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Extramarital - Complications

Annie's younger sister makes waves
Carol stood in the doorway waiting for me to let her in. I was still in a slight state of shock at this unexpected surprise. "Zach, my dear, you look absolutely pale," she said. "I know it's been a while, but I thought you would be a little happier to see me." 
"Uh, no, Carol, it's just that you're probably the last person I expected to see at my door."

"Well, here I am, are you going to let me in?"

I moved back, opening the door wide so that she could come in. "It's just that this visit was so unexpected. You should have called or texted me ahead of time."

"What, and give you the chance to make up some excuse why you couldn't be here? I wanted to see you and a surprise visit was the only way I could be sure you were here. Besides, Zach, did you think I was going to forget about you after Anne died? I gave you plenty of time to grieve. Aren't you over her by now. Jesus, Zach, I've waited long enough. There's no reason to put me off any longer."

I just stood there, mouth agape, not really sure how to respond to that. I led her into the living room and offered her a seat

 Carol still looked good. Hell, she looked more than good. Her body had gotten better with age. Her breasts were much larger than Annie's, and her body was more athletic. She was 16 years younger than Annie, the result of an accidental pregnancy. Annie's mother never considered an abortion or adoption. She was determined to love Carol as much as any of her children, and she succeeded, perhaps a little too much. As Carol became a young woman, she was so used to getting whatever she wanted she began taking whatever she couldn't have.

One of the things she couldn't have was me. After Annie and I were married, Carol had become infatuated with me. She was spending a summer with us during college break, and she was so infatuated that she was constantly flirting with me and even making sure that I was around when she got out of the shower, so that she could parade around naked and I would see her hot body. She even went so far as to crawl into our bed one night when Annie was working the midnight shift. I was asleep when I felt a body next to mine. Thinking Annie had come home early, I reached across to give her a kiss when I discovered it was Carol instead. Furious, I kicked her out of the bed and gave her a piece of my mind. I told her to get these fantasies out of her head or else I would expose her to her sister. I don't know how much got through her thick skull, but she never flirted with me the rest of the summer.

Of course, her desire to get me for herself never really went away. After she got her degree she moved away, but every time we had a family get-together she dressed provocatively and continued to flirt shamelessly. Through it all, she never succeeded in seducing me. Even at Annie's funeral she wore a hot, black skin tight mini and hung around me as if she were consoling me in my grief. After the service she tried to come on to me again. Her sister had just been buried and she could only think of herself and her desires. I told her to stay away from me, that I wanted nothing to do with her. I haven't seen her since that day, until just now.

"I thought I made it clear at the funeral I didn't want what you were offering," I told her. "Why can't you just leave me alone? I wouldn't dishonor Annie's memory by doing that."

"Zach, what is going on? Who are you talking to?"

As I heard those words my heart sank. Jayne had come into the room wearing only one of my white dress shirts, halfway unbuttoned so that her breasts were showing. They shook as she walked provocatively into the room.

"And what do we have here?" asked Carol. "Is this how you've been handling your grief all these years? And so sexy, too. Zach, you've been a naughty boy, haven't you?"

I couldn't be more embarrassed as I was at that moment. While I had nothing to be embarrassed about with Jayne, Carol's leering stare cut right through me. She was smiling, as if she caught me with my hands in the cookie jar.

"Zach, who is this woman?" Jayne demanded. "And just what is she doing here?"

"Oh, sweetie, let me introduce myself," Carol crowed. "I'm Carol, Anne's younger sister. Didn't Zach tell you about us?"

"There's no 'us' to tell her about," I shot back.

Jayne walked over to where we were standing. "Is this true, Zach? Is she really Annie's sister? And what is she talking about?" Jayne made no effort to cover up, and her nipples were really putting a strain on the fabric of my shirt. Carol was staring at Jayne's breasts now, and making no secret of it. In fact, I think she was getting aroused by the sight of them.

"Yes, Jayne," I began. "This is Annie's sister Carol. She's made no secret about wanting to take everything away from Annie, including me. But she never succeeded. I never wanted her. I was in love with Annie."

"But he did want me, Jayne," Carol interrupted. "You should have seen the way he looked at me back then. He says he didn't, but we women have a way of knowing, don't we? How did he seduce you?"

"Oh, you've got it all wrong. He didn't seduce me at all. It just happened." Jayne was holding her own now, clearly pissed at the intrusion.

