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Extramarital--Another Cup of Joe

Extramarital--Another Cup of Joe

The morning coffee continues to percolate.
After leaving Jayne's house, I returned home and took a nice, hot shower. As I did, I thought about what had just happened. There was no doubt that we would get together at some point, but the sudden nature of our coupling was totally unexpected. What made it even more unusual was how easily I accepted it. Ordinarily, I would never think about hooking up with a married woman, but Jayne stirred something inside me, something carnal and lustful. She is a very hot, seductive woman and it's hard to say no to her, especially with a rock-hard cock between your legs. Oh, I wanted more of Jayne, that much was certain. I wanted her in every way imaginable.

As the evening became night, I found myself wanting her even more. At around 9:30 that night, the phone rang. Curious, I picked up the receiver.

"Hello there sexy. What are you doing right now?" said a familiar, seductive voice. It was Jayne. "Robert is in the shower, so I had a minute to tell you how much I enjoyed fucking you today," she breathed into the phone. "I enjoyed it so much I had to play with myself in the tub tonight, but it couldn't compare with you and that fabulous cock you have."

God, this woman had no filter when it came to sex, but she never failed to arouse me. Already my cock began to grow, excited as I was as I listened to her. "Jayne, you're such a wicked, wicked woman," I told her. "You can take care of this in the morning."

"Oh, I will, baby," she whispered. "I'll suck it, fuck it and swallow its warm, sticky cum. How does that sound?"

"Okay, honey," I said. "See you in the morning." I was hard, and couldn't wait for morning to arrive. I had bought some fresh fruit a short while ago for us to enjoy with our coffee. I hoped she would approve of my choices.

After a fitful night of sleep, I woke up around 6am. Robert wouldn't be leaving until 8, so I had plenty of time to get things ready. I had a large platter of assorted fruit along with a bowl of freshly whipped cream I prepared to go with it. The coffee maker was all set to begin brewing just before 8, so everything would be ready when Robert left for work.

I showered, shaved and put on my favorite cologne so I would be presentable for Jayne. After considering my attire, I decided to go with silk pajamas. I was thinking about not wearing the top, but that would only make Jayne jump my bones before we had a chance to enjoy the spread. I wasn't working hard to get all this ready only to see it go to waste. We had all morning for sex, so we should eat something first.

At just about 8:20 Jayne was knocking at my door. She had some sort of housecoat on, concealing whatever she had on underneath it. Maybe she was naked under it. I hoped this might be the case, but I would find out in due time.

I kissed her deeply when I met her at the door, holding her in my arms as I did so. She had some intoxicating scent on and it only made me want her more. She felt good in my arms, every curve of her body pressed against me tightly.

"Baby, you smell delicious enough to eat," Jayne said as she traced the length of my cock with her fingers. "I'd better not, though. I see quite a spread over on the table."

"That's right, Jayne," I told her as I escorted her to the small table in the kitchen. "I've got fruit and whipped cream here to go with our coffee." As I said that, Jayne raised an eyebrow and I just knew she had nasty thoughts swirling around that pretty head of hers.

But the moment passed without comment, and we sat down at the table. Jayne moved her chair so that she could be closer to me. I really felt that she was as taken with me as I was with her. The sex yesterday was great, but an emotional attachment had begun well before that. We just seemed to fit together.

"Zach, we need to figure out where we go from here," she told me between bites of melon. "I want this to continue."

"I do too, Jayne," I replied. "I didn't think it would happen, but I've grown quite fond of you since we started having these coffee breaks. How do we do this and not hurt Robert?"

"Don't worry about Robert," she said as she poured herself another cup. "He hasn't been able to get it up lately and has pulled away from me sexually. I suspect if he had any idea we were involved he wouldn't even bring it up." She turned her head away slightly. "I think he wouldn't mind it if I were getting what I need with someone else, and, who knows, he might approve of you and I being together."

"Well we should still be discreet about this for now," I told her. "I only know that I want this to continue too."

Jayne suddenly rose from her chair and sat in my lap, her arms wrapped around me as I held her. She never looked better to me than at that moment. Her vulnerability was showing, and it made me want her even more.

I turned her face up to mine and kissed her, long and deep. Our tongues found each other and swirled around our mouths, dancing an erotic dance as our lips ground together. Jayne moaned and held me tightly as the kiss continued.

