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Our morning coffee led to a hot, steamy cup of cheating sex
I suppose it shouldn't have surprised me. The flirting had been going on for quite some time and if we thought it was harmless, we were only fooling ourselves.

My name is Zach. I'm a fifty-five year old widower and I still live in the house my wife and I shared. I guess I couldn't break my ties to the place even after she died. My wife died three years ago, from an infection she got during a knee replacement surgery. We knew the risks, but you never think it will happen to you. I grieved for over a year before I began to have thoughts about other women. I went out with a few, but it never amounted to more than a goodnight kiss at the door. Even though I am in good shape at 6'2"and 185 pounds, I know it was me. I just didn't project myself in the way that attracted women. I was hoping to change all that, but I guess I haven't met the one woman who can trigger an emotional response from me.

Jayne was a fifty-eight year old who moved in next door with her husband, who was named Robert. She was a retired schoolteacher, although her husband still worked. He was younger than she was, at fifty-two, so he would be working for years to come. Jayne was a looker, that's for sure. She was a brunette, with short spiked hair. That alone made her look hot, but the rest of her was put together very well. She was a tad over slender, with curves in all the right places. She had a nice rear end that pushed out just the right amount and her breasts, while not huge, gave the impression that she didn't always need a bra. The clincher for Jayne, however, was her smile. She could charm anyone with that smile. She seemed to always be in a good mood.

I met both of them shortly after they moved in. After the usual pleasantries, I invited them over to my place for a Saturday evening cookout. I also invited two other couples who were good friends of ours before my wife died. They were still friends, but without my wife it seemed that I was always a fifth wheel and didn't want to hear any sympathy from them, or give them chances to hook me up with other widows. It was good to have them over, though. I had finally gotten over her death and I wanted them to know I was doing well.

At that cookout, Jayne hung around me more than anyone else, including Robert. She held my arm a lot of the time and, while not uncomfortable with it, it was just a little awkward. At one point she told me that we should get together for coffee in the mornings after Robert left. She explained that she had just retired and she was going to have to get used to having time on her hands in the mornings. Having a retired friend to talk to would help her with the transition.

The cookout was a rousing success, with all of us saying we had to do this more frequently. Jayne and Robert were the last to leave and, when they left, Jayne hugged me and gave me a kiss on the cheek. "Don't forget what I said about the coffee," she purred. "I have a feeling we are going to be great friends."

After they left, I thought long and hard about what she had said. She was definitely attractive, and any man would find themselves wanting her, but I was thrown off a little by her aggressive nature. Was I getting the wrong signals from her? I figured a little coffee and conversation couldn't hurt. Well, could it?

A few weeks passed before we actually had coffee. I would see Jayne nearly every morning as I got the paper from the driveway. Robert would be leaving for work and she would stand in the drive wearing a silk robe that hugged her figure. As usual, she always had a big smile for me. Jesus, even in the morning she looked great. I figured it was time to invite her over for some coffee.

The next day I asked her if she wanted to join me for coffee and pastries. She held her hands on her hips and looked at me. "Zach, what in the world took you so long? It's not like I'm going to bite you or anything." She smiled as she said that and walked across the yard and onto my driveway. She took my arm and walked toward my house. "The other neighbors seem so prudish," she said. "Let's give them something to talk about."

We sat at my kitchen table and enjoyed some delicate pastry I had gotten earlier that morning. Jayne loved it and demanded I tell her where I had gotten it. Her tits jiggled a bit when she laughed and I found myself becoming aroused at the thought of licking and sucking her erect nipples. At one point she caught me looking at them and she just smiled. "Once we get to know each other better you'll find other places to stare at," she said seductively.

I was blushing as I averted my gaze from her own staring eyes. "Jayne, I didn't mean to stare like that," I told her. "It's just that..." I couldn't finish what I was saying, but I think she understood that I was attracted to her.

Our coffee sessions continued, alternating between my place and hers. We would try to outdo each other with the pastries, and we had a lot of fun, but there was this tension growing, like a smoldering fire that threatened to rage out of control. On more than one occasion, Jayne's robe billowed open as she poured the coffee, giving me an almost unobstructed view of her tits. She always let my gaze linger before she made a big deal of closing the robe, but she knew what she was doing. She also knew what it was doing to me.

One Thursday morning, at her place, she asked me why I wasn't dating. I told her that none of the women I had gone out with interested me enough for a second date.

"I'm sure if we went out, I would make sure you were interested," she told me. "You must know by now that I find you attractive."

"Jayne, I'm honored by that, but you're a happily married woman," I told her.

"Zach, there are degrees of happiness, and by most of them I am happily married." She paused, as if she wanted to concentrate on what she would say next. "The truth is, Robert and I don't have a very healthy sex life. He does his husbandly duties enough to think I am happy, but it's not nearly enough."