"Well, honey, with a body like that, I'm sure that it didn't take much for it to 'happen', did it? Maybe I'm going after the wrong person. I'll bet you're wild in the sack, aren't you?"

"That's enough!" I shouted. "I think you've said enough, Carol. It's time for you to go."

"Oh, brother-in-law, I'll leave," Carol hissed. "But it's obvious that the grieving period is long past. You'll be seeing more of me." And she walked out the door in a huff.

Jayne was clearly upset over the visit from Carol, and I sat down with her and explained everything. She seemed to accept what I told her, but she clearly was shaken by the whole thing. She gathered her things and got dressed. I apologized profusely for the antics by Carol.

"You don't have to apologize for her," she said. "It's obvious she is very different from your Annie, even though they were sisters."

"You have no idea," I told her. "She's been spoiled her whole life, probably because she was born so late in life, who knows?" I took her hands in mine. "Annie had it tough enough without knowing what a slut her sister had become. My poor Annie never knew, thank God." Jayne listened attentively as I told her about Annie's wayward sister. Soon afterward, Jayne went back home.

We continued to have our morning coffee sessions the remainder of the week, but Jayne seemed preoccupied with Carol, and asked me every morning for details on how and why she behaved the way she did. I did my best to explain her actions, but Jayne kept asking. I wished Carol had never come here. Once again she was determined to disrupt any happiness that was mine.

Carol never returned to my house that week, but she wasn't far away. The very next day I happened to see her walking downtown. I decided to follow her in my car, staying far enough behind her that she never noticed me. She walked into the Marriott hotel just off the main downtown area. Through a friend, I learned that she had booked a room there. She was only three miles away from our houses. I hoped she wasn't planning to stay long.

On Friday morning, we were at Jayne's place, relaxing on the sofa. Jayne had appeared back to normal, no longer asking me about Carol. I leaned over and kissed her lightly on the cheek. Jayne responded to my kiss by falling into my arms. Feeling inside her robe, I fondled her tits, the nipples growing as I caressed her. She moaned and opened her legs.

I took that opportunity and knelt on the floor in front of her, Leaning closer, I kissed her cunt, my lips forcing her lips open, taking in her wonderful aroma and licking her wetness. Jayne held my head in her hands, rubbing her pussy into my face as she threw her head back and moaned. I really loved eating her, as she always went wild and ground herself against my mouth in an effort to get more of what I was giving her.

"Oh, Zach, eat me, lick my pussy good," she said over and over. "Get me good and wet and then give me that big cock of yours. I want you to fuck me silly this time."

Jayne always knew that talking dirty to me got me hard in a hurry, and this time was no different. I wanted to make her cum hard for me, but I also wanted something else. As I pulled my glistening face away from her snatch I rose to my feet and removed my pajama bottoms. Before I did anything else I ran into her bedroom and grabbed her bottle of lube from her nightstand.

When I returned, I held my cock in front of Jayne's face and she took it in her hands, stroking it and admiring it. She licked the tip of it with her tongue and then swallowed half of it, sucking furiously. Her nostrils were flared and her eyes went wide as I gradually gave her more of it. She managed to get all but the last two inches into her mouth before waving her hand to tell me she couldn't take any more. I pumped in and out of her mouth as she caressed my balls. She was loving this, and would have been happy to take my load, but I had other plans.

I pulled my cock from her mouth and said, "Jayne, do you want to be fucked or not?"

"You know I do, honey. Give me what I've been asking for!"

"I will, as soon as you get on all fours, sweetheart."

"Oooh, doggie! You know how much I love doggystyle."

Jayne obliged me, getting on the floor and getting on her hands and knees for me. While she was doing that, I was applying a heavy amount of the lube all over my dick. When it was all wet and slick, I positioned it at the entrance to her asshole. At the first touch of it against her brown pearl, she moaned loudly. "Oh, Zach, take my ass, please fuck me in the ass!"

I eased the head of my cock inside her ass and gently pushed it inside. Jayne took it right away and wriggled her ass back on my cock, wanting more of it. "You just stand there, Zach. Let me fuck you now." She began to move back and forth, impaling herself on my hard pole. In just seconds I was buried up to my balls. "Now start fucking me, sugar," she said.

I gave it to her, but good. As hard as I pounded her ass, the more it excited her and made her fuck me right back. At one point, she looked back over her shoulder, smiling and licking her lips.

Jayne loved anal, and she was determined to make me cum quickly. She kept working her ass and begging me to fuck her harder. It wouldn't take long now.

