting down his drink. “I have to go check up on everyone upstairs. Jonathan knows where everything is.” He puts a lot of emphasis on the word everything.

As soon as he’s gone Jonathan immediately starts talking.

“A lot happened in three years,” he says, his eyes looking up and down my body. “A lot of good things.”

“Your alcohol did a lot in three minutes,” I retort, taking his glass from him.

“I’ve had less to drink then you,” he says, pointing to my empty glass next to his, which is still half full.

“Shut up,” I whine.

“I meant what I said,” he says, his hand resting on my knee. “I honestly didn’t think I’d ever see you again.”

“That was kind of on purpose,” I bite my lip when I say it. “You kissed me when you were still with Emily.”

“Iridescent,” Jonathan says.

I stop him before he can start arguing with me. “Maybe I should go,” I say. I turn and start walking.

Jonathan follows me halfway down the hallway before getting a hold of my arm and swinging me around to face him.

“I missed you,” he growls.

“You could’ve called,” I say, emotionless.

“I’m not good at this,” Jonathan argues.

“You did whatever this is; perfectly fine with the twenty other girls you dated in high-school.”

Jonathan throws his arms up in the air. “I’m not good at this, with you, because you can’t seem to take a hint.”

“Take a hint,” I say, a little too loudly. “The only time you gave me a hint, you were in a relationship and I was leaving across the country. I wasn’t going to take that seriously.”

“I did,” he says. “It’s all I’ve been thinking about the past three years, and every time I get a chance to see you, you avoid me.”

“If you were thinking about it for so long you could’ve texted me, or liked my picture on Instagram, dammit Jonathan, anything!”

I turn and start walking towards the door again but he grabs me and shoves me against the wall. “Iridescent,” he breathes.

I’m about to say something but he stops me. “Don’t speak,” he says. “If I don’t say this now, I’m never going to say it, so just, let me.”

I nod, looking into his eyes and I see the boy who kissed me three years ago.

“I’m in love with you,” he says. “I didn’t realize it until you were gone. I didn’t know how much you meant to me until picking you up and spending hours talking to you wasn’t an option anymore. I didn’t realize how much I loved you until you were thousands of miles away. I didn’t realize how badly I ignored you until you were ignoring me.”

I exhale, slowly.

“I’m not done,” he says, still staring deep into my eyes. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry I left you hanging all those years. I’m sorry I didn’t contact you. I’m sorry I lead you on, and I’m, just sorry.”

I search his face. He’s closer to me now, his body only inches from mine. My lips desperately find his and I wrap my arms around his neck.

He kisses me back, hard. His lips fulfill the burning that’s been lingering on mine for the past three years. His hands hook on the small of my back, and he deepens in the kiss. I’m breathing hard, but I keep kissing him, refusing to break the moment. Our tongues twist together.

I tangle my hand in his hair and release my legs. He grabs my ass and hauls me up, my legs wrapping around his waist. I can feel his cock pressing against his jeans as he becomes aroused, and I know my pussy must be throbbing and wet.

I’m still kissing him when I realize we’re in what looks like a hotel room. It has two large queen sized beds, a mini bar, a TV, and a bathroom.

He lays me down on the bed and begins kissing me again. He removes my sheer top, and then my tank top, breaking the kiss only temporarily. I look into his eyes, a little uncomfortable, laying before him in just my bra.

He slowly unbuttons my extra short jean shorts and pulls them off. I’m wearing a neon green thong, and a matching bra. “Not as innocent as you look,” he whispers to me.

He pulls off his shirt, revealing v-cut, washboard abs and muscular arms. He proceeds to remove his jeans and then we’re left in our underwear.

He kisses me, letting his hand slip underneath me and unhooks my bra. He slips my arms through it, and throws it towards the rest of my clothes. His eyes linger on my breasts, they’re small for someone my age, B cups. He slowly kisses my neck and makes his way down to them, momentarily kissing each one.

He removes my thong, which is soaking wet. He stares at my cleanly waxed pussy. “Definitely not as innocent as you look,” he laughs.

“I’m as innocent as I was three years ago,” I say, pulling him down to kiss me again.

“I’m honored,” he whispers into my hair as I push his Hollister boxers off his hips and off of him. I reach down and feel him. He’s completely waxed, and he’s huge.

“Are you sure,” he asks me. I kiss him and nod, my hands grip the top of the mattress behind me. He slowly guides himself to my entrance, using his fingers to spread me slightly.

I nod again and he pushes the tip in. I flinch, and wait for him to continue. He pushes in just a little further before hitting my hymen. He holds himself there. I nod and squeeze my eyes shut as he pushes. I whimper, pulling away, but he doesn’t let me. He pushes a little harder and I feel it tear.

I scream and he pulls out. “Let me know if I’m hurting you,” he says, reaching for a washcloth and wiping my clit. There are small drops of blood on the cloth when he pulls it away.

“Are you sure you want to try again,” he asks. I nod and kiss him. He pushes in. It hurts again at first, but it slowly becomes better.

I moan as he fucks me, his width is stretching me so much, but I block the pain out. I moan in ecstasy as he thrusts in and out slowly. When I start meeting his strides he goes faster, and we melt into one person.

He shifts his weight and I feel him touch my sensitive spots with his large cock. I scream out and I feel my body start to shake. I can feel my orgasm rising, my juices swelling up inside of me and then spilling over his cock when I cum. My entire body is left shaking, my head pressed into the pillow and my body arched towards Jonathan.

When I come down from my climax I look up into his eyes. He starts to pick up his pace again, fucking me harder. My moans fill the room again, echoing off the walls. He groans and he flinches. He lifts up my hips, pushing himself all the way into me. I can feel it when he cums, you aren’t normally supposed to, but I can feel it. I can feel the pressure of his hot jets of semen deep in me.

When he pulls out of me I finally get a hold of my breathing. He lies down next to me and I curl up in the hollow of his body. I reach back and kiss him softly. He pulls me closer, kissing my neck, and my jaw line. I smile.

He pushes my hair back and I feel his warm mouth around my neck as he leaves my first time mark right along my hairline.

“I’ve been waiting for this moment,” Jonathan whispers. “I love you, I always have, and I always will.”

“I never expected to hear that from you,” I say. My words seem dry, and out of place in the romantic moment, nothing separating our bodies.

“I know,” Jonathan says. We’re both recalling the time when he told me he didn’t like me like that.

I turn towards him and look into his eyes. “I love you too.”

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