I unbuttoned the top two buttons on her housecoat and she broke the kiss, standing as she did. She finished unbuttoning the coat and then stepped back, removing the coat as she did.

She was naked underneath it, as I had hoped. She held her arms out and said, "I'm all yours, Zach."

I stood up and moved toward her, taking off my pajamas as I crossed the distance between us. My cock was pointing up at her and she licked her lips in anticipation. "Bring that big old pecker over here," she purred. "I'll show you how much I love giving you pleasure."

She knelt before me and stroked the length of my cock. She ran her hands down the shaft as if it were gold, so delicate was her touch. Then she held me firmly in those hands and licked it from the base all the way to the tip, stopping to suck and taste the pre-cum that was oozing out of the slit atop the head.

"Oooh, Zach, I simply adore your cock. I could suck on it all day long, but then you wouldn't be able to fuck me with it, would you?' she said between slurps. "I think I want you in my back door today, lover. Can you do that for me?"

The prospect of doing Jayne in the ass was almost too much to bear. I gently removed my cock from her mouth and led her to the bed.

I spread Jane's legs and proceeded to kiss along her legs, from her tight calves all the way along her inner thighs and to her waiting cunt. By the time I reached out it with my tongue, she was soaking wet. Jayne raised her hips and bottom to allow me better access to her pussy. Her taste was overwhelming, a mixture of talcum and musk, enhanced by her juices, no doubt. She was using her pelvic muscles to actually try and hold my tongue there and nearly succeeded.

As I sucked her pussy, I was hard, hard enough to fuck, but I wanted to try something. I jumped up, despite Jayne's protests and ran into the kitchen. I returned with the bowl of whipped cream and a plate full of strawberries. I had always wanted to try this, but my wife was never into much more than straight, missionary-style sex.

"Baby, you can shove those berries inside me and I'll watch you lick them out," cried Jayne. She had that wicked smile on her face again.

"Oh, I'm going to shove some inside you, but I have a surprise for you," I told her. I took a couple of the strawberries and coated them with the whipped cream. Then, one by one, I slipped them inside Jayne's eager pussy.

"Oh, Zach, they're so cold," protested Jayne.

"Don't worry, honey," I offered. "They'll be plenty warm when you eat them."

Jayne had a shocked look on her face when I said that, but I leaned toward her now-messy pussy and began to lick the whipped cream that coated her outer lips and mound. Jayne wriggled as I licked her, and now I was ready for the main course.

I spread her lips apart and inserted my tongue. I found one of the strawberries but it would be difficult to extract it without using my fingers, something I didn't want to do. Instead, I placed my mouth over her cunt and sucked hard, pulling the strawberry out far enough that I could maneuver it into my mouth. Jayne was cumming now, her hips bucking and her breath coming in short rasps. I allowed her orgasm to subside before I did the next thing.

With the strawberry in my mouth, I took a dollop of whipped cream with my finger and slid it into my mouth. Then I kissed Jayne. When she opened her mouth, I slipped the strawberry inside.

She was enjoying this as she ate the strawberry. "Zach, you are so bad," she said. "I can still taste my pussy on that thing."

"Is it good?"

"Oh yes, it's delicious."

I repeated it with the second strawberry and when she was done we kissed as we lay on the bed.

"Honey, I came, but you haven't had the chance," she told me. "We have to fix that."

She sucked me until I was hard again, and then she got on all fours. "C'mon, Zach. Let's do it doggystyle."

Her pussy was still moist, but I helped her out with some more whipped cream. I coated her lips and slid some into her waiting pussy. Then I pointed my pole against her cunt. I eased it in slowly, allowing the whipped cream to coat my cock as I fucked her.

"That's it, sugar," Jayne grunted as I buried my cock deep inside her. "Fuck me harder, Zach, give it to me."

I was giving it to her, all right. Jayne was slippery as could be and it allowed my cock to plunge all the way to the hilt. She was so wet that we were making sloshing sounds with each stroke. My God, this woman could take a dick. I was counting my blessings every time my rod emerged from her cunt. I knew I had better slow down, unless I wanted to blow my load too soon.

As I eased back the throttle, Jayne tried to pick up the pace by pushing back onto me faster and faster. I grabbed her hips and spoke softly, but with a little authority. "Jayne, we need to slow down or I'm going to cum. I don't want to do that just yet, not until I've had your ass."