"Fill up my ass with your cum, baby. Shoot it in there so hard it comes out of my mouth."

That was all I needed. I felt my balls tightening and knew it was time. "Here it comes, Jayne. I'm cumming for you now!" I came hard, shooting cum for what seemed like forever. "Ahh, Jayne, take it all!"

The lube and my cum combined and made a wet mess of her ass. It made sloshing sounds as I finished, and Jayne pulled away from my cock.

As soon as she did that, she spun around and took me into her mouth, licking and sucking the wet combination from my softened cock. She licked me clean, then swallowed what she had in her mouth.

"God, lover, that was a lot of cum," she said. "Now you get over home and get cleaned up. I'm going to clean up our dishes and get a shower myself, but I want to do it with your cum in my ass. That way, every step I take will remind me of the fucking you gave me."

I kissed her and hugged her tightly, telling her how much she pleased me. I gathered my things and left her sitting on the floor. As I walked to my house, I smiled, knowing how good I had it. Jayne was an incredible lover, and I was fortunate to find myself with her.

I was so happy I didn't see the black Mercedes sedan parked on the street, just past Jayne's house.

The Mercedes had been sitting there for nearly an hour, the driver staring at Jayne's house, waiting for Zach to leave. Carol shifted behind the wheel, happy that Zach had finally decided to go home. She had watched them for two days as they had their little trysts, pretending to be having coffee while they were actually fucking each others brains out. With Zach out of the way, she could try to sweet-talk Jayne and become her friend. Maybe, she thought, they could be more than friends. That Jayne was a hot little number, and she might enjoy being with a woman.

Jayne lay on the sofa, happy and content. Zach was proving to be not only a wonderful lover, but also a great friend. She could really relax in his presence, he was so warm and giving. This wasn't the way it was supposed to be, not what Robert had in mind three years ago when he gave her his blessing to see and be intimate with other men.

Her eyes closed and her mind drifted back to that day.

Robert had asked her to join him at a bar he frequented after work. Jayne was still teaching then, but was looking at retirement soon. She found him at a booth along the back wall where they obviously would be alone. He had a glass of Chardonnay waiting for her.

"Please sit down Jayne," he said. "I have something I need to talk to you about, and it's not going to be easy. In fact, it might be the hardest thing I've ever done in my life."

Jayne's heart sank. She was afraid of this moment for a long time. Robert wanted a divorce, she thought. Things hadn't been very good at for them in the bedroom and she suspected that Robert had a girlfriend on the side. She sat down, but was trembling. "Robert, I'm prepared to do whatever we have to do to save this marriage," she began. "I know things aren't working for us in bed, but I'll do anything to make you happy. If there's someone else, just tell me." Robert smiled as she told him this, and his smile infuriated her. How dare he, she thought.

"There's no one else, Jayne," he said, still smiling. "You know that you're the only woman I've ever loved, don't you? I can't recall the last time I even looked at another woman the way I look at you."

"But Robert, what's wrong? Why aren't you interested in me sexually? I must have done something to upset you at some point, or else you would want me."

"But I do want you, Jayne. It's just that I know I can't satisfy you sexually anymore. We try, but I don't measure up to you. You have a very high-charged libido and I can't perform to the level you need."

"That's not true, Robert," said Jayne. "You are just going through a rough time right now."

"Jayne, stop fooling yourself. You know as well as I do that I can't even stay hard for you. You deserve more than what I can give you. So I think I might have a solution."

"What's that?"

"I want you to start seeing other men for sex."

"Robert, are you crazy? I couldn't do that to you."

"Jayne, you would be doing me a great favor if you would. I want you to be happy, and if you are satisfied sexually then I am happy. Please believe me."

Robert went on to explain that he fantasized regularly about Jayne being fucked by other men, and that he felt turned on by this. He said that he only wanted her to tell him about her encounters. She was free to have sex with anyone, but she couldn't fall in love with them and she had to tell Robert the details.

It took Jayne a few months to get up the nerve to be with another man but, when she did, she found herself excited to come home afterward and tell Robert what she had done. She even gave Robert a blowjob once she finished and swallowed his cum. Robert was pleased and life went on. The pattern was always the same; she would have sex with a man, come home, tell Robert all the details and then suck his cock until he came. The only variable was whether she swallowed his load. Sometimes he came on her tits instead, but she always sucked him to climax. Their love was unshaken, even enhanced by the trysts. The men meant nothing to her except as a means to an end. She felt pleasure when she was with them, nearly always had an orgasm with them, but nothing else. She loved Robert, she always did. The sex with other men was what Robert wanted, so she did it for him out of love. It was satisfying for both of them, until she met Zach. Her feelings for Zach were complicating things.