I found myself staring incredulously. "Jayne, are you telling me that you are a sexually frustrated housewife?"

 Jayne again paused before she spoke. "I guess I am," she blurted out. "I've never acted on it, but I have always checked out other guys, either at school or whenever we went out."

"Well, have you ever considered a fling, or an affair?" I asked. "Do you think that might be the answer to your problems?"

"I have given it some thought," she went on. "It would have to be with someone who wasn't married, was a good friend and lived close by, so there wouldn't be long drives or overnight stays." She smiled and then said, "Do you know of anyone who might fit that description?"

Now it was my turn to blush. She had described me to a "T", but I wasn't taking the bait, not just yet. "No, not offhand I don't," was my reply.

Jayne then got up and said she needed to get ready to go to the market. As I walked toward the door, she stopped me and gave me a hug. "I'll keep looking, but I think I may have someone in mind," she said.

And without warning, she kissed me full on the lips. It was a passionate kiss, with her mouth parted ever so slightly. Not enough for some tongue action on my part, but more like an invitation to something better down the line. As we broke the kiss, I looked into her eyes. They were wide open and conveying both lust and need.

I took her into my arms and kissed her. This time my tongue found its way into her mouth, and she accepted it willingly. Our tongues danced with each other as our lips ground together in a wild, wanton, almost violent exchange. When we broke this time, Jayne moaned aloud.

"Oh God," she whispered. "I have wanted to do that since your party. You're the one, Zach. I want you to make love to me."

She stepped back and opened her robe, allowing it to fall to the floor. She stood before me in her supreme nakedness and I gazed at the image before me. She looked better than I had imagined her to be, with her perfect breasts heaving and a look of absolute longing on her face.

Jayne came toward me, arms open wide, and stepped into my embrace. She felt wonderful in my arms and my hands reached down to cup her ass. Moaning, she gripped me harder as I explored her body.

"Oh Zach, this feels so good in your arms," she said breathlessly. "Let me see you. Get out of those clothes."

Reluctantly, I began to disrobe. Jayne helped with the buttons on my shirt and when it was finished she gently kissed my chest and abdomen, pausing to suck on my nipples. "I want you so bad," she moaned.

As I removed my trousers, shoes and socks Jayne was busy with her hands, taking the opportunity to examine my swollen cock. I am a rather large man down there, close to 10 inches, and she gasped when she saw it and held it in her hands.

"Zach, you're huge!" was her reaction to seeing my cock free of the restraints of my boxers. She immediately knelt on the floor and began licking it as she stroked me. Once she had moistened it to her liking she took me into her mouth. She was skilled in the ways of oral sex, to be sure, and within seconds I was fully erect. Her mouth was in constant motion, sucking from the base to the tip, giving the glans on the underside special attention and pressure. We needed to stop this before I blew my load right here in the foyer.

Despite her protests, I gently pushed her face away from my glistening prick and helped her to her feet. After a very deep, wet kiss I took her hand and led her to the bedroom.

Once we made it there, Jayne pushed me backwards onto the bed and continued sucking my cock. The sight of this lovely woman taking me fully into her mouth only made me more excited, such was her skill at working me in and out of her mouth. Her full lips wrapped around the head, tongue swirling around it. this sent electric chills up and down my spine.

Her hands had reached below me and played with my balls. Such a gentle touch, in contrast to the heavy sucking pressure she was applying to the head and shaft of my dick. I didn't want to cum too soon, though, and very carefully I escaped her firm grip and pulled her up to me for a kiss.

"Jayne, I've got to taste you," I moaned to her. "Come up here and sit on my face."

She was only too eager to slide her body up mine and straddle my face.

I kissed her soft pussy, framed by a very close-cropped triangle of hair. This made her moan and sigh in anticipation of more to come.

As my tongue finally entered her cunt, she let out a deep moan that seemed to come from deep within her, low and rumbling, yet gaining volume as my tongue began to probe her sweet wetness. She was wriggling atop my face, grinding her pussy as I continued to eat her. Her cunt was soaked with her juices and they ran hot and fast over my face and onto my chin. I sucked it all in, using my tongue to find her engorged clit and then I sucked on it. Sucked on it hard.

"Oh my God, Zach, you're going to make me cum all over your face!" she cried out. "Just keep eating me, baby, it feels so good!"

She had increased her gyrations atop my face and I knew she was getting close. It was time to send her over the edge. As I ate and licked her pussy, I reached around and grabbed the cheeks of her ass, sliding my thumb into her puckered hole. The results were amazing, to say the least.

Jayne jolted at the invasion of her ass and began to pant. "Oh God, oh God, oh God, oh my dear sweet, mmm, mmm, oh, oh, oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck! I'm cumming!"