That hit home with Jayne, and she slowed to a crawl, but still grinding her pussy onto my dick, moving with a circular motion so that she could feel it all.

"Let me get some lube, honey," I told Jayne. "I want that ass of yours."

I reached into the nightstand and got the lube I had placed there earlier. Not having sex for a long stretch, I had to buy some when I got the fruit last night. I was hoping for a chance to use it. I applied it liberally to both my throbbing cock and to Jayne's asshole."Jayne, have you done much anal?" I asked. "If you aren't ready we can wait. I've got a lot more cock than most guys, and I don't want to hurt you."

"I'll be okay, darling," she said. "Robert and I had anal a few times, although he doesn't like to do it nearly as much as I do." I was puzzled by this, but she continued. "Before we got married I had a few boyfriends, and they all liked to do me in the ass. I learned from them how to enjoy it and now I do enjoy it."

"If you say so, sweetheart," I told her.

I then eased my cock into her puckered opening. I had done anal with a couple women before I met my wife, and I knew that it required a lot of lube and a lot of patience. I gently pushed the head inside her. Jayne grunted, but didn't ask me to stop. With every mini-thrust I made I went further, a half inch at a time.

After a while I had gotten over half of my cock inside Jayne's ass.

"It's okay, Zach," she said. "You can go all the way now. I can take it."

And so I pushed a little harder and her ass did the rest. I was buried deep inside her now.

She was tight, no, she was beyond tight, but I was able to make small thrusts into her. She helped me by wiggling and pushing back until we were soon going at it fast and hard.

"Oh, God, Zach! It's so good, so big, so deep! Keep fucking me! Keep fucking my ass!" Jayne was really loving the pounding I was giving her. She was so wet and lubed that my cock was sliding in and out now. In and out, in and out. I was driving hard and she was in a state of near-delirium. One hand was on the bed, steadying herself, while the other was fingering her clit as fast as a butterfly beating its wings.

"Oh, lover, keep it up!" she screamed. "I'm almost, I'm nearly, I'm, I'm, Oh god, I'm cumming. I'm cumming! Fuck me, Zach!"

Jayne was jerking and trembling like some sort of dervish. She was cumming so hard I feared she might pass out. It had an effect on me, as well. My own orgasm was nearing, and it was going to be a great one.

"Jayne, I'm ready," I panted. "I'm going to cum in your ass!"

And I did. I shot stream after stream of hot cum deep inside Jayne's ass as I, too, jerked back and forth. It was incredible. Hell, she was incredible. I knew then that I had to have her every chance I could.

Finally I finished filling her up with my seed. I pulled out with a great popping sound and collapsed on the bed with her. I took her into my arms and just lay there, allowing our heartbeats to return to normal.

Jayne's breathing finally calmed down as well, and she smiled as she lay with me, happy and content.

"Zach," she began. "I want you every day, in every way we can think of. You make me so very happy."

"I feel the same way Jayne," I replied, gently caressing her shoulders while she lay in my arms. "As long as we're careful, Robert will never have reason to suspect anything." I felt bad as soon as the words left my mouth. "I'm sorry to have said that," I offered as an apology.

"Don't be sorry, Zach," she told me. "I feel the same way about being careful. This is just something that Robert can't give me, and he knows that. But he doesn't need to know I'm getting it right next door."

Knowing that the weekend was upon, us I knew that we couldn't be together until Monday. I was sad, but it was an unpleasant part of our arrangement.

Suddenly Jayne shot straight up in the bed. "I almost forgot to tell you," she said breathlessly. "A week from Monday, Robert has to go to Toronto for a week-long technical conference. I told him that I would go to this lovely spa I like while he's gone. He thought it would be a great getaway for me."

Holy Christ, I thought. He's out of town for a whole week and I wouldn't get to spend his absence with Jayne. Oh well, I thought. Better to put a good face on her news.

"Honey, that's wonderful news," I told her. "You should have a great time at the spa. We should get together before you leave."

"Oh, you silly goose," she replied. "I'm not planning on going alone. You simply have to go with me. We can get pampered by day and go out for dinner and dancing at night. And we'll get a suite with a king-sized bed for all of the fucking we will be doing."

I kissed her again. This might be fun...

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