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Extramarital - Revelations

The truth becomes clearer
My masseuse was sucking my cock.

Just moments before, she was giving me one of the best massages of my life. She had great hands, and she used them in ways I couldn't imagine, digging deep into my muscles and working my skin.

Her wonderful hands gripped and stroked my dick as her mouth and tongue sucked and licked it feverishly. She had told me to let her know when I was about to cum and I was in no position to disobey her. This was a fantastic blowjob, and she was bringing me close to filling her mouth with my hot, sticky cum.

"I'm gonna cum, honey," I told her. She immediately removed my cock from her mouth and grabbed a small towel from an ice bucket next to our massage table. She then wrapped the ice cold towel around my cock and balls. The effect was chilling. It brought me down from my sexual high instantly, and my erection began to subside. She was smiling, as if to say "Mission Accomplished."

I looked over at Jayne's table and her legs were spread wide, her girl's head buried in Jayne's crotch. By the sounds of Jayne's moans, she was about to cum. Jayne grasped the girl's head in her hands and ground her pussy into the girl's glistening face.

The girl abruptly stopped her assault on Jayne's cunt and stood up. Jayne was apparently spared the cold-towel treatment.

"My name is Ashley," said Jayne's girl. "This is Valerie," she said, pointing to the one who had given me the expert blowjob. "You will need to put your robes on and follow us to your room, where we will continue your massages."

As we left the massage room, I took Jayne's hand and we walked together. "Jayne, what in the hell is going on here?" I asked her. "Did you know that was going to happen? Did you plan for this to happen?"

"Zach, darling," she began. "I knew about the women. I've had one of these massages before. I came here alone and a staffer told me about it. I was curious and wanted to see what it entailed. I had two women work on me during the massage and they took me to my room where they did all sorts of delicious things to me. I had never been with a woman before, but they made me cum so many times. Zach, it was so erotic, so sensual, and I just knew that I wanted to let you share that experience with me. I'm sorry that I didn't tell you about it, but I was afraid you would back out. Can you forgive me, sweetheart?"

Well, it was not what I expected when we came here, but I have to admit that the prospect of getting it on with three women was beyond my wildest fantasies. After a somewhat plain, but satisfying sex life with Annie, meeting Jayne was like going from a tricycle to a Harley. Now it looked like we were about to board the space shuttle. I had to experience this.

"Jayne," I replied as we approached our room. "At first I was shocked by what was happening, but now I am curious to see what's in store for us. You are guilty of trying to please your man and, while I forgive you, I need to know if this is something you want on a regular basis."

"Oh, no, Zach," she insisted. "This is a special treat for the two of us, especially for you. I enjoy being with a woman here, with you, but it's not something I want outside of here. I call it my guilty pleasure and when we leave, I'm all yours." She then leaned closer to me and pulled me down for a wet open-mouthed kiss to seal the deal.

How could I refuse such pleasures of the flesh, and with a woman who is willing to give herself to me completely?

We arrived at our suite and Ashley unlocked the door, holding it open for us to enter. She then left, heading toward the lobby. Once inside, Valerie set the privacy lock and chain, ensuring that no one would disturb us. "Please sit on the bed," Valerie told us. "Ashley had to go get some things which we need in order to continue. Once she returns we can get started on the second part of your massages."

Jayne looked at me, smiling broadly. "She had to get some toys," she whispered. I could only shake my head and chuckle at that one. Of course, I thought. What self-respecting orgy wouldn't employ the use of a few toys?

To my surprise, or maybe I shouldn't have been surprised, Valerie began to get undressed. Her long, black hair fell around her shoulders as she removed the sheer robe she was wearing. Naturally, she was completely nude underneath it. She had a killer body, with firm, yet smallish breasts that pointed up, her very large nipples sticking out from the dark brown areolae. She had a somewhat slender build, and her pussy was framed by a close-cropped triangle of hair, so close cut that it had the appearance of stubble. Her legs were long, with firm, muscular calves. She was one hot number and I wanted to spend more time exploring that body of hers.

"Should we disrobe?" I asked Valerie.

"No, it isn't necessary at this time. We'll deal with that when Ashley returns. She shouldn't be too much longer." Right on cue, there was a knock at the door.

Valerie opened the door and Ashley came in, carrying a large leather bag. She set the bag down and took off her robe.

She was stunning. Shoulder length blonde hair, deep tan, large firm tits and a smooth, clean-shaven pussy, all atop slender legs that went on forever. I wanted some of that!