Zach was different from her other lovers. She could talk to him about anything, and he listened to her, really listened. He treated her like she was the only woman in the world and his lovemaking was, well, the best she'd ever had, including Robert. She had feelings for him, she was sure of it. The problem was whether those feelings were growing stronger. She had a big decision to make, and soon. She was in a place she said she would avoid, and yet here she was.

 Jayne was startled out of her reminiscing by a series of hard knocks at the door. She got up and walked to the door. She could feel Zach's cum inside her ass and every step she took made it slippery up there. It also made her very excited. She opened the door and was surprised to see Carol standing there.

"What are you doing here?" she asked. "Don't you know you're not welcome here after your outburst the other day?" She was ready to slam the door in her face when Carol spoke.

"I'm here to apologize for that," she said. "I behaved like an idiot and I wouldn't blame you for shutting the door. Won't you hear me out?"

"I'll listen, but you had better do it right there on the porch."

"Very well," said Carol. "I was upset with Zach and I allowed it to get out of control. I had no business getting you involved with it. You didn't deserve to be put in such a difficult position because of something between Zach and I. Please accept my apologies. I'm so sorry."

Her hurt looked genuine, thought Carol. Maybe she was really sorry for what she had said that morning. She opened the door and allowed Carol to come in. Carol was wearing a strapless floral print sundress which accentuated her large breasts. Jayne had no clue that Carol wasn't wearing anything underneath that sundress.

"Please forgive the mess. I was just about to clean up the dishes," Jayne said. She was trying to walk slowly and carefully. She didn't want Carol to see she was excited about anything.

"Let me help you," said Carol. "It's the least I can do. Besides, this might be a great way for us to get to know one another." Carol moved closer to Jayne and started helping her gather the dishes from breakfast. She was attracted to this woman, that was obvious.

Jayne was trying not to move around too much. She was naked under the robe and she didn't want Zach's cum to leak out and run down her leg. The feel of his slippery yet sticky seed inside her ass was making her excited. She didn't want Carol to suspect anything.

As they brought the cups and saucers to the dishwasher, Carol was standing right next to Jayne, close enough that they were almost touching. Carol could feel herself becoming wet with excitement, so strong was her urge to reach out and take this woman into her arms. She could smell Jayne's musky aroma and knew she had to have her, knew she had to possess and conquor her. She was just waiting for the right moment, as timing was everything.

Jayne was losing control. Carol was standing so close to her, and she looked great. She had an intoxicating perfume that was breaking down her defenses. Just the way Carol talked made her all wet and aroused. Carol might be a real bitch, but she was right next to her, just exuding sex. If she touched her right at this moment, Jayne wouldn't be able to resist. She knew that, and yet she wanted it, wanted Carol to take her and make love to her.

As Jayne reached across the sink to pick up a plate, her arm brushed against Carol's breast. A spark, like electricity, was kindled by that brief touch, and Carol took advantage of it. She grabbed Jayne by the arm and pulled her close.

"You are so beautiful, Jayne," said Carol. "Come closer."

She brought Jayne into her arms and traced small kisses along her neck, pausing to nibble on her earlobe briefly. As she did she whispered into Jayne's ear. "I know you want it, you want it as bad as I do. Why fight it? I want to make love to you, as only a woman can."

Jayne was unable to resist Carol's advances. She could feel her defenses failing her as Carol continued kissing her along the neck. She turned toward Carol and brushed her lips against hers. It was a small kiss, a peck, actually, but it was as sensual as anything she had ever experienced. She lingered there, Carol's hot breath coming quicker now. Their lips met and ground against each other, both women hungrily exploring the other's mouth.

Carol was surprised at how wet she had become. Jayne was beautiful, but Carol found herself in a strange place. She had come here in the hopes of seducing Jayne, and yet it was Jayne who had inflamed the burning passion inside her. Carol ran her fingers along the older woman's arms, bringing a small squeal of delight from her lips. She kissed Jayne again, this time more softly than before, allowing her tongue to find Jayne's and tease her with her own. She sucked on her tongue, and Jayne melted in her arms, completely defenseless.