And she squirted her sweet juice all over my face. It was as if she turned on the faucet with my head underneath it. Her juices flooded the part of the bed where we lay, forming a small puddle around my neck. She bucked like a wild bronco, unable to get enough of the eating I was giving her. She grasped her tits and squeezed her hard nipples and threw back her head in unadulterated passion and lust.

Soon, her cries and moans subsided and her body stopped shaking and quivering. She took herself off my face and covered my mouth with kisses, enjoying the taste of herself all over my lips.

"Lover, you were the best," she sighed. "I've never cum like that, not ever."

We lay there as she gathered herself, content yet ready for more action. "Baby, we need to take care of you now," she told me. "Let me get you hard and then you can fuck me."

She licked my cock, stroked it tenderly, sucked the head and squeezed my balls. Before long I was hard as nails.

"Baby, you just lay back and let me enjoy the ride," she told me. Then she got on top of me and slowly, seductively lowered her pussy onto my dick, shiny from her saliva-coated tongue bath.

"Oooh, so good, so hard, I love it," she gasped as she impaled herself on my man-pole. "It's so long and thick, you'll stretch out my poor pussy. But it feels so good."

She began to rise and fall on my dick, her cunt muscles gripping me tightly. It took a few thrusts, but she was able to bury my cock all the way inside her steaming box as she bent over to offer me her tits. I sucked on them, rolled my tongue over them and bit them softly with my teeth. Biting them made her moan loudly and she increased her action on top of me.

"Jayne, you are incredible," I said. "I haven't done this in so long I thought I forgot how, but you are the perfect lover."

She was moving faster now, rolling her hips back and forth, grinding her pussy against me as she fucked me. I didn't want to cum yet, so I flipped her over on her back with my cock still inside her.

Jayne grunted as I drove my full length into her again and again. "Baby, oh, baby, give it to me, fuck me, fuck me," she cried as I continued pounding her wet, hot pussy. She had wrapped her legs around the small of my back and was using her heels as leverage in an attempt to drive more of me inside her.

I was fucking her for those years when I had no emotion left. I was fucking her to prove that I was still a desirable man. I was fucking her because she excited me like no other woman had, ever. I was fucking her harder and harder, my cock moving like a 10 inch piston in and out, in and out, in and out.

I was lost in the moment, her sweet pussy gripping me despite the lubrication of our juices. She was almost there, as was I. She was panting now, her breath coming in short bursts, licking her lips in anticipation of a powerful orgasm which would sweep through both of us and take us to another level. It was building in both of us, and we worked together to get there. Soon, oh so blissfully soon.

"Jayne, I'm almost, almost, oh, oh, my dear, oh God, here it comes, JAYNE!! I'M CUMMING!!"

"Cum for me, sweet Zach, give me all of it," she screamed to me. She was urging me on, willing me to fill her with my hot seed.

And then it happened. I seemed to cum from the tips of my toes. It was so intense I nearly passed out from the orgasm which shook me to my very soul. I filled Jayne's cunt with my hot, sticky cum, and she was smiling, satisfied that we had cum together.

When I finished, I rolled off Jayne and tried to catch my breath. She took the opportunity and took me into her mouth to clean me up. Her lips, her tongue, her very mouth were concentrated on worshiping my cock, and she drank up all the remaining cum from my dick and swallowed it, licking the excess from her lips.

When she had finished cleaning me, she returned to me and kissed me deeply, so that I could taste both my own cum and her pussy juices, which intermingled as one. It was a delicious kiss and afterwards we lay in each others arms, holding each other and wishing this moment would never end.

After what seemed like an eternity I rose from the bed and began putting on my clothes. Jayne was lying on the bed, a smile on her face.

"What now, Zach?" she asked me. "Please don't tell me this was a one-time thing, because I want more of you."

"I don't know how to answer that, Jayne," I replied. "I loved what we did today, but is this what you want?"

"Yes, Zach, if it means being with you I'll do whatever I have to do," she said. "Don't you want me?"

Of course I wanted her. She was sexy, seductive and great in bed. What man could resist that?

"Let me just say that I want you very much, " I told her. "I just don't like the fact that we have to sneak around, stealing whatever moments we can."

"I'll do whatever you want, as long as we can keep seeing each other," she said. "I know we can't ever let Robert get suspicious, but we can find a way to do it."

As I finished buttoning my shirt I bent down to her. "Then we have to be very careful, Jayne. When we're around Robert there can't be as much as an awkward glance."

And I kissed her, long and passionately. This woman exuded sex, and I had to have her. I decided it was worth any precautions we had to take to keep this going. I simply had to have her again and again. I broke the kiss and stood up.

"Hey lover," Jayne said seductively. "Coffee at your place tomorrow morning?"

 And I smiled, said, "Of course," and walked out the door.

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