Ashley, however, had other ideas. She walked up to Jayne, put her arms around her and proceeded to give her one of the sexiest kisses I have ever seen. She was all over Jayne's face with her lips and her tongue, but it seemed as if she were moving in slow motion. Her kisses were measured and deliberate, trailing across Jayne's face.

Jayne loved it, meeting Ashley's lips and tongue with her own. Her hands roamed up and down Ashley's body, stopping to feel her ass, then upward to her magnificent breasts. I was getting hard just watching this.

Ashley then slipped the robe off Jayne. She took one of her breasts in her hands and began to kiss and suck Jayne's erect nipple.

"Oh, God," Jayne moaned. "Your mouth is fantastic. Please don't stop."

I could only stand there, mesmerized by the scene unfolding before me with a hard cock pushing against the fabric of my robe. I glanced over at Valerie. She was licking her lips, her own nipples hard and aroused by Ashley's actions. She snuck a look in my direction and smiled.

By now, Ashley had pushed Jayne backward onto the bed and stood over her. Grasping her knees, she spread Jayne's legs wide apart and knelt down on the floor at the foot of the bed.

"Come on honey," Jayne said breathlessly. "Eat my pussy, eat it good."

Ashley leaned closer to the wet honey pot glistening before her and flicked her tongue along Jayne's slit.

"Oh, oh, oh, please don't stop," Jayne cried. The tongue lashing Ashley was providing was driving her wild. "Right there, hon, right there. Oh my, oh, your tongue is sooo good."

Ashley had both hands underneath Jayne's ass, grasping her cheeks and allowing better access for her mouth and tongue. Ashley was moaning as she ate the spread lips and clit of her pussy, her saliva mixing with Jayne's juices. I had never seen pussy being eaten quite like the way Ashley was doing it. She was devouring it, savoring each kiss, each lick.

Jayne was bucking her hips upward, trying to wrap her pussy around Ashley's constantly moving mouth, feverishly racing toward orgasm. "More, sugar, make me cum, now, now!" Ashley went into a higher gear at that moment, sending Jayne over the top. "Baby, yes baby, oh baby, lick it there, right there, oh God!"

I was witnessing something incredible. Ashley had begun eating Jayne's pussy not five minutes earlier and, with only her mouth and tongue, had Jayne on the brink of a very powerful orgasm.

Valerie had moved closer to me and her hands reached inside my robe and found my hard cock. She stroked me, gently at first, but soon was moving her hand faster and faster up and down my shaft. She bent down and took me into her mouth, her tongue swirling around the head as her lips clamped down on my shaft. Oh, God. I wouldn't last long with her expert cocksucking abilities.

I slid the robe off my shoulders and it fell to the floor. I held Valerie's head in my hands and I began to fuck her mouth, shoving all ten inches of my hard meat down her throat.

She took it all without gagging, her lips creating enough friction to stimulate me with her sucking. Her tongue had found the soft underside of my dick and was tickling it with tiny flicks. Her teeth bit down on the head and I went into a frenzy.

"Unh," I grunted. This couldn't last much longer. She knew exactly what she was doing to me. Everything about this session was geared to making both Jayne and I cum quickly. It was working, as I felt my orgasm approaching.

Our blowjob was interrupted by a sharp scream from Jayne.

"Ooh, yes, oh yes, yes, yes, yes, Oh eat me! Right there, now lover, now, now, Oh God, I'm cumming! I'm cumming!"

Jayne's orgasm was earth-shattering. Ashley continued lapping at her cunt as Jayne writhed on the bed in ecstasy. Finally, as Jayne's climax subsided, Ashley rose to her feet. Her face was covered with Jayne's juices and she licked her lips in triumph. She had made her cum with only her lips and her tongue. Jayne lay spent on the bed, her breasts heaving with each breath. Her head lolled from side to side, as she tried to come down from the incredible high of her orgasm.

As I watched, Valerie continued sucking my dick. Her mouth had created a vacuum that was bringing me closer to my own orgasm. One hand stroked my cock as the other cradled and massaged my balls, applying a squeeze to help me along. Her teeth scraped along my shaft as her sucking became more urgent, her hand stroking me faster. "Oh, dear Lord, I'm, un, uh, oh God, here it comes, I'm cumming, oh Valerie!"

Huge jets of my cum shot deep into Valerie's throat, and she swallowed as fast as I gave it to her. She couldn't take it all, and a stream of milky heat ran out of her mouth and down her chin, dribbling onto her perfect breasts. Her eyes were wide, as if to say that my orgasm took her by surprise. Her nostrils were flared out and her breath came fast and erratic.

As I finished spurting, she released my cock and fell back onto the bed, as exhausted as Jayne, and possibly more surprised.

After a break, Ashley and Valerie sucked and fucked us in every position imaginable. At one point, Ashley sat astride me, my cock working its magic on her pussy as she rose and fell, her head thrown back and her mouth agape in amazement. She, like Valerie before her, found my cock to be some sort of delicacy that she could not get enough of.

After various combinations, including a dildo/cock/dildo triple penetration of Jayne, we lay, exhausted, in a tangle of bodies. Once they were able to get up and dressed, Ashley and Valerie told us they were leaving, but not before praising our session as the best they ever experienced. They thanked us for the opportunity to serve us and slipped out the door.

Jayne slid over and lay in my arms. She looked tired, but happy. I held her and kissed her tenderly.

"Zach, are you upset with me?" she asked. "Was this too much for you to process?"

"No, it was good," I told her. "I was a little surprised until you explained everything to me. Can I ask you a serious question?"

"Of course. What's on your mind?"

"Before Robert left on his trip, he took me aside and essentially told me he approved of us sleeping together. What was that all about?"

Jayne looked worried at this revelation, and she sat up before answering me. "Zach, it might be a little hard to understand, but Robert is a little different in certain ways." She took my hands in her own and looked up at my face. "Honey, he loves me with all his heart, but he knows he has never really been able to satisfy me in bed. We make love once in a while, but he doesn't like it because it doesn't do anything for him."

"Then what does he do?" I replied. "Does he live out his fantasies by you being with other men?"

"In a way, yes, he does," she said. "He wants me to be pleasured by someone who can actually make me cum. He knows he can't, so he's open to me taking lovers. It pleases him when I fuck other men."

I was stunned to hear that. I had heard of men who not only enjoyed their wives having sex with other men, but there were some who liked to watch it happen. There was a name for them, but it escaped me right then.

"Does he like to watch?"

"No, he never wants to do that. Once in a while, he wants me to give him some details of what I did, but he never wants to be a part of it. He really loves me, as I do him. It may sound odd, but it has kept us together all these years. He is a good man, he only wants my happiness and this makes him happy."

Now I was even more confused. "But isn't he afraid that you will find someone else, someone who makes you happy in the bedroom as well as in the living room?"

"No, dear Zach, he never has to worry about that. He knows I'll be his forever. You are the best lover of them all, but Robert is my husband. He always will be."

I knew from the start that this thing I was enjoying with Jayne wasn't love. I was fond of her but I didn't expect her to leave Robert for me. We were both scratching the same itch, and it would never be more than physical for us.

"Jayne," I told her, "I think I'm beginning to understand what you are saying. If this makes Robert happy and you are willing, then I believe we should continue to take care of that itch." I kissed her, and she melted into my arms.

The last night together was a little slice of heaven. We had dinner and went to a lounge that had a piano bar. Jayne and I danced the night away, holding each other close and whispering in each other's ear. Afterwards, we returned to our suite and made slow, sweet love until nearly dawn.

The next day we returned home. Robert was due in late that afternoon. Before she went inside to unpack, she turned to me and said "Coffee at your place tomorrow?" I smiled and nodded my head. Sleep came easily that night.

The next morning, as I was getting the paper from my front yard, Robert stopped as he was leaving his driveway. He rolled down his window and looked straight at me. There was an enormous smile on his face, like a man who hadn't a care in the world. He waved at me and, as I waved back, he gave me a telling wink. Jayne was right, he truly was happy.

Later, Jayne was taking me up her ass. She was on her hands and knees, her ass gripping my full length as she moved back and forth on it, fucking me good. She moaned and grunted as ten inches of hard dick impaled her over and over again. "Cum in my ass, lover," she said as I continued to pump her ass, going deeper with each stroke. "I want to walk around with your load leaking out of it." From her screams of pleasure, I guessed she came three times and might make it four if I could hold out. Soon, I was draining my balls and my cum filled her ass. God, could that woman excite me.

Soon after, as Jayne and I lay in each other’s arms, I told her about Robert and the wink.

"He likes you, Zach," she said. "He really likes you and that is making him even happier about us being together. I think we'd better get used to these morning get-togethers. You know I want to keep him happy."

As we shared a laugh over her comment, the doorbell rang. "Who could that be at this early hour?" I said. Removing myself from Jayne's arms, I grabbed a robe and went out to see who was interrupting us.

As I opened the door, my heart stopped.

"Why hello, Zach. Are you just going to stand there with your mouth hanging open, or are you planning on letting me in?"

It was Carol, Annie's sister.

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