Jayne was gone now, lost in the arms of this sensual creature who held her tightly. She couldn't get enough of what this woman was offering. She now had to have her, to make love to her.

Carol broke the kiss, then took Jayne by the hand and led her into the bedroom. Once there, she untied her robe and gasped at the beauty before her. Carol bent down and kissed her nipples, feeling them become hard under her kisses, practically begging to be sucked. She did that too, rolling Jayne's firm nipples around with her tongue. At one point she bit one tenderly, but with enough force that Jayne took her head in her hands and held her there, wanting more. All the while her hands felt Jayne's body, slowly moving downward toward her pussy. As she touched it, Jayne's knees buckled and she fell to the bed.

Carol used her mouth and tongue as an artist uses his brushes, painting her way further down her creamy white skin, nearing her sex. She stopped as she reached Jayne's midsection, her tongue licking her navel and sending spasms of shivering delight through her body.

Finally she reached Jayne's pussy. She stopped her kisses long enough to admire the beautiful slit before her, with a neatly trimmed area of stubble above her mound. She kissed her cunt and worked her tongue just barely inside it. Jayne rewarded her with the tiniest of orgasms, small yet powerful. Carol could feel her muscles contracting in the tell-tale sign of a climax. Jayne was wet, oh so very wet, and Carol used her fingers to spread her lips apart, allowing her entrance to her very soul.

Carol traced her fingers along Jayne's pussy, slipping one, then two fingers inside her. Jayne responded by spreading her legs wide for her. She lowered her head and began to make love to her in earnest.

Jayne had never been so stimulated by another woman. The girls at the spa were very good, but they were essentially working at it. Carol was showering her with love and she grew wetter by the second. As she spread her legs, Carol dipped her head and started licking and sucking her with a sense of urgency, sucking on her lips, inserting her fingers and finally swirling her tongue around her now-hard clitoris. The sensations Carol was giving her were almost too much for her to take, and she moaned loudly now, letting this other woman know that she loved what she was doing to her.

Carol reached under Jayne's bottom and began to caress her asshole, making Jayne squirm with delight. As she began to insert a finger into her ass, she noticed that she was very wet, unusually wet, but not the kind of wetness she would normally find. She removed her finger and found that it was coated with cum. It must be Zach's fluid, she decided. He had fucked her in the ass and left behind a present. Carol decided that she would be the recipient of this present and decided to eat Jayne's ass.
As Carol used her hands to push Jayne's legs back toward her chest and continued to eat her pussy, Jayne was thrusting her hips upward to meet her ravenous mouth. A moment ago Carol had pushed a finger inside her ass and she cried out. After what Zach did to her ass earlier, she was now even more sensitive. If she licked her ass, she would not be able to hold back her orgasm. She had her hands in Carol's hair, grabbing it and grinding her face into her cunt. She simply could not believe the pleasure this woman was giving her. Suddenly, Carol moved up and began to eat her ass. "God, please don't stop!" she cried out. "Eat me, baby! Eat my pussy! Make me cum on your face!"

Carol was moaning herself as she left Jayne's sweet, wet pussy and moved in on her asshole. She licked around the opening, then pushed her tongue deep inside of her ass. Jayne was screaming for her to lick her and she was rewarded with Jayne's sweet nectar from her ass. She used her tongue to lick around the edges of her ass and suck up as much as she could. It tasted like nothing she had ever had before and rolled it around in her mouth before swallowing it. This was making her so wet. She wanted to swing around and cover Jayne's face with her own cunt, but Jayne was close, oh so close, and she was determined to push her over the edge. She was licking her asshole with her tongue while her fingers simulated Jayne's clit. Any time now, she thought. Any time at all.

Jayne's orgasm was building, and she would be helpless to stop it. Carol continued licking the juices from her ass while rubbing her clit and pussy with her fingers.

"Carol, oh darling, it's coming, it's coming!" Then the dam burst. Her orgasm was so violent it made her body shake like a rag doll. Her juices squirted all over Carol's face as she shook violently. "Dear sweet Jesus, I'm cumming all over you!"

Carol was drenched with the force of Jayne's fluid. She continued eating her even as the orgasm subsided. Her hair was matted with sweat and Jayne's cum and she loved it. This woman may have been older than she was, but she certainly could hold her own in bed with anyone. Finally she stopped licking and pulled her drenched face away.

Jayne pulled Carol's face up to her own and she kissed her, deep and wet. She could taste both her pussy and her ass on Carol's lips and face. Carol's breath even smelled of cunt and it excited her so much.

"Please get that dress off," she told Carol. "I want to taste you now."

Carol stood up and slipped out of her dress. She was shaking herself and thought she might have cum herself. As she returned to the bed, she kissed Jayne one more time.

Jayne was impressed with Carol's body. She had very large tits with equally large nipples, pierced and swollen. She had a lot of hair around her pussy, extending all the way to her ass. She licked Carol's nipples, allowing the small stud piercings to roll between her teeth. "Come up here, you. I want you to sit on my face."

Carol extracted herself from Jayne's embrace and slid up her body. She got up a little and began to lower her hot, wet pussy onto Jayne's face. As she did, Jayne's eager mouth sought her labia and began to suck.

The sensations Jayne's mouth and tongue had on her were obvious. She shuddered as Jayne licked and sucked her clit. She straddled Jayne's mouth and began moving her hips back and forth, fucking Jayne's mouth. The sight of Jayne lapping at her pussy was making her even more excited, if that were possible. This woman knew how to eat pussy, that's for sure.

"Oh, oh, yes, right there. Dear sweet Jesus, don't stop," Carol moaned. "Keep licking my clit, Jayne. Oooh, that's it, right there, baby. Oh, oh, my darling, suck on it, yes, oh yes, please eat me." Carol had been with more than a few women, but this one, this very special one, was the best. She couldn't get enough of her talented tongue. Her breathing was becoming ragged, now panting, as she began to feel an orgasm wash over her. Not the big one, but nice enough for starters. The waves of pleasure began from deep within her and spread out over her lower body, making her shudder in the sweet pain of release.

Jayne knew Carol was cumming. Not a huge orgasm, but enough that she could feel her cunt contracting. As it subsided, Jayne pushed Carol off and back onto the bed.

Jayne wasted no time getting atop Carol, covering her mouth with deep, wet kisses. Carol loved tasting herself on another woman's face, and Jayne's was wet with her juices. They kissed hard, smashing their lips together as their tongues danced as one.

Jayne had her hand in Carol's crotch, fingering her pussy hard and fast. Carol opened her thighs to allow Jayne to really work her cunt over, and she was making her hot with her diddling.

Now Jayne pushed Carol's pussy wide open and she dove in with her mouth, sucking and biting her lips as she continued to finger this delicious snatch. She sucked her clit and Carol responded with deep moans, unable to control her urges.

"Oh, Jayne, you are the best," she sighed, as Jayne pushed her legs back to expose her pussy and ass for more oral penetration. "Are you going to, oh God, you, oh my dear God, please, please."

Jayne had found Carol's ass and was slipping one, then two, then three fingers inside her puckered opening, moving them in and out with a frenzy, as her pussy juices ran down to her ass and created more lubrication. She was nearly ready, she just needed to give her some more of her tongue.

Carol was ready to explode, such was Jayne's assault on her pussy and ass. Surely she was going to lick her ass. That would make her cum hard, she thought. "Oh, Jayne, please lick my, oh God, Jayne, I'm, I'm gonna cum on your face."

Robert couldn't believe he had forgotten the report. The meeting with the clients was scheduled to begin soon, and he had left it back at home, in his small office. Oh well, he thought. It would only take a minute to retrieve it and then he would be on his way. Maybe Jayne was still home. He could ask her about the morning coffee with Zach.

She had kept him abreast of their sexual couplings every night after dinner, and giving him some of the best blowjobs ever. He was concerned, however, that Jayne and Zach were becoming closer to each other. Jayne knew the rules, though. He hoped that nothing of the sort was happening.

Funny, he thought. Jayne was still home. Her car was right there in the garage when he pulled into the driveway. No big deal, he surmised. She was probably getting ready to meet a friend for shopping and lunch.

He turned the key in the lock and opened the door. Once he was inside he was about to call out to Jayne and let her know he was there, but he was surprised to hear a woman's voice. He was even more surprised when he realized it wasn't Jayne's voice, but that of another woman. She was moaning, nearly screaming with delight. He crept toward their bedroom to see what was going on. The woman sounded like she was in a state of heat, moaning and panting.

As he stood near the doorway he could see inside the bedroom. The woman lay on her back, moaning and screaming Jayne's name over and over. And he could see Jayne, lying between her legs and eating the woman's pussy and ass.

He froze in his steps